Brother, Brother Beer Cast

Johnny Lyles and Brendan Douglas play host, and take you on a ride through life. Fueled by the beverage of the day, you'll get our version of it all, as we talk to some of the most interesting people in the Midwest.

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Johnny Lyles tackles some of today's toughest topics. Naaaa....but I do sit down with some very cool people. No subject is off limits, especially the topics the politically correct world considers taboo.
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Episode 246 Matthew Barron

We met Matthew Barron a few years ago at Comic Con. He was doing it back then. Check out all this dude has going on, he's crazy interesting. This episode was recorded at 31 Bar & Grill, hosted by Johnny and the lovely Mandy Montgomery.

Episode 245 Musician Dawn Garland

Dawn Garland has always been one of my favorites. Though we never met, I kept up with what she had going on and what was coming up. The music was put on the back burner for a while, but she is a musician. Without a doubt. This episode was co hosted by ...

Episode 244 Mitch Ross

Mitch Ross is at it again. This time he's coming at ya from the world of film. Dude, Mitch is a Film Maker! Hamilton 16 IMAX will be where we're debuting. Johnny and Mandy recorded this episode at 31 Bar & Grill. This was a cool day.

Episode 243 5 After 5 Productions ~ Cameron Grimm

Cameron Grimm is a local producer.  5 After 5 Productions. And writer, director, stage hand etc.. The man does it all. And Saturday the 6th, he's going all out. Rocking Out The Park. For the making of the movie "I Only Want You". We're talking celebrit...

Episode 242 Jerry L Beasley

Jerry Beasley is our guest this week. Filling roles like gangbusters, Jerry's doing it. Joining Johnny again this week is John Wiley of Don't Drive Naked. Yea, that's what I said. Jockamo's is where it all went down. Best Pizza in town.

Episode 241 The Hammer and The Hatchet

The Hammer and the Hatchet. It this episode, part 1 of whatever, we get into the lifestyles, backgrounds, home life and stuff. Jamie Hood and John Bowyer are the duo and the music is phenomenal. Watch your'e driving in Browne County, just saying. Joini...

Episode 240 Demetrius Witherspoon

Demetrius Witherspoon has become a friend of the show. As has the Submerged Universe. This gut does it all from writing and directing to producing and marketing. He recently joined us to talk about whats going on in that universe. Joined by David Banks...

Episode 239 Brian Barbour B2

Brian Barbour is a long time friend of the show. And we're proud to announce that his new album, The Reflections of B2, drops this month. This is one you don't want to miss. David Banks, Johnny Lyles and host of the new Bossy Bitch podcast, Jennifer Da...

Episode 238 Amy Jo Potter

Well, Amy Jo Potter was late again. But what a time we had...when she showed. This lady brightens up a room as all eyes fall her way. Per usual, David Banks was co hosting as this lady told us about her upcoming EP and recording in Nashville. George's ...

Episode 237 : The Lee Whiteman Band

David and I recently had the chance to sit down with Lee Whiteman. Yee Haw and Boy Howdy, this guy is something else! As a country fan, I loved this sit down. From the Rodeo to the stage, much like Chris Ledoux. And yea...he knew him. We got him here, ...

Episode 235 Meg and Mike

We met Mike & Meg...excuse me, I meant Meg & Mike. I did that a lot in this episode. No freakin idea as to why. Both of these guys are amazing. And the the video for 'Bring it in Home' was great. We sat with these guys at George's, David Banks ...

Episode 235 Celtic Rain

Everyone knows that Johnny does Brother Brother. This week is another good one. David joined me once again for an interview with my favorite culture band, Celtic Rain. Samuel, Rebekah and Melodi stopped by George's Neighborhood Grill to catch us up and...

Episode 234 : Joe Shelton

I booked this guy as a musician. Turns out he's a podcaster too. Oh yea, Joe Shelton does it all. I mean, Mr. Joe Shelton. You'll have to listen to find out why. This episode was co hosted by David Banks for George's Neighborhood Grill.

Episode 233 : Tyler Robling Music

Tyler Robling is a cool freakin' dude. The kind you wanna hang out with until your wife starts calling around looking for ya. He recently joined myself, David and Shane for a rip roarin' good time. We got our introduction to Tyler Robling Music  and fi...

Episode 232 Ragnarok Axe Throwing - Ric DesChain

Ragnarok Axe Throwing. Yea, it's just as cool as it sounds. The man behind it is Ric DesChain. Very interesting guy, He joined myself, David and Shane at George's to discuss it all.

