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Vince Quinn talks with Jake Brown about the Mets dumpster fire

You can count on three things: death, taxes, and the Mets being a complete mess. Vince spoke with Jake Brown of WFAN about how bad the Mets are doing. Can they get the Phillies back on track? Follow Vince @ItsVinceQuinn and Jake Brown @JakeBrownRadio author

Vince Quinn, Ray Boyd, Going Crazy with Steaks

Vince Quinn talks with Ray Boyd of about how people are picky about cheesesteak toppings and we all just need to live a little #FreeTheSteak author

Vince Quinn and Geoff Mosher on the Birds FO

So many moves in the Eagles front office. Who are these guys and what does it mean for the Birds? The guys discuss. author

Phillies Memorial Day Roundtable

Phillies Memorial Day Roundtable author

Vince Quinn talks Sixers with John Crichton

Vince Quinn talks with John Crichton of 215 Sports about the Sixers/Raptors series. What changed from game 5 to 6? What should we expect in game 7? Should Brett Brown's job be based on game 7? author

Lane Johnson fires back at McNabb

Eagles' offensive lineman Lane Johnson joins Paul Jolovitz on 94WIP to discuss Donovan McNabb's comments on Carson Wentz. McNabb said of Wentz, "I think in the next two years or so he has to find a way to get out of the second round of the playoffs." author

Rob Ellis 03/23/19 author

Vince Quinn - The Current Pulse of Sports Tech

Vince Quinn talks with a lead voice in the sports tech community about evolutions in all areas of sports! Prepare to have your mind blown! author

Vince Quinn: Should Colin Kaepernick be the Eagles backup QB?

Vince Quinn weighs in on Colin Kaepernick. should he back up Wentz?   Follow Vince on Twitter @itsvincequinn author

Vince Quinn with Brian Hickey

Vince talks with Brian Hickey of Philly Voice about his trip to a viral Philly house. Follow Vince on twitter @ItsVinceQuinn author

Vince Quinn - The AAF is so good for Football

Vince talks about the start of the AAF season! The big names, former Eagles, and fun rule ideas that make the league so interesting.   Follow Vince on twitter @ItsVinceQuinn author

Rob Ellis 02/02/19

Rob filling in for Howard discussing the Eagles and where you were at when the clock struck zero last year during the superbowl, the sixers, the new report about Gabe ;Kapler and who will the phillies land either kHarper or Machado. author

Stephen A. Smith joins Sonny Hill

Stephen A. Smith enters the living room with Sonny Hill to talk about his career. author

Vince Quinn with Michael Kist

Vince and Michael talk about the Eagles 2018 season and upcoming offseason author

Vince Quinn with John Stolnis

Vince and John talk about the Phillies offseason author

Vince Quinn with Rich Hofman

Vince and Rich talk Sixers. follow Vince on twitter @ItsVinceQuinn author

Rob Ellis 12/15/18

Filling in for Howard, Rob discusses the Eagles and their chances of winning vs. The Rams and The Sixers recent play and how they need to get better. author

Rob Ellis 12/08/18 author

Vince Quinn and Steve Trevelise on Drunks and Food

I think the title gives you a pretty good idea author

Vince Quinn: Shamus Clancy on Sportswriting

Vince Quinn talks with Shamus Clancy of the 700 level about a controvertial job posting and the grind of sportswriting! Follow Vince on Twitter/Instagram @ItsVinceQuinn and Shamus at @Shamus_Clancy author

Go Birds Radio Reacts To The Jimmy Butler Trade

John Barchard, James Seltzer & Eliot Shorr-Parks all react to the breaking news that Jimmy Butler was traded to the Sixers author

Jim Salisbury Full Interview with Marshall Harris About Bryce Harper

Jim Salisbury joins us from the GM Meetings to talk about Bryce Harper and all the reports that he's going to be a Phillie. author

Horse Before the Cart: Machado Nightmare

Vince Quinn gets ahead of himself and talks about his darkest fear for Manny Machado.   Follow Vince on Twitter and Instagram @ItsVinceQuinn author

Quinn - Gotta Sign Manny Machado

Vince Quinn lays out off the reasons why the Phillies have to go for Manny Machado!   Follow Vince on Twitter and Instagram @ItsVinceQuinn author

Rob Ellis 10/27/18

Rob fills in for Howard talking eagles football and how it's a must win, who stayed up to watch game 3 of the world series and the outlook of the sixers. author

Quinn-Is it good being a tough town?

