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REAL TALK. REAL FANS. A podcast that brings you Michigan football each and every week. A place where real Michigan fans from around the globe can connect and talk Michigan football. Voicemail: (551) 258-3276 (551) BLUEBRO Twitter: Caleb @BlueBros_Caleb Craig @BlueBros_Craig Email: (Episodes also found on: iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn)
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Harbaugh to the NFL & Changes at OSU: Episode 226

It's that time of year again, 'Harbaugh to the NFL' time of year to be exact. The rumor mill is running at full power as people who know nothing say a whole lot of nonsense. That as well as the recent changes in leadership at OSU are this week's main t...
Caleb & Craig author

Football Final Four & Peach Bowl Bound: Episode 225

The college football playoff is set after championship weekend wrapped up. The Blue Brothers share their thoughts on the results before discussing where Michigan landed with their bowl match up. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Week 5 CFP Rankings & Championship Weekend: Episode 224

The Wolverines find themselves at #7 in the college football playoff poll going into championship weekend. The Blue Brothers discuss this weekends match up as well as finish their discussion from the last episode. Listen in to hear the details. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Michigan 39 Ohio State 62 Game Recap: Episode 223

Michigan fails to continue its' winning streak through rivalry week as they get blind sided by Ohio States offense 62 to 39. Struggles were seen all over the field. It was a tough loss to take but one that happened and still has to be discussed. #GoBlu...
Caleb & Craig author

#4 Michigan at #10 OSU Game Preview: Episode 222

It is finally here, The Game! Michigan is rolling into Columbus with on a 10 game winning streak. The Wolverines have been successful on their revenge tour taking down all opponents that they lost to in conference play last year and OSU is the last sto...
Caleb & Craig author

Week 4 Playoff Rankings & B1G Standings: Episode 221

It is week 4 of the Playoff rankings and not much has changed. The Big Ten East is on the brink of declaring a champion and a lot may change in the rankings this upcoming weekend though. Listen in to hear the Blue Brothers thoughts this week. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Michigan 31 Indiana 20 Game Recap: Episode 220

Michigan extends its winning streak to 10 games after defeating the Hoosiers in the Big House 31 to 20. There were several things that occurred this past weekend that people took issue with and the Blue Brothers discuss them all in this week's episode....
Caleb & Craig author

#4 Michigan vs Indiana Game Preview: Episode 219

Michigan prepares for it's final home game of the season against Indiana this coming Saturday. Games in November can be tricky to predict with trying to keep players healthy. Listen to this week's predictions. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Week 3 Playoff Rankings & B1G Standings: Episode 218

ERROR: The last 3-5 minutes of this episode did not save properly so we apologize for the abrupt end to the episode. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Michigan 42 Rutgers 7 Game Recap: Episode 217

Michigan continued their win streak and stayed undefeated after going on the road to Rutgers this weekend. While the team dominated the game there was plenty to talk about after the game was done. Hear what the Blue Brothers have to say this week. #GoB...
Caleb & Craig author

#4 Michigan at Rutgers Game Preview: Episode 216

Michigan takes to the road after coming off of three big wins against ranked teams. How will they proceed now without their backup QB and will they keep the starters in the game for long? The Blue Brothers discuss this and more this week. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Week 2 Playoff Rankings & B1G Standings: Episode 215

The Blue Brothers share their thoughts about the second week of the Playoff Rankings as well as discuss the current B1G Standings. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Michigan 42 Penn State 7 Game Recap: Episode 214

Michigan continues to roll as they have taken down their 3rd ranked opponent in four weeks. The defense has been setting the tone for the games as the offense steadily drives down the field against the opposing teams. Things are looking good for the Wo...
Caleb & Craig author

#5 Michigan vs #14 Penn State Game Preview: Episode 213

Michigan returns to the field after their bye week which followed two back to back wins again ranked opponents. They pick up right where they left off as they host 14th ranked Penn State. The Wolverines look to get even after suffering their worst loss...
Caleb & Craig author

Week 1 CFP Rankings & Early Predictions: Episode 212

The first week of the College Football Playoff rankings is here and the Blue Brothers have plenty to say about it. Listen in this week to hear their thoughts. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Real Talk Segment: From Episode 211

Blue Bros Caleb gets rolling and doesn't stop in this Real Talk segment. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Michigan 21 MSU 7 Game Recap: Episode 211

