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Resting Pitchface - Emergency Episode, World Series Edition

To the World Series and BEYOND!
STCFC author

Resting Pitchface - Another Emergency Episode

STCFC author

Bonus: My Boyfriend's Back

You heard a teaser in our post-Wild Card Not A Real Episode... now you can listen to the full track of the latest song in the Resting Pitchface Parody Catalogue! With love and apologies to Anthony Rendon.
STCFC author

Resting Pitchface - This Is Not A Real Episode

We won an elimination game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
STCFC author

Resting Pitchface E55 - A Highly Relatable Hat

When we recorded this, the Nationals had a magic number of 4, now it’s 0! We did proactively thank the Cardinals. We also discussed the Nats’ identity crisis, the strange case of the September not-call-ups, and the various existential hats we’re all we...
STCFC author

Resting Pitchface E54 - Fiddler On The Roof Rabbi-Copter

The women's national baseball team won gold in the Pan Am Games! Guess some coverage would have been nice. Shrug. Emoji. On the homefront, Max is back, hopefully no longer trying to herd the rest of the dugout. Shockingly, we think Rendon deserves a co...
STCFC author

Resting Pitchface E53 - Lefty Relievers Below Replacement

We’re back after a life hiatus. Luckily women’s baseball didn’t take a hiatus, with a new European tournament and the fifth year of Baseball For All (go DC Force). If you missed Women in Baseball Week, Baseball Prospectus has a tag for that. Oh yeah, t...
STCFC author

Resting Pitchface E52 - Where's The Amphibious Pitcher

There’s nothing wrong with Ohio; a couple Nats are going! Hope Tony eats a cannoli and no one gets hurt, there’s still a (1/2) season to play. And right now, there’s baseball in London and in New York a Toni Stone production, and in DC Adam Eaton is su...
STCFC author

Resting Pitchface E51 - Shawn Kelley Glove Fund

The optimal product of baseball should be fun baseball and the Nationals are making that a bit easier of late. (Vote Rendon.) We here at Tangents R Us are certainly having a better time, as are a number of Nats pitchers. (Vote Rendon.) This time we hav...
STCFC author

Resting Pitchface E50: Please Unsnap Dusty

Resting Pitchface returns from the Eastern Women’s Baseball Conference Diamond Classic with some wisdom the Nationals could use: Lean in with your boobs. Not your head, Victor Robles. If the season is going to be what it keeps on being, the Nats should...
STCFC author

Resting Pitchface E49: Rick Ankiel's Finishing School

Resting Pitchface is a niche bookstore this week! The Nats have us in a weird place emotionally. They might be the squibs of MLB but there are at least a few smart cats giving us something to be happy about. The rest is a repetitive series of bad decis...
STCFC author

Resting Pitchface E48: Seal Tank Romeo & Juliet

If we had our way, we’d be talking about “wiggling entertainingly everywhere” for the whole episode. Being Nats fans, however, we can’t not discuss the bullpen. From Yipsitis to stolen eyewear, Resting Pitchface runs the gamut on the theme. Feat. Heel ...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE47: Shirtless & Slightly Douchey

Look, Bryce is gone. We have some feelings and opinions about that. It’s Resting Pitchface, we have feelings and opinions about everything. For example, how many Matts are on the Nats (spoilers: a lot), whether any of these new rule changes are going t...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE46 - And We're Back To That

Spring training is upon us and Resting Pitchface is back to talk about all the free agents yet to find their forever homes. Free agents are basically stray cats, right? We also say our goodbyes to Frank Robinson, discuss potential tight races in the NL...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE45 - All Glory to the Shoulder Toad

Resting Pitchface is back even though baseball still isn’t. We discuss the offseason moves the Nats (and a few select others) have made and what that could mean for 2019. As always with us, there’s more: telepathy as a performance enhancing drug, what ...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE44 - Flat Stanleys

We've gone from baseball chaos to baseball anti-chaos here in the post season, but that doesn't mean we don't have some highlights to discuss. Relief pitcher home runs, catcher support groups, the un-pitcher-butt, and more all have their episode in the...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE43 - Oatmeal Storm

What does Resting Pitchface want in the postseason (now that the Nats are out)? Chaos. Chaos, and Ichiro in a series of disguises. Do we have enough mustaches for this? Also, did you know that Mike Trout is a chaos/weather god? You heard it here first....
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE42 - Phenomaly

