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Paul Glastris and Ed Kilgore of the feisty Washington Monthly magazine discuss the week’s big political and policy news with America’s most well-informed journalists.
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Paul Glastris, Ed Kilgore,& Paul Waldman

Hillary's very good week ... Why the odds of a debt default are higher than ever ... Paul: Unreasonable GOP promises have created a monster ... Previewing this week's Republican debate ... Trump and Carson's very different ideas on Medicare ... Rubio i... author

Paul Glastris, Ed Kilgore,& Martin Longman

Will Hillary's SNL appearance affect her image? ... Ed: The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a big deal ... The guys hash out the fight for House leadership ... Will Ted Cruz benefit from chaos in the House? ... Do we need a mass movement on gun control? .... author

Paul Glastris, Ed Kilgore,& Nancy LeTourneau

Against the canonization of Saint Boehner ... Evaluating Kevin McCarthy, the likely next Speaker ... How Ted Cruz wins by losing ... Why Clinton finally came out against Keystone XL ... Where are all the liberals defending Hillary? ... Can Clinton reas... author

Ed Kilgore& Sarah Posner

Why did Walker fall so short of expectations? ... Gauging Trump's evangelical support ... Signs that Rubio now has the inside track ... Odds of a government shutdown increase ... The "apocalyptic" theory of Walker's failure ... Throwing some cold water... author

Paul Glastris, Ed Kilgore,& Ryan Cooper

UK Labour Party picks far-left leader ... Ed: The Clintonite "New Democrat" project is over ... How strong would Sanders be in the general election? ... Paul: The media's anti-Clinton bias is undeniable ... If Ed had a farm, he'd bet it against a Biden... author

Paul Glastris, Ed Kilgore,& Julie Mason

Political scientists try to make sense of The Donald ... The media's real bias... ... ...and how it helps Trump ... What happens if Clinton implodes? ... Do voters care about the email scandal? ... The death of political predictions ... author

Paul Glastris, Ed Kilgore,& Kevin Carey

Is the political "silly season" coming to an end? ... Ed doesn't buy the Biden 2016 chatter ... Four steps for Clinton to steady the ship ... The shifting politics of K-12 and higher education ... A preview of the fight over changing No Child Left Behi... author

Paul Glastris& Melinda Henneberger

Melinda: "Convenience" is a bad excuse for Clinton's email ... Why isn't Clinton talking more about foreign policy? ... Paul's psychological theory for "Benghazi fever" ... The cultural contradictions of Trump's coalition ... Is "anchor baby" an offens... author

Ed Kilgore& Steven Waldman

Dems panic about Hillary! But should they? ... Steve: Time to consider that Trump could actually win ... Ed: The "wacko birds" candidates are dominating the field ... Jeb Bush's big asset ... Trump's weird kind of authenticity ... How Rand Paul lost hi... author

Paul Glastris, Ed Kilgore,& David Atkins

Will Trump survive his skirmish with Megyn Kelly? ... Why Mitch McConnell might be smiling at Trump's antics ... Grading Hillary's college affordability plan ... Why are Black Lives Matter protesters targeting Sanders? ... Will BLM spark a law-and-orde... author

Ed Kilgore, Martin Longman, & Nancy LeTourneau

Evaluating the Biden 2016 chatter ... A weak set of polls for Clinton ... Get pumped—the first GOP quasi-debate is tonight! ... Planned Parenthood sparks calls for government shutdown ... Will going hard against Planned Parenthood backfire? ... Why shu...
BhTV author

Paul Glastris, Ed Kilgore, & Michael Grunwald

Clinton pleases, but doesn't thrill, on energy & climate ... Ed eats crows on Trump's staying power ... Ted Cruz fails to kill the Export-Import Bank ... Mike reports on highway madness in Wisconsin ... How transit and racial segregation intertwine...
BhTV author

Paul Glastris, Ed Kilgore, & Matthew Cooper

Black Lives Matter protesters vs. Bernie Sanders ... Paul: I'm sympathetic to the socialists in this fight ... Matt: Why Donald Trump is not a joke ... Will his McCain joke open the anti-Trump floodgates? ... Why the GOP should fear an independent Trum...
BhTV author

Paul Glastris, Ed Kilgore, & Nicholas Confessore

Is Walker the most conservative electable candidate? ... How the Greek crisis could affect the 2016 elections ... Nick follows Jeb to Kennebunkport, center of the Bush universe ... Candidates outsource their campaigns to Super PACs ... How important is...
BhTV author