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Mind care, psychiatric assessment and treatment standards often omit crucial brain, biomedical - functional neuroscience - details that can spell the difference between treatment success and treatment failure. At CoreBrain Journal we interview mind science and brain experts, from researchers to experienced psychiatric and functional medicine treatment providers, for the most contemporary insights and actionable mind-topics from depression, to anxiety, to ADHD, to brain injury, to post-traumatic stress, to child and adolescent development, to relationships and self-management, for actionable applications in Anytown. Travel with us, as with your help we humanize more comprehensive assessment and treatment processes from the latest mind science discoveries.

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Brain and biomedical details to improve diagnostic and treatment accuracy from global neuroscience experts
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319 Neurofeedback Immune System Dysregulation – Capanna-Hodge-2

Neurofeedback Immune System dysregulation a significant role in brain dysregulation, diminished executive function, depression, ADHD, Autism and everyday function.
Dr Charles Parker author

318 Autism Spectrum Community & Family – Moore-2

Autism Spectrum care evolves to include many complexities so characteristic of ASD clinical presentations. Dr. Moore discusses how recovery involves an informed community
Dr Charles Parker author

317 Boredom Marks Action Objectives – Copper-2

Boredom is a topic so commonplace that you might at first you've heard it all before. Well, tighten up because here Jeff helps with new perspective-tools.
Dr Charles Parker author

316 Dissociative Identity Disorder & As If Fusion – Flora-2

Dissociative Identity Disorder recovery now evolves to include a new 'As If' technique which can prove dramatically useful in seconds for fusion.
Dr Charles Parker author

315 Mycotoxins & Toxins – Brain Data & Recovery-2 – Woeller

Mycotoxins and mold are not simply limited to hurricane exposure or floods in your bathroom or basement. Not only brain but neurologic impairment - chronic.
Dr Charles Parker author

314 ADHD Kids & Law – Tudisco-2

ADHD Kids may meet legal challenges on many levels, from school issues to specific criminal activities. Robert Tudisco carefully explains multiple levels of intervention.
Dr Charles Parker author

313 Beyond Mental Stigma – Veny-2

Stigma matters start becoming significant at very young ages and can last as management issues up into corporate life as adults.
Dr Charles Parker author

312 Growing Happy Emotionally Healthy Kids – Healy-2

Emotionally healthy kids require an increased consciousness about parenting skills, conflict resolution, and specific goal setting activities with affirmations - and love.
Dr Charles Parker author

311 Nondual Wisdom – Relationships & Recovery – Lumiere

Nondual wisdom transcends regressive, dualistic, reductionistic, reptilian thinking and connects with the complexity of each individual's perceptions of changing reality.
Dr Charles Parker author

310 Brains, Bullies and Lessons – Fraser-2

Bullies, under the force of an evolving sense of responsible administrative change, must be addressed and corrected as now we can see brain damage downstream.
Dr Charles Parker author

309 Residential Insights Improve Care – McCartney-2

Residential insights provide tools for family choice, for family evolution and for personalized care with children and adolescents who at first appear as treatment failures.
Dr Charles Parker author

308 Home Toxin Solutions – Pizzorno-2

Pizzornos's exemplary toxin research and clinical experience punctuate the damaging molecular realities all of us face globally as we continue to produce and use more toxins over time.
Dr Charles Parker author

307 Glyphosate Toxins & Mind Science – Seneff-2

Glyphosate in Roundup directly contributes to the rise in multiple medical brain and body challenges documented here from Autism to Cancer by Dr. Seneff
Dr Charles Parker author

306 What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew – Saline-2

ADHD parenting is more of a challenge because executive function problems are amplified. ADHD Parenting issues structured here for mastery.
Dr Charles Parker author

305 Multiple Brain Integration Technique – Your 3 Brains – Lee-Emery-2

Multiple brain integration technique provides a useful way to understand and apply your personal values to many confusing life circumstances & know your self.
Dr Charles Parker author

303 Essential Tremor – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound – Kaplitt-2

Essential tremor previously required brain surgery and here Dr. Kaplitt tells us about remarkable new tools to modify brain function through ultrasound to correct.
Dr Charles Parker author

302 On Biomedical Evidence – Hedaya-2

Biomedical evidence - details improve psychiatric interventions. Dr. Hedaya spells out important biomedical details that change brain function - and are too often neglected by extant standards that target behavioral appearances. He's actively involved ...
Dr Charles Parker author

301 Autism & Microbiota Transfer Therapy – Adams-2

Dr. Adams uses Microbiota Transfer Therapy to demonstrate a valuable connection and therapeutic process anticipated for years by many researching autism.
Dr Charles Parker author

300 CoreBrain Journal Diversifies – Parker

Dr. Charles Parker reconfigures plans for the future of CoreBrain Journal looking for ways to grow our CoreBrain message.
Dr Charles Parker author

299 Biomedical Psychiatry Diagnosis & Treatment – Tsafrir – 2

Dr. Tsafrir is a Harvard child and adult psychiatrist with a larger vision of mind - who uses biomedical psychiatry for evolved, more comprehensive care.
Dr Charles Parker author

297 Teams Leadership & The Responsibility Process – Avery -2

Leadership involves an essential responsibility process to discourage splitting and encourage team development. Dr. Avery details the essentials here at CBJ
Dr Charles Parker author

297 Teams Leadership and Boundaries – Davidson-2

Teams grow from leadership initiatives. Without a system & a clear understanding of next steps - without ownership, the mission becomes lost in the debate.
Dr Charles Parker author

296 – Nutritional Wisdom – Food & Mind – Pollack

Nutritional wisdom provides an additional useful marker for your own self-management process and your growing connections with constructive change.
Dr Charles Parker author