We here at Resting Pitchface likes to cover many topics: unionization, eating the rich, pharmaceutical development, and measuring things in percentages of a Joe Blanton. We're also making peace with where the Nationals are and looking forward to where ...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE41 - Spiritual Grain Beetles

Please Nationals, stop making us have to update our theme song. This episode Resting Pitchface discusses not just the loss of Gio Gonzalez but many players we've loved and lost over the years. Joined by familial special guest Hannah, we walk back all t...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE40 - Dumpster Ikea

Hey literally everyone: watch the Women’s Baseball World Cup! PSA over. Walk off balk is hard to say, don’t hit rookies with baseballs, and don’t sell your bullpen because you’re mad. That said, bullpen carts are great, though we all have differing op...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE39 - When It Doesn't

The Trea Turner episode.** (There is discussion of Roberto Osuna & MLB's domestic violence policy. Please contact (DV), (SA), or if you need help or just someone to listen) ** This episode wa...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE38 - A Truth Universally Acknowledged

We're not happy about teams dumping on their own players, but we are happy about the All Star Game. We're not happy about the lack of disease control protocols, but we are happy about the Mariners' sleeveless uniforms. We aren't happy about the Nats, b...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE37 - A Buffalo In Your Kitchen

National baseball media is doing a horrific job of talking about domestic violence/child sexual assault and we have to address it. Do freaking better. Umps are also not learning anything about their racist behavior and we have to address it. Do freakin...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE36 - Don't Get The Clap From The Cup

The Stanley Cup followed Adam Eaton to DC and then to Nats Park; whether or not this breaks the sports curse, we hope the Nationals remember to sanitize. It's also the 75th anniversary of the AAGPBL and as important as that is, it's equally important t...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE35 - Pitchers Are Weird Cats

Thanks to newest MASN personality Michael Morse for our deeply on brand title (and general baseball philosophy). We've got a fair amount of pitchers being weird cats, or people being weird to pitching cats, this ep. What is it about Florida that makes ...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE34 - Fun Things Are Fun (When We're Winning)

Is Matt Harvey currently a LOLMETS or a LOLCINCY? Is Anthony Rendon doing a The Bachelor-esque rose ceremony or is it behavior modification? What on Earth is going on with you Bryce Harper? We look for answers here at Resting Pitchface. Even with a bri...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE33 - Some (Nats) Like It Hot

Everyone chill, it's still only April. Meantime, who wears it best: Pedro "The Thriller" Severino vs Wil "The Thrill" Difo. Major League Baseball & fans continue to be extremely racist (Lindor has nothing to apologize for). Umpiring, heavy sigh. Ba...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE32 - Phenomenal Cosmic Weirdness, Itty Bitty Opening Weekend

It's been a heck of an Opening Weekend and that's without even getting into the Nat's 21-runs-over-three-games sweep of the Reds. We tackle the highlights (overturned walkoffs & the 17 stages of baseball grief, the audacity of bunting, the gall of ...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE31 - Things of the Face

We have something of an Aging Players Yearbook this "week". What's going on with Ichiro, Tim Lincecum, and podcast favorite Tyler Clippard? Also, Noah Syndergaard's shirtless interview has us speculating about more than just bullpen carts. The pornstar...
STCFC author

E30 - Bad Idea Factory

As the song (sort of) goes Baseball's Back, Alright! Resting Pitchface is joined this week by Ursula of Flipping Bats & Winning Games to discuss the state of the NL East (don't hold her Mets fan-dom against her). Of course, the NL is mainly a bad i...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE29 - Hashtag Cold Stove

Did you know that Christian Yelich autocorrects to helicopter? #yelicopter Also, Ichiro is a wasp now. No, this didn't become a Marlins podcast overnight, but the Nats only made like 1 1/2 moves since our last episode. This is Howie do it and Anthony R...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE28 - Compassionate Release

The Nats haven't made a lot of moves so far this offseason, but some other teams have made some doozies, making some people happy and others not so much (#savechristianyelich). The Nats have changed their uniforms, something we noted when two thirds of...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE27 - #ThirstStove

Resting Pitchface is back and on brand. This time around? Sociolinguistic discussions, can MLB change its traditionalist spots for a player like Ohtani Shohei, and is the final form of all baseball players Adam Dunn. There's player pants, sleeveless je...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE26 - In Dusty We Trusty

Today we're all wearing our Dusty Baker Defense Squad hats and our swear jar is hungry. We've got listener participation in this episode of Resting Pitchface, which seemed appropriate as we discuss what the majority of the fanbase is thinking. Also fea...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE25 - A Very Hoarse Episode

