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Tom Barbalet interviews artificial life developers about their previous, current and future development and artificial life theorists about the history and direction of artificial life

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Interviews with artificial life folks
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Veritable Feast [June 7, 2019]

Anton returns to talk about Lenia, David H. Ackley's Movable Feast Machine Tom and Anton do a deep dive into the many flavors of parallelism Tom has used with Noble...
Tom Barbalet author

GenePool Revisited [May 25, 2019]

Tom Barbalet welcomes back Jeffrey Ventrella to talk about his ongoing projects, GenePool and Wiggle Planet, with longtime co-developer, Brian Dodd. They talk about open source and Jeffrey's other projects: a book on fractal curves and taking artificia...
Tom Barbalet author

Surviving Notability, Simulation as a Service and Self-Replicating Steam Engines [May 19, 2019]

Tom Barbalet welcomes back Tim Taylor to talk about how we communicate on the field of artificial life. They also discuss Tim's ideas on simulation as a service and Tim's new book on self-replicating machine discussions through history.
Tom Barbalet author

Deletions, Simulation as a Service, ApeScript and the Curse [May 13, 2019]

Tom Barbalet talks with Anton Mikhailov on a variety of topics. Will they continue the podcast after the meeting? Time will tell.
Tom Barbalet author

The Secret Life of Simulators and Bees [April 26, 2019]

Tom Barbalet talks with Anton Mikhailov about his bee simulation, moving it open source and some of the historical pitfalls in making artificial life your day job. If you would like to ask further questions and topics for Anton and Tom, please email ba...
Tom Barbalet author

Ape Reality Simulcast 157. Noble Ape Seminar at the Beacon Center, Michigan State University [July 27, 2012]

This is a talk given primarily to biologists on the Noble Ape Simulation. The academics who don't introduce themselves are Prof. Fred Dyer, Dr. Aaron Wagner and Prof. Robert Pennock.
Tom Barbalet author

Long Funk Simulcast 51. A Shared Language in [March 31, 2019]

Tom discusses the background and potential of Noble Ape in the cloud with JSON.
Tom Barbalet author

Long Funk Simulcast 45. Bob Mottram and Leeds [February 12, 2019]

Noble Ape banter is a real luxury.
Tom Barbalet author

Restarting the Biota Podcast [January 26, 2019]

Tom Barbalet is interested in restarting the podcast but he needs your help. barbalet at gmail dot com for more!
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast: Early Morning Weather Development [April 1, 2018]

Tom Barbalet, the creator of Noble Ape, talks about what he's working on at 3am.
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast Long Funk 1. Introducing the Format [December 9, 2017]

Tom introduces the podcast by discussing his many podcasts and what he has learnt from all these recording. To subscribe go to
Tom Barbalet author

Subscribing To This Comes Next [February 5, 2017]

If you'd like to hear more, please go to
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast This Comes Next 1: Re-A-Member-Ing [January 14, 2017]

Tom announces the name of the podcast, This Comes Next. Jay wants to talk about artificial intelligence. Tom digresses into a discussion about termites and Iranian terminators. Tom wants to talk about wargaming so asks Jay about her experiences. They d...
Tom Barbalet author

Pilot: Somewhere Between Cub Scouts and Ninjas [January 7, 2017]

Jay Carmona and Tom Barbalet start a pilot discussion for a podcast. Tom talks about meeting a person recently in a book he wrote more than twenty years ago. Jay talks about her experiences living in an isolated environmentally-centric community. They ...
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast: Tom Barbalet and Bruce Damer Have a Chat [May 3, 2015]

Originally intended for Bruce's Levity Zone podcast, the following recording seemed a better fit for those who were artificial life savvy. Bruce concludes the conversation with how he may be doing something with deep computation in the future after all...
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast Short Funk #10: Something Musical [April 27, 2015]

Tom Barbalet has a new daily podcast Sometimes he talks about things relating to Biota.
Tom Barbalet author

