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Beyond the Kill.FM is the podcast brought to you by the creators of The Journal of Mountain Hunting, the world's only monthly, digital magazine dedicated exclusively to mountain and wilderness hunting. The act of hunting involves so much more than the taking of an animal's life. On this show we'll take you "beyond the kill" and into the people, politics, lifestyle, gear and fitness aspects of being a modern hunter.

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Beyond the Kill.FM is the podcast brought to you by the creators of The Journal of Mountain Hunting, the world's only monthly, digital magazine dedicated exclusively to mountain and wilderness hunting. The act of hunting involves so much more than the taking of an animal's life. On this show we'll take you "beyond the kill" and into the people, politics, lifestyle, gear and fitness aspects of being a modern hunter.
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EP 167: The Year of the Elk # 7 – Roosevelt Elk Camp

On this episode, recorded on location at Rosie Camp, the (very tired) hunting crew discuss their recent adventure chasing coastal elk in some of the most raw and inspiring terrain in B.C. LIKE FREE GEAR? DON’T MISS THE GEAR GIVEAWAYS IN THE NEW SPONSOR...

EP 166: A Hunter's Guilt with Guest Host, Steve Opat

JOMH field editor Steve Opat returns to host another episode of Beyond the Kill. This time he's joined by his best friend Brent MIller; a man he holds in high regards as being a true master of his craft. That craft is being a husband and father. The tw...

EP 165: Lessons, Maturity, and New Perspectives with Kelly Molnar

On this swap-cast, Adam and Kelly Molnar from The Rookie Hunter Podcast discuss lessons learned and new perspectives gained thus far in the 2019 season. Although there’s still plenty of hunting season left here in BC, both Adam and Kelly have started t...

EP 164: The Year of the Elk # 6 – Roosevelt Elk Hunt Prep

On this show, Adam is joined by BTK regular Nolan Osborne for his first episode since coming back from his 2019 guiding season. There’s no rest for the wicked as Nolan has a tight timeframe to regroup and get ready for his limited draw Roosevelt elk hu...

EP 163: The Year of the Elk # 5 – Elk Hunt Hot Wash

On this show, Adam and Wardo review the apparel, gear, and equipment that stood out on their recent elk hunt along with some lessons learned chasing elk under challenging circumstances. Go to BEYOND site and/or use code JOMH to get 20% off the Axios an...

EP 162: The Year of the Elk # 4

***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE USED FREQUENTLY. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN*** We’d hoped to get this out before we hit the mountains but ran into issues finding internet connectivity while on the road to the hunting area. Hence the delay. Sorry folks! In this epi...

EP 161: Hope Is Not a Plan with Mountain Medic

In this episode, Adam and his guest, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brian Tallerico, discuss Brian’s new company, Mountain Medic. These are hands-down the most well designed wilderness/field medical kits available today. Topics include backcountry and wilderne...

EP 160: Busting Optics Myths with Leupold’s Michael “Buck” Baccellieri

In this episode, Adam and Buck discuss the myths that surround selecting the right rifle scope for the right application. They cover ethical shot distances, when to spend and when not to spend, and tips for getting the most out of your shooting system....

EP 159: The Year of the Elk # 3 with Chris Roe

In this episode, Adam is joined by Chris Roe of Roe Hunting Resources (RHR) to discuss elk behaviour, elk calling, scouting and hunting strategies, and hunting tough country. If you’ve got an elk hunt planned for this fall, you will not want to miss th...

EP 158: The Year of the Elk # 2

In this episode, Adam and Matt (aka Wardo) talk about their recent scouting trip, grizzly bear encounters, archery practice, and Matt’s thoughts and observations about the body mechanics involved with shooting a bow accurately. @drmattwarddc ----------...

EP 157: The Relentless Mindset with Leupold CEO Bruce Pettet

In this episode, Adam and Bruce discuss growing up in a hunting family, hunting mentors, epic packouts, staying in shape as you age, and both memorable and upcoming hunting adventures. @leupoldoptics --------------------------- If you a...

EP 156: These Boots Are Made for Hunting with Kendall Card of Crispi US

Adam and Kendall take a deep dive on everything boot related in this episode. Topics covered include the history of Crispi and Crispi US, the differences between the European and North American approaches to boot design and boot making, how to select t...

EP 155: The Life of a True Believer with Jack Carr

Author Jack Carr is back to discuss his latest thriller True Believer, which was heavily informed by his personal adventures hunting around the world. Adam and Jack discuss the plot of the book, navigating transitions in life, overcoming adversity, dis...

EP 154: The Year of the Elk #1

***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE USED FREQUENTLY. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN*** We haven’t featured a ton of elk material on the podcast, or in the JOMH for that matter, but this year that’s changing in a big way. This is the first in what will be a series of podca...

EP 153: How Binoculars and Rangefinders Actually Work

This is the second part of Adam’s conversation with Tim Lesser of Leupold, recorded on location at Leupold HQ in Oregon. In this episode, they discuss binos and rangefinders. If you’ve ever wondered how to choose wisely with either of these product cat...