Superstitions, shrines, stolen bases, and screaming. Resting Pitchface went to games 1 & 2 of the NLDS and we have a feelings hangover. Let's all decompress together. Rally TFU TFU TFU! Episode 25 - A Very Hoarse Episode
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE24 - Brought To You By The Letter F Bomb

Resting Pitchface has nothing appropriate to say (do we ever?) so we're going inappropriate. Luckily rookie dress up day is a thing, and a thankfully creative thing this time around. Thing have been awakened within all of us. There's also tautological ...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE23 - 60:40 Animals To Baseball

Howie Kendrick and Wilmer Difo are not the same size! And all the clap emoji in the world aren't going to change that! We here at Resting Pitchface are dedicated to bringing you the real facts about player height. Also, cat genetics, Ollie & Albie ...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE22 - Player To Be Nicknamed Later

We finally have a topical reason to talk baseball nicknames! Dubiously topical? Cat jerseys may not be customizable, our outfield is a cornucopia of ups despite our current MASH unit status, and Scotchguarding bases is an... interesting concept. Restin...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE21 - Sort By Huggability

Just how many players are Dorian Gray-ing their way through MLB? Who are all these new Nationals? Did Bryce Harper make a pact with a sea witch? "Answers" to these questions in the latest episode of Resting Pitchface, as well as what's up with the Card...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE20 - Salty Potatoes

It's Resting Pitchface's favorite time of year, the All Star Break! Which still doesn't have pool noodle jousting, but should, especially with this many Nats going (snubs aside). We discuss that, furthering the cause of international baseball, menacing...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE19 - Trea Turner Clone Factory

Anthony Rendon has a BFF! And they both have the shirts to prove it! Also, the Nats have a Trea Turner cloning factory or at least are starting an impressive collection. Joe Ross keeps trying to do it all, Resting Pitchface has a family, Darren Baker m...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE18 - Relievers Are People Too

Intergalactic baseball is sadly still not a thing, sigh. But we here at Resting Pitchface can still find ways to bring space into Earth-based baseball, especially when the NL East is a collection of black holes stacked on top of each other; Organic Far...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE17 - Run A Bunch Of Stairs

There's so much positive to talk about! De Nile is just a river near the Potomac! The Ryanaissance is real (and we all can spell it), Jayson Werth is himself but stronger, and Max Scherzer continues to exemplify our starting pitching. Couple that with ...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE16 - A Roster Move To The Knee

Sometimes the baseball players we love make bad decisions, which can run the gamut from poor choices in bleaching to falling off their dirtbikes *cough* MadBum *cough*. Obviously, we talk about all the ways those bad decisions can manifest, with side p...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE15 - Week One: Falling Practice

The (roughly) first week of baseball is behind us! There's lots of positives, some glaring negatives, and plenty to fuel a full season's worth of discussion. Of course, we here at Resting Pitchface focus on our favorite topics, such as comfort goats, f...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE14 - World Baseball Classic - Who Can We Steal?

Recorded immediately prior to Team USA versus Team Also USA (Puerto Rico), it's the World Baseball Classic! From which countries have teams and why to how all the aesthetics of the tournament could improve with a Bedazzler, we've got it all with our pa...
STCFC author

Resting Pitchface E13 - Baseball's Back, Alright

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, its 75 degrees in february and BASEBALL IS BACK. It's a Resting Pitchface spring training 'preview': pace of play saltiness, inescapable politics, Bryce and others make Boom Boom, and of course too much talk ...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE12 - German Board Game Rules

The Collective Bargaining Agreement is complicated like a German board game. Or, at least, it can be. Resting Pitchface is here to talk about some of the major and minor details within the CBA, including chewing tobacco usage, hazing, and our perennial...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE11 - The Off-Brand Nessie

Resting Pitchface is back from accidental hiatus with some offseason thoughts! Bryce finally gets his (wedding) ring! Adam Eaton is very small and presumably not a lake monster! Birthday girl Laura gets kicked down a slide by Chris Heisey at Winterfest...
STCFC author

Resting PitchfaceE10 - Hashtag Narrative

We're over our post-NLDS funk and are back and ready to dig into the various narratives of the ongoing postseason, including pitcher usage and returning heroes. We don't leave the Nats out, not with some longtime favorites leaving and a whole bunch of ...
STCFC author