Episode 231 Jerry Beasley

Jerry Beasley has found his calling. Big things has happened since we last heard from him...and more are coming up. Local actor , Jerry, sat down with us on the show. At George's was David Banks and Shane Nelms doing back up.

Episode 230 It Works Global ~ Melanie Kerr

Melanie Kerr has changed her life. That's very cool. She sat down to tell us about and and talk horror movies. David Banks, Shane Ryan Nelms and Ryan Shipley of House of Wayward Men joined in.

Episode 229 House of Wayward Men

Sam, Corey and Ryan stopped by to spend some time with us. And boy did they. Always a good time when the crew from House of Wayward Men can join ya for a drink. David was there doing play by play, Shane finally drug in to fill the panel. House of Waywa...

Episode 228 Rich Miller Country

Seems like every time we record, it's the middle of Monsoon season. But we got it done. Rich Miller is the real deal. Country through and through. He brought his writing buddy Jeffery Stafford who's exactly the same. Which turned into a big treat for J...

Episode 227 Jess West Costumes

Jess West of Jess West Costumes, that is really all that is needed to be said. David Banks and Shane Nelms were co hosting - yes, again - when we caught our first glimpse of her. As a very large, dead pirate. Ah but the alluring Siren beneath it all. I...

Episode 226 : Demetrius Witherspoon

Demetrius Witherspoon joined myself, David Banks and Shane Nelms to talk about his new movie and a few other tidbits. Now D was a real trooper, because is rained that day. No I mean it came down like no other. But we got him recorded and set.  D owns D...

Episode 225 : Adam Parsons

Adam Parsons is s Graphic Artist. His "fake it til ya make it" style took him far. But this guy is talented. He joined David Banks, Shane Ryan Nelms and myself for an afternoon of storytelling and hijinx.

Episode 224 Cameron Grimm

We got him here! Cameron Grimm sat in with Brother Brother!! David Banks and Shane Nelms co hosted, And with a little surprise for Cameron, Jerry Beasley co hosted as well. What's your favorite scary movie? This episode rocked as we discussed movies he...

Episode 223 : Jerry Beasley

Ok. Seriously. Jerry Beasley is one hell of an actor. Don't believe me? Check out Hulu. But on this day, he was sitting in with us. Myself and co host David Banks were joined my mask maker Scott Blake, and the ever talented Shane Ryan Nelms.

Episode 222 Scott Blake

Scott Blake is his name. Creature creations is his game. Everyone from John 5 to Dee Snider is wearing his designs. Jack Sparrow? Oh yea. Well, sort of. What about beard oil? We got to that too. Coming at ya from George's Neighborhood Grill with Shane ...

Episode 221 Kimberly and Paul Hoffmann

Kimberly and Paul Hoffman joined us for this episode. Kimberly is a children's book author and Paul...dude, what happened with Buddy??David Banks filled in with co hosting duties at George's.

Episode 220 : Syd Innovaria

Syd Innovaria rocks! In more ways than one. She recently sat in with us for an episode. Joined by David Banks of Indy Drinking Dead, HeadlineNuz and Screenland Squadron, and what we were quick to find out, this is a busy lady. Self taught, this lady ha...

Episode 219 Jenny Medenwald

Jenny was born and raised in the Midwest. She loves: coffee, her German Shepherd Tyson, the smell of fresh cut grass, red wine, winter, bonfires, rainy days curled up with a good book, tattoos, her husband and, of course, writing. Not necessarily in th...

Episode 218 Dawg Daze

Oh what a day, lol. We were joined by Scott, Tony and Joel from Dawg Daze! This show was a lot of fun. Co hosted by David Banks, the guys had us 'doing it dawgy style.'

Episode 217 Brad Kleinschmidt

Brad Kleinschmidt is a cool dude. Not just on stage either. David Banks of Headline Nuz, Screenland Squadron and Indy Drinking Dead was the co host on this one.  And he didn't fail. Brad talked about teaming up with Casey Harshbarger, the acoustic scen...

Episode 216 Stuart Troxel

Stuart Troxel is a modern day renaissance man. Today we focused on the writer. This episode was co hosted by the incomparable David Banks, host of such shows as HeadlineNuz, Screenland Squadron and Indy Drinking Dead.

Episode 215 Danielle Mohr

Danielle Mohr is a true talent. Born and raised in Dunedin, this native Floridian is an acoustic guitarist, vocalist, and singer/songwriter who is quickly gaining traction as a full-time musician. She has been a featured artist on WMNF's 88.5 Florida F...

Episode 214 John Patrick Kennedy

John Patrick Kennedy is a very talented singer / songwriter. But he is so much more. He's just a good guy. His faith based music is just the beginning. There are a whole lot of other originals that we think you need to take a look at. Also he throws a ...

