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The Coast to Coast Bio podcast is brought to you by Deepak Singh and Hari Jayaram, who get together every week to riff about topics ranging from biology to programming and everything in between.

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A podcast about biology, programming and everything in the middle
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Episode 36: The USB slot on the left side

In the first episode of 2011, Deepak and Hari talk about new endeavors by MacMillan, about post-publication peer review, about computational science and good software, and get all giddy about virtual machines and javascript drawing programs. Show Notes...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 35: The Grinch didn’t steal c2cbio

Chris Lasher did ask, so we deliver In this information packed episode we catch up, talk about blogging, podcast, other content and whether we are moving away from them.  We also talk about Arsenic life, automated deployment, and various sundry matters...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 34: Technology gremlins

Editors note: We’ve had some trouble keeping c2cbio up lately, so this episode is very late. In Episode 34, we recover from technology gremlins to talk about Craig Venter and the synthetic genome, about open data for malaria, about the UC library syste...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 33: Sage, Snakes and Pharma Tweets

This was our first time recording three weeks in a row and we are thrilled to be back on this horse.  Of course, it took another 2+ weeks to publish the podcast (Deepak takes all blame) The recently concluded Sage Congress seems to have been quite an e...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 32: Careers, open access publishing and peer review

In episode 32, we talk about careers in academia and industry; spend a lot of time talking about open access journals, including Nature Communications; comment on data access and don’t completely agree on peer review. Production notes: Still not happy ...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 31: Genes, patents and open science

We start of with our new unilateral intro and a discussion of all things new; jobs, podcast mics, conferences and talks. In our science section we discus the recent storm in a teacup over the BRCA patents from Myriad being overturned by a federal court...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 30: There and back again

Welcome to the first episode of 2010, and hopefully back to being somewhat regular. In this episode we talk about what we’ve been up to and some exciting career changes. We talk about trends in next-generation sequencing, about the latest research on T...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Back with a new format : episode 29

After an almost two month hiatus prompted partly by a crashing unsaved Audacity session and a lost hard disk, we get back to podcasting with a new format.  This format we hope will add some biology back into our mix while we retain most of our usual ge...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 28: c2c-programming? – Hadoop , Django , Scala, Tornado : A programming heavy session

Atom starts off by filing his Hadoop world report and then we launch into a discussion of Django, Tornado and how functional programming is probably the messiah that will lead us as we transition to the realtime web. Finally we talk about what all of t...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 27 : After a Hiatus

We emerge from an hiatus with a programming heavy chat: Deepak and Hari start off discussing Haris recent programming experiences as he wrote an app to create protein crystallization grids. Are we there yet?- We discus Rich Hickeys talk at the recently...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 26: Google, PLoS and NCBI get into bed together

Deepak and Hari talk about an actual use of Google Knol, discuss surveys and somehow end up talking about YAML Show Notes Jekyll PLoS works with Google and NCBI to launch PLoS Currents: Influenza The Knol NCBI Rapid Research Notes Google blog post An i...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 25: Quarter Century

We celebrate our 25th episode by talking about our favorite podcasts (and I did get This Week in Science mixed up with Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour), Facebook acquiring Friendfeed, the Push Button Web Show Notes Facebook acquires Friendfeed The Push Button ...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 24: Science is built on incrementalism

In Episode 24, Hari and Deepak talk about advances in publishing, incremental science, Show notes Cell Beta prototypes Martin Fenner on the Article of the Future PLoS makes a move Links of the week Hari: ReportLab Deepak: Pro Git Editors note: Due to r...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 23: So why were you talking about iPhones?

In Episode 23, Hari and Deepak fend of car alarms, go into deep ratholes, and talk a lot about programming and data visualization Show notes The canonical model of software development Web-centric curriculum MIT Open Courseware Introduction to scriptin...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 22: Hey dad, how does this plane fly?

In episode 22 Hari and Deepak talk about various events in the bay area and podcasts of interest, about putting science in our lives, funding the science we do, and scratch their heads over crazy articles on the drugs of the future. Show notes Scifoo i...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 21 : Interview with Ricardo Vidal , a triple time zone pajama party

We have missed recording c2cbio the last few weeks but we are happy to be finally interviewing Ricardo Vidal.  Apart from blogging on his My Biotech Life blog , Ricardo recently started as “community liason” at Mendeley. We talk about  Mendeley, the so...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 20: Man, it’s been forever

In a long overdue episode 20, Hari and Deepak talk about a lot of old topics.  Old since the podcast was recorded a while ago, but some of the discussion is still pertinent.  Hari blames writing papers and Deepak blames all the interest in cloud comput...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 19: Karmic Chlamydial Koalas

In Episode 19, Deepak and Hari talk about Synthetic Biology, Grand Challenge Winners and Protein Engineering. Show notes A synthetic biology company bites the dust iGEM closes doors to amateurs Howtoons BioBricks Foundation Drew Endy and Jim Thomas and...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 18: I touched an electric organ

