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Welcome to the show about discovery, science and natural history. Each week a scientist and a writer share their brain dumps about the natural world.

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Welcome to the show about discovery, science and natural history. Each week Elyse and Andrew bring you the newest science in fun and often quirky ways.
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Fly me to the Universe

Hi all, We've missed you so! Give us an episode or two to get back into the swing of things but we have some solid "News to Us" and 2 kick ass stories! Let us know what you think by hitting us up on twitter @phunkmachine and @part_dinosaur or check out...

Butt(erfly) Stuff, and So Much Brain Dump

Oh hi hello!  We start things off strong with Andrew throwing down some spider facts and Elyse talking Marmaduke and a huge freaking flower.  Then we dive into a new fossil amphibian, the lone star tick, and butterfly reproduction strategies.  Basicall...

The Bone Wars!

Hello you magnificent creatures!  We've again taken a little hiatus but we're back and more dump-y than ever!  Andrew's News to him turned out to be phony so Elyse does two! The first News is a hat known as an amadou cap, which is made from a truly uni...

Possibly the Brain Dumpiest Brain Dump Yet

Hi there!  We took a week off and because of it, Elyse turned into a time bomb of useless facts and we're passing the savings on to youuuuuuu!  Andrew starts off strong with a fact about Time Magazine during the OJ trial.  Then Elyse devolves into ramb...

Don't Eat Billy's Brains

Our 'News to Us' starts with female dragonflies at the bar, and Elyse hearing about a crazy cool reptile for the first time (shoutout to the tuatara!) We then get to talk briefly about a find that was brought to a conference for physical anthropologist...

In Trial by Combat, the Naked Mole Rat is my Champion!

    Our discoveries go from bat flies, to trial by combat, to the history of chloroform then it's on to the news! We start with a newly discovered salt water clam known as a shipworm.  Then we cover a new, very teeny dinosaur and some exciting new rese...

Spider Fist and Easter Bunny Fever

Hi there everyone!  It's been a while and we missed you!  We also missed a ton of science news, so strap in for Elyse babbling for an hour!  But first we have some 'News to Us'.  Andrew shares the entomology of a well used phrase and Elyse talks about ...

Citizen Science and Battling the Mosquitos

Elyse straight up lies by calling this a short episode.  First, we tackle a 'News for You' about Ceratopsian beaks.  Then we talk about the ever growing challenges in understanding mosquitos.  We touch on how they spread disease, what we're doing to ov...

Science Movie Night: Jurassic Park

Andrew and Elyse take a deep dive into Spielberg's 1993 classic, Jurassic Park.  We discuss the animal's real life counterparts and analyze what paleontologists today are doing to try and learn more about these amazing animals.  We also peer into the t...

Dinos and your Cheerios

Our 'News to Us' starts with a sad incident at Zoo Knoxville this week that is still shrouded in mystery; hopefully we'll know more once more tests have been done.  Andrew then takes us on a fantastical journey to see how much Harry Potter is worth IN ...

Antimatter and Laser Surgery (Seriously)

This week's episode is packed! Our news to us somehow ranges from diseased chimps to breakfast food.  Then we set our sights on CERN and the amazing experiment that hopes to understand gravity's effect on antimatter.  We also do some breaking down of v...

The Origin of Very Good Doggos

Elyse looses her mind in this first installment of 'News for You'. She tries to figure out the origin of dogs; it shouldn't be hard, it probably isn't, but Elyse makes it super difficult.  Because of reasons.  If you are able to get through some very g...

We like our mammoths silky!

Our 'News to Us' takes a look at the future with 3D printed houses and a look at the past with the origins of the word 'buccaneer'.  In our first news story, we compare a sleep deprived Andrew to two African elephants and see who fairs better without s...

TRAP(pist-1) Queen

Andrew opens with an amazing 'News to him' about a mysterious Oregon lake.  Elyse did what she does best, and talks poop. Namely, a poop phenomena (poopnomena?)  We then spend almost the entire episode on the TRAPPIST-1 system.  Exoplanets galore!  Thi...

poop and explosions but not poop explosions

We come to the exciting conclusion of our two parter on the Cambrian explosion!  The episode starts with Andrew shedding light on how WWI effected the U.S. and Elyse describes a con artist plant that fools dung beetles.  Then we go in depth on possible...

Going deep (on time) for Valentine's Day

     Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Today we talk laurel and geckos and then settle in for our longest episode yet.  The reason?  For explosions! More specifically the Cambrian Explosion.  This episode describes the billions of years leading up to th...

lava vs. flies, you decide!

We missed you!! To celebrate we're coming back strong with a competitive 'News to Us' featuring a Hawaiian firehose and some brand new species of flies.  Next we take a look at a very special Cambrian fossil about 540 million years old that could give ...

Let's Talk About Thinking:

    We have a slightly shorter episode today due to some goings on at Casa de Brain Dump.  But this episode is full of fun facts about Churchill and venom (not together) and following the news to us, we dive deep into what it means to critically think....

Getting Deep

On this week's 'news to us' we get really depressed about lemurs and we talk Titanic! Then we go back billions of years. Billions! To the start of complex life on earth as we know it.  Tiny organisms making bigger organisms, the universe is wild.  We t...

Beginnings! Dinosaurs and the origins of our Solar System

This week's 'News to us' turned into a competition for who had the funnest facts; you decide: venom, nature toilets, or space mountains? Andrew starts off strong with information on Brazil's Snake Island and the infamous Golden lancehead (Bothrops insu...

Neanderthals and King Tut: stories from 2016

'News to Us' starts off about fruit and takes a left turn into child birth.  After that we tackle two huge stories of 2016 that remind Andrew and Elyse that scientists are humans and sometimes that means Kardashian style drama will be attached to new f...

Episode 3: Space in 2016

This week's 'news to us' ranges from The Princess Bride to cat spies.  Afterwards we take a look back at 2016, because "everyone's doing it mom!" and focus solely on SPACE.   Next week will be a grab bag of scientific accomplishments in 2016 but inspir...

Episode 2: Maggots, Spiders and Megatron worms

We start the episode with 'news to us'.  Elyse learned about early human ancestors and Andrew is skeptical.  It's touch and go there for a minute, but once we cross that bridge we are knee deep in insect news!  Some baby fungus gnats get their prey in ...

Episode 1: Dinosaurs and Fisticuffs

And so it begins... Our inaugural Brain Dump episode is all about dinosaurs.  Namely, the news surrounding the incredible dinosaur tail encased in amber, published in Current Biology this week.  We talk about what this means for furthering our understa...