Composting in the Pacific Northwest

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This podcast is a crash course about how to think like a Master Composter and the education goes well beyond composting.Beyond the composting basics, you will learn how to:- Understand your soil- Manage worm bins, green cones and other composters- Control insects and other problems- Mitigate the effects of global warming through organic practicesThis Seattle Tilth series is narrated by Joshua McNichols, a volunteer with the Master Composter/Soil Builder program. In addition to the Master Composter program, Seattle Tilth offers organic gardening classes for adults and kids, demonstration gardens, volunteer opportunities, educational events, and a hotline for gardening questions.

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Written, produced and edited by Seattle Tilth's Master Composter/Soil Builders. Learn how to compost in the great northwest. funded by Seattle Public Utilities, the King County Hazardous waste management program and the Saving Water Partnership and managed by Seattle Tilth.
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Master Composters #7: Diary of an Urban Soil

Photo byerix!, shared via Flickr.In this episode of Seattle's Master Composter Podcast, host Joshua McNichols translates soil science into a short piece of young adult fiction. And you thought soil science couldn't make you cry.
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Master Composters #6: Mulches

Photo byShacker, shared via FlickrMulches provide instant protection for bare soils. You can apply them in the fall, if you waited too long to plant your cover crop. This gets you quick protection from winter rains. In the summer, mulches protect soil ...
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Master Composters #5: Cover Crops

You've amended your soil with compost. But all your soil's hard-won nutrition will wash out to sea unless you protect it from the winter rains.Join the Master Composters in the garden to learn how cover crops can protect your soil. Another way to let n...
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Master Composters #4: Worm Bins

Worm bins give you another way to manage food waste in the city. In this episode, we compare worm bins to their close relative, the green cone.
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Master Composters #3: Green Cones

You can't put food waste in your compost bin. So where can you put it? In a green cone. Green Cones are the lowest maintenance way to deal with food scraps. We discuss how this system works, and where to put it.
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Master Composters #2: Soil Types

 Photo byCyron, shared via Flickr.What kind of soil is right for your garden? Join Master Composter Graham Golbuff in Seattle Tilth's demonstration garden. We'll dig some holes and learn what distinguishes different kinds of dirt.
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Master Composters #1: How to Make Compost

Follow the Master Composters as they prepare yard waste for composting at Seattle Tilth's demonstration garden in Wallingford.You wil learn all the tricks to make make quick, high quality compost at home.  Find out what mix of materials you will need, ...
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