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Welcome to the At The Eyepiece Show! This is an astronomy based podcast that is devoted to discussing astronomical equipment, visual and electronically assisted observing, stargazing tips, observing reports and equipment reviews. We don't focus on the science of astronomy, there are plenty of shows out there to do that. The focus of At The Eyepiece Show are the backyard stargazers that enjoy taking their telescopes out under the stars, and those individuals wishing to join our ranks. After all, what matters to stargazers is what’s At The Eyepiece.
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New Home of the At The Eyepiece Show -!

BlogTalkRadio is a great platform, but it really didn't fit my needs or my budget. I've moved to!  Come and visit the NEW home of the At The Eyepiece Show.
At The Eyepiece author

SolarFest 2016 - Fred Bruenjes discuss his program Eclipse Orchestrator

Fred Bruenjes of DayStar Instruments created Eclipse Orchestrator to help him and others get the most of out imaging eclipses. This program however is not for the weary or chance imager, but for the experienced eclipse chaser that wants to have the bes...
At The Eyepiece author

SolarFest 2016 - Jen and Fred discuss their Equipment Sagas

Jen Winter and Fred Bruenjes of DayStar Instruments have a ton of years between them chasing down Solar Eclipses all over the world. They give an entertaining recap of some of the issues they have ran into over the years in planning for eclipses.
At The Eyepiece author

SolarFest 2016 - Matt Penn with the NSO discusses Citizen CATE Experiment

Recorded live at SolarFest 2016 at the DayStar Filters factory in Warrensburg MO. Matt Penn of the National Solar Observatory discusses the Citizen CATE Experiment for the 2017 Great American Eclipse.  Bio Current Role at the NSO:  Specific roles inc...
At The Eyepiece author

SolarFest 2016 - Sudden Ionosphere Disturbance by John W. ONeal

John O'Neal is a retired Steel worker who spent most of his 42 year career in the Quality end of the business in Lorain, Ohio. While there he invented two pieces of hardware that USS ultimately patented An amateur astronomer for over 40 years, his prou...
At The Eyepiece author

Gary Palmer discusses High Resolution Solar Imaging at SolarFest 2016

World renowned solar imager Gary Palmer discusses high resolution Solar Imaging during his week long visit to SolarFest 2016.
At The Eyepiece author

SolarFest 2016 - A week long event dedicated to Solar Astronomy

When is SolarFest? SolarFest will be a week-long event held Monday, August 22 - Saturday, August 27, 2016 This is the 1-year anniversary date before the Great 2017 American Eclipse More info at Session A:  Mon...
At The Eyepiece author

March Madness for Jupiter!

March is shaping up to be a GREAT month to observe Jupiter!  On this episode, we share some of the events coming up this month and into April that you are surely not wanting to miss. Plus, we discuss some astronomical gear of course, I mean this is the...
At The Eyepiece author

LIVE Interview with Professor Billy Hix of the Space Foundation

Professor Billy Hix is the Associate Professor of Education at Motlow State Community College and a Teacher Liaison for the Space Foundation. Billy frequently visits local schools to perform outreach and to encourage STEM education in general, with a f...
At The Eyepiece author

Live Episode - New products, October observing report, November observing

Getting back to doing some LIVE episodes. Tonight we are going to be covering my observing report for the month of October, of course we will be discussing new products, and wrapping up this episode with recommended objects for the month of November.  ...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 100 - Total Lunar Eclipse, Atik Infinity, StarlightXpress Ultrastar and more!

We cover some new entries into the world of Electronically Assisted Astronomy and discuss the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse Atik Infinity Starlight Xpress Ultrastar - ...
At The Eyepiece author

WorldWide Solstice Festival LIVE!

As THOUSANDS of people across the WORLD take part in the WorldWide Solstice Festival, we'll be sharing and discussing just a few of the FANTASTIC images and news of the events here on this episode of At The Eyepiece. We may also have founders of the Wo...
At The Eyepiece author

Planetary Imaging Techniques with Mike Phillips

We have the joy of bringing to you Mike Phillips today to discuss planetary imaging techniques. Mike has been an amateur astronomer for many years, and is quite accomplished for his planetary imaging and even his deep-sky work. In addition to imaging, ...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 99 - More equipment news PLUS WORLDWIDE Solstice Festival and GLOBAL SUN-Day!

