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Yale Climate Connections takes a solutions-based approach to climate change and its impacts, with a focus on actions being taken by individuals and entities to help reduce associated risks.

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Yale Climate Connections takes a solutions-based approach to climate change and its impacts, with a focus on actions being taken by individuals and entities to help reduce associated risks.
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Farm teaches students how to harvest energy

Dickinson College Farm in Pennsylvania doubles as a solar education facility. Learn more at

Study: Countries with more female politicians pass more rigorous climate policies

‘We found that female representation in national parliaments does lead countries to adopt more stringent climate change policies.’ Learn more at

Colorado woman sounds the climate alarm by ringing a bell

She’s inspired others to join her. Learn more at

Pastured poultry is vulnerable to climate change

Pastured chicken is seen as a humane choice, but the birds need protection from extreme weather. Learn more at

How to protect high school athletes from heat

The risks are growing as the climate warms. Learn more at

Why climate change is a disability rights issue

Emergency plans don’t always account for everyone’s needs. Learn more at

Prof urges you to cut your lawn area in half

Adding plants, shrubs, and trees will store carbon and reduce mowing time. Learn more at

Don’t underestimate storm surge risk

It’s becoming a bigger danger with sea-level rise. Learn more at

Climate-friendly buildings can improve your health

Well-sealed buildings with natural light bolster health, performance, and profitability. Learn more at

Algae could provide climate-friendly food and fuel

The newest farm bill offers support for algae growers. Learn more at

Garden aims to reduce food insecurity

Population growth and climate change could lead to more food insecurity around the world. Learn more at

Tackling climate requires more than cutting carbon

Effective climate action also addresses social and economic inequality, says ICLEI USA director Angie Fyfe. Learn more at

New Mexico could be the Saudi Arabia of wind

It could produce a huge amount of cheap electricity. But there’s a catch. Learn more at

Daughter inspires family business to go solar

Today, solar powers the press at the printing business. Learn more at

Some Texas residents are still recovering from Harvey

“You still have those communities in Southeast Texas that are hurting and are in desperate need of support.” Learn more at

The soil scientist who paints with dirt

She wants people to understand that healthy soil is as important as clean air and water. Learn more at

U.S.-China Green Fund wants China to go green

And link Western green-tech startups to the country’s enormous market. Learn more at

Rush for Arctic resources could pollute region

Shipping, fishing, and drilling opportunities are opening up as the ice melts. Learn more at

Simple change to your thermostat saves energy

An agency in New York significantly cut its energy use with this strategy. Learn more at

Friars start a sustainable farm

Their goal is to feed the poor and nurture the Earth. Learn more at

Army Corps uses nature to help protect communities

Islands and reefs decrease the energy of waves, and wetlands can hold floodwater. Learn more at

Young birds threatened as the Great Basin’s freshwater dries up

Millions of waterbirds migrate through the Western region every year. Learn more at

East Coast vineyards face new climate challenges

Insect pests and increased rainfall are growing threats. Learn more at

Yard signs show risks of sea-level rise

Artist Xavier Cortada wanted to get people talking about the problem. Learn more at

Military bases prepare for more extreme weather

Fort Hood is developing a renewable-powered microgrid system that could provide electricity even if the local grid goes down. Learn more at

How protecting a Pennsylvania stream makes the area more resilient

Protecting a Pennsylvania stream improves resiliency. Learn more at

Hurricane clean-up can be hazardous to your health

people are learning to stay safe through a program funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Learn more at

Energy efficiency can help nonprofits serve more people

Efficient light bulbs will enable a medical facility for the homeless to save $100,000. Learn more at

Critics challenge insurance companies

The industry has invested hundreds of billions of dollars in fossil fuel companies. Learn more at

Conservative says climate should be a priority

He says it’s essential to protect future generations. Learn more at

How ‘resilience hubs’ could protect communities

The rest of the year, the spaces could serve communities in other ways. Learn more at

Why small homes can be appealing

If you share amenities with your neighbors, you can live well at a lower cost. Learn more at

National Aquarium teaches climate science to visitors

‘We’ve made the decision at the National Aquarium to be bold in our messaging.’ Learn more at

Miami Beach is trying to save its historic buildings

Some buildings may need to be elevated — and that could get expensive. Learn more at

Farming a forest — and helping the climate

Lincoln Smith’s forested designs provide food, shade, and carbon storage. Learn more at

Polluted neighborhood turns farm into a green space

Now it’s a refuge for birds — and people, too. Learn more at

Son of coal country now manages wind farms

Lee Van Horn’s father worked as an underground coal miner. Learn more at

Heat waves are a threat to public health

Low-income people, who often lack AC, may suffer the most. Learn more at

Nonprofit builds an army of climate lobbyists

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is teaching volunteers how to influence politicians. Learn more at

Pennsylvania farmer puts his pigs to work

His inventions also cut carbon pollution. Learn more at

A surprisingly cost-effective zero-energy house

The Connecticut bungalow shows that climate-friendly construction doesn’t require a bigger budget.  Learn more at

States move to regulate HFCs

The heat-trapping gases are used in refrigerators and air conditioners. Learn more at

Could we use sand or concrete as batteries?

The low-cost materials could store energy generated by wind and solar farms. Learn more at

Christian author sees climate change as a moral issue

‘Caring for God's creation is one of the most important mandates that he gave us as his children.’ Learn more at

Helping people could help endangered species

People and animals — like Rwanda’s mountain gorillas — are under increasing pressure as the climate changes. Learn more at

A climate policy designed to appeal to conservatives

It would reduce income taxes, but polluters would pay taxes on carbon emissions. Learn more at

Curriculum helps students identify misleading claims

‘Unfortunately, most schools are not well-prepared to deal with the onslaught of misinformation.’ Learn more at

Climate pledges by businesses, local governments add up

If they follow through on existing promises, that would get the U.S. two-thirds of the way to its Paris agreement goal. Learn more at

Wastewater treatment plants turn waste into energy

Facilities in Santiago, Chile, could one day generate as much energy as they use. Learn more at

The military tests renewable energy

It could save money and soldiers’ lives. Learn more at