Michigan goes into East Lansing and beats MSU in dominating fashion. Things were heated before the game and they haven't cooled off since the game ended. The Blue Brothers go all in this week as the discuss the Wolverines 21 to 7 win over the Spartans....
Caleb & Craig author

#6 Michigan at #24 MSU Game Preview: Episode 210

Michigan is headed to East Lansing to seek revenge after last years close loss to the Spartans in the Big House. Will the Wolverines continue their winning streak? Listen to what the Blue Brothers have to share this week. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Michigan 38 Wisconsin 13 Game Recap: Episode 209

Michigan makes a statement in a dominating win over the 15th ranked Wisconsin Badgers at home and under the lights. The Blue Brothers give their reactions and share some voicemails in this week's episode. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

#12 Michigan vs #15 Wisconsin Game Preview: Episode 208

Michigan will face it's most difficult opponent since week one of the 2018 season as Wisconsin comes to town to play under the lights. A few key differences are, it will be a home game for the Wolverines and this Michigan team looks much improved since...
Caleb & Craig author

Michigan 42 Maryland 21 Game Recap: Episode 207

Michigan started off slow again this past week but they took control of their game against Maryland. A strong performance by the offensive line and the passing game led them to victory this past week. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

#15 Michigan vs Maryland Game Preview: Episode 206

The Blue Brothers preview Michigan's upcoming game verse Maryland. Coming into Ann Arbor with just one loss this could prove to be an interesting match up for the Wolverines and their Homecoming game. #GoBlue (sorry for the audio issues, will be fixed...
Caleb & Craig author

Michigan 20 Northwestern 17 Game Recap: Episode 205

The Blue Brothers do a quick game recap of the Michigan's come from behind win on the road verse Northwestern this week. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

#14 Michigan at Northwestern Game Preview: Episode 204

Michigan goes on the road for the first time since their season opener loss in South Bend. Not too far down the road near Lake Michigan they will face off against Pat Fitzgerald and his Wildcats. The Blue Brothers take a look at where Northwestern has ...
Caleb & Craig author

Michigan 56 Nebraska 10 Game Recap: Episode 203

Sorry for any audio issues. New house equals new computer set up and working through technical details. This week the Blue Brothers review Michigan's outstanding performance in their Big Ten opener verse Scott Frost and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. #GoBlu...
Caleb & Craig author

#19 Michigan vs Nebraska Game Preview: Episode 202

#19 Michigan opens up conference play at home against Nebraska. The Cornhuskers are still searching for their first win under new head coach Scott Frost and they would love nothing more than for it to be against the Wolverines. It won't be an easy task...
Caleb & Craig author

Michigan 45 SMU 20 Game Recap: Episode 201

Michigan add their second win to the 2018 season after taking down SMU 45 to 20 in the Big House. While a win is a win there are still areas that can be improved for the Wolverines before entering Big Ten play. The Blue Brothers dive in this week. #GoB...
Caleb & Craig author

#19 Michigan vs SMU Game Preview: Episode 200

Michigan seeks to continue it's offensive success during it's week 3 match up against SMU. The Blue Brothers discuss whether they think the Wolverines will continue to progress in the right direction or if things take a turn for them. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Michigan 49 Western Michigan 3 Game Recap: Episode 199

Michigan rebounds nicely after the debacle in South Bend. The team came out well both offensively and defensibly. The Blue Brothers break down Michigan's 49 to 3 win over Western Michigan this week. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

#21 Michigan vs Western Michigan Game Preview: Episode 198

The Michigan Wolverines drop from the #14 spot to #21 in the AP poll. They look to bounce back after a very shaky start to their 2018 season as they take on the Western Michigan Broncos. Will the offense come out and prove themselves or will they come ...
Caleb & Craig author

Michigan 17 Notre Dame 24 Game Recap: Episode 197

The Michigan Wolverines have a very rocky start to their 2018 football season. The score may make it appear to be a close game but the film says otherwise. Lots of things for the Blue Brothers to review this week as they break things down. As always #G...
Caleb & Craig author

#14 Michigan at #12 Notre Dame Game Preview: Episode 196

IT. IS. HERE. The first preview episode of the 2018 Michigan Football season! The Blue Brothers dive right in as the football season is about to start as Michigan has a tough test to start their year by going into South Bend to face the Fighting Irish ...
Caleb & Craig author

