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Exploring the who, what, why and how of free culture, open source, collaboration and creativity in Berlin and beyond. Hear from the talented people who are changing our online and offline world in wonderful ways.

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Free culture, open source, collaboration and creativity in Berlin.
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29.08.2018 Source Code Berlin

Towards Real Global Collaboration

The time may finally be upon us when the knowledge shared on the internet will NOT just be written in North America or Europe, but rather from continents like South America, Africa and Asia. In what is not just a goal but a rising reality, we will hear...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Movement Strategy: The Way Forward for Wikimedia

Welcome to a special series entitled - Source Code Berlin the Summer Sessions - Where we explore whats going on in the Wikimedia Galaxy or Free Knowledge Community around the world... looking specifically at what has been going on in 2018 thus far. Ove...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author
28.12.2017 Source Code Berlin

Goodbye Smart Cities, Hello Rebel Cities

As the year winds down, we're cracking open the SCB archives for some of our unpublished gems. Today's great conversation was recorded at SHA 2017.. better known as hacker camp. My guest is a legendary voice in the field of technology and civic engagem...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author
8.12.2017 Source Code Berlin

Heart of Code: A Womens* Hackspace in Berlin

Harassment. The treatment of women. Abuse of power and privilege. If 2017 will be remembered for any one topic, it will involve one or all of these. Today on the program, we going to a very special place, to learn about an initiative that focuses on wo...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Voices from the Wikimedia Diversity Conference

What does diversity mean to members of the Wikimedia Community from virtually every corner of the world? What does it include? What are the challenges and the benefits that diversity brings to this movement? Today on the podcast, we're in Stockholm lis...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Danger Ahead: Countdown to EU Copyright Reform

Today on the podcast we will take another plunge into the murky waters of copyright in the EU and look at the radical changes that seem to be a done deal… with help from Christopher Clay… a researcher, veteran of the EU policy scene who handles commun...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

David Richfield: The Power of Wikimania

The summer may be over, but the memorable events and the inspiring ideas of the past few months carry on in the months and perhaps even years to come. One such event, as you heard a bit about in the previous episode, was Wikimania 2017 in Montreal. Clo...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Ideas and Objectives from Wikimania 2017

It is time once again for the annual gathering that brings together wikipedians and free knowledge enthusiasts from across the globe to discuss projects and issues that are relevant to the present and future of the most widely used internet resource on...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Rethinking The New User Experience

Being the newbie in any online community can be a daunting experience that can either go well or terribly depending on an array of technical and social factors. In the Wikipedia ecosystem, stimulating and keeping new editors has long been a topic of in...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Global Innovation Gathering: From Berlin With Love

We’re back again with a GIG edition of the podcast, as the global network becomes an organization, and the cross section of projects moves from theoretical to practical. 2017 is a momentous year for this group of people and the work they are passionate...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Sunil Abraham: The State is Back!

The State is Back! -- Thats how Sunil Abraham begins today's conversation on society, the internet and free knowledge. What is a movement to do when it can no longer rely on governments or corportations to defend people's privacy and rights... listen t...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Katherine Maher: Beyond the Encyclopedia

In June of 2016 Katherine Maher became executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation and almost immediately there was a renewed spirit of excitement and positivity about the future of the movement. Over the past 10 months this energy has continued to ...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Wikimedia Conference 2017: The Future of Free Knowledge

A few weeks ago, as spring made itself felt in Berlin, I had the privilege of attending a gathering of dedicated individuals from around the world, who came together for one over arching purpose beyond the many specific projects they are busy with — t...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

The Creative Commons Search We’ve Been Waiting For

The first version of the creative commons license was released in 2002. Since then the number of content making use of CC is thought to be over 1 billion. Unfortunately searching through this content has been a fragmented, limited, harrowing task. Unti...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

The Creative Commons Search We’ve Been Waiting For

The first version of the creative commons license was released in 2002. Since then the number of content making use of CC is thought to be over 1 billion. Unfortunately searching through this content has been a fragmented, limited, harrowing task. Unti...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Wikispeech: Listening to Wikipedia

While Wikipedia is very much an essential source where so many people go to find information, that information is most often text based. One might think for all its functionality there must be an option somewhere to press a button and be able to hear a...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Wikipedia to the Moon!

