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Season 5 Episode 4

They've only been gone a week but it feels like so much longer! Greg & Vince are back to break down all the important Panther news and praise Charlotte's potential basketball savior PJ Washington!
Greg & Vince author

Season 5 Episode 3

Greg & Vince are back with a mix of pop culture, dirty words and some preseason football mixed in!
Greg & Vince author

Season 5 Episode 2

I can feel it deep in my plums! Panther football is back and Greg & Vince are here to celebrate the season!
Greg & Vince author

Season 5 Episode 1

Where have they been?! Did they retire? Did they depart from this earth? Did they breakup? NO! They went into hibernation waiting for the football season to ripen to taste! Greg & Vince are back just in time for the 2019 season!
Greg & Vince author

Season 4 Episode 14

Super Bowl Sunday!!! A most sacred day in the sports world! Greg and Vince are back to give you their thoughts on the game - ridiculous hot takes - thoughts on time travel with Jose Conseco - and another Panthers trivia challenge!
Greg & Vince author

Season 4 Episode 13

Keep Buzzing is back from the holidays! Vince discusses his amazingly spot-on Panther predictions before the crew reflects on the season that was. You also won't want to miss Greg & Vince's thoughts on the team needs, Thomas Davis's goodbye and a n...
Greg & Vince author

Season 4 Episode 12

When you just keep losing it can only breed optimism for better days. Greg & Vince are back with some uplifting thoughts and predictions on the Panthers last few weeks!
Greg & Vince author

Season 4 Episode 11

Come one and all to meet the amazing psychics! Greg & Vince reveal how they amazingly predicted a Panthers loss to the Bucs and who else should be fired this week!
Greg & Vince author

Season 4 Episode 10

Can we forget that football is happening this past month? Greg & Vince come crashing down after another terrible loss by the Panthers. They also bring back an old favorite - tune in now!
Greg & Vince author

Season 4 Episode 9

So weird that the Panthers had two bye weeks this year, right? Greg and Vince discuss how absolutely no Panther game happened against the Steelers and how they are getting ready to play the Lions!
Greg & Vince author

Season 4 Episode 8

WHAT UP BUZZHOLES!! Greg & Vince are back to break down the win over the Bucs and discuss Greg's brush with fame!
Greg & Vince author

Season 4 Episode 7

Greg & Vince have a special guest this week to break down last week's win and preview this week's matchup against Baltimore!
Greg & Vince author

Season 4 Episode 6

Well that was a downer. Greg & Vince breakdown the frustrating loss to the Redskins, dissect the upcoming game against the Eagles and discuss their excitement about the new look Hornets!
Greg & Vince author

Season 4 Episode 5

GANO LO GANO!!! What a ridiculous way to eek out the ugliest of wins! Greg & Vince give their trademark 10 word review of the Giants game and provide insight into this week's matchup against the Redskins!
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 4

What a bye week!!! The Panthers make a huge splash and sign a starting safety - Greg & Vince give all the details and talk about the great win over the Bengals!
Greg & Vince author

Season 4 Episode 3

No hurricane will keep these two away from their sworn duty to discuss the Panthers!
Greg & Vince author

Season 4 - Episode 1

Buzz buzz buzzholes! Greg & Vince are back for the 2018 season! There's already off the field drama and on the field action! Tune in now!
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 15

Oh thank the LORT! Draft day is upon us! Greg & Vince come back from the offseason to give a breakdown of their thoughts on the Panthers draft needs, Vince's calculus class, and the storied history of JORTS. Listen now!
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 14

Greg & Vince are back with a drug-free message for the kids and an extra dose of Panther talk!
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 13

After a baby hiatus, Greg & Vince are back!! Tune in now to hear about newly born producer Finn, the Charlotte 49ers big news, and Greg & Vince's thoughts on the NFL playoffs!
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 12

We hate saying we told you so....but we told you so. And it was damn ugly. Greg & Vince begrudgingly discuss their correct predictions that the Panthers would fall to the Saints, but lift your spirits with holiday candles, Vikings previews, and cra...
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode

Take in the holidays with Greg & Vince! The Panthers had a special teams feast against the Jets and now get to fall down the chimney against New Orleans. Greg & Vince are here to help you through it.
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 10

Sweet Lord baby Jesus thank you for giving Julio Jones the inability to catch at the most critical time on Sunday! Greg & Vince are hear to sing the praises of good luck, good defense, and Christian McCaffrey! They also give some insight into the u...
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 9

