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Danger Zone '92is the main show feed for different#DZ92shows. Comics and true crime hosted by M. Swift! You'll find the showsThat Murder & Mystery ShowandDZ2099here--along with any others. You can also check out those podcasts on their dedicated feeds via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and your favorite podcast app!

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Danger Zone '92is the main show feed for different#DZ92shows. Comics and true crime hosted by M. Swift! You'll find the showsThat Murder & Mystery ShowandDZ2099here--along with any others. You can also check out those podcasts on their dedicated feeds via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and your favorite podcast app!
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TM2S #06: Holiday of Horror: The Lawson Family Murders

Christmas 1929 in the small north Arkansas town of Germanton would be a great day for many. For six members of the Lawson family, it would end in a flurry gunfire and bloodshed at the hand of family patriarch Charlie Lawson before he took his own life....
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #22: DZ 2099 Annual 2017

In this Annual edition of DZ 2099 , M. Swift tells you why Judas Priest deserves a comic book series! He goes into his favorite Priest characters and includes some cover songs. Check below for bands mentioned.Twitter: @MetalSwift and @DangerZone92PodTw...
M. Swift author

TM2S #05: The Mad Gasser

During the Holiday season of 1933 and into early 1934 a terror gripped the county of Botetourt in Virginia. While no one died, there would be numerous accounts of an individual creeping around locals' residences in the still night and spraying an unkno...
M. Swift author

TM2S #03: Tommy Burkett

This episode of That Murder & Mystery Show is vault episode from the #TM2S feed. From the 2016 show Southern Mystery Sundays , it's the Death of Tommy Burkett from 1991. It's a case I always wanted to do and researched a long time ago. The producti...
M. Swift author

TM2S #02: The Disappearance of Annie Laurie Hearin

This episode goes into an unsolved case from Unsolved Mysteries, FBI Files, and Vanished. Travel with M.Swift to 1988 and disappearance of Annie Hearin, wife of Jackson, MS businessman Robert Hearin Sr. Be sure to share your own theories on the case as...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #21: Noirvember 2017

It's  Noirvember on Danger Zone 2099 and we're looking at comics with that 1930s-1940s pulp, noir, and detective vibe to them. Who knows, we might even dive into a proper noir comic this month! Kicking Noirvember 2017 off is a jaunt to Marvel Unlimited...
M. Swift author

TM2S #01: The Hawes Murders

Formerly known as Southern Murder Sundays and Walking Nightmares, That Murder & Mystery Show brings true crime back to the DZ92 network after a year. In the same fashion that the show kicked off, it's a murder from the Magic City--Birmingham, AL--i...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #20: Marvelcade Vol. 01

On this spooktacular Danger Zone 2099, it's our first Marvel Comics series as we dive into issues #1-5 of Tomb of Dracula!  If you ever wondered how great Dracula's evasion ability was you'll find it's untouchable. Check it out and please leave a ratin...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #19: Dredd On Arrival Vol. 06

It's the exciting conclusion to Judge Dredd's 1978 mega story The Curse Earth! Dredd, Spikes, and the rest of the team take on a new ally and do battle against fast food wasteland gangs, organized crime in Las Vegas, and a Colonel Sanders wannabe. They...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #18: Dredd On Arrival Vol. 5

It's time. The fifth entry in DZ 2099's Dredd On Arrival has finally entered The Cursed Earth ! In part one of two, M. Swift goes into this amazing story arc which lays the groundwork for a lot of lore in the Judge Dredd/2000 AD universe. It's part of ...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #17 Geocities/Tokyo Vol. 01

In this episode of Danger Zone 2099, M. Swift delves into manga and discusses the 1970s classic Devilman by Go Nagai! While volume one's pace wasn't for him he makes it through and gives you a rundown of the start of one of manga's reoccurring series.T...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #16: Dakota City Series Vol. 04

Back after almost a month, M. Swift returns to Dakota City and finally gets into Static. Will his slander of one of the favorite electricity-based heroes stand or will he have a change of heart? Find out as he explores issues #1-4 of the popular Milest...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #15: Dredd On Arrival Vol. 04

In a new installment of "Dredd On Arrival" M. Swift goes into Luna City-1, the first MASSIVE story arch in Judge Dredd since The Robot Wars . Also he goes into The Mega City-5000 . If you enjoy this episode, check out the other three "Dredd On Arrival"...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #14: Dredd On Arrival Vol. 3