NEW Mallincam SkyRaider-DS NEW and IMPROVED SmartAstronomy Clearview Portable Observatory Tent NEW Astronomics Astro-Tech 14" Carbon Fiber RC f8 https://www.astro...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 98 - Great stuff at NEAF 2015, Jupiter for May, Galaxies on the Edge and More

NEAF 2015 Links SkyWatcher USA - Meade LX70s Denkmeier L O A 21 - Televue Delites -
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 97 - Orion stuff, GAM 2015, AstroDay 2015, Jupiter pt2, Messier Marathon

NEAF 2015 April 18-19 ! Astronomy Day April 25th with the Astronomical League Global Astronomy Month Events by Astronomers Without Borders!    htt...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 96 - Jupiter Events for March Part 1

Jupiter reached opposition February 6th, so that means its prime time for viewing and imaging this fascinating gas-giant. Tonight I cover all the interesting events visible on Jupiter for the first half of March 2015. These will include Great Red Spot ...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 95 - The Importance of Image Scale in Astrophotography

This one has been in the works for awhile, but we are finally ready to air it live!  This topic comes to us from a vote via the Facebook group Telescope Addicts. This Facebook group is HUGE, with over 15,000 members, and we certainly want to thank Ahme...
At The Eyepiece author

Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project 2 hr Fundraiser Finale

The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project (CBSAP) is the worlds LARGEST astronomy outreach 501(c)3 nonprofit that is dedicated to promoting science literacy by sharing the fascinating science of our Sun. This organization brings observatory quality, na...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 94 - We're BACK! - New stuff, Leonid Meteor Shower, 2 SuperNova and More! Mallincam XTerminator  - APM-Telescopes - APM Image Master Mini Guiding Scope  - Deluxe Finder Scope 50mm and 60mm ASAE New Equipment releases GalaxyLog4565 - M-...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 93 - Mallincam Jr Pro, Miloslick Software

I picked up a Mallincam Jr PRO Standard PC version this April, I'll give you my impressions of this astronomical video camera. In addition, I'll share my thoughts on the best control software for the Mallincam's, Miloslick.  We'll also discuss the NEW...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 92 - New Celestron, DayStar and Lunt Stuff, Backyard Observatories

Ep 92 NEW Celestron WiFi Scopes NEW Lunt LS50 PT Main Topic Backyard Observatories
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 91 - Global Astronomy Month, NEAF, Mars Opposition, Lunar Eclipse

GLOBAL ASTRONOMY MONTH - NEAF 2014!! - New Lodestar X2 Camera - Mallincam VRC Telescop...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 90 - Planning Your 2014 Messier Marathon

In this episode of At The Eyepeice, I offer help in planning your Messier Marathon for 2014, plus some online resources for Virtual Messier Marathons if your nights are clouded out.
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 89 - New Mallincam products, CloudyNights facelift, AstroLIVE, Jupiter GRS

New Mallincam products, and some significant changes to their existing lineup. AstroLive turns your CCD into a real-time observing tool gets a facelift New heavy-duty mount from Orion My initial impressions of the SBIG STi Autoguid...
At The Eyepiece author

EP 88 - John Dobson, SuperNova, SunDay 2014!

Today on episode 88 of the At The Eyepiece Show John Dobson - 1915-2014 New Guiding / Planetary Camera - Atik GP Guiding & Planetrary Camera - $479 New iOptron mount sh...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 87 - ISON Update, Holiday Deals, Comets and More!

In this episode, I give you some sweet holiday deals I found on some select astronomical equipment. I share the latest news on Comet ISON, but also share some surprising variety of comets still visilble in our sky this month. All this and more on this ...
At The Eyepiece author

The At The Eyepiece Show - Ep 86

Weekly podcast devoted to discussing, astronomical equipment and events, stargazing tips, observing reports, and equipment news and reviews.  Tonights episode discusses: ZWO Optical has a new Camera, the ASI034MC.  Sky-Watcher USA debuts a new 18" t...
At The Eyepiece author

At The Eyepiece Show - Ep 85

Tonight we discuss 2 naked eye comets visible right now to backyard stargazers. iOptron has raised the bar with not one but 2 new mounts, and an interesting pair of interacting galaxies you can see right from your backyard. All this and more during th...
At The Eyepiece author

The At The Eyepiece Show - Ep 84

Tonights episode is prerecorded.  I share some my observing and imaging session on some interesting galaxies - NGC 1084, 1055, and 925 Some nice sales out there going on, specifically OPT and CelestronHey, ever heard of TPO telescopes? Well OPT has a n...
At The Eyepiece author

The At The Eyepiece Show - Ep 83

REPEAT Our interview with Karl Krasley, avid galaxy observer. Karl also posts Galaxy Log on YouTube every month ( and has a great business online offering unique gifts via ...
At The Eyepiece author

The At The Eyepiece Show - Ep 82

We had some audio issues, thanks to Skype, so there will be some intermittent drops. We apologize for this, hopefully its a one time deal.  And more talk on astronomical equipment, stargazing tips, observing reports and equipment reviews!
At The Eyepiece author