Episode 213 Randy Rockit

Randy Rockit is a trip. A producer, one time musician and all around good guy. Randy will be hosting a show with JL Media Today, Randy Rockit Presents.  And we were lucky enough to have him drop by and sit in on the show.   Special thanks to the White ...

Episode 212 Planet Boom Bap Band

Planet Boom Bap Band, baby. That's what we're talking about this week. That's all we need. Planet Boom Bap is a Muncie based 90's live hip hop ensemble, that works. Big shout out to Books The SoulScolar for keeping everyone out of jail.

Episode 211 When A Buttertfly Lands ~ Amy Ingram

"Amy Ingram is a former Disney World entertainer who presently teaches high school. Originally from Kissimmee, Flordia, she now resides in Indiana with her two teenagers and two amazing doggies." Amy is amazing when it comes to anyone, as it turns out....

Episode 210 Books TheSoulScholar

Books TheSoulScholar is the real deal. If meeting after a night of drunken rage, this is the deal. Straight out of Nashville TN she came to Indianapolis to make her mark. Tell me that don't take heart.  Special Thanks to The White Stallion Bistro LCC.

Episode 209 Tory Fischetti

Sometimes ya forget ya have one. And, sometimes, it fits right in when ya do.  Tory Fischetti is an accomplished singer. He began playing in New York, branched out never dreaming he would be highlighting stages in Indiana. So what does one do with that...

Episode 208 Stan Bixler

Stan Bixler is a great singer. He made me believe that one evening sitting next to me at the White Stallion Bistro. If you sing to me your going to get socked in the mouth, or your going be a guest on Brother Brother Beer Cast. Stan can sing. 

Episode 207 Spontaneous Combustion Band

"Joe Gibson had a vision of creating a band that would be just as much fun to listen to as it was to play in. So on July 4, 2013 Spontaneous Combustion was born. We are five guys who love to ROCK ! We are a Danville based band with members residing in ...

Episode 206 Serendipity

The band is called Serendipity and it makes sense. 4 very talented musicians and all around good people. It just fits. Laura, Amy Matt & Dave are the perfect storm. And a lot of fun. Joining us for a few PBR's under the romantic hum of the White St...

Episode 205 Friends of Jaclyn Foundation

Providing children who are battling pediatric cancers with lasting love, support, and friendships by pairing the afflicted child and his/her siblings with high school and colleges sports teams, clubs, and arts programs in their community. Friends of Ja...

Episode 204 Zene

"A trio with Hungarian, Mexican, and German ancestry mixing up a unique approach to old and new songs. Zene creates pop music with hints of rock, latin & country. We also perform covers of old & new music in the genres of pop, pop rock, dance, ...

Episode 203 Unicorn derby

Joe O'Brian joins, past guest and friend of the show, Grant McClintock to talk about winning the Random Band Challenge, the new band and album release party. Yes, we covered a lot in this episode, drank several PBRs and enjoyed the intoxicating hum of ...

Episode 202 Antonio Edmonds

Actor / Comedian Antonio Edmonds recently sat down with us to talk about what brought him to where is is now, life on stage and being a cast member in one of the coolest new TV shows in the Mid West. Shout outs were numerous in this one, special love t...

Episode 201 Rich Hardesty

Rich Hardesty is the real deal. He is an amazingly talented singer / songwriter. Extremely passionate, driven and a serious and hard worker at his craft. But that's just part of who Rich is. He is compassionate and honest. Caring and sincere. His succe...

Episode 200 JL Media Today

Brother Brother Beer Cast was the first. As we took on more sponsors, we had to incorporate. Show ideas kept popping up. New and fun ways to market and promote. Episode 200. Just a few of the hosts and sponsors stopped by for a few drinks and to talk a...

Episode 199 Hamilton Brothers

Rick and Ricky are the Hamilton Brothers. The father and son duo with a rich history. They are just stepping up their social media game but the live show is certainly worth seeing. Both artists mesh perfectly together, such isn't always the case with f...

Episode 198 Pig Chips, Photography and Apps

Apologies to all involved. Here on Brother Brother Beer Cast we "Bank" episodes a lot. This is just one show in the JL Media Today line up. To save recording time, we set up and record several episodes in  row for later release. We do partake of adult ...

Episode 197 Alter Ego Imaging

Jennifer Bartlett Phelps is a amazing talent. Easily one of the top boudoir photographers in the Mid West, Jennifer is the proud owner of Alter Ego Imaging. Recently she sat down to give us a glimpse of the personalty, the lady, behind that talent.