Vince has some questions about how tough we are on athletes. author

Joe Banner with Inside the Birds Radio 10/13

Joe Banner joins Geoff Mosher, Adam Caplan and Billy Osborne to talk about the Eagles, the trade deadline and what Howie Roseman should do. author

Horse Before the Cart: Gritty gets Neutered

Vince has a very deep fear about Gritty in this weekly segment. Listen to Vince every Friday night 10pm to 2am on WIP and follow him on social media: @ItsVinceQuinn author

Vince Quinn - Giant Obsession with Le'Veon

Vince is mad that LeVeon Bell is the dominating topic after a big win. Listen to Vince every Friday night 10pm to 2am on WIP and follow him on social media: @ItsVinceQuinn author

The Extinguisher - 2nd Round Picks

Vince explains why everyone is thinking about draft picks the wrong way. Listen to Vince every Friday night 10pm to 2am on WIP and follow him on social media: @ItsVinceQuinn author

Vince Quinn: Kyle Scott Interview

Vince interviews Kyle Scott of about his exciting new project with John Clayton.   Vince Quinn is live every Friday night 10pm to 2am. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @ItsVinceQuinn author

Vince Quinn: Horse Before the Cart - Fletcher Cox

Fletcher Cox is having the best season of his career....and Vince feels sorry for him   Vince Quinn is live every Friday night 10pm to 2am. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @ItsVinceQuinn author

Vince Quinn - Le'veon Bell Would Be a Disaster

Vince explains why Le'veon would hurt the team short term and long term.   Follow him on twitter and instagram @ItsVinceQuinn author

Vince Quinn - Alshon's Return Brings Disappointment

Vince is happy that Alshon is back, but it also brings about some disappointment   Follow him on twitter and instagram @ItsVinceQuinn author

Vince Quinn - Gritty over the Phanatic

Vince Quinn, Bill Matz, and Big Daddy agrue about the best mascot in the city   Follow Vince on twitter and instagram @ItsVinceQuinn author

Vince Quinn's Tonight's Top List: Buffalo

Vince Quinn shares the top 5 things to do in Buffalo! Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @ItsVinceQuinn author

Vince Quinn's Full Show 9/20

Vince Quinn talks about the biggest topics in Philly sports including: -Why the Phillies haven't accomplished anything-The Worst Eagles take of the Week-Why Brett Brown and Elton Brand can work and more!   Follow Vince on Twitter and Instagram @ItsVinc... author

This Day in History: Mark McGwire August 25

This week Vince recaps a milestone in Mark McGwire's career from this date (August 25) in 1986. author

Halapoulivaati Vaitai

Big V on his preseason performance against the Patriots: "I just wasn't doing what the coaches asked me to do. I just wasn't myself. I couldn't back bounce. Usually I bounce back, but I couldn't the whole night." author

Andrew Porter's Full Show on 94WIP (June 17th, 2018)

Andrew Porter makes his case for why Mikal Bridges is the perfect fit for the Sixers.  24:30 - Derek Bodner talks Sixers 45:00 - Elan Vinokurov - President/Owner of EV Hoops & Scout U  102:58 - Physician assistant Stan Boro on Michael Porter Jr. author

Andrew Porter: Full Show (June 9th, 2018)

Andrew Porter won't accept that the Celtics are better than the Sixers. He also doesn't believe the Sixers need LeBron James. He's buying all of the Markelle Fultz stock and are we really doubting Ben Simmons, again? Brian Jacobs (@BrianMikeJacobs): 5... author

Quinn: Hank Gowdy is a legend

Vince Quinn tells the amazing story of a baseball player Hank Gowdy. Hear how Gowdy made a powerful move on this day 101 years ago that shaped sports and American culture author

Quinn: Nate Boyer Interview

Vince Quinn speaks with Nate Boyer, a green beret and former NFL player with close ties to Colin Kaepernick. author

The Rob Ellis show 05/19/18

Welcome back Rob!  Rob Ellis filling in for Howard discussing phillies baseball, what the Sixers need to do to in the off season to improve, the discussion on whether or not should the Eagles go to the Whitehouse and not understanding the hype about th... author

Quinn: Bob Tewksbury and Mental Skills Coaches

Vince talks with All-star pitcher and mental skills coach Bob Tewksbury about the stigma surround mental skills coaches, what they do for players, and more! author

Quinn: Meghan Montemurro Interview

Vince Quinn speaks with Meghan Montemurro on The Athletic about the Phillies! How does the team look? How weird is Kapler's love of the shift and more! author

Quinn: Phillies Will Make the Playoffs

Vince Quinn is a strong believer that the Phillies will make the playoffs this year! Click play to find out why! author

Robert Mays of joins John Barchard

Robert Mays joins John Barchard to talk about the craziness that is the NFL and what's next for the Eagles. author

Jimmy Kempski joins Joe Giglio

Jimmy Kempski of The Philly Voice joins Joe Giglio to talk about the Michael Bennett trade and what's the next shoe to drop. author

Gregg Bell of the News Tribune joins Joe Giglio

Gregg Bell covers the Seahawks for the News Tribune joins the show to talk about Michael Bennett and what he'll bring to the Eagles. author