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Conservation Sound is a podcast for scientists and conservationists. It introduces other people who tramp across fields in wellies but whom you might never meet. We all use natural (and otherwise) sounds in different ways – perhaps here we can inspire each other. Produced by Connor Walsh in 2015.
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Not walking on eggshells

Counting Manx Shearwaters on Skomer Island, Wales, in June 2018. An episode of Conservation Sound by Connor Walsh. This episode is mostly me with field recordings. Although I was at the time volunteering to help in a ...
Conservation Sound author

The Curlew, with Mary Colwell

I started getting emails at the day job about World Curlew Day. It had a lovely logo. Curlews have such a distinctive call, the potential for a podcast rose gradually across the office Outlook screen. The emails came from Mary Colwell, and her website ...
Conservation Sound author


Indonesian conservationist Sasha tells me about gibbons (Sasha has a longer name but this audio is repurposed from something else and we didn’t involve her employer’s Communications team, so we’re staying on first name terms to keep it simple). The im...
Conservation Sound author

Take The Ten Million

You're the world's leading conservation group. A big oil company, with a big spill not far behind, is offering you £10,000,000 for conservation. Do you take the money?
Conservation Sound author


Three half-episodes crammed into one! Short excerpts from works relating to conservation, without interviewing the producers or playing the pieces in full. Plus a couple of other audio-less recommendations. Running after Antelope Scott Carrier https:...
Conservation Sound author

Leah Barclay Bisophere Soundscapes

Leah Barclay celebrates cross-disciplinary work of art and science, to aid the conservation of natural places. She introduces her work with rivers and biosphere reserves in this episode of Conservation Sound. Find out more on http://www.biospheresound...
Conservation Sound author

C: Cheryl Tipp, Curator of Wildlife And Environmental Sounds At The British Library

Cheryl Tipp is Curator of Wildlife and Environmental Sounds at the British Library. She talks about the conservation applications of sound, and the availability of sounds in the archive. This is Episode C of Conservation Sound. The natural history sou...
Conservation Sound author

B: Blunt, Sarah; BBC Natural History Radio Unit

Sarah Blunt doesn’t make radio with the purpose of conservation. She is, however, a scientist who tramps about the countryside in wellies, and reaches millions of people with messages that treasure Britain’s natural history, entirely though sound. Som...
Conservation Sound author

A: Antoine And The Fox

Antoine Bertin brought his creative sound mind and his fascination with nature to a fox rehabilitation centre in London. The result brings together multiple familiar worlds (including radio telemetry) into something that excites the imagination. Find ...
Conservation Sound author