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Welcome to Conservation Matters with Shane Mahoney. Listen to Shane's speeches given around the world on scientific issues and challenges impacting global conservation in the 21st Century. Conservation, after all, is everyone's business. One Natural World. One Humanity. One Chance. Conservation Matters.

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Welcome to Conservation Matters with Shane Mahoney. Listen to Shane's speeches given around the world on scientific issues and challenges impacting global conservation in the 21st Century. Conservation, after all, is everyone's business. One Natural World. One Humanity. One Chance. Conservation Matters.
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Cecil, Trophy Hunting, & Other Words that Matter

Decisions by United States Fish and Wildlife Service to all importation of hunting trophies are not frivolous. Scientific evidence shows that hunting can help conserve wildlife. Has "trophy" become a lethal adjective for hunting, despite conservation s...
Shane Mahoney author

Philanthropy and America's Conservation Legacy

Please join Shane as he addresses the crowd gathered to celebrate the historical grand opening of Johnny Morris' Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium.

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation & The Path Ahead

Join Shane as he speaks to the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation's Youth Group and conservation leaders of tomorrow about the incredible and historical achievement that is the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. This is a call to action, relevant...
Shane Mahoney author

Walk in the Footsteps of Theodore Roosevelt - From DSC National Convention

Listen to Shane Mahoney, CEO of Conservation Visions, speak of how the events of the past (Cecil, the Lion and others) have been the spark - not the fuel - of making change - and how the time is NOW to act in the field of conservation. Shane is speakin...

The Wild Harvest Initiative Explained by Shane Mahoney

Do you ever think about where your food comes from? How it was procured? Hunters and anglers know EXACTLY where their food comes from - while not everyone personally chooses to hunt or fish, we can agree that these activities do procure a significant a...

The Guns of Conservation

Public ownership of firearms was instrumental to the birth of the conservation movement in North America and still contributes to its continued success. This audio was made into a short video found on Boone & Crockett Club's YouTube channel here: h...

Pollinators are in Peril and How Hunters are Helping

Pollinator habitat is in peril and should be of utmost important to us. Pollinators are an integral part of our environment and they are sending a clear signal that all is not right in the world. As an example, populations of Monarch butterflies have d...

Conservation is the Most Complicated Business in the World

Listen to Shane's speech at Vancouver Island University this past spring, 2017, as he discusses the complicated business of conservation. Shane shares the constant effort to do the right things for humanity and to do the right things for our wild creat...

Conservation in today's modern world - from GOABC Convention, 2017

We sometimes believe we will never be surprised anymore. But then, in one of the great cities of the world, in one of the great zoos of the world...people jump over a barrier, shoot a rhino for his horn and then make their getaway. Sounds like fiction?...

Relevance - from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation National Convention

Shane Mahoney, CEO of Conservation Visions, speaks at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation National Convention. Learn more about Shane at  Follow Shane on Facebook at and ...

Critical Conservation Challenges - with Shane Mahoney

Shane Mahoney, CEO of Conservation Visions, speaks in front of a group in Missouri about the critical conservation challenges we face. He discusses the rising empathy for wildlife, how conservation groups need to respond, and how we all need to realize...

Rhino Horn: Should We Trade to Save?

Shane Mahoney, CEO of Conservation Visions, argues that allowing legal trade of rhino horn could, possibly, save the species. What do you think? Listen to this brief explanation and find us at or http://instagram...

Why Did our Wildlife Disappear? What Will You Do To Help?

Did you know many of our current, well-known big game species were almost decimated many years ago? Shane Mahoney, CEO of Conservation Visions discusses how taking as many wildlife as possible to benefit life and profit held no moral obligation. For ex...

Hunters and Poachers are Not Brothers - by Shane Mahoney

Poaching is often defined as unlawful hunting, almost as a subset of hunting, which it is not. Poaching is the illegal taking of wildlife. Poachers are not hunters - they are thieves. But often today, poaching and hunting are being confused in the publ...

The Wild Harvest Initiative Explained by Shane Mahoney

The model of conservation has been around for 120 years – but yet as hunters and anglers we have never explained our activities in the form of harvested food. There are approximately 35-40 million people in U.S. and Canada who fish or hunt, and records...

High Lonesome Institute with Shane Mahoney

The High Lonesome Institute (HLI) is a non-profit entity, established by The High Lonesome Ranch, to lead and coordinate applied scientific research, ecological monitoring, and conservation at the Ranch. It functions within HLR’s landscape-scale labora...

Shane Mahoney Keynote at POMA Annual Conference 2016

Shane Mahoney speaks to a group of outdoor writers at the annual Professional Outdoor Media Association in Kalispell, MT in June, 2016. Forgive the first few minutes of audio, it improves greatly around minute 5. Mahoney is passionate in his presentati...

The Future of Seal Hunting with Shane Mahoney

Shane Mahoney was interviewed by a Canadian radio show on the future of seal hunting in Canada - and how that affects the world. Shane discusses the IUCN and his role in that worldwide organization and then moves into the impact of seal hunting on econ...