It's the third installment of "Dredd On Arrival" where M. Swift sits down and talks about several Judge Dredd adventures! The first is the Komputel Death Hotel where a homicidal super computer takes to killing patrons. Will Judge Dredd end its reign of...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #13: FumettiMania Vol. 01

On this episode of DZ 2099 , it's a new series with FumettiMania! We're exploring classic Italian comics starting with the erotic fantasy series Lucifera and its first issue. In this issue, Lucifera is tasked by Satan to retrieve the soul of Dr. Fausto...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #12: XTREME 90s Vol. 01

Another new series for #DZ2099! XTREME 90's is all about those comics those old school comics that were just too 90s! "Like Image Comics' early stuff?" you ask? Funny you should ask because vol. 1 is about Erik Larsen's The Savage Dragon #1-10!-Main Th...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #11: Dakota City Series Vol. 03

In part two of a special double sided holographic DZ 2099, M. Swift discusses Blood Syndicate #05-09, collecting the Demon Fox arch! New bang babies appear, the Blood Syndicate takes on its toughest opponent yet, there are doubts in leadership, and we ...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #10: Dredd On Arrival Vol. 02

This is part one of a special holographic double sided issue with two episode in one day! Also the Judge Dredd episodes get a name and it's Dredd On Arrival! Installment two of the Dredd On Arrival series goes into three really good Dredd stories from ...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #09: Growing With Comics

On this episode of DZ 2099 , M. Swift talks about falling in love with comics, forgetting comics, and falling in love with comics again. Also next week's special double episodes as he gets back to doing comic storylines and issues!Follow M. Swift (@Met...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #08: Comics and Screen

M. Swift talks which screen form he prefers for comics: TV or film! He also goes into comic series he'd like to see on screen. Plus an announcement about an upcoming guest appearance for the CSPN's Wrasslecast!Episode Shoutout: Wrasslecast (@Wrasslecas...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #07: Rai (Issues #01-#04)

In this episode of DZ 2099 , M. Swift discusses issues #1-4 of Valiant Entertainment's Rai from 2014. If you're unfamiliar with Valiant's 2010s stuff then the story of New Japan's mighty guardian is a solid place to start! Follow M. Swift on Twitter @M...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #06: BOUNCE! Pt. 1

M. Swift talks Bounce! First Round of Shots, an action/comedy webcomic series by Chuck Collins. The comic strips detail his career as a bar bouncer in NYC alongside childhood friend Yemaya and features some sci-fi/martial arts thrown in! Follow Chuck C...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #05: Dakota City Series Vol. 02

It's another issue in the Dakota City Series as M. Swift looks into the first 10 issues of the Hardware series! It's technological, cooperate warfare as the slighted genius Curtis Metcalf takes on his mentor Edwin Alva and his hired guns! Check episode...
M. Swift author

DZ 2009 #04: K-A-T-A-N-A-S

One woman, two swords, a family escaping slavery, and vampire slave hunters. It's a new indie comic this episode with Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer! -Follow Courtland Ellis @illesign and David Crownson @DCrownson.  Follow M.Swift on Twitter @MetalSwift ...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #03: Dakota City Series Vol. 01

Kicking off the Dakota City Series, M. Swift goes into Milestone Comics' Blood Syndicate #1-4! Follow M. Swift on Twitter @MetalSwift! Check out his writing on BlerdsOnline.com!Tunes: "My City" and "Street Made or Nothin'" by Street Made EmpireFeatured...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #02: Dredd On Arrival Vol. 01

It's Judge Dredd's first multi-part story--"The Robot Wars" from 1977! M. Swift isn't here for the humans' nonsense either! It's...a weird but fun read.Follow M. Swift on Twitter @MetalSwift! Check out his writing on BlerdsOnline.com! Follow him on You...
M. Swift author

DZ 2099 #01: All-Negro Comics

In the first thrilling episode of "DANGER ZONE 2099" our hero M. Swift discusses the long-defunct comic book company All-Negro Comics and its sole publication All-Negro Comics #1 from the summer of 1947! Which features did he enjoy? Which did he hate? ...
M. Swift author