The Blue Network - Michigan Football 2018 Preview: Episode 195

The Blue Network team comes together this week to bring a special collaborative video episode to preview Michigan's 2018 football season. Watch and listen to the hosts of The Blue Print Show and The Blue Brothers Sportscast as they share their thoughts...
Caleb & Craig author

Dedicated to Sir_Boo & Happenings in Maryland: Episode 194

This episode is dedicated to Bryan also known as Sir_Boo on twitter. The Michigan fan base lost one of it's best here recently and we wanted to acknowledge him in this week's episode. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

CFP Top 50 Players & Updates from Ohio: Episode 193

Michigan lands four players in the Top 50 list for college football players and there are updates taking place in Ohio. The Blue Brothers discuss these topics and more this week. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Player Comments & Happenings in Ohio: Episode 192

Information hit social media early this week pertaining to former Michigan players before news broke about the happenings in the state of Ohio. The Blue Brothers record a long episode this week to cover everything. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

B1G Media Mess & People Need to Chill: Episode 191

The Big Ten Media days this year were typical nonsense. Focus on the click bait material while leaving real journalism to die on the wayside. This is discussed as well as some things that people just need to chill about. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Caleb was right & Craig was wrong: Episode 190

This week the Blue Brothers review the results of fan feedback on last week's discussion about some of the biggest games of 2018 season for the Michigan Wolverines. Hear the results and find out how Blue Bro Caleb was so right and how Blue Bro Craig wa...
Caleb & Craig author

Important Games & Coaches and Cars: Episode 189

The Blue Brothers have an all out brawl this week! Ok, not that bad, but they actually disagree! *shock* as they discuss important games of 2018 and what Harbaugh has been up to recently. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Michigan Offensive Line & More and More Recruits: Episode 188

The recruits just keep pouring in for Michigan like flood waters raging in! The Blue Brothers discuss this briefly before talking about a hot topic this week dealing with the Michigan Offensive Line. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Recruit-tastic Weekend & Craig is back: Episode 187

Craig returns to the show, everyone cheers, and the Blue Brothers take time to talk about all the craziness that was Michigan Football Recruiting this past weekend. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Blue End Zones & Star Gazing: Episode 186

The end zones are now blue in the Big House and people are still caught gazing at the stars here in 2018. Listen this week as these topics are discussed! #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

New NCAA Rules and Transfers & Redshirts: Episode 185

Due to technical difficulties this week's episode is released late and more brief than others. The topics covered this week are the new NCAA rules pertaining to student athlete transfers and the amount of games redshirt football players are allowed to ...
Caleb & Craig author

Offensive Coordinators & Emphasis on the Game: Episode 184

Harbaugh responds to questions about Woodson's comments on the Michigan Ohio State football game and also discusses the questions looming about the vacant Offensive Coordinator position. The Blue Brothers debate these topics in this week's episode. #Go...
Caleb & Craig author

Blast From The Past - Michigan Running Backs: Episode 183

The Blue Brothers take on an interesting conversation around what running back would you enjoy to see back on the Michigan roster. It's a blast from the past as we visit running backs from the 2000s and the 1990s. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

GOAT Guarantee & Lifetime Contracts: Episode 182

Charles Woodson guaranteed Michigan would beat Ohio State this season and Warde Manuel is interested in lifetime contracts for both Jim Harbaugh and John Belein. The Blue Brothers attack both of these topics and break them down in this week's episode. ...
Caleb & Craig author

Success & Failures and The Top 150: Episode 181

The Blue Brothers discuss the recent article discussing college football's top 150 players to watch before diving into a lengthy discussion on what could be considered success and failures for the 2018 football season. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Coach Rankings & Keep It Simple: Episode 180

The Blue Brothers discuss the idea of simplicity when it comes to college football before talking about the top coaches in the Power 5 conferences in this week's episode. #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

American Wolverines in Paris: Episode 179

The Wolverines are in Paris and this week the Blue Brothers update you on some of their activities as well as discuss the good news that has finally been announced by the NCAA. Did we say finally? #GoBlue
Caleb & Craig author

Europe Trip Part 2 & 2018 NFL Draft: Episode 178

The Wolverines leave for Paris today after what sounds like a positive and very beneficial spring practice. This episode covers some of the news coming out of spring practice as well as a few other topics pertaining to the Michigan Football program. #G...
Caleb & Craig author