State-Lines Podcast contributors and other guests talk about sports, pop culture, and life with host Jarrett Haas. If you are interested in sponsoring the official State-Lines Podcast or other State-Lines Network podcasts, email #StateLines

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Description contributors and other guests talk about sports, pop culture, and life with host Jarrett Haas. If you are interested in sponsoring the official State-Lines Podcast or other State-Lines Network podcasts, email #StateLines
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Why Should I Love Baseball?

When this series launched, I planned on doing some podcasts as part of the offerings.  Instead of the traditional "I can't stand Beach Volleyball" article, I wanted to come at it from a different angle.  I would find someone who liked beach volleyball ...
State-Lines author

Three Month's Too Late Music Year In Review with Jarrett and Adam

It's never too late to talk music, and that's what Adam and Jarrett do.  They use a really cool feature on Spotify that will give you stats from 2015.  They discuss their most played artists and albums, some outliers, and what music they were feeling a...
State-Lines author

One Trip Little

The re-launch of the State Lines podcast is here!  We have a new format, and we're excited for you to check it out.  Each week we have a rotating cast of not only guests, but hosts too!  The first one has Jarrett Haas interviewing Justin Little about t...
State-Lines author

Short Film - "Real Mature" - With Dj and Ken

Ken and DJ are some of the origonal contributors at State-Lines.  They moved out to LA years ago in pursuit of a career in film.  They started a production company and have made some really amazing short films that you absolutely need to check out.  We...
State-Lines author

NFL Preview with The Hof

The Hof and The Haas get together to preview the NFL season.  Bottom line is, if they don't mention it, it's not happening. #StateLines. SPONSOR US! If you would like to be a sponsor of the State-Lines Podcast or any of the podcasts on ...
State-Lines author

Fantasy Football With Guest Matt Adams

Matt and Jarrett have played fantasy football together for fourteen years.  FOURTEEN YEARS!  That's crazy.  In this podcast the breakdown their draft, talk about sleepers and reaches, rate the teams in their league, and tak smack.  Have no fear, if you...
State-Lines author

State-Lines Interviews Mark Part 2

Part 1 of Mark's interview was awesome.  If you haven't listened to it, you should... Eventually.  SInce you are here, just listen to part 2!  We talk about Mark's greatest success in the music biz, and the stories and the feels that he shares with us ...
State-Lines author

State-Lines Interviews Mark Part 1

Mark and Jarrett go way back.  Don't belive it?  They talk about meeting in middle school, being dorky, cool, getting bullied, and trying to figure out how to get some smooches.  Then they jump into the thing that would guide Mark for years, music.  Pa...
State-Lines author

State-Lines Interviews Julien

We get back to interviews with this awesome episode.  This is kind of a cool moment, when two guys who had never met until about an hour before this recording get to know each other.  Julien became a State-Lines contributor without ever having met Jarr...
State-Lines author

Seminole Perspective Ep 2

Thanks for listeining to Seminole Perspective, the podcast that doesn't over react to FSU news.  This episode we tackle the off the field image of Florida State. The university and it's players have been all over the news recently for all the wrong rea...
State-Lines author

Seminole Perspective EP 1

Did you the the Florida State Seminoles should have won approximately 15 national titles?  It's true, and Jarrett Haas proves it in this podcasts of "what if's" with the help of some friends online.  He talks about all of the little breaks that could h...
State-Lines author

We Are All Augustines

Thanks for checking this podcast out. This is something different from what we normally do. Jarrett takes on podcasting all by his lonesome, and tells the story of one of his favorite bands. We hope you enjoy it, and after you're done listening, we hop...
State-Lines author

STATE-LINES Interviews Shawn

Shawn is one of the new guys here at STATE-LINES. We are stoked to have him because he has lots of interesting opinions on topics ranging from film, to wrestling, to french kissing. That's right, french kissing. Listen to this cast, where we dive kind ...
State-Lines author

State Lines Interviews Adam

Welcome to another awesome STATE-LINES podcast. We are really excited with this as it marks a big departure from the way we've done things in the past. Instead of talking about sports or pop culture we just interview Adam..... I know!  uper boring righ...
State-Lines author

NFL Mock Draft 2015 With Special Guest The Hof

Jarrett finds himself without Adam this week, but that's ok because stepping in is STATE-LINES resident young fella David Henenoffghetyudd (No one can spell his last name, so we call him The Hof).  Jarrett quizzes The Hof on his 2015 NFL mock draft.  Y...
State-Lines author

Grab Bag

Thanks for checking out another STATE-LINES podcast.  Adam and I recorded this on a balmy Sunday evening.  Why balmy?  Well because my air conditioner is broken. Check out this cast to hear me complain about that.  And to hear Adam call me old  And als...
State-Lines author

Aaaaanndd We're Back!

The guys (Jarrett & Adam) are back at it after a lengthy hiatus. They sepnd the hour catching up and giving you insight as to what they've been up to. The two State Lines founders also delve in to the future of and what the audience...
State-Lines author

From The Archive - Pitches

This is an old podcast from the arcives.  In it, we pitch ideas for cool new movies and tv shows.
State-Lines author