EP 152: How to Select a Rifle Scope at Any Budget

On this show, recorded on location at Leupold HQ, Adam sits down with Tim Lesser to discuss rifle scope selection criteria and how to make sure you’re spending your money wisely. Topics covered include zoom ratios, reticles, lenses, coatings, focal pla...

EP 151: The Cave Bear

On this show, Adam shares a recent bowhunting experience that resulted in another cut bear tag cut. Although there’s plenty of bear hunting to be had in the fall here in BC, Adam won’t be hunting bears again in 2019. --------------------------- If you ...

EP 150: Fred Bear’s Legacy

On this show, Adam is joined by Jack Borcherding from Bear Archery to discuss Fred Bear’s legacy, the exciting new bows in the Bear line-up, the new Fred Bear podcast, and spending wisely on gear and equipment. Fred Bear’s Field Not...

EP 148: The Barrier of Entry with Connor Gabbott

***WARNING THIS EPISODE GETS EXPLICIT AT TIMES*** On this episode, Nolan Osborne sits down with Connor Gabbott of Talus Creative to discuss common barriers of entry to backcountry hunting -- locations and gear -- and the perceived importance of them to...

EP 148: Bear Charges and Bear $h*t

***WARNING THIS EPISODE GETS EXPLICIT AT TIMES*** On this show, Nolan Osborne is back to discuss a recent personal hunt, a guided hunt, and believe it or not, the finer points of bear shit assessment. Between Nolan’s hunts and Adam’s second bear hunt o...

EP 147: How to Get Our Actions in Line with Our Priorities

On this show, Adam is joined by Todd Bumgardner, co-owner of Beyond Strength Performance in Virginia. Todd shares some invaluable insights on topics such as managing stress, proper training volumes, both good and bad training methods, sleep, goal setti...

EP 146: Bears, Boats, and Bullets with Nolan Osborne

On this show, Adam and Nolan discuss their recent boat based black bear hunts, one on the Isle of Giant Bears (aka Vancouver Island) and the other in the interior of BC. They also discuss some gear and equipment highlights from both hunts. @strykerboat...

EP 145: Making the Best Tents Possible with Petra Hilleberg

On this show, recorded on location at their headquarters in Seattle, Adam visits with Hilleberg Group CEO, Petra Hilleberg, to take a deep dive on how they continue to produce the best tents available today. If you’ve ever wondered why so many people s...

EP 144: The State of Manliness in Modern Times with Ryan Michler

On this show, Adam visits with Ryan Michler, the founder of Order of Man and the Iron Council, to discuss how masculinity and the virtues of manliness apply in modern society. @ryanmichler @orderofman --------------------------- If you are not a member...
Journal of Mountain Hunting author

EP143: Myth-Busting Layering & Apparel Systems

On this show, Steve Opat guest hosts on location in Alaska while visiting with Corey Piersol from Sitka Gear who was in AK for the Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation Annual banquet. This is a “meaty” episode covering how to select the right layering system f...

EP 142: Getting’ Real with Tyler Freel

On this show, Adam visits with Tyler Freel to discuss outdoor writing, gear, bowhunting vs rifle hunting, predator hunting/management, and trapping. This is a packed episode. If you haven’t checked out Tyler’s Tundra Talk podcast, and want to know more...

EP 141: What Is It About Wild Sheep?

On this show, Nolan Osborne fills in for Adam and guest hosts a group podcast from the Spences Bridge Sheep Count held annually by the Wild Sheep Society of BC. It was a record turnout, and by all accounts, a fantastic event. The group discusses why sh...

EP 140: It's Not About You with Gray Thornton

President and CEO of the Wild Sheep Foundation, Gray Thornton, is back on the show to discuss the incredible results from the 2019 Sheep Show, international conservation efforts, anti-hunters, and the selfish world view of many hunters that speak out a...

EP 139: Gear for Goats (AMA #2)

As promised in Episode 135, Nolan Osborne is back to answer gear related questions from the audience and share gear highlights from his most recent Northern BC winter goat hunt. @nmo @athletes_hunt @nicktrehearne Hilleberg Tents Discussed: Anjan 2 Nall...

EP138: Keeping It Personal with Adam and Frankie Foss

  On this episode, Adam (Janke) sits down with Frankie and Adam (Foss) from Foss Media to discuss hunting (and other) adventures, what defines an "epic" trip, and lessons learned from life on the road.   If you've been anxiously awaiting spring, this e...


If you’ve been paying attention these past few weeks, you’ll have heard about WINTERSTRONG.  On this show, you’ll hear Adam and a group of guys talk about their experiences at this inaugural and truly unique event.  @sorinex @bertsorin @t0tanka @devi...

EP 136: Getting Real with James Nash of 6Ranch Outfitters

On this episode, Adam is joined by James Nash, a retired Marine, outfitter, hunting and fly-fishing guide, and fifth generation rancher. Adam and James dig into a slew of topics including, his time in the Marine Corps, what it was like returning to the...
Journal of Mountain Hunting author

EP 135: Yet Another Winter Goat Hunt with Nolan Osborne

This as close to breaking news as you’re going to get in our world! On this show, Adam and Nolan catch-up within hours of Nolan’s return from the North Coast mountains where he was, yet again, chasing long-haired billies. This was a very different trip...