Where Does Hunting Fit in the Modern World? With Shane Mahoney

Where in the modern world does hunting fit? The answers ask us to dive into social and economic realities. Shane Mahoney discusses today's modern hunting - from the effects of trophy hunting and poaching to simply hunting for food. Learn more at http:/...

Cats Versus Birds - Who Wins and Who Loses? With Shane Mahoney

Do the rights of one cat trump the fate of an entire bird population? There is no clever riddle to work out - although each of you listening to this podcast will have strong convictions one way or the other. Listen to Shane Mahoney as he discusses this...

Taking a Leap of Faith - Keynote by Shane Mahoney

Another spectacular keynote speech by Shane Mahoney on how every day fighting for something you believe in is taking a leap of faith. Learn more about Shane at

Conservation Needs Partnerships by Shane Mahoney

Shane Mahoney gave the keynote speech at the 2016 The Wildlife Society Annual Conference. There is not a species that lives upon this planet today whose future is not determined by the decisions we make, the decisions we defer, or the decisions we avoi...

Hunters and Non-Hunters Need to Build a Coalition

We need to ask this question: are we afraid of a broad coalition? No matter if you are a hunter, or not, can you work 'across the aisle?' There is a great divide amongst our conservation groups today. How do we shrink that break? How do we come togethe...

Animal Welfare Should be Everyone's Concern - with Shane Mahoney

Choosing either to support animal welfare, or to support conservation - exclusive of the other - will leave neither well nor healthy. Article penned for Sports Afield Magazine by Shane Mahoney.

If You Could Give Your Lives to Anything...

Shane Mahoney, CEO of Conservation Visions, speaks at the "Rally for Iowa's Outdoors" in 2012 on if we truly are concerned about the wild others on this planet - how do we stand for them? Shane takes listeners around the world discussing cave paintings...

Is Hunting Conservation? with Shane Mahoney

How did Shane get so involved in the outdoors? Is hunting conservation and what does that mean? Shane Mahoney talked with Billy Kinder of Billy Kinder Outdoors Radio at the Professional Outdoor Media Association Conference this past summer. Special tha...

What is Trophy Hunting?

While hunting in general is a controversial issue, there can be little doubt that much of the harsher criticism is directed toward trophy hunting. Even among hunters who readily pursue animals and harvest them, trophy hunting is sometimes criticized. T...

Shane Mahoney on Cecil the Lion and Trophy Hunting

Originally filmed in August 2015 - Shane Mahoney reviews the "Cecil the Lion" issue, presents the facts as they are known at that time in August, 2015, and provides excellent commentary on the realities of ecosystem and wildlife management, as well as ...

Keynote Speech at Premier's Natural Resources Forum in Prince George, BC

Shane Mahoney is the keynote speaker at the 2016 Premier's Natural Resources Forum in Prince George, BC. A sold-out crowd of industry leaders and First Nation leaders are enraptured by Shane's speech on finding a balance between conservation and resour...

The Secrets of Leadership

Early conservation pioneers succeeded because they understood how to convey the importance of their ideals to the public. However, the conservation movement has to a large extent moved away from an agenda of trying to convince society of its social, cu...

The Most Important Purpose in the World

udsjgdrh Shane Mahoney is addressing an audience at Pheasants Forever's "Rally for Conservation" in 2014. In this half hour speech, he discusses how conservation is truly the most important purpose in today's society; what will you pass on to your chil...

Public Land Panel Discussion from Professional Outdoor Media Association Annual Conference

Shane Mahoney is joined by public land advocate & TV host, Randy Newberg; outdoor writer Ron Spomer; Kimber VP of Sales, Ryan Busse and moderated by outdoor photographer, Tony Bynum to discuss the current state of public land sale and/or transfer h...

Staying Relevant

This short piece was previously written for Sports Afield, "Conservation Corner" sponsored by Dallas Safari Club. Shane asks how can we convey a clearer message about hunting’s benefits to the nonhunting community.

Conservation is Not a Simple Business

Shane Mahoney speaks at the North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association annual meeting in Boise, Idaho, summer, 2013. Topics covered include: love for wildlife as a hunter, being a wildlife biologist or conservationist is not something to ...

American Bison and the Death of Freedom

The American bison may have been, at one time, the most abundant large wild mammal on earth. The historical references to their immense herds are difficult to comprehend; such is the scale of their numbers and the sheer improbable spectacle the authors...

Shane Mahoney on CBC Cross Talk - Do You Eat Wild Meat?

Shane took live calls from listeners on CBC's "Cross Talk" with Ramona Dearing in response to the question - do you eat wild meat? Plus, the discussion of Shane's Wild Harvest Initiative and the research revealed in Michigan; is eating wild game sustai...

Shane Mahoney - The World is Moved by Idealism

Shane spoke to hundreds at the 75th Annual Idaho Fish and Game Wildlife Summit in 2015. During his presentation at the Summit, Shane remarked, “We need all citizens to care, we need all citizens to believe, we need all citizens to engage, and we need t...