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Glenn Loury invites guests from the worlds of academia, journalism and public affairs to share insights on economic, political and social issues.
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Divided Politics, Divided Nation (Glenn Loury & Darrell West)

Darrell’s new book, Divided Politics, Divided Nation ... Why is racial demographic change so important to conservatives? ... How Darrell’s conservative Christian family exemplifies the ideological divide ... Identity politics on the Brown University ca... author

Standardizing Disadvantage (Glenn Loury & John McWhorter)

Why NYC’s elite schools are ditching standardized entry exams ... John: The academic achievement gap is a cultural issue ... Getting good grades and the pressure against "acting white" ... What is oppositional culture theory? ... John: There's no repla... author

Hate Crime Hoax (Glenn Loury & Wilfred Reilly)

Wilfred’s new book, Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War ... The real statistics on racial hate crimes ... How the “continuing oppression narrative” hurts race relations in the US ... Wilfred: Being a conservative at a historically ... author

On Teaching (Glenn Loury & Michele Kerr)

Michele responds to a recent article in Quillette, “Public Education’s Dirty Secret” ... What does it mean for a teacher to put instruction first? ... How does a student’s race influence teaching styles? ... Michele: There’s no single correct approach ... author

How to Fight Polarization (Glenn Loury & John Wood)

John returns to talk about political polarization ... What made the 2016 election so polarizing? ... A brief history of American political polarization ... Glenn: Dialogue is great, but how do we find consensus around policy? ... How John’s family hist... author

The "Race Debate" in America Today (Glenn Loury & John McWhorter)

Glenn and John talk at Harvard about affirmative action and reparations ... Does affirmative action put its recipients at a classroom disadvantage? ... Glenn on the lawsuit against Harvard admissions ... John: Reparations have already happened ... What... author

Charm City (Glenn Loury & Rose Street Community Center)

The new documentary Charm City, featuring the Rose Street Community Center ... Theory, righteousness, and Glenn’s path to clean living ... Police and public policy in Baltimore ... Alex: Morality isn’t clear-cut on the streets ... Why black grief is of... author

Grievance Politics (Glenn Loury & Amy Wax)

Why Amy is dubbed the “controversial” law professor ... Why the Intellectual Dark Web is maligned in online media circles ... How the drive for academic stardom stifles the climate debate ... Does the IDW have its own “grievance politics”? ... Glenn’s ... author

Reparations (Glenn Loury & John McWhorter)

The reparations debate returns ... Glenn: Reparations are a "terrible idea" ... John: Not all black people are paupers ... Is there an opening for a Democrat to run to the right on this? ... John recalls the childhood drug dealer next door ... The thi... author

Where the Great Society Fell Short (Glenn Loury & Robert Cherry)

Has public discourse left Glenn and Bob behind? ... Public policy for poor people, from Pre-K to vocational training ... What’s wrong with NYC’s approach to affordable housing? ... Are Spike Lee’s movies bad for the black cultural narrative? ... Bob: N... author

From Baptist Preacher to Muslim Imam (Glenn Loury & Alfred Muhammad)

How Alfred, ordained in the Baptist church at age 7, became a Muslim imam ... The “spellbinder” Louis Farrakhan and modern black leadership ... Alfred enters electoral politics in his town of Lindon, NJ ... How to uplift “our people” ... Why Alfred fin... author

Public Education's Dirty Secret (Glenn Loury & Mary Hudson)

Mary’s piece in Quillette, “Public Education’s Dirty Secret” ... The importance of a calm, disciplined learning environment ... How to help the students most eager to learn ... Why Mary believes in meritocracy in schools ... Mary: Good teaching require... author

Remembering Nathan Glazer (Glenn Loury & Peter Skerry)

Remembering Nathan Glazer, iconic neoconservative scholar and Peter's former teacher ... Glazer's NYC origins and Harvard tenure ... Glazer's controversial 1975 book, Affirmative Discrimination ... Peter: Not all racial groups have equally legitimate c... author

Talking Blackface and 'Cancel Culture' (Glenn Loury & John McWhorter)

John: Crowded NYC was an “uncivil” choice for Amazon ... Is climate change discourse motivated by contempt for capitalism? ... Moving on from the minstrel show ... Glenn and John: Northam shouldn’t have had to apologize ... Is it ever okay to wear blac... author

Identity and Violence (Glenn Loury & Kelly Suzanne Saulsberry)

Kelly Suzanne introduces herself ... Violence in Chicago and distrust of the police ... Can you take race out of the criminal justice equation? ... The controversial eulogy at Aretha Franklin's funeral ... author

Anatomist of Racial Inequality (Glenn Loury & Christian Gonzalez)

What makes Glenn a “black conservative”? ... Glenn: The legacy of slavery is more complicated than we think ... Glenn’s thoughts on economist Thomas Sowell ... How to solve educational inequality ... Why labor competition between minorities matters ...... author