VINCE IS BACK! VINCE IS BACK! I mean...Vince is back this week! Hopefully the Panthers offense comes back this week too! Listen in now!
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 8

Womp womp. Someone call Debbie Downer, she might have some competition right now. Greg is here to lament the trials and tribulations of the Carolina Panthers while Vince is away on business!
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 7

Down and out about the loss to the Eagles? Dr. Greg & Dr. Vince are here with the cure: Ranting about Rivera and giving a cynical view on the Panthers future! Listen in now!
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 6

Another week...another win?!?!?! Greg & Vince break down the pleasant surprise of a win over Detroit and get psyched up for the Thursday night game against Philly!
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 5

Things are getting weird in the NFL and Greg & Vince LOVE it! Listen in for all the weird shenanigans from this NFL season and how Greg & Vince think the next game will pan out!
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 4

Another week another win! Greg & Vince breakdown the horrid win from last week and Vince FINALLY converts to hating Rivera!
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 3

Week two has arrived and the Panthers are 1-0! Exactly how the world is supposed to be! Tune in now for a full breakdown of week 1 and Greg & Vince's thoughts on week 2! Blind people - sorry for any offensive content.
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 2

The NFL is back and Greg & Vince are here to dive into the Panthers 2017 season!!!
Greg & Vince author

Season 3 Episode 1

Football has returned!! GLORIOUS FOOTBALL!!! Greg & Vince are here to rave about the Panthers first preseason game and give you big news on the future of the podcast!!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 33

It's that time of year again! Greg & Vince are wrapping up season 2 and revealing their big surprise!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 32

Keep Buzzing celebrates its 50th episode! Greg & Vince are here to give an update on the Panthers OTAs, the NBA Finals, and the Stanley Cup Final! In the spirit of their anniversary, Greg & Vince also give a glimpse an upcoming surprise!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 31

IS THE NBA DYING?!?!?! Tune in now for the diagnosis with Greg & Vince!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 30

The NBA and Stanley Cup Playoffs are heating up! Listen in now to get the full rundown from Greg & Vince!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 29

We all know you're excited about the new Panthers draft picks! Tune in now to get the full breakdown on the players and their potential for next year!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 28

Greg & Vince are back from spring break just in time for the NFL Draft!!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 27

Keep Buzzing is back before spring break to give you your fill of the Final Four, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the NBA season! Greg will also depressingly update you on the flag football season. Womp. Womp.
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 26

Greg & Vince are back just in time for the NCAA tournament and the Hornets SURGE TO THE FINALS!!! Tune in and get your fill! They even talk about Vince's favorite hobby!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 25

A somber day for NCAA basketball, but a great day for you since Greg & Vince are back! Greg & Vince talk UNCA, UNCC, and the upcoming NFL combine!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 24

Greg & Vince are back from the All Star break to give you insight inside college basketball, the failing Hornets season, and the Panthers huge pile of cash that they probably won't spend!!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 23

"Don't hug me right now, Steven!" - Greg & Vince are back after their All-Star break to review the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, where it ranks in Super Bowl history, and they discuss the most crushing losses in sports history. Get your ...
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 22

We're back! (Juan, you suck) Greg and Vince give an update on the Hornets, UNCC's first draft pick, the Super Bowl, and our thoughts on Charlotte's shot at an MLS team!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 21

Greg & Vince are back to go into a deep dive of the Hornets and they still can't avoid the Panthers!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 20

Well...that was terrible. Greg & Vince are back to recap the horror that was the Panthers 2016 season. Thank God that's over!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 19

We know you missed us! Greg & Vince are back with a podcast that is basically just a clusterf*#%. But it's exactly what you need to start your holiday weekend early!!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 18

Your eyes aren't fooling you! It's Greg & Vince with a surprise early edition of Keep Buzzing!! This week Ron Rivera is taken to task for the Panthers 4-8 season and Greg & Vince give a run down on the college football playoff and the Hornets!
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 17

Another week, another loss, another fantastic podcast! Greg & Vince are back after a Thanksgiving break to breakdown the most recent Panthers loss and their upcoming loss to the Seahawks! Vince also updates us on the 49ers and Greg give a shout out...
Greg & Vince author

Season 2 Episode 16

Greg & Vince are back this week just in time to review the Panthers close win against the Saints and dive into just how good the Hornets really are this year!
Greg & Vince author