Imagine you're on your way to the moon and you'd like to bring something nice along to leave behind that represents humanity. In the 1960's, at the height of the space race/cold war, NASA astronauts left behind the iconic American flag. In 2017, what w...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Berlin Christmas Markets and Open Data

Thomas Tursics talks Christmas Markets and Open Data, while Berlin Pro Sara takes us around the Lucia Christmas Market.
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Rachel Uwa: Learning via Machines, Making and Make-Believe

Everywhere you look in the world of education there are rumblings about how out of sync the way we teach is with the way we learn. For the past 3 years Rachel Uwa and the School of Machines, Making, and Make Believe in Berlin have been imagining a more...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back: EU Copyright Reform

Today on the podcast we’re looking at the copyright reform that is being proposed by the EU commission. Of course even as I say those words, I can hear some of you clicking off, or saving this for later even if later will never come. Copyright is one o...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Ladies That FOSS

On the last Sunday of October 2016 a group of curious and inspired people got together at Wikimedia Deutschland for Ladies That Foss; an open source hack event aimed primarily at women who want to join a free and open source software (FOSS) project but...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Taha Yasseri: When Wikipedia Bots Fight

Machines fighting with machines is a classic sci-fi storyline. There has long been a fascination with what happens when intelligent machines interact with one another. What if they don't get along? My guest today, Taha Yasseri has been studying bots w...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Wikipedia’s Big Beautiful World of Data Visualizations

When it comes to bringing information to life and presenting it in exciting ways, some of the most beautiful work from the past decade has come to us via Mahmoud Hashemi and Owen Cornec. Today on the podcast they join us to talk about Listen to Wikiped...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Wikipedians: Voices of a Global Movement

Access, outreach, innovation, and communication are among the biggest goals that were discussed at this year's Wikimania conference in Esino Lario, Italy. Goals that are having impact right now in many different parts of the world, as well as being goa...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Listening to Wikimania 2016

What happens when 1000 wikimedians come stay in a small Italian village high in the mountains? What happens when you combine nature, a global gathering, and the world's most beloved source of knowledge? This summer, the people of Esino Lario and partic...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Wikipedia, Doctors, and The Future of Medicine

All over the world a growing number of future doctors are editing wikipedia as part of their education. Meanwhile, more and more doctors are submitting research to open access journals published using wiki tools and traditions. Is this the future of me...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

SCB35 The Global Innovation Gathering: Being the Change

Almost 10 years ago we began to see the founding of creative spaces made up of members who had a common interest in tinkering, creating, and sharing their ideas under one roof. Some of these were known as hacker spaces, others took up titles like Maker...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Travel Writing, Wikivoyage, and the Future of Guides

Today on the program we scan the travel writing horizon for answers to these questions. With help from veteran travel writer Sean Connolly, and Wikivoyage writers Andrew Wulf and John Perry. Its the travel guide edition of SCB and after you hear it, y...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Emily Temple-Wood: The Gender Gap

Her campaign to add hundreds more women scientists to wikipedia has inspired volunteers and supporters around the world.. their issue: the content gap, especially when it comes to gender. This personal mission turned global movement has also become an ...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Magnus Manske on 15 Years of German Wikipedia

15 years ago the first article went up on the German edition of Wikipedia and the world has not been the same since! Today on the program we’re celebrating this birthday by speaking with the person who posted that first article AND brought us the softw...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Digital Language Inequality

There are some languages that dominate the online space in terms of reach and influence, and those influencers are not necessarily the ones with the most speakers. Over the past decade the internet's most widely used sources of information and tools f...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Podlove: Taking Podcasts Into a New Era

Podcasting has existed now for close to 12 years, and in that short time we’ve seen success stories, waves of popularity, beloved programs that come to an end, and all kinds of attempts to move the medium forward. Of all the initiatives ever to be brou...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Tactical Tech: Info Activism, From Berlin to the World

