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PGP #236: The Bourbon Bell Claps Back, Is The Body Using His Friends?

DA's wonderful wife makes her PGP debut to explain why DA was allowed to spend time on his Honeymoon filming an episode of NOMAD. Plus Mraz speaks to a class taught by Pete the Body, but does Pete have the ultimate NCAA scam going? author

PGP#235: Emergency PGP: OBJ Trade – D.A. & Mraz Analyze

OBJ is traded. A special emergency PGP live from Newark Airport. author

PGP #234: Did Jacob Dismiss an Opportunity? DA Works While Honeymooning

A week after Extreme Jakeover, the crew is still puzzled by Jacob's final words on last week's PGP. Plus on Side B Mraz and Bogusch realize they can never live up to the expectations of someone who works on their own Honeymoon. author

PGP #233: Lisa Ramos With Extreme Jake-Over Recap

Lisa Ramos makes a guest appearance on the PGP as we look back on Extreme Jake-Over. Plus the two men of the hour, Jacob and Shep joins Side B to reflect on the big day. author

PGP #232: Mr.Peanut Rides With Us, DA's Staff Email Under Fire

DA and Mraz looks back on an afternoon with Mr.Peanut after the latest NOMAD episode. Plus DA issues a detailed email on a certain show segment that has the staff's attention. author

PGP #231: Weekend at Jacob's, Is DA Gross?

DA and Mraz recap the fall of Jacob Wilkins that led to him looking like he was weathered on Monday. Plus Bogusch and Mraz discuss whether DA's sanitary habits are building a case against him. author

PGP #230: A Grande Sized Conspiracy, Alliance Primetime Recap

DA and Mraz may be the only people on the planet who are buying into the theory Ariana Grande's parents started putting her in the spotlight at Florida Panthers Games and that led to the career she has now. Plus Bogusch and Mraz ironically are now broa... author

PGP #229: The DA's New Alliance, Joey Wahler Has a New Position

The DA Show is all in on spring football, but will they last the whole season? Huge Freeze is gone, and the man that discovered Robbie now needs to get back to work to fill the void, the gigantic void now left with Robbie's banishment. author

PGP #228: Huge Freeze Retirement Week, a Body Shot at Radio Row?

It is the week many have been upset to see, Huge Freeze belts one final tune, Bogusch and DA discuss and preview it all on Side A. DA and Mraz are Atlanta bound, but why isn't the Body going to be at Mission Control when their big week begins? author

PGP #227: Huge Freeze Ceremony Preview, The Body Is Never Happy

Huge Freeze may be banned from the show, but he isn't banned fromthe show about the show as he joins DA on Side A too look ahead to his big day. Bogusch and Mraz turn Sude B into a Pete "The Body" bashing session. author

PGP #226: The Body Looks like Huge? Bogusch Revokes a Mraz Invite

A big Trash Tuesday revealed that Bart Scott thinks Pete "The Body" Bellotti and Huge Freeze are in fact the same person, leaving Side A to debate just how similar they may look. On Side B, Bogusch's career is taking off, but he doesn't want Mraz at hi... author

PGP #225: 12 DA's of Christmas of 2018 Montage

Listeners asked for it, they got it, all 12 DA's of Christmas strung together in one perfect podcast. author

PGP #224: Holly Jolly Bellotti Recap, Wilkins Shows No Remorse

A special Post-Christmas PGP where DA and Mraz discuss Jacob Wilkins written statement and apology on the show on Christmas, plus the Bellotti Wedding goes down in history. author

PGP #223: 12 DA Controversy, A Holly Jolly Bellotti Awaits

DA is not happy with the rankings at the top of The 12 DA's of Christmas, is he not a fan of show Democracy? Mraz is joined by The Body on Side B and they preview this weekend's big wedding. author

PGP #222: Company Holiday Party Recap, Jacob Wilkins Bombs

DA and Mraz go in depth on the company holiday party and whether they made an error by staying too long. Plus did Jacob Wilkins forever tarnish his name on The Mothership? author

PGP #221: Mothership Holiday Gift Idea, 12 D.A.'s Underway, Dessert Coordinator

D.A. and Mraz unveil a brand new holiday present for DA-liens in Boise, and the duo analyzes whether mistakes were made in the 12 D.A.'s voting process. Mraz also calls out D.A. for not getting his hands dirty when changing a tire in Athens on NOMAD, l... author