The Great Recession, Ten Years Later (Glenn Loury & Ross Levine)

How bankers were able to outsource investment risk prior to the financial crisis ... Ross: Financial collapse could have been foreseen, but warning signs were ignored ... Finance’s place in the economy and the lives of regular people ... Why investment... author

The Big Con (Glenn Loury & Laurence Kotlikoff)

Larry's new paper on the financial crisis, "The Big Con" ... Challenging the standard story of what caused the Great Recession ... Larry on The Big Short: "Factually it's completely wrong" ... Larry: Banks should be run like mutual funds ... Glenn ask... author

Talking Across the Divide (Glenn Loury & John Wood)

How Better Angels fights political division with dialogue ... The Kavanaugh scandal viewed from both sides ... Is there an alternative to difficult conversations? ... Why Obama wasn’t the great unifier we needed ... John’s thoughts on racial identity p... author

What is Third-Wave Antiracism? (Glenn Loury & John McWhorter)

John’s latest in the Atlantic on contemporary racial discourse ... Is the psychology underlying racism the full story? ... What popular sociology gets wrong about black oppression ... This year’s pushback against “SJWs” ... How the “n-word” became tabo... author

The Diversity Delusion (Glenn Loury & Heather Mac Donald)

Heather MacDonald’s new book, The Diversity Delusion ... What is the "Ferguson effect"? ... Is "stop and frisk" the price to pay good law enforcement? ... Structural vs. individual explanations for racial disparities in crime ... Making sense of the a... author

Race, Nationalism, and Marijuana (Glenn Loury & Matt Ward)

Why is Glenn associated with the Intellectual Dark Web? ... Harvard and affirmative action ... How to make black students more competitive ... Will genetic engineering worsen income inequality? ... Is nationalism inherently white? ... Where science and... author

The Second Coming (Glenn Loury & John McWhorter)

John on his recent controversial Glenn Show appearance ... Glenn reacts to seeing Hamilton on Broadway ... What's the future of heterodox black thought? ... Assessing the effect of Black Lives Matter ... Will race always be a central part of black pe... author

Locking Up Our Own (Glenn Loury & James Forman)

James's Pulitzer Prize–winning book, Locking Up Our Own ... A revealing anecdote from James's time as a public defender in DC ... When a black columnist wrote "locking up thugs is not vindictive" ... Some positive signs for criminal justice reform in ... author

Affirmative Action at Harvard (Glenn Loury & Laurence Kotlikoff)

Does nationalism have a place in America's global trade strategy? ... Larry: To compete with China, invest in education ... Why test scores aren’t everything ... Affirmative action: for how long, and why race? ... Larry: Working with remedial students ... author

From Kavanaugh to Kanye (Glenn Loury & John McWhorter)

Assessing the Kavanaugh hearings ... John: What did Kavanaugh’s accusers have to gain? ... Should Glenn change his mind about Al Sharpton? ... Kanye, Trump, and black patriotism ... John: Trump likes Kanye because Kanye likes Trump ... Where do black i... author

Climate Change 101 (Glenn Loury & Patrick T. Brown)

How we know that Earth's climate is changing... ... ...and that humans are responsible for those changes ... Projections are hard, especially about the future ... Patrick: A "climate model" is just math and physics ... Climate change's dire effects on... author

Affirmative Action, Kavanaugh, and #MeToo (Glenn Loury & Amy Wax)

Asian-American students sue Harvard for racial discrimination ... Weighing the pluses and minuses of affirmative action ... Amy: The students have an uphill battle to win the case ... Kavanaugh and #MeToo ... Are women exaggerating their trauma? ... ... author

Admitting an Error (Glenn Loury & John McWhorter)

John becomes a contributing writer at The Atlantic ... Assessing Adolph Reed's recent essay, "The Trouble with Uplift" ... What has Black Lives Matter accomplished? ... John: I was wrong about Obama and race ... Glenn: Obama should've delivered a soci... author

(Glenn Loury & Glenn Loury II)

Why death is an important theme in Glenn II's fiction ... Intergenerational Loury family struggles ... Was John McCain's funeral a propaganda event? ... The Glenns get very honest about family matters ... Being a fiction writer with a full-time job ..... author

The Economy under Trump (Glenn Loury & Laurence Kotlikoff)

Larry gives Trump's tax reform a B- ... Persistent economic problems: real wages stagnating, inflation rising, stock market gains are temporary ... What really drove the stock market gains? ... Larry: Trump's tax reform is progressive when measured cor... author

(Glenn Loury & Douglas Lain)

Does Glenn belong in the Intellectual Dark Web? ... Glenn: Why is “Fuck Trump” an acceptable slogan? ... How black is the American narrative? ... How to reform community under capitalism ... Is the left afraid of Jordan Peterson? ... Finding the posit... author

Chicago's Great Black Exodus (Glenn Loury & Alden Loury)

