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5x World Champ Talks with the biggest and best

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5x World Champ Talks with the biggest and best
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23.02.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 199: Ric Flair's Birthday Recap + More

Radio.com author
17.02.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 198: Sam Roberts In-Studio Talking Bianca Belair, TakeOver, AEW & Elimination Chamber

Radio.com author
9.02.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 197: All Elite Wrestling Signs Kylie Rae & Kenny Omega + UFC 234 Preview

Radio.com author
3.02.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 196: "Hurricane" Helms & Booker talk AEW, Dean Ambrose, Nia Jax, WOW Superheroes and more!

Radio.com author
24.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 195: Diamond Dallas Page

Radio.com author
19.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 194: Royal Rumble 2019 Talk, Jimmy Jacobs, Kylie Rae & AQA Join the show

Radio.com author
12.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 193: Booker’s Last Stand & Y2J signs with AEW

Radio.com author
5.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 192: Booker's In-Ring Return Official, All Elite Wrestling, Floyd Mayweather Fight & UFC 232 Fallout

Radio.com author
2.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 192: UFC 232

Radio.com author
23.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 191: Why Do You Need 18 Cup Holders?

Radio.com author
14.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 190: Sam Roberts

Booker T and Brad Gilmore are back this week and they welcome Sam Roberts to talk TLC, his journey to WWE, Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch versus Ronda Rousey and more!
Radio.com author
9.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 189: How Booker Got into GWF, Auditioning, Chuck/Tito PPV Buys, UFC 231 Predictions and Vegas Stories

Booker T and Brad Gilmore are in Las Vegas and talk about Booker trying out for GWF, Auditioning for a 1-800-COLLECT commercial (search for it on YouTube), the PPV buys that Chuck and Tito got, the Wilder/Fury fight, and UFC 231.
Radio.com author
3.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 188: Baron Corbin In Studio (BONUS)

Interim RAW GM & WWE Superstar Baron Corbin joins the show to discuss his new role on RAW, coming from football, the now infamous "worst RAW in history" and more!
Radio.com author
29.11.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 187: David Arquette Discusses His Wrestling "Death Match"

Booker T and Brad Gilmore discuss Booker's odd new hobby of model helicopters (1:01) then they welcome David Arquette to talk his new wrestling career, his time on Ready to Rumble, working with Booker, and his scary wrestling "Death Match" that landed ...
Radio.com author
26.11.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large


Booker T and Brad are back and talk about everything! From Alex Riley's weird comments, to Becky Lynch & Ronda Rousey to Chuck/Tito 3 to The Artist Now Known as "N-Zo" and more!
Radio.com author
16.11.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 185: Raven talks ECW & Paul Heyman + Booker talks CM Punk Backstage Encounter, WCW Feuds and his Early WWF Run

Booker T and Brad Gilmore talk to ECW Legend, Raven, about his career, Paul Heyman and hypnotism. Also, Booker clarifies a story told on the Chris Jericho Cruise about CM Punk and a locker room incident. Brad then talks to Booker about his WCW feuds, h...
Radio.com author
10.11.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 184: Will We See Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Cormier?

Booker T and Brad Gilmore are back this week to talk UFC 230, Daniel Cormier's future in MMA, Floyd Mayweather's fiasco in Japan, Reality of Wrestling and more!
Radio.com author
2.11.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 183: Derrick "Black Beast" Lewis

Booker and Brad welcome Derrick Lewis to discuss his upcoming fight with Daniel Cornier at UFC 230. The guys also talk WWE Evolution, Reality of Wrestling and more. 
Radio.com author
28.10.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episod 182: Ariel Helwani Joins the Show, Roman Reigns & Evolution and Booker Shoots on Crown Jewel

Booker T (WWE Hall of Famer & Reality of Wrestling Founder) and Brad Gilmore are joined by ESPN's Ariel Helwani to discuss UFC, Conor McGregor, Khabib, Brock Lesnar, Daniel Cormier, CM Punk and talks his Mt. Rushmore of Pro Wrestlers! But first, Bo...
Radio.com author
21.10.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 181: SmackDown 1000 + MMA Talk (Conor, Khabib, DC & Derrick Lewis)

