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Sports on the Capital 26free Network your hosts Lizwe and Josh try not to shout into the Mic while they get their Set points across. Listen to them go over Zimbabwe and worlds Sports and see who won that match.

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Sports on the Capital 26free Network your hosts Lizwe and Josh try not to shout into the Mic while they get their Set points across. Listen to them go over Zimbabwe and worlds Sports and see who won that match.
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11.04.2019 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

S2E2: Sikandar Raza and the homecoming series

Capital26Free — This week, we took Mic, Set, Match to the iconic Harare Sports Club and had a sit down with star Zimbabwe Cricket & Tuskers all-rounder Sikandar Raza! We talk about losing the world cup qualifiers to & facing UAE again in his fi...
Capital26Free author
5.03.2019 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

E1 S2: Talking to Zimbabwe's Sportswoman of the Year Grace Chirumanzu

Capital26Free — We begin the 2019 season with a chat with Grace, the ANSA Sportswoman of the Year. She talks us through family support, how difficult it can be for sportswomen to break through and as a sports journalist, she also speaks to some of the ...
Capital26Free author
6.10.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Let Me Get That

Capital26Free — Sports on the Capital 26free Network your hosts Lizwe and Josh try not to shout into the Mic while they get their Set points across. Listen to them go over Zimbabwe and worlds Sports and see who won that match.
Capital26Free author
26.07.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png


Capital26Free — We have begun a series around the recent fitness wave around the country... Or have we only just started paying more attention now. We speak to two regular runners Bertlin & Fungai and they share some of the challenges, benefits and...
Capital26Free author
10.07.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png


Capital26Free — This week, we have an exclusive interview with former Zim Cricket head selector, captain and legend Tatenda Taibu as he shares his thoughts on the chaos at Zim Cricket at the moment. Why has Zim Cricket treated Brendan Taylor so bad, wh...
Capital26Free author
18.06.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

A SEASON OF CHANGE FOR ZIM RUGBY with Kisset Chirengende

Capital26Free — A day after the Zimbabwe men's rugby national team side, The Sables, drew with Morocco in Harare, the Mic, Set, Match team spoke to team manager Kisset Chirengende over the good vibes about Zimbabwe Rugby administration. We talk about h...
Capital26Free author
12.06.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png


Capital26Free — The FIFA World Cup starts this week and of course, the team had to go through their predictions for the best performing teams. You'll find of interest to be the wild card team predictions. The one team that Josh, Shingi and Lizwe think ...
Capital26Free author
30.05.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png


Capital26Free — We attended the Castle Lager 5-aside tournament and spoke to legend Tinashe Nengomasha. This episode tells you all about that and we also look at 3-in-a-row Champions League winners Real Madrid with two dedicated and passionate fans. Jo...
Capital26Free author
1.05.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Why you have to watch the next boxing event

Capital26Free — Josh returns to the Mic and discusses with Lizwe their experience from the Friday Fight Night boxing event that was held in Harare. All the action, controversies and drama from the night is shared right here. Remember Alfonso Zvenyika? ...
Capital26Free author
17.04.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Equal Pay for Equal Play ft Taytbells

Capital26Free — In the latest episode @slimsem_ is joined by @taytbells a sports commentator who advocates for women sports. From the pay gap in the Cricket and Zifa's treatment of the Mighty Warriors, all things Zim female sports were discussed. #ZIFA...
Capital26Free author
10.04.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Is Heath Streak Racist?

Capital26Free — The Mic Set Match team breaks down the hottest topic in Zimbabwe Cricket- the racism allegation against fired coach, Heath Streak. Are his actions racist or Zimbabwe Cricket has lost the plot (again)? We look at the madness in Zim Crick...
Capital26Free author
20.03.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Why criticism is good & why we're proud of Zimbabwe Cricket

Capital26Free — After a backlash on our previous episode about our criticism of the Zimbabwe Cricket side, the crew were back discussing why the feedback has actually helped the team to perform better. We look at all the good news from the ICC tourname...
Capital26Free author
23.02.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

It's time to promote our Under-16 cricket team

Capital26Free — The team had a look at the good and terrible news from Zimbabwean sport in the past few weeks. From the great appointments at Zimbabwe Rugby, the success of the Davis Cup Team and the dire performances by the Zimbabwe cricket. Find out ...
Capital26Free author
29.01.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Zimbabwe Cricket: The Vusi Sibanda Interview

Capital26Free — The crew got together with the Zim Cricket batsman Vusi Sibanda. Find out if he's eyeing a spot in the Zim Cricket team for the World Cup Qualifiers, how we can qualify for England 2019 & who he thinks should be dropped from the cur...
Capital26Free author
15.01.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Big salaries, Ntini's failure & the Zim Cricket situation with Brian Goredema