PGP: Emergency Permission Granted With Huge Freeze

D.A. invites Robbie into the PGP studios to deep dive into his last weeks on the show, his rollercoaster tenure, Vikings fandom, and what comes next after the banishment. author

PGP #220: 12 DA's Preview, Wahler On Rosenhaus, Thanksgiving Massacre

DA & Mraz go over all the candidates for the 12 DA's of Christmas, which will start next Wednesday. They discuss whether Torg Bellinger is a lock for #1 & some forgotten moments. Joey Wahler breaks bad news about a newsroom snafu that happened ... author

PGP #219: Trash Tuesday Chaos, The Body Loves Woody

Trash Tuesday caused chaos, including a wils story from Andrew Bogusch. Pete The Body has a new talent. author

PGP #218: Mothership Does Career Panel, Athens Analysis

D.A. and Mraz discuss where the "You Like That Big Boy" saga ranks in the 12 DAs, and how the process will look this year as Mraz gets nervous about more work. Then the guys take a look at the Iona career panel discussion and whether Mraz gave the stud... author

PGP +: You Like That Big Boy Revealed

A 1st ever PGP + is here as immediate post game reaction to Mraz being reintroduced to the woman behind "You Like That Big Boy." author

PGP #217: D.A. prepares for CFB in Athens, Mraz on trashing Camping Culture

D.A. Heads to a big college football game every year, often times in the SEC. This year he’s headed to Athens for the Georgia-Auburn matchup. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as massive as the preseason predictions so it’s created some worries with kick ... author

PGP #216: Spooktacular Costume Recap, Does Bogusch Despise The Body?

The DA Show Halloween special brough laughs as everyone's costume told a different story. Andrew Bogusch's costume may have told a deeper story though, was The Body offended? author

PGP #215: Mraz on Berman's Stench, The Body Fights Back on Sandwich-Gate

The Sultan of Sodium joins DA from Atlanta as he gets ready for Giants-Falcons. On Side B, Pete The Body defends himself as Sandwichgate continues. author

PGP #214: Did The Body Hose DA for a Free Meal?

Trash Tuesday set fire to The DA Show with revelations The Body took DA up for a free "breakfast," only to actually order a lunch and save the meal. A real life Seinfeld episode ensues on the PGP. author

PGP #213: DA and Mraz Boise Trip Recap

DA and Mraz are back from the land of spuds and can't get enough of the great people of Boise. The Bogey Man and Mraz discuss whether other show members could have made the trip. author

PGP # 212: Wheels Up for Boise, Eye Explosion at Ryder Cup

DA and Mraz are in Boise week and ready to tackle the land of Potatoes. Bitter, Better Berman returns to the PGP and disagrees with Mraz' insensitive take on the woman who lost her eye at The Ryder Cup. author

PGP #211: Will The DA Show Take a Hike? The Body is Locked In

DA and Mraz are a week away from ehading to Boise, but suddenly a wrench is thrown in part of their planse. Pete The Body is playing the controls at an All World level right now, can he continue? author

PGP #110: The DA Royal Wedding Recap

DA and Mraz do a full recap of the night that was at DA's wedding on Side A. Bogusch and Mraz discuss The Body's dance moves and Mraz being confronted by Bogusch's wife on Side B. author

PGP #209: DA's Wedding Party Awaits, Bogusch Feels the Heat

DA and Mraz look ahead to the Royal Wedding on The Mothership, just how much Pasta will Mraz eat? Andrew Bogusch dropps a stunning career bomb and proposes a good idea for the future in Boise. author

PGP #208: Most Unique Wedding Ever, Huge Thaw

DA and Mraz discuss James Ward's wedding for the ages. Pete The Body discusses his love of Alf and Robbie's new role on the show. author

PGP #207: Mraz Attack on Bogusch Comes to a Head

DA has Mraz on Side A to recap Tuesdays face to face meeting ovr Mraz' critiques of The Bogey Man's career. In Side B, Mraz and Bogusch see if they can smooth over their relationship. author

PGP #206: Mraz Gets Blackballed, DA Show Football Season Ahead

A very unique PGP has Mraz solo hosting and he explains why and has us wondering if people are simply tired of his act. author