Seeking Co-Hosts [February 15, 2015]

Tom asks if anyone in the community is interested in participating in an ongoing podcast. Please get in contact: tom at nobleape dot com
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast: Crime Fighting Noble Apes [February 02, 2015]

Tom Barbalet presents a new project using Noble Ape to provide analysis of murder crimes with agent and language simulation.
Tom Barbalet author

Untitled Project #3: Sophistry All the Way Down [November 25, 2014]

Tom starts the discussion talking about the Forensics Science book. is the meet-up for Tom's talk. What about the philosophy of the deteriorating mind? Don't look for qualia in the trees in...
Tom Barbalet author

Untitled Project #2: Kant or Won't [November 11, 2014]

Liz and Tom start discussing an improved sound and recovered health. Liz plugs her next book project and Tom talks about his mis-spent yoof. Tom poses a metaphysics problem from simulation. They digress into Kant. Science fiction provide mixed blessing...
Tom Barbalet author

Untitled Project #1: Pilot (Sample) [October 21, 2014]

Tom Barbalet and Liz Swan launch a pilot podcast exploring what happened to artificial life?
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast: Is Consciousness in the Cloud Evolving? [February 25, 2014]

Reese Jones, Tom Barbalet and a number of other folk provide a discussion around what is consciousness in the context of the internet and cloud computing.
Tom Barbalet author

Special: What do You Want in 2014? [December 24, 2013]

With the number of listeners to this podcast, Tom makes a plea for content in 2014. What would you like to hear? Would you like to submit audio? Please get in contact (tom at nobleape dot com)
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: The EvoGrid and the Genesis Engine [October 28, 2013]

Dr. Bruce Damer presents a talk on the movement from the EvoGrid to the Genesis Engine.
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast: Tom Barbalet on Self-Conscious Noble Apes [October 28, 2013]

Tom Barbalet presents the final talk at Conscious in the Cloud in response to the prior Conscious in the Cloud talk with Larry Yaeger.
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Artificial Life in the Cloud [August 19, 2013]

Tom Barbalet brings the C-Realm's KMO and Polyworld's Larry Yaeger together to discuss artificial life in the cloud. The audience presents questions to the three participants and the ethics of artificial life in the cloud is explored.
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: A Chat Between Three Toms [June 29, 2013]

Three Toms get together to discuss Reddit and artificial life, two of the Toms introduce their backgrounds, Tom Barbalet answers questions from Reddit on Noble Ape and they talk about how to create a substantial artificial life project with integrity.
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Interview: Stephan Rafler on Smoothlife [October 20, 2012]

Tom chats Stephan Rafler on Smoothlife: a cellular automata simulation with smooth time and space.
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Dr. Bruce Damer [August 11, 2012]

Tom chats with Bruce about the EvoGrid, the ChemoGrid and Genesis engines.
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Roy Plotnick [July 30, 2012]

Tom Barbalet chats with Prof. Roy Plotnick about his work and his use of artificial life. They talk about more complex agent algorithms and what more Roy would like to see from the community.
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Artificial Life Hobbyist Birds-of-a-Feather, ALIFE XIII [July 19, 2012]

Tom Barbalet presents the hobbyist get-to-gether at the ALIFE XIII conference. (This is noise reduced but otherwise unedited audio.)
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Teaching Artificial Life for Industry, ALIFE XIII [July 19, 2012]

Tom Barbalet presents teaching artificial life for industry. Please note this talk was particularly poorly attended and thus had to be cut short. If you haven't heard the first workshop's audio on Artificial Life in Industry please listen to it first. ...
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Artificial Life in Industry, ALIFE XIII [July 19, 2012]

Tom Barbalet presents the artificial life in industry workshop. This is noise reduced but otherwise unedited audio.
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Bruce Damer at CONTACT 2012 [March 30, 2012]

Bruce Damer talks about the ChemoGrid and is artificial life dead?
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Reboot #2: Jeffrey Ventrella [February 29, 2012]