EP 134: Passion, Persistence and (Sheep Show) Insanity with Steve Opat

***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE IS USED (SPARINGLY) IN THIS EPISODE*** On this show, Adam is joined by Steve Opat, a true International Man of Mystery, with the beard to prove it, and a hell of a great dude. Steve is a Field Editor with us at the Journal of Mount...

EP 133: Training to Higher Standards with Caylen Wojcik

***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE USED FREQUENTLY IN THIS EPISODE*** On this episode, Adam is joined by Caylen Wojcik, a man that wears many hats. He is the founder and owner of Kalinski Consulting as well as a key member of the Gunwerks training and education cadr...
Journal of Mountain Hunting author

EP 132: Best Training Gear of 2018

In this quick hit gear-focused episode, Adam reviews and shares his favorite training gear from 2018. If you like versatile gear, train outdoors or at home (or would like to start doing so), you’ll want to listen to this one.
Journal of Mountain Hunting author

EP 131: Questions and Answers (AMA #1)

This our first crack at an “Ask Us Anything” style episode. It won’t be our last. Thanks to everyone that submitted questions. If, after listening to this show, you’d like to submit your own question for consideration, please send to info@journalofmoun...
The Journal of Mountain Hunting author

EP 130: Wielding the Sword and the Pen with Marty Skovlund, Jr.

On this episode, Adam is joined by Marty Skovlund, Jr. from Black Rifle Coffee Co. where he is Executive Editor of Coffee or Die Magazine. Marty is one interesting cat. He’s an Army veteran (75th Ranger Regiment), with multiple deployments overseas, as...

EP 129: How to Always Be Ready

On this episode, Adam is joined by Dustin and Ara from MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab. Adam, Ara, and Dustin take a deep dive on the difference between loving the process of training versus focusing on the outcome, and how an “always ready” mindset will improve ...

EP 128: Staying Sharp with Benchmade

We’re back! Happy New Year everyone! This episode was recorded on location at Benchmade HQ just before the holidays, where Adam was joined by Matt Elliott and Troy Hellman from the marketing team. Topics discussed include the history of the company, ho...

EP 127: Caffeine & Causes with Black Rifle Coffee Canada

On this episode, Adam is joined by Darren and Justin from Black Rifle Coffee Canada. That’s right, BRCC has a Canadian subsidiary. The three Canucks talk coffee, meaningful causes, and of course guns. If you’re a coffee drinker and a gun owner, you’ll ...
Journal of Mountain Hunting author

EP 126: Making Sense of Colliding Worlds with Andrew Skurka

On this episode, Adam is joined by one of the most accomplished off-road endurance athletes to ever shoulder a backpack, Andrew Skurka.  Renowned for his solo backpacking feats, Andrew’s list of accomplishments is extensive. He was named “Adventurer of...
Journal of Mountain Hunting author

EP125: Training Anti-Poaching Units with Jack Carr

On this episode, author Jack Carr is back to share his stories and insights from a recent trip to South Africa, where he was helping train an anti-poaching unit, and doing some research for another book in the James Reece series. Regardless of your int...

EP 124: The Hunt of a Lifetime with Nolan Osborne

As promised, after running out of time to get into some storytelling in Episode 121, we brought Nolan back to share some highlights from the 2018 guiding season. What you’ll hear in this episode is the story of Nolan’s favorite hunt of the year and arg...

EP 123: Dialogue = Understanding with Rick Elder

On this episode, Adam is joined by Rick Elder of Beyond Clothing. Yes, Rick runs Beyond out of their Seattle office, affectionately known as The Acropolis, but more than that, he is an incredibly interesting dude with a very interesting perspective on ...

EP 122: The Expedition Mindset with Polar Explorer John Huston

On this episode, Adam is joined by one of the most unique guests we’ve ever had on the show, polar explorer John Huston. John was one half of a two-man team that made the first American unsupported, 100% human powered expedition to the North Pole in 20...

EP 121: Guide Life & Guide Lessons with Nolan Osborne

On this episode, Adam is joined by his good friend, and colleague, Nolan who just returned from a season of guiding Stone’s sheep, mountain caribou, Rocky Mountain goats, and moose. Adam and Nolan discuss what it’s like to spend 90 days straight in the...

EP 120: Moose Hunt Hot Wash

On this short but sweet episode, Adam rolls solo and discusses some new gear/equipment he put through its paces, an embarrassing “won’t make that mistake again” lesson, and one of his tried and true backcountry menu items after a recent BC moose hunt.

EP 119: Thriving vs Surviving with Dustin Diefenderfer

On this show, Adam is joined by Dustin Diefenderfer of MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab in Bozeman, Montana. It’s the time of year when cold weather and tough conditions are the norm. But, it’s also one of the best times of year to cut a tag. If you can hack it. T...

EP 118: Tajikistan Debrief with Bryan Martin – Part 2

On this show, Adam and Bryan Martin of Asian Mountain Outfitters, pick up where they left off in Part 1. If you’ve never experienced a double-header rodeo, this one’s worth every minute and chock-full of shooting tips. We’ve been tight-lipped about wha...