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The BioMed Central podcast features stories about science and the latest research. BioMed Central is an open access publisher of Science, Medicine,& Technology research.
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Rebecca Pedley: Family member perceptions of OCD

In this study, Rebecca is looking at family perceptions of OCD and whether these are associated with their coping responses. She stresses that should a link exist, clinicians must challenge these perceptions as part of therapy for families living with ...
BioMed Central author

Dr. Dan O'Neill - Flat faced dogs are at greater risk of developing corneal ulcers

In this BMC podcast, Dr. Dan O’Neill, from the Royal Veterinary College in London, discusses his latest research looking at the incidence of corneal ulceration in dogs, a painful disease found in many flat faced breeds.
BioMed Central author

Sophie Faulkner: addressing the importance of sleep

In this latest BMC podcast, we speak to Sophie Faulkner, an occupational therapist from the Greater Manchester and Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, about the need to address sleep appropriately in those with schizophrenia spectrum disorders.
BioMed Central author

Dr. Simon Etkind: estimating the need for palliative care by 2040

An aging population means that palliative care needs could increase by 42% in 23 years. In this podcast, we speak to Dr. Simon Etkind, who tells why action is needed now.
BioMed Central author

Highly social: perception of emotional valence in horse whinnies

In this podcast, Dr. Elodie Briefer and her team at ETH, Zürich have been looking at emotional contagion in horses. In their study, they've shown that horses can perceive acoustic cues and distinguish sounds between familiar and unfamiliar horses. Elod...
BioMed Central author

Jean-Louis Vincent talks about the future of Critical Care

Jean-Louis Vincent talks about the future of Critical Care by BioMed Central
BioMed Central author

Seeking help in times of economic hardship: access, experiences of services and unmet need

In this podcast, we speak to Dr. Maria Barnes, a Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol. Dr. Barnes discusses the impact that financial hardship can have on individuals and Interventions needed to identify those in need and aid them t...
BioMed Central author

West African Aedes aegypti mosquitoes gave rise to American and Asian populations

In a recent study published in BMC Biology, Dr. Frank Jiggins and his team at the university of Cambridge have discovered that Ae. Aegypti mosquitos from an urban population in Senegal, West Africa, were more closely related to populations in Mexico an...
BioMed Central author

Low-grade Inflammation: DNA methylation sites and the search for potential therapeutic targets

In this podcast, we speak to Symen Ligthart, a Ph.D. student at Erasmus university medical centre in Rotterdam. Here, he discusses his epigenetic research on the association between specific DNA methylation sites and low-grade inflammation. Symen ask...
BioMed Central author

Professor Shaun Treweek - Trial Forge

In this podcast, Shaun discusses the benefits of open access, improving the efficiency of trials and how social media can help promote research.
BioMed Central author

Heart Disease and the Stress Hypothesis in the Mid-twentieth Century

In this podcast, we talk to Heather Rogers about the history of heart disease as a public health problem. Heather also discusses the contribution of advancements in scientific knowledge about stress in the 1950’s and 60’s that support the hypothesis of...
BioMed Central author

Past climate changes, population dynamics and the origin of Bison in Europe

During the last 50,000 years in Europe, Bison have experienced population expansion, contraction and extinction as a result of environmental and climatic changes. In this podcast, Eva-Maria Geigl discusses past climate changes, population dynamics and...
BioMed Central author

Peer Review Week - Professor Ian Cree

We discuss peer review with Professor Ian Cree, section editor for BMC Cancer.
BioMed Central author

Peer Review Week - Elizabeth Moylan

Elizabeth Moylan, senior editor for research integrity at BMC, discusses peer review and the importance of recognition for reviewers.
BioMed Central author

Acute respiratory distress syndrome: detection, outcomes and prognoses

Acute respiratory distress syndrome: detection, outcomes and prognoses by BioMed Central
BioMed Central author

Reporting guidelines for health care simulation research

Reporting guidelines for health care simulation research by BioMed Central
BioMed Central author

Why we should all know more about sepsis

What is sepsis and why is sepsis awareness in the general public and healthcare staff critically important? In this podcast, we talk to Jean-Louis Vincent, Editor-in-Chief of Critical Care, about this and more. Listen to find out more! Sepsis is a ser...
BioMed Central author

The origins and dangers of coronaviruses

What are coronaviruses, where do they come from and why is it in the interest of public health to monitor them? We discuss this and more with Linfa Wang, Editor-in-Chief of Virology Journal, in this episode. Listen to find out more! “The emergence and...
BioMed Central author

Cardio-oncology, how cancer treatments affect the heart

While cancer survival has improved over recent decades with better treatments, anti-cancer drugs can also have adverse effects on the cardiovascular health of patients. In this BioMed Central podcast, we find out more from editors of our new Cardio-Onc...
BioMed Central author

Infection control and prevention in hospitals

How do you reduce the risk of cross infection and how do you cut the number of MRSA cases in a hospital? On our new BioMed Central podcast, you'll hear all about this from the perspective of an infection control nurse, who deals with pathogens and mu...
BioMed Central author