The Tactical Technology Collective, known lovingly as Tactical Tech. For more than a decade they have been at the forefront of training and tool development for not only journalists but also rights advocates all over the planet. How do they do it, wha...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Playful Commons: A License to Play

Today on the program we’re re-focusing on the idea of place and how places can be used - specifically as spaces for playing.. having fun.. enjoying… and a legal framework to preserve that right. In a world, especially the urban world, where so many of ...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Free Knowledge and Game Design

Game Jam: a concept that brings together game designers and game enthusiasts for anywhere between 24 and 72 hours with the purpose of planning, designing and creating a game. Since they started more than a decade ago, Game Jams have been going on regul...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Building Tools for Refugees

Today on the podcast, we talk about tools for refugees, or as I’ll refer to them from now on in this program: newcomers.. recent arrivals.. those who are trying to start a life in a new place. What tools are they using and who is developing these tools...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Open Fashion and Meshcon

Beyond the big brand names and the poor labor practices, there is a less famous but ever growing and socially concious fashion industry built on collaboration and a spirit of openness when it comes to the what, how and why of making garments. And would...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Apps for Navigating Berlin

In a city like Berlin, there are of course specific apps that people like to use in their daily lives. Apps that help you find things and know things related to your needs and interests. Today on the program we’re looking at essential Berlin apps, with...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

C-Base: 20 Years of Inspiring the World

This summer at Chaos Communication Camp 2015, C-Base celebrated its 20th birthday and today on the program, that celebration continues, as we introduce the space and here from some of its crew as they recount their first experiences at C-base, what it ...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

The Camp Edition

Every 4 years, a massive collection of curious and creative minds from all over the world make their way to a green space outside of Berlin where they build a temporary physical community made up of what for most of the year, is only a virtual one. It ...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

A Place for Open Medicine

Today on the program we look at a Berlin based initiative that could further change how we approach our health. A open source platform with case specific data that makes language and statistics more under stable and accessible. How does it work and why...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Programming and Parenting: Learning from Experience

It is an old discussion for a very young industry. How to reconcile the needs and demands of parenting, with the needs and demands of programming, developing, or working at a startup. Whereas employees so often cheer at the innovative work arrangements...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Social Entrepeneurship the Berlin Way

Although there are many examples where social entrepeneurship is just a buzz world or a marketing tool, in Berlin, within the startup world, there is a strong emphasis on running a business that does some good for the world. Spend any time talking to ...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

The Curious and Creative Minds of EnthusiastiCon

A few days ago EnthusiastiCon at Wikimedia Deutschland brought together a group of energetic and inspired individuals who love programming or are interested in programming at some level (from the most basic to wow my brain hurts so good right now). Tog...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Cyborgs, Software and Society

Today on the program we explore the state of the cyborg, or to phrase it more accurately, we conduct a measuring of where we are as a society when it comes to changing ourselves using technology. With the help of someone who isn’t just talking about it...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

From Berlin to Baghdad: Bilal Ghalib on Hacker Space Ethos

At the height of the hacker space movement in 2008, technology enthusiasts around the world were busy creating spaces for co-working, experimenting, and learning.. among other things. Many of the design layouts and organizing methods they were using ca...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

The Slow Fast Changing World of Licenses

Copyright. Licenses. It used to be a secret world that only concerned a few people in the world. Now no matter who you are, if you wright some text, snap a photo, watch a film, you’re stepping into the world of copyright and your actions could have con...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Coding Davinci: A New Approach to Culture Data

It is an area of information long protected by those deemed experts and worthy… I’m talking about cultural institutions; museums, library, vast collections of the things that make up our planet. Forget what you know about traditional museum or library ...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Software Craftsmanship: Values, Practices and Community

Have you ever heard the term craftsmanship? When you hear the word you probably think about quality work and beautifully created products. I picture an elegant hand crafted wooden chair from my grandmother’s house or a beautifully designed cadillac fro...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Audio Berlin: Combining Art, Science, and Technology

Moreso than perhaps any other place on earth, Berlin is the epicentre of projects that push the limits of sound and making new connections between art, science, and technology. On today's program with help from Peter Kirn, Leslie Garcia, and Mads Lindg...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author