295 Yoga’s Four Pillars – The Path – O’Brian

Yoga practice keeps an internal perspective on the vagaries of everyday life - and these four pillars reveal both the objectives and value of that work.
Dr Charles Parker author

294 Neurofeedback Immune System Dysregulation – Capanna-Hodge

Neurofeedback Immune System dysregulation a significant role in brain dysregulation, diminished executive function, depression, ADHD, Autism and everyday function.
Dr Charles Parker author

293 Enzyme Systems & Refractory Food Sensitivities – Houston – 2

Enzymes directly break down proteins in ways not previously appreciated and Dr. Houston, an international expert details treatment implications for a variety of issues.
Dr Charles Parker author

292 PANS PANDAS & Autoimmune Encephalitis – Rickert-Hong

PANS, PANDAS Autoimmune encephalitis can dramatically appear without warning & requires specific new discoveries to identify & correct the regressions.
Dr Charles Parker author

291 Entrepreneurial Self Discovery – Whitman

Entrepreneurial self-discovery starts when you recognize an internal talent - an opportunity for a larger contribution to the world order beyond the money.
Dr Charles Parker author

290 PTSD Nootropics Strategies Do Work – Tomen

PTSD nootropics work for those refractory to ordinary psychiatric medications because it involves more than simple neurotransmitter modifications.
Dr Charles Parker author

289 Combat Stress Recovery Revisited-2 Billings

Combat Stress includes a variety of issues, a complexity overlooked with multiple identifiable contributions, each with specific treatment protocols.
Dr Charles Parker author

288 ASD Mastery Autism – Developmental Delay – Mahoney

ASD Mastery - developmentally delayed children & adults need an improved approach, targeted thoughtful identification of specific task awareness & mastery.
Dr Charles Parker author

287 Biofilm Candida – Brain Fog – Fresco

Candida and its protective biofilm change gut function, contribute to malabsorption and directly affect brain function. This CBJ interview spells out details.
Dr Charles Parker author

286 Neurohacker Insights – Mind Wellness – Schmachtenberger

Neurohacker insights provide a collective of fresh ideas, peer-reviewed science, and actionable methods to add the quality of our lives. Complex systems encourage precise thinking with global insights.
Dr Charles Parker author

285 Read Lead and Succeed Family Instructions – Brassell

Read and lead is a process that begins in childhood & at any time in your life. Here Dr. Brassell tells why to start early & the value for you & your family.
Dr Charles Parker author

284 Fix Your Brain Healing & Health – O’Bryan

Brain health, longevity, brain healing, mental acuity, memory, and the importance of a truly comprehensive program for recovery provides mind endurance.
Dr Charles Parker author

283 ART – Accelerated Resolution Therapy & PTSD – Breeding

ART - Accelerated Resolution Therapy - provides remarkably fast results most of the time. With a clear nod to EMDR, these methods appear quite effective.
Dr Charles Parker author

282 Advanced Life Design For Healthcare Evolution – Bobinet

Dr Charles Parker author

281 Growing Happy Emotionally Healthy Kids – Healy

Emotionally healthy kids require an increased consciousness about parenting skills, conflict resolution, and specific goal setting activities with affirmations - and love.
Dr Charles Parker author

280 Nondual Wisdom – Relationships & Recovery – Lumiere

Nondual wisdom transcends regressive, dualistic, reductionistic, reptilian thinking and connects with the complexity of each individual's perceptions of changing reality.
Dr Charles Parker author

279 Speech Language Recovery – ASD To Stroke – Tice & Litvack

Speech and language recovery from early childhood to adult stroke victims needs a specific structure and practice. In this discussion, we discuss innovative methods to improve communication.
Dr Charles Parker author

278 Fasting Lessons – Fast Start Diet – Magnano

Fasting is a process with significant biomedical rewards. Many experience trouble, and in this conversation, we discuss how to get started easily.
Dr Charles Parker author

277 Resilience Lessons Can Change Your Life – Graham

Linda Graham creates a bounce-back plan of resilience and endurance that will last your lifetime. Listen carefully as she breaks down the recovery process.
Dr Charles Parker author

276 My Crazy Family – Lessons – Hallowell

Dr. Ned Hallowell opens the door to his difficult childhood with lessons for all of us moving along a path of adversity, even in his family & childhood pain.
Dr Charles Parker author

275 Wellness From Vision To Reality – Silverman

Wellness involves finding your true self, your life mission, and dedicating your tour on this Earth to that deeper, enlarged contribution.
Dr Charles Parker author

274 Step Into Your Moxie – Vernon

Make this #metoo moment more about your moxie, your life, your meaningful purpose, your relationships, and your work. Difficulties become an opportunity.
Dr Charles Parker author

273 Personal Power Mastery – Vermeeren

Personal power mastery is a worthy life goal, connected intimately with self-management, self-realization, achievement, and purpose - life contributions.
Dr Charles Parker author

272 Spiritual Life Lessons For Kids – de Bonvoisin

Spiritual Life Lesson For Kids provides a Path for self-discovery, self-confidence and a meaningful way to begin to manage life's adversities.
Dr Charles Parker author

271 18Percent Support Group Online – Schleien

18Percent is a free peer-to-peer online community for those with nowhere to turn for understanding and helpful direction with mental health issues.
Dr Charles Parker author

270 CBD Oil – Hemp Science & Uses – Hendrix

CBD oil now becomes part of the next treatment landscape for a variety of medical challenges from PTSD, to TBI, to CTE, to insomnia, anxiety, and depression.
Dr Charles Parker author

269 Parenting, Vulnerability & Self Mastery – Past Meets Present – Ross

Parenting challenges, childhood trauma, and self-management evolution occur in the context of working to understand both past issues and vulnerabilities in everyday life.
Dr Charles Parker author