Booker T is joined by Brad Gilmore to discuss Reality of Wrestling, SmackDown 1000, Batista, Edge, New Day, Jerry Lawler, and some UFC Talk including the suspensions for Conor and Khabib, DC vs. Lewis and more. 
Radio.com author
12.10.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 180: Conor/Khabib Fallout & HBK is Back + UFC Fighter Mike Jackson talks Derrick Lewis and "Ruthless" Ryan Davidson Joins the Show!

Booker T and Brad Gilmore are back with the most HEATED episode of the show in recent memory. The two battle over the fallout from UFC 229, what Conor and Khabib's punishments should be, as well as the future for both fighters. Also, UFC Fighter Mike J...
Radio.com author
6.10.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 179: UFC 229 Breakdown + What's Next for Conor?

Booker T and Brad Gilmore breakdown the UFC 229 card, but spend most of the time discussing Conor vs. Khabib! This is definitely the most heated debate the show has ever had! Plus, the guys will be back after the fight to break it down minutes after!
Radio.com author
29.09.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 178: The Sandman + Conor McGregor/Khabib Talk

Booker T and Brad Gilmore talk to ECW Legend, The Sandman! They also cover the Conor/Khabib press conference and the Brie Bella & Liv Morgan situation. 
Radio.com author
28.09.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 177: The Young Bucks

Matt and Nick Jackson, also known as The Young Bucks, join Booker T and Brad Gilmore to talk about their rise in wrestling, their conflict back in 2011 with Booker, not shaking hands, working in NJPW, wrestling as The Ghostbusters, working with Kenny O...
Radio.com author
22.09.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 176: Booker Gets Something Off His Chest + Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones & Floyd Mayweather

Booker T is back with a HOT episode this week! Booker T issues a challenge to and addresses his "beef" with Ahmed Johnson going back to when they were in wrestling school. Booker and Brad also discuss the returns of Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones, and Floyd M...
Radio.com author
19.09.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 175: Daniel Bryan

Booker T and Brad Gilmore talk to former WWE Champion and current SmackDown Live Superstar, Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan discusses his WWE return, what he was planning on doing if he didn't return to wrestling, being on the road, if he thinks the Bella T...
Radio.com author
16.09.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 174: Xavier Woods, Samoa Joe & D-Von Dudley LIVE in Houston

Booker T and Brad Gilmore caught up with New Day's Xavier Woods, the challenger for the WWE Championship Samoa Joe and WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley at the Toyota Center in Houston, TX.
Radio.com author
9.09.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 173: Paying Dues, My First Match, Hip Hop Talk & more

Radio.com author
2.09.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 172: Big Cass Discusses his WWE Release

Radio.com author
25.08.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 171: X-Pac Calls In & SummerSlam Recap

Radio.com author
19.08.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 170: Brock Lesnar & Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam, SOCV Recap, Will We See Conor/Khabib and Fan Q&A

Brock Lesnar & Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam, SOCV Recap, Will We See Conor/Khabib and Fan Q&A 
Radio.com author
11.08.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 169: Michael Rapaport

Radio.com author
5.08.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 168: Rex Andrews, Brock Lesnar’s RAW Appearance and SummerSlam

Radio.com author
28.07.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 167: EVOLUTION, Bobby Lashley Domination & UFC Stars?

Radio.com author
22.07.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 166: J. Prince & Anthony Rumble Johnson + Hulk Hogan Back in HOF, Cain Velasquez in WWE and Carmelo in Houston

Radio.com author
12.07.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 165: Peter Rosenberg Talks Extreme Rules and Brock is Back in UFC

Radio.com author
8.07.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 164: Ronda in UFC Hall of Fame, DC the Greatest of All Time and Should Kane Wrestle While Running for Mayor?