The At The Eyepiece Show - Ep 81

We are BACK! Yes, back and on a weekly schedule!  Talk on astronomical equipment, stargazing tips, observing reports and equipment reviews!
At The Eyepiece author

The At The Eyepiece Show - Ep 80

We discuss a triple transit on Jupiter, the International Observe the Moon Night, Celestron's "Home-Run", super Sunspots, and interviews with amateurs from the 2013 Peach State Star Gaze.  And more talk on astronomical equipment, stargazing tips, obse...
At The Eyepiece author

The At The Eyepiece Show - Ep 79

We are BACK! Yes, back and on a weekly schedule!  I just got back in a few hours ago from attending the 2013 Peach State Star Gaze! In this episode, I'll share my first light experience with iOptron ZEQ25, what I have learned about astrophotography wi...
At The Eyepiece author

The At The Eyepiece Show - Ep 78

We are BACK! Yes, back and on a weekly schedule!  Tonights episode we discuss;   The Peach State Star Gaze - I'll be at this years PSSG! The Meade DSI II - Surprising results and what I have learned so far in my quest as a beginner astrophotographe...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 76 - SkyTools3 Review - Zhumell Zoom Review

Its been awhile folks, but we're back! I give you an overview of SkyTools3, an observing planning software with some features for the backyard stargazer.  I also give you my mini-review of the Zhumell Zoom Eyepiece. Plus as always astronomical vendo...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 75 - NEAF 2013 Best of the Web, Daves Solar System Record

Although I will unfortunately have to miss NEAF 2013 AGAIN(!) due to personal reasons, that doesn’t mean we can speculate on what astronomical equipment will be the talk of the show. I give you my opinion on that, and a general review of what to expect...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 74 - Global Astronomy Month, an inexpensive zoom ep

Global Astronomy Month is a worldwide celebration of astronomy that is coordinated by Astronomers Without Borders. This episode I'll be discussing all of the events for 2013, their specific dates, and how to find local events in your area.  For more i...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 73 - Book Review, SolarMax 60II, 24mm UWA and more!

I have to admit, I have fallen in love with my Kindle App for Android. The app has certainly invigerated my reading, and for this episode, I'll share just a few of my latest astronomical readings for this episode.  I discussed the Coronado SolarMax II...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 72 - Cold weather observing, Olivon Eyepieces and more!

It's that time of year, for most of us anyway, when we battle the elements of cold and snow to enjoy the night sky. I'll share equipment and techniques that will help you enjoy the crisp, clear nights this winter under the stars. In addition, I'll be ...
At The Eyepiece author

Ep 71 - Audio Tour for January

One of the newest class of objects that I have been introduced to are carbon stars, and they are definitely worth sharing to my fellow stargazers. These are stars that exhibit a distinct orange to deep red hue, caused by an abundance of carbon rather t...
At The Eyepiece author

At The Eyepiece Show

At The Eyepiece author

At The Eyepiece Show

At The Eyepiece author

REBROADCAST - Brandon Doyle Interview

REBROADCAST Brandon Doyle will be our FEATURED GUEST on tonights episode. Don't know who Brandon Doyle is? Well, turn to page 64 in the January edition of Astronomy magazine and read his article on "How to sketch deep-sky objects". This young man, a...
At The Eyepiece author

ImagingSource DMK21 - First Impressions

ImagingSource has long been a favorite amount amateur astronomers for lunar, solar, and planetary imaging. I'll give you my initial impressions on the camera itself and its control software. Hopefully by the time this show airs, I will also had the opp...
At The Eyepiece author

Coronado SolarMax II - First Impressions& More!

I took the plunge head-long into solar observing. I decided to pick up the Coronado SolarMax II, which is a 60mm Hydrogen-Alpha telescope. I'll explain some key points of this instrument, and my initial impressions. We will revisit this scope in the ne...
At The Eyepiece author

International Observe the Moon Night Recap

InOMN (International Observe the Moon Night) is an annual event coordinated by professional astronomers and organizations world-wide to draw attention to the beauty and awe of our closest neightor, the Moon. This years event is on Saturday, September 2...
At The Eyepiece author

Audio Tour of the Month - September

This month we focus on Carbon Stars. The North Kansas Astronomical Society ( has a great page on Carbon Stars, and explains them very well. "Carbon Stars are stars that are extremely red in color. Their outer shell of...
At The Eyepiece author

At The Eyepiece Show

At The Eyepeice is all about the visual observers, those backyard stargazers that enjoy taking their telescopes under the stars, and those individuals wishing to join our ranks. We discuss astronomical equipment, stargazing tips, hot topics in the ast...
At The Eyepiece author