Capital26Free — The Mic, Set, Match team of Shingi & Lizwe were joined by journalist Brian Goredema to talk all things Zim Cricket. Was Ntini as good as we all think & is Zimbabwe as good as we think? Should Taibu be kept on as chief selector o...
Capital26Free author
8.01.2018 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png


Capital26Free — Mic,Set,Match is back for the 2018 edition.We had a good run in 2017 and the team including Josh, Shingi & Lizwe got into the studio to review some of the top shows from last year. We also look into all the top sporting events to lo...
Capital26Free author
24.10.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Grant Mitchell and Old Georgians' success

Capital26Free — The team has an insightful chat with one of the most respected local rugby coaches Grant Mitchell and how he has led Old Georgians to two successive Gold Cup seasons. Lessons from the Gold Cup and can any team stop OGS?
Capital26Free author
10.10.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Minority Sports Series: Volleyball in Zimbabwe

Capital26Free — The crew was back this week talking to a member of the Zimbabwe Volleyball Association on what makes Zim Volleyball tick. Who is involved and how can you join in the fun?
Capital26Free author
22.09.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

JUJU in FOOTBALL and the Chiyangwa chaos Revisited

Capital26Free — The team found out some interesting insights on how local footballers believe in juju (black magic) and the questions is does it work or not. The team also discuss ZIFA chief Phil Chiyangwa's decision to reverse a red card. Does he have...
Capital26Free author
1.09.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

The PJ Moor Interview, Zim Cricket and that Sri Lanka victory

Capital26Free — The Team from Mic Set Match get the amazing opportunity to sit down with Peter Joseph Moor, Zimbabwean national cricket team player. They have an honest and insightful conversation about his journey as a cricketer as well as some of the...
Capital26Free author
26.08.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

The Truth About Zim Rugby Feat Coach Cyprian Mandenge

Capital26Free — Josh and Lizwe sit down with the Zimbabwe Rugby Coach Cyprian Mandenge for a fiery episode where all the questions that matter are asked. What determines player selection? Is he still in charge of the team? Was he given a fair opportuni...
Capital26Free author
16.08.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

What did we think of the opening weekend!

Capital26Free — BREAKING NEWS: The world's most supported sport was back on at the weekend and there was excitement across board. Who made the biggest impact, who will continue shining, who needs to improve? We talk about all the drama and goals from t...
Capital26Free author
2.08.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Football Season is Back & A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

Capital26Free — The Team go hard in celebrating the return of the world's most followed sport. Listen in as we preview the Community Shield and the Super Cup. We also have a BIG announcement over the new Fantasy Premier League season, a few tactics and...
Capital26Free author
27.07.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

The ZIFA Interview ft Xholisani Gwesela

Capital26Free — The Mic Set Match team hosts the ZIFA Communications manager Xholisani Gwesela just before the National team's loss to Namibia. Find out why Xholisani proudly praises Zim coaches and also informs th team on how ZIFA has been dealing wit...
Capital26Free author
19.07.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

The Sri Lanka Tour: A turning point for Zimbabwe Cricket finally?

Capital26Free — Josh and Lizwe are joined by our favorite Zimbabwe Cricket supporter Dobie as we breakdown issues surrounding Zimbabwe Cricket's successful tour to Sri Lanka. Are we seeing now why Heath Streak is such a brilliant leader( again)? Could ...
Capital26Free author
7.07.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Kicking Up a Storm with Legendary Karateka SPIDER and Dean Ramsey

Capital26Free — Lizwe and Josh sit down with the legendary Karate fighter and coach, more of the Urban Legend known as Spider! Together with Sean Ramsey Vice Captain of the Zim Karate team and they have the chop it down. They talk about the recent succ...
Capital26Free author
3.07.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Tanya Muzinda interview: Zimbabwe's motocross princess

Capital26Free — We speak to Zimbabwe's budding 12-year-old motocross rider. Find out what drives her to ride hard & her most memorable moments so far. Her dad features too & explains why parental support is best for sporting excellence. Before ...
Capital26Free author
27.06.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

There's new players in our team & what Zim football needs right now

Capital26Free — We're proud to announce the addition of new players to the Mic, Set & Match team. Find out who they are in this episode as we break down the fundamental issues with Zimbabwean football right now. Do we really need two coaches for ou...
Capital26Free author
14.06.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Zim Warriors were great but here is why its too early to get excited