DZ92 #04: PKMN Trainer Terry

In this episode of Danger Zone '92, Swift is joined by his oldest nephew Lil Terry! The young Pokemon trainer just began his journey by playing Pokemon Blue and had just won his first gym badge! Swift talks with him as he goes into his strategy, how he...
M. Swift author

Wrestlecade #09: Lucha Libre ELITE 4

On this episode of Wrestlecade, Swift discusses Lucha Libre ELITE's fall shows and the four workers that made up the major competitors for the finals positions in the Liga Elite 2016: L.A ParK, Rey Escorpion, Extreme Tiger, and Caristico. Follow the sh...
M. Swift author

Wrestlecade #08: Halloween Havoc '96

Swift goes into WCW's Halloween Havoc, one his favorite PPV series of all time and its 1996 edition!Follow Swift on Twitter @MetalSwift and the show @DangerZone92Pod.
M. Swift author

Walking Nightmares #01: The Candyman: The Man Who Killed Halloween

It's almost Halloween so Swift goes into Ronald O'Bryan, one of two Texas murderers known as the Candyman and also "The Man Who Killed Halloween." This is the launch of true crime on Danger Zone '92 and the first official episode of Walking Nightmares!...
M. Swift author

DZ92 #03: That Super Show

Danger Zone '92 returns with the weekend show as Swift discusses the current CW superhero and supernatural shows ties and tropes to older WB/CW shows such as Buffy, Angel, and Charmed. In Act II, he talks about Star Trek and watching the different seri...
M. Swift author

Wrestlecade #07: Puroresu In The 2000s Pt. 2

It's the conclusion to "Puroresu In The 2000s" as Swift discusses FMW and its offshoots, Big Japan decline following the war with CZW, and New Japan during the MMA boom and the final days of Inokism in the promotion.Follow Danger Zone 92 and Metal Swif...
M. Swift author

Wrestlecade #06: Puroresu In The 2000s Pt. I

In this episode, Swift discusses puroresu in the early 2000s during the MMA boom. Promotions covered in part one include Michinoku Pro, Osaka Pro, Toryumon, All Japan, NOAH, and Zero One. Check out part two next week where I touch on Big Japan, FMW, an...
M. Swift author

DZ92 #02: Clearing My Name...Spy Style

Swift talks Quantico and Supergirl season 1, viewing Blacklist season 2, the season 3 premire of Z Nation, and catching up on season 6 of The Walking Dead, He also gets into why fantasy/supernatural/superhero shows are at home on The CW, Atlanta episod...
M. Swift author

DZ92 #01: All His Characters Look Like Cable

Swift discusses being spoiled by Netflix and shows to catch up on. In the second half it's comics! He's really into Marvel Unlimited. What he's reading right now? Early 90s Image Comics and a hate letter from The Savage Dragon #9 dissing Jim Lee's and ...
M. Swift author

Wrestlecade #05: Death Match Carnival 2016

Swift catches up on Japanese promotion Pro-Wrestling FREEDOMS' July show "Crazy Monkey Presents Death Match Carnival 2016". It's a show with three deathmatches at the top of card, so there's a warning of blood and violence on this one. Swift also discu...
M. Swift author

Wrestlecade #04: Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Jumbo Tsuruta

Swift tells the tale of the first one on one bout in All Japan and puroresu legends Misawa and Tsuruta's long running rivalry that saw Misawa solidified as the promotion's ace. Before that, he wanders into discussing Alberto del Rio departing WWE and w...
M. Swift author

Wrestlecade #03: Catching Up On Lucha Libre Elite

In this episode Swift catches up on the Lucha Libre Elite promotion's TV for June to current. He isn't a fan of the endless Liga Elite 2016 tournament, but loves the matches coming out of it. Suggested Podcast: Como Estaz hosted by @LuchaBlog and @RobV...
M. Swift author

Wrestlecade #02: King of the Texas Deathmatch '72

In part two of the double debut, Swift discusses Ciclon Negro's march towards facing Dory Funk Sr. in a Texas Deathmatch in 1972. It's a series of matches that have never been caught on tape, but one contributor from Kayfabe Memories remembers it fondl...
M. Swift author

Wrestlecade #01: Opening Match

In part one of this double debut episode of Danger Zone '92, Swift gives a rundown on what the show will be about and talks a little general wrestling. Check out part two of the double debut as Swift goes into Dory Funk Sr's booking of blood thirst bra...
M. Swift author