Radio.com author
30.06.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 163: Lesnar’s Title Reign, Bellator’s Rise, Rashad Evans retirement + more

Booker T and Brad Gilmore are back for another edition of heated conversations! In this episode the guys talk which is better UFC or Bellator, they talk the retirement of Rashad Evans, Johnny Hendricks and the future for Brock Lesnar. Booker and Brad a...
Radio.com author
24.06.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 162: RIP Vader, Big Cass News, Ranking the Rocky Movies and UFC 226 Predictions

Booker T and Brad Gilmore talk the passing of Vader, the release of Big Cass, the “CM Punk” comment from MITB, predictions for UFC 226 and ranking all the Rocky movies. 
Radio.com author
16.06.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 161: Mike Jackson Breaks Down his Fight with CM Punk

Booker T and Brad Gilmore welcome Mike Jackson back on the show to talk his UFC win against CM Punk. They ask him about the internets reaction, Dana White, “tickling” his opponent and more. They guys also discuss LeBron James to Houston, Real1’s rap ca...
Radio.com author
10.06.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 160: Chavo Guerrero

Former WWE and WCW star, Chavo Guerrero, member of the legendary Guerrero family,  shares stories of the WCW days, his uncle Eddie Guerrero and more!
Radio.com author
2.06.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 159: Booker T Makes a BOLD Challenge!!!!

Booker T and Brad Gilmore discuss CM Punk’s Trial, his fight at UFC 225, Enzo Amore’s Career Change, Michael Bisping’s Retirement, Chuck Liddell’s Return and Booker Issues a BOLD Challenge to Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Radio.com author
27.05.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 158: SHAQ

Booker T and Brad Gilmore welcome 4-time NBA Champion, platinum selling recording artist and current anayalst for NBA on TNT, “The Diesel” Shaquille O’Neal! The guys talk about SHAQ’s success, his views on the term “role model”, how it was working with...
Radio.com author
20.05.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 157: Is Booker T All In?

Booker T and Brad Gilmore discuss the All In show, Booker’s final WWE program with Cody Rhodes, Ronda Rousey’s live event debut, the Rockets v. Warriors, CM Punk’s upcoming fight and more! 
Radio.com author
13.05.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 156: Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Booker T and Brad Gilmore welcome Freddie Prinze, Jr on the show to talk his father, Hollywood and writing for WWE. He shares stories about Chuck Norris, Muhammad Ali, John Cena, JBL and Vince McMahon. Booker and Brad also talk MMA fighters over 40, Ti...
Radio.com author
6.05.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 155: Should Hulk Hogan be Back in WWE?

Booker T and Brad Gilmore address whether Hulk Hogan should be back in WWE. They also discuss WWE Backlash, the time Macho Man Randy Savage ran WCW for a day, Titus O’Neil at the Greatest Royal Rumble, Kanye West’s recent comments and more.
Radio.com author
28.04.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 154: Booker Sounds Off on New Generation of WWE

Booker T sounds off on Bobby Lashley’s return, Enzo Amore’s “retirement”, the future for Big Cass, Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz, shares a personal interaction with Ronda Rousey and more! This is one of the most Heated shows ever!
Radio.com author
22.04.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 153: Mike "The Truth" Jackson

Booker T and Brad Gilmore talk with UFC Fighter Mike "The Truth" Jackson as he discuss his June 9th match against CM Punk.
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15.04.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 152: Disco Inferno plus WrestleMania Recap

Booker T and Brad Gilmore talk to former WCW star Disco Inferno. Also Booker and Brad did a recap on WrestleMania weekend in New Orleans!
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7.04.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c914e9f4-5079-4523-a823-a78e0037ca46/44123b47-320f-4920-ba4b-a78e0037ca46/image.jpg?t=1505507546&size=Large

Episode 151: WrestleMania Radio Row

Booker T and Brad Gilmore are live in New Orleans and talk with Paul Heyman, AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Nia Jax, Alister Black and Adam Cole! They also breakdown the WrestleMania card and talk some UFC.
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