Tom raps with Jeffrey Ventrella about the life of ramen noodles, self pubishing, changes in program methods and genetic music.
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Reboot #1: Eric Burton [February 26, 2012]

Tom chats with Eric Burton about Critterdrug and Critterding 2.
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Bruce Damer on the ChemoGrid [September 18, 2011]

Bruce Damer talks about the new direction for the EvoGrid.
Tom Barbalet author

Update [September 2, 2011]

Tom announces he will be moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. Sorry for the lack of content in recent months.
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Bruce Damer [June 19, 2011]

As the end of the PhD draws near, Bruce Damer chats with Tom Barbalet on the EvoGrid, another simulation Bruce is considering and some correspondence from a young listener about starting an artificial life project.
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Gerald de Jong [April 10, 2011]

Gerald chats with Tom about a presentation he is going to give to students of biomechanics. This is the live internet radio format for the podcast at 8pm Pacific on Friday every-other-week. For more information,
Tom Barbalet author
9.04.2011 Live #77: Reboot [April 8, 2011]

Tom talks about restarting the live format and future topics for discussion. This is the live internet radio format for the podcast at 8pm Pacific on Friday every-other-week. For more information,
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Dave Kerr [March 26, 2011]

Tom is joined by Dave Kerr to talk about his new book, the Creation Myth, and topics including the politics of artificial life and the legacy of AIPlanet. This is the live internet radio format for the podcast at 8pm Pacific on Friday every-other-week....
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Steve Grand on Grandoids, Kickstarter and Artificial Life [March 12, 2011]

Tom Barbalet chats with Steve Grand about his new project Grandoids, the success Steve has experienced with Kickstarter, re-connecting with the Creatures community, the state of artificial life and living in the US. This is the live internet radio form...
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Morning Chat in Boulder Creek [February 11, 2011]

Tom Barbalet and Bruce Damer catch up at Bruce's place on a number of Biota topics. Please note there is a variety of background noise through this chat but it was the nature of the outdoor recording setting. This is the live internet radio format for ...
Tom Barbalet author
19.12.2010 Live #76: Bob Mottram [December 18, 2010]

Bob Mottram talks about his work including robotics, automation and the connection between hobbyists of all types. This is the live internet radio format for the podcast at 8pm Pacific on Friday every-other-week. For more information, http://www.biota....
Tom Barbalet author
21.11.2010 Live #75: Delving into Tetragotchi [November 20, 2010]

Tom welcomes back Gerald de Jong to discuss a new start-up he's involved with and the launch of Tetragotchi. This is the live internet radio format for the podcast at 8pm Pacific on Friday every-other-week. For more information,
Tom Barbalet author
7.11.2010 Live #74: Pushing the Boundaries [November 6, 2010]

Tom talks with Eric Burton about Critterdrug. This is the live internet radio format for the podcast at 8pm Pacific on Friday every-other-week. For more information,
Tom Barbalet author
24.10.2010 Live #73: Tim Taylor [October 23, 2010]

Tom talks with Tim Taylor on the artificial life of investors, Tim's plans for the future and teaching game developers about artificial life. This is the live internet radio format for the podcast at 8pm Pacific on Friday every-other-week. For more inf...
Tom Barbalet author

Biota Special: Miro Karpis, WebGL and the Artificial Life Forum [October 16, 2010]

Tom Barbalet welcomes on Miro Karpis to discuss Miro's introduction to artificial life, his work with WebGL on the EvoGrid and the new artificial life forum (currently in beta).
Tom Barbalet author
21.08.2010 Live #72: Virtual Planets and Pets [August 20, 2010]

Jeffrey Ventrella and Tom Barbalet discuss possible non-time-based simulations, planet simulations, creating artistic atoms and virtual pets. This is the live internet radio format for the podcast at 8pm Pacific on Friday every-other-week. For more inf...
Tom Barbalet author