Alden’s new position at WBEZ’s “race, class, and communities” desk ... Are there labor tensions between blacks and Latinos in Chicago? ... Alden: Fighting immigrant labor is a losing strategy for black Chicagoans ... Glenn takes a “black radical” persp... author

The “Starbucks and Swimming Pool” Problem (Glenn Loury & John McWhorter)

Revisiting the "Starbucks and swimming pool" problem ... A new soft bigotry of low expectations? ... Glenn: Some so-called microaggressions are in fact justified ... John: When I'm microagressed against, I feel superior ... The Nation magazine's racia... author

A Racial Dissenter at Columbia (Glenn Loury & Coleman Hughes)

Why Coleman dissents from the racial orthodoxy at Columbia University ... Why is race America's most radioactive topic? ... Social injustice vs. cosmic injustice ... The allure of racial grievance ... Does the black community need better public polici... author

Glenn Loury & John McWhorter

John: Trump has the brain of a 13-year-old boy ... Glenn: Trump will be viewed as more effective than Obama ... Is Trump an idiot? A savant? ... Glenn: Clarence Thomas is a symbol of African-American excellence ... John wishes Thomas wasn't silent at o... author

Glenn Loury & Adaner Usmani

Public sentiment and punitive policy on crime ... Glenn and Adaner on crime in America vs. Northern Europe ... Democracy's effect on criminal justice policy ... Does the "New Jim Crow" cause higher incarceration? ... Glenn puts on the hat of a Trump vo... author

Glenn Loury & Bret Weinstein

What is the Intellectual Dark Web, and does Glenn belong in it? ... The IDW’s proximity to the alt-right ... Bret: The IDW’s commitment to truth supersedes ideology ... Does civility in argument still matter? ... How Trump baits the left into defending... author

Glenn Loury & John McWhorter

Does John “light skinned” privilege? ... Why marrying out-of-race is a loaded issue in the black community ... How anger at structural racism becomes blinding ... John: What makes black oppression in 20th century America unique? ... Why identity built ... author

Glenn Loury & Amy Wax

Why even the "hard sciences" are vulnerable to identity politics intrusion ... Glenn and Amy interpret Raj Chetty’s study on race and social mobility ... Is the proverbial “boys’ club” limiting women’s professional opportunities? ... Amy: Students have... author

Glenn Loury & John McWhorter

Are Glenn and John part of the "Intellectual Dark Web"? ... The Starbucks incident and other racist affronts ... John: Microaggressions can't keep me down ... Glenn says his ideological opponents know they're holding a losing hand ... Glenn: Ta-Nehisi ... author

Glenn Loury & Laurence Kotlikoff

Democrats and Republicans spin Trump’s tax overhaul ... Why does Paul Krugman think the bill is regressive? ... Larry gives the bill a final grade of B- ... Larry’s plan to make food stamps more equitable and accessible ... Why no one is talking about ... author

Glenn Loury & John McWhorter

Glenn recaps the Amy Wax affirmative action controversy ... John’s take on the delicate issue of racial performance disparity ... When does representation supersede qualification? ... The potential drawbacks of affirmative action in higher education ... author

Glenn Loury & Amy Wax

Amy returns to address criticism of her statements on black academic performance ... Amy: There isn't a minority candidate for every top-tier position ... Where does civility end and obfuscation begin? ... Amy questions the politics of personal grievan... author

Glenn Loury & Aryeh Cohen-Wade

Aryeh claims he has definitive proof that Trump is a moron ... Glenn: Trump has unique insight into voters' dissatisfactions ... Does Trump, as president, deserve our respect? ... Assimilation vs. alienation in Black Panther (contains spoilers) ... Am... author

Glenn Loury & John McWhorter

Glenn feels like he's back at square one in the race conversation ... John: America has a white problem... ... ...and a black problem ... White privilege as original sin ... A black leadership vacuum ... "It feels good to be a victim, especially if yo... author

Glenn Loury & Harold Pollack

Is the idea that Trump threatens democracy overblown? ... Harold: Democrats need to reckon with the political potency of racism ... Hey Trump, "Norway is not a skill"! ... Is it racist to fear demographic change? ... When bad-faith actors erode democra... author

Glenn Loury & John McWhorter

It's Black History Month and Glenn feels miserable ... Race and the NYC subway system ... Is it race, class–or both? ... Are John's kids black? ... Are we all, deep down, the same? ... author

Glenn Loury & Glenn Loury II

A few of the many things Glenn and Glenn II disagree about ... Should gays be a protected class? ... Glenn wants Glenn II to be generous to homophobes ... Is capitalism failing? ... Glenn II advocates for a social democratic vision ... Sources of optim... author

Glenn Loury & John McWhorter

Cornel West’s misguided "neoliberal" critique of Ta-Nehisi Coates ... Coates as a prophet of doom ... Glenn accuses Coates of racial essentialism ... The Bonfire of the Black Public Intellectual Vanities ... Why John has stopped writing about race and ... author