PGP #205: DA Addresses Football Season Wedding, Mraz Unfair Shots at Bogusch

DA addresses the media following questions about why he would schedule his wedding on a Saturday during College Football season. DA questions Mraz's shots at The Bogey Man's play by play career. author

PGP #204: The DA Show's Hawaii Fan Club, The Body's Power Trip

DA and Mraz discuss the unknown fan club of DA-liens ont he island of Kauai. The Body has a new role at CBS Sports Radio and it has Bogusch and Mraz fearing the worst. author

PGP #203: 5 Year Anniversary Recap, Gresh Gets Punk'd

DA and Mraz look back at last week's 5 Year Anniversary show and what could make a 10 year show. Andy Gresh fooled by a fake Mraz Tweet. author

PGP #202: Five Year Anniversary Pregame, The Body Gets a New Role

DA and Mraz discuss the 5 Year anniversary show and crazy moments that may not even make it. Bogusch has had it with Mraz discussing Hawaii on Side B. author

PGP #201: Dissecting Mraz

As Mraz eats some pig in Hawaii, DA & Pete The Body breaks down why Mraz is Mraz as well as the work of his replacement this week Conor Green. author

PGP #200: Mraz Heads to Hawaii, Belgian or Belgium Waffles?

DA and Mraz discuss DA's past trip to Alaska as Mraz heads to the islands. Bogusch and Mraz discus the Waffles vs Toast debate from Tuesday's show. author

PGP #199: Chaotic Week Recap, BBQ Takeover

DA and Mraz go behind the scenes on Badlands Booker and a wild week on The DA Show. Pete The Body and Mraz discuss Brad Heller's nickname and more. author

PGP #198: Weinership V - The Story

DA breaks down all of the happenings surrounding Weinership V as Andrew Caplan joins the PGP. On Side B, Jay Berman returns to talk about the difference between "Better" & "Bitter." Also, DA brings up Jay's favorite topic...Double R. author

PGP #197: Haus of Glass, Weinership Drama Rocks Mothership

Another PGP, another Robbie Rosenhaus storyline has developed. This time it may really be the end for the Haus as a show charachter. Jay Berman weighs in on Side B. author

PGP #196: The Return of Shep, DA's Strange Germ Rules

The artist formally known as "Shep" has returned to CBS Sports Radio and gives an exclusive interview to DA on why he is back and what he plans to do next. Bogusch and Mraz discuss Jody Mac's dirty Belmont tickets and more. author

PGP #195: DA Keeps Building The Haus, Mraz Grosses Everyone Out

DA's campaign to get Robbie Rosenhaus a fulltime job ends up leading to an Ike Feldman quote for the ages. The Body and DA refuse to eat any food Mraz touches. author

PGP #194: Office Politics, You Like That Big Boy Hunt

A new opening at CBS Sports Radio has the newsroom eating their own. The show goes on an awkward search through the office. author

PGP #193: DA Reacts to Schwartz Ball Collection, You Like That Big Boy

DA is back from vacation and defends his updating social media while he was away. The Body and Mraz discuss further Mraz being called out by a lunch ordering sales woman. author

PGP #192: Peter Schwartz Defends His Character, DA Can't Disconnect

Peter Schwartz joins Mraz on Side A to say he is "pissed off" at Mraz' comments about Schwartzo last Friday. Andrew Bogusch and Mraz discuss DA's constant Tweeting while on vacation on Side B. author

PGP #191: Shooting Beer Cans with Roenick, Wahler's Uber Request

DA and Mraz go behind the scenes of DA's lates NOMAD episode and discuss the most recent setback for Robbie Rosenhaus. Joey Wahler has a shocking request for any UBER Driver. author

PGP #190: Jody Mac Wet Noise Reactions

DA and Mraz analyze which of the recent noices crackling out of Jody Mac are the most ominous, plus on Side B Pete "The Body" and Mraz discuss the return of Mike Francesa author

PGP #189: Philadelphia Freedom, A Sundays With Sterling Soliloquy

What the hell is happening in Philadelphia? DA is joined by Philly native Kenny Brock to talk about the City of Brotherly Love. Meanwhile on Side B, Pete the Body and Andrew Bogusch critique ‘Sundays With Sterling.’ author