Trying to do the TWiT thing and find a funny headline.  Let’s see if this sustains.  In this, the longest episode of c2cbio yet, Hari and Deepak talk about crowdsourcing, JoVE, managing patient records and a bunch of other little things Show notes Ther...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 17: Libraries, swallows and pythons

In Episode 17, we have a very spirited discussion on the role of libraries in research, about Summer of Code and data-driven analytics Show notes Nescent has the list of the bioinformatics project proposals for the Google Summer of Code 2009 Donnie Ber...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 16: Crowdsourcing and scaling

In episode 16 we discuss a recent meeting that Deepak attended, the vagaries of crystallography, infrastructure buildouts, announcements by Nature and Innocentive and scalability (and a secret outtake) Show notes Sawzall Jimmy Lin USC gets a grant for ...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 15: Tim Berners-Lee and Harold Varmus

On Episode 15, Hari and Deepak discuss a great TED talk by Sir Tim Berners-Lee on how the web needs to be about data, databases and APIs that allow the data to talk to each other .  CC0 is finally out and Deepak tells us why this is important. Show not...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 14: Of Wolfram|Alpha, Sages and Statistics

Episode 14 was quite a blast.  We talk about the popularity of R, and new, ambitious and heavily hyped projects by Stephen Wolfram and Stephen Friend Show notes How Google and Facebook use R MachetEC2 is an EC2 AMI for data analysis Stephen Wolfram’s W...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 13: Better engineering in Bioinformatics. Joel Dudley as blogged by Shirley Wu

This started off as a regular episode in which we were going to discus a few stories. But a talk given by Joel Dudley, resident Bioinformatics specialist in the Butte lab at Stanford, which Shirley Wu blogged about was just too good to miss. The issues...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 12: Remote synchrotron operation, reinventing the wheel on the web, and your Google heartbeat

In Episode 12 , Hari who had just finished a remote data run collecting diffraction data at the Berkeley synchrotron talks about his experiences; Google and IBM team up to bring health information management to your handheld; and then we have a brief c...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 11: Arguing big data and bioinformatics skills

In episode 11 of Coast to Coast Bio, Deepak and Hari debate big data, talk about what skills a bioinformatician should have, microblogging’s successful entry at PLoS, and even talk about how Google shut down the WWW Show notes Big data: Shoot first, as...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 10: Of conferences and living code

In episode 10 of Coast to Coast Bio, Hari and Deepak talk about ScienceOnline09, discuss living code, and sing the praises of Git, Friendfeed and Twitter Show Notes ScienceOnline09 Bora’s blog Anton Zuiker’s blog Social Networks in Science Science blog...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 9: One coast

Episode 9 of Coast to Coast Bio finds Deepak and Hari kicking off a new year by recording a podcast together over some good red wine. Topics discussed include using GitHub as a a knowledge resource backend, remote desktops, Haskell, and various other r...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 8: Twenty minutes of Brenner

In Episode 8 of Coast to Coast Bio, the final episode for 2008, Hari and Deepak have a long, spirited, discussion about a recent talk by Sydney Brenner. Here are the show notes for this episode Sydney Brenner does not quite like Systems Biology Loose E...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 7: Scientists in the cabinet, useful chemistry and reference architectures

In Episode 7, Deepak and Hari discuss Steven Chu’s selection as the Secretary of Energy, the Uniprot architecture, Open Notebook Science and issues with the Encylopedia of Life. Here are the shownotes Steven Chu is the new Secretary of Energy Synthetic...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 6 : Web services, Instaseq and a blogging genomicist goes mainstream

There were some technical difficulties with the recording, so we apologies for some of the quality issues Our weekly chat this week tries to explore web services like Embrace a little more and then goes into the Nature Precedings article on Instaseq, t...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 5 : Grand challenges, javascript frameworks and collaborative annotations

We talk about a few submissions at The Elsevier grand challenge , after which we launch into a brief discussion of the Embrace registry for bioinformatics web services (at some point we need to talk about the greater Embrace project) . Along the same v...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Episode 4 : From map-reduce for molecular dynamics to galaxy zoo

After a week long hiatus prompted by failing hotel internet connections and sleep deprivation following a two-day synchrotron run , we return with an episode filled with discussion ranging from specialized hardware solutions for millisecond scale molec...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Coast to Coast Bio podcast #3

In Episode 3 of Coast to Coast Bio we talk about everything from the tension between experimentalists and bioinformaticians, Zotero vs. ThomsonReuters and even Michael Crichton The following links were discussed on the podcast this week Science in the ...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Coast to Coast Bio podcast: Episode 2

We’re back. In episode 2 we talk about topics ranging from next-gen sequencing to structured data. Specific sites or stories discussed include Nautilus: Next-generation sequencing poster and podcast Glue Is DAS the answer Git ( and esp Git from the bot...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author

Announcing the Coast to Coast Bio podcast

Alright here goes..We (i.e Deepak and Hari) had been thinking about starting a podcast for a while and we finally figured the best way to start is to simply dive in and get cracking. The audio quality isn’t quite there yet, but we’ll get things more st...
Deepak Singh& Hari Jayaram author