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Mad Radio with Mike Meltser, Seth Payne, and Paul Gallant from 6a-10a on SportsRadio 610
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NFL Rule Changes / Mad Takes

Will teams be able to challenge penalties now? author

Would you consider trading Clowney to the Chiefs? / Cam Newton is giving up the sex

Trading Clowney to a contender is a daunting proposition for Mike. author

Justin Houston signs with the Colts

And Mike is way too calm about it. author

Did AJ McCarron have other options?

Marc Vandermeer thinks so. Plus, have the Colts officially had a better offseason than the Texans? author

Vandermeer on the Texans patience in free agency

Should they go after Donald Penn? author

Are people dismissing Carlos Correa too much?

It seems like he's an afterthought going into the 2019 season. author

Headlines / Did this coach talk trash about Coogs coach Kelvin Sampson?

Age-ism is mean! author

Headlines / Positive Paul

The guys react to a slow first day of the NCAA tourney. Plus, does crying at a PC make you more sympathetic? Paul investigates in Positive Paul. author

Do the Texans have the best QB room that they've ever had?

Some at SportsRadio 610 think so. author

The Colts signed Justin Houston, while the Texans do nothing

What does it mean for the 2 teams? author

Is THIS why the Texans have been so conservative in free agency?

And is this an acceptable reason? author

Chris Canetti, President of the Houston World Cup Committee

Houston is in the mix for the 2026 World Cup and Mad Radio gets an update in those efforts as well as USA soccer will play Chile in Houston on Tuesday they preview that match! author

Should we be worried about Romeo Crennel?

A former NFL player thinks the game might be slipping him by. author

Where does the first day of March Madness rank among major sporting events?

NCAA Tourney versus the field author

Was last night James Harden's most impressive performance of the season?

He scored 57 points on the second night of a back to back, along with 28 points in the 4th Q and OT. Pretty impressive author

Are the Astros better than the Patriots? The Warriors? The Spurs?

Some SportsRadio 610 hosts think so. author

Did the Texans ultimately make the right decision passing on QBs in the 2014 draft?

Plus, Mad Takes author

The Rockets lost / The guys also do the Florida Man Challenge, and Odell Beckham Jr. might already be unhappy

Plus, are NFL teams really treating players - like Le'Veon Bell - unfairly. author

Is Brian Gaine going to be a conservative GM?

Thus far, it sure feels that way author

Could the Astros have made a SMARTER move with Bregman?

Could signing Bregman to an extension now cost them when it comes to resigning a couple of upcoming free agents? author

Is it overreacting to call the Astros the best organization in sports?

Some at SportsRadio 610 are saying that after they gave Alex Bregman his big extension. author

No one is aware of ANOTHER massive baseball story / Move Seth's Needle

Baseball is REALLY doing a poor job of opening up their season. Plus, Seth got a ruse out of a promo that has been playing on the station, and explains what ASMR is. author

Did the Rockets REALLY get robbed by the refs?

Some people think so after last night's loss in Memphis. author

Have the Texans boxed themselves into a decision in the draft?

John McClain discusses the idea of the Texans drafting anything other than a corner or tackle early. author

Will the Texans fix their interior pass rush? / Mad Takes

Seth isn't so sure, and asks John McClain about their plans at the position. Plus, Lebron and the Lakers keep taking Ls, and Stephen A. Smith keeps getting things wrong. author

Carlos Correa's story of love

Carlos Correa and his fiance got into how they first met. It's...interesting. author

Ask McClain Anything

John answers all the questions of the people, but REFUSES to make a bet with Paul. author

Headlines / John McClain on the Texans most recent moves

What are the Texans getting in new QB A.J. McCarron / Katherine Webb? The General weighs in on that and more. author

Bregman's contract is another example of the Astros getting IT

Plus, the Texans newest player has an interesting look. author

What's the worst place to get tatted up?

As inspired by A.J. McCarron's EXTREMELY unique chest tat. author

Alex Bregman got PAID

What does his extension mean long term for the Stros? Plus, the Texans signed a backup QB. author

Which Houston athlete should get the NEXT big extension?

The guys all went in different directions with this. author

Breggie's new deal / Is Mike Trout worth $430 M?

Plus, a MAJOR SPORTING EVENT is underway, and NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT. author

Trainwreck Tuesday

Jeff Van Gundy loves Buc Ees, Tom Coughlin is bad at speeches, and Brandon Beane will not stand for Buffalo slander. author

What can Donald Penn do for you?

More importantly, can he play in chemical smoke plumes? author

What do the Texans need to do this week to make you feel better?

Would signing Donald Penn help? author

Is Alex Bregman the face of the Astros?

Or is it still Jose Altuve? author

Could Darren Fells be the Texans Mark Bruener? / Coach Bods

Seth discusses his playing days against one of the best blocking tight ends of all time. Plus, Bill Belichick is flaunting what he's got at the beach. Is it peak male performance? author

The Texans acquired a large human

Could he be the key to protecting Deshaun Watson? author

Daryl Morey has proven Seth correct!

One of the most controversial moves in the NFL over the past year received an award. Did it deserve it? author

The Texans are bringing in bodies

But are the "bodies" still warm? author

Why has Texans GM Brian Gaine been quiet so far?

is it a good move or not? author

Mad Takes/Tyreek Hill in trouble again

What will Mahomes look like without Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill? Mike’s controversial take on Bull Durham author

Did Ben Roethlisberger once fumble on purpose?

An ex teammate thinks so. author

Who will get the last laugh? Kareem Jackson, Tyrann Mathieu or the Texans?

Plus headlines Rockets dump the T-wolves and AJ Hinch has a beef with umpire Angel Hernendez author

Did the GIants do the right thing trading Odell Beckham Jr.?

A report came out suggesting he's the most distracting player in the NFL. author

Why aren't the Texans doing anything about their offensive line in free agency?

It was bad last year. Is it really going to improve? author

Mike has THE FIX for the Texans offensive line

A veteran is available. Will the Texans consider him? author

The Rockets keep winning / Paul's dream QB scenario is in the AFC South

Should the Rockets start resting James Harden? And could we be on the verge of a change in Tennessee? author

Has the Texans defense improved?

Plus, what's going on with Tyreek HIll? author