Capital26Free — Lizwe & Josh discuss why the Zimbabwe Warriors team (national men's football team) made them proud and why you need to be at the next match! Josh goes on a rant about our sponsor's involvement in training and some church drama too b...
Capital26Free author
3.06.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Congratulations Tanya and the fight that almost was over CAPS United

Capital26Free — Your hosts Josh and Lizwe give you their take on all the trending sporting news. Congratulations to our shining girl Tanya Muzinda and it's the Champions League final - there's a bet for it. Listen in and catch up on motocross, Zimbabwe...
Capital26Free author
28.05.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

End of English Football League review

Capital26Free — It's been long, it's been exciting but it's done now and Chelsea are the Champions. We had @_dingz and @mama_danai to help us break it down for you. This is the English Football season review. Find out how we rank the managers and the t...
Capital26Free author
7.05.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Schools Sports Network: Filling in the missing gap

Capital26Free — The @MicSetMatch team up of Josh and Lizwe went in-depth with Schools Sports Network founder Chenje Katanda and they learnt how the network came to be. Interesting perspective on sports journalism in Zimbabwe, the impact SSN has had tow...
Capital26Free author
30.04.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Mismatching socks and "rugby is not about one school"

Capital26Free — Josh and Lizwe hosted Zimbabwe Rugby Union vice president Nody Kanyangarara this week and broke down why Zimbabwe rugby hasn't gone as far as it should be. The explanation to the "socks" issue, why the 2017 local league coyld be the bes...
Capital26Free author
23.04.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Is cricket still the gentleman's game even when women are playing?

Capital26Free — Josh & Lizwe host University of Zimbabwe Women's Cricket team player Chichi and she talks about the fears of playing sport as a woman. She also questions why it's still called the Gentleman's Game even after women have been playing ...
Capital26Free author
12.04.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Ever think Arsene was named after Arsenal? The Wenger In VS Wenger OUT Debate

Capital26Free — Josh and Lizwe break down the hottest issue in English football right now. With lots of unwanted records this season, is it time to let Arsene leave? Exciting perspective from the two hosts! Can Barcelona recover from an expected loss a...
Capital26Free author
3.04.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Does football really need a TV referee? feat Slim Sem

Capital26Free — We went right into the hottest topic in football - should we have a TV referee? Shingi (@slim_SEM) helped us break it down for you. Have a listen and share what you think with. Also do you really think Neymar will be at Manchester Unite...
Capital26Free author
25.03.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Balling with the Zim Team Captain Alexandra Maseko

Capital26Free — Alexandra Maseko is the Zimbabwean National Womens Basketball team captain. She joins Lizwe and Josh and tells them about her amazing journey from Harare to the United States of America. She highlights the different struggles that Zim b...
Capital26Free author
22.03.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Good Bye Bastian & The Up and Down Weekend for Zim Sports

Capital26Free — Zimbabwe mens and womens basketball teams were playing against African Giants Mozambique, Yes, He that you are thinking of, played too. The Kwese Sports Victoria Falls Sevens tournament was also hosted this past weekend and Zim won agai...
Capital26Free author
11.03.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

WHY do referees 'help' Barcelona? Or do they?

Capital26Free — Josh and Lizwe break down this past week's football, capturing all the drams and magic of the world's most followed sport. Monday features Chelsea vs Manchester United, who is your money on? Listen and enjoy our views on the match.
Capital26Free author
26.02.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Is it Unpatriotic To Play for A Foreign National Team?

Capital26Free — Mic, Set & Match hosted a couple of U21s rugby players & what a blowing interview it was. We talked rugby development, @OldMutualZW pivotal sponsorship and should we have a quota system for Zim rugby? Have a listen to this lates...
Capital26Free author
22.02.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Are supporters' clubs a real thing in Zimbabwe?

Capital26Free — What does it mean to be in a supporters' group in Zimbabwe? What are the benefits of being affiliated to these clubs? Do you get free trips to watch your favourite teams? Listen in as @lizweC hosts members of Manchester United, Real Mad...
Capital26Free author
4.02.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

The EPL half season review

Capital26Free — What happens when a Liverpool and a Manchester United fan come together to discuss Chelsea's brilliance & Arsenal's bumpy ride? We had two fans have a real go at each other and Antonio Conte is not as good as you think? Listen and l...
Capital26Free author
24.01.2017 https://static.iono.fm/files/p318/logo_20170124_145758_1400.png

Super Rugby Weekend Special Kyros Sports Interview.

Capital26Free — Big Hits, Big Stadium and Big News for Zimbabwe! The Mic, Set & Match team of @lizweC and @_6_Legend hosted Kyros Sports director Nyasha to talk about the Super Rugby weekend with top 4 South African sides playing. Big News? Zim Ru...
Capital26Free author