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How many organs could you donate and remain alive? How many planet Earths could fit inside the Sun? How high is a giraffe's blood pressure? Why is the sea blue? To find out, Ask The Naked Scientists!

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Ask the Naked Scientists: answers to the science questions you always wondered about...
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Why do bright lights trigger sneezes?

Chris Smith from The Naked Scientists takes on YOUR questions with Eusebius McKasier from talk radio 702. Could gravity from my first-floor apartment impact my sleep patterm? Why do hearts beat faster with excitement? What are the consequences of denta...

Do anti-ageing creams really work?

For CapeTalk this week, Dr Chris explains what causes stomach butterflies, whether honey is healthier than sugar, why fog lifts, how to keep your memory in tip top condition, how much the Earth weighs, whether fish need to drink water, why cannabis mak...

Why do we blush?

Chris Smith from The Naked Scientists takes on YOUR questions with Eusebius McKasier from Talk Radio 702. Would a brain transplant keep someone's memories? Why do we blush? Is it bad to exercise when ill? How do you lose a sense of smell? Can it return...

Were early humans vegetarians?

Chris Smith answers YOUR questions with Pippa Hudson.... Why does temperature change food flavour? Does the full moon impact the human body? Why do car wheels move in reverse in films? Were early humans vegetarians? Can you produce electricity in a vac...

Why do we cough?

Chris Smith answers the questions you've been sending in... Could we use charged liquid for electric cars? Why do beds feel cold and not room temperature? What causes climate change? How efficient are batteries? Why do we cough? Why do chillies give me...

Why do cats purr?

Chris Smith from The Naked Scientists takes on YOUR questions with Africa Melanie from CapeTalk. Why can only some animals be domesticated? Why do cats purr? Can senses change after surgery? Why don't I have a runny nose during sleep? How old is moon d...

What causes cyclones?

Chris Smith from The Naked Scientists takes on YOUR questions with Eusebius McKasier from Talk Radio. Is the Earth flat? Does cannabis have a healing effect? Can stem cells repair skin overgrowths? What causes cylones? Why can I hear sounds when my hea...

Will a comet crash into Earth?

Chris Smith from The Naked Scientists takes on YOUR questions with Eusebius McKasier... Why do my nails hurt after I remove nail polish? What does GI mean? Do black holes stop the universe expanding? How are flight routes planned? Will a comet crash in...

Can computers develop consciousness?

Chris Smith from The Naked Scientists takes on YOUR questions with Eusebius McKasier from Talk Radio 702. Can we use energy from nuclear fusion yet? Is the water in our atmosphere the same as in a river? Can computers develop consciousness? Why do some...

Could we live on Mars?

Chris Smith takes on YOUR questions in a bumper edition of Ask! The Naked Scientists. How long do dreams last? How did Einstein measure the speed of light? Could we live on Mars? What is sleep paralysis? Could an asteroid hit and travel underground? Wh...

Why do men have nipples?

Chris Smith from The Naked Scientists takes on YOUR questions with Eusebius McKasier from 702 Cape Talk. Why is the sun's halo hotter than its surface? Why do ice cubes crack when you add water? Why do men have nipples? How do noise-cancelling headphon...

Are horseshoes unlucky in a thunderstorm?

Chris Smith from The Naked Scientists takes on YOUR questions. What would happen if a horse with metal shoes on was struck by lightning? How was DNA code devised? Could electricity go wireless? How much calcium is in a cup of tea? Why can slime change ...

How do I win the lottery?

Chris Smith from The Naked Scientists takes on YOUR questions with Eusebius McKaiser from Talk Radio 702. How are buildings demolished? How do you win the lottery? Do aliens exist? Is breast milk best? Does it rain more in rocky areas? Why did life evo...

Are we getting smarter?

Chris Smith from The Naked Scientists takes on YOUR questions. Why are hail stones different sizes? Why do my palms get sweaty? Why do animals moult? What happens if you stop eating sugar? and more. Plus flicking the suicide switch on tuberculosis.

What is CERN all about?

What's CERN all about? What is epigenetics, and how is it different to genetics? Why doesn't ice always freeze clear? How does carbon capture work? Why do my eyes go red when I'm drunk? Plus in the news, a new kind of painkiller.

Will Japan retrieve an asteroid sample?

The Japanese mission to bring back a sample of an asteroid, are changes in Earth's magnetic field linked to climate change, what causes tip-of-the-tongue experiences when you cannot remember a word, why does the Moon look much larger on the horizon, ho...

Why do we get butterflies?

Why do we get butterflies in our stomach? Why is singing in tune difficult? What does vitamin K do? Is aluminium foil safe? How do you measure metres above sea level? Can cold water make you wee more?

Is the sky really blue?

Is the sky actually blue? Does petrol go off? What causes myeloma? Why are chicken eggs different colours? If salt melts ice, why are icebergs frozen?

Do animals get jet lag?

Why does dog poo change colour? What happens to the brain when we're sleeping? Do animals also get jet lag? Is time travel possible?

How do they get the stripes into toothpaste

How do you measure time when traveling close to light speed? How do you predict the weather? Why don't zebras look dirty? How do they get the stripes into toothpaste? Why do wheels look like they spin backwards? Why can some people move their ears?

Why does chilli make my head itch?

Why don't birds get electrocuted on an electric fence? Why do I want to sing along to tunes I know? Does a cut onion soak up toxins from the air? Is Everest really the tallest mountain? Why does chilli make my head itch after I've shaved off my hair? W...

Why do I appear upside down in a spoon?

Why do I appear upside down in a spoon? Is the Universe getting bigger or smaller? What would Earth be like if we had two moons? What's the atomic weight of silver? Why does my bum tingle when I get my hair cut? If water can expand why can't it compac...

Can I catch germs from a cockroach?

Can I catch germs from cockroaches? How does the shape of the ear tell you where something is? If the Universe is expanding, is it being pushed or pulled? Is rain water better for crops than irrigation? What's the difference between macro and micro evo...

Can we create blood in the lab?

How do we tell where a sound is coming from? Why does wine taste differently after many years? Why can't we manufacture blood? Why was Pluto downgraded? Plus, a new blood test for cancer.

What is spooky action at a distance?

How do mosquitoes find you in the dark? How do muons reach the earth? Do long-term partners end up looking alike? What is spooky action at a distance? Why do things go black when they're burnt? Why can I hear rain all the time? Plus, redefining the kil...

What causes double rainbows?

What is deja vu? Why do certain magnets attract? Why do tea stains form in a ring? Can you scientifically work out someone's date of birth? How does mercury and lead stay in your body? Do mermaids exist? Do helium balloons defy gravity? What causes a d...

Can phantom limb pain be treated?

Can overhead electrical cables interfere with radio signals? Are diesel and petrol made differently? What is a vasectomy? Can phantom limb pain be treated? Are memories passed on through your genes? How much water does it take to boil an egg? Can surge...

Why do we need sleep?

Why do we need sleep? How do tides work? Could aliens already be here that we simply can't detect? Plus, how being bird-brained isn't such a bad thing.

Can humans slow down time?

How do scientists calculate the mass and velocity of planets? Why does time slow down during accidents? Is table salt bad for us? Why do cockroaches end up on their backs when they die? Will other primates become human? Plus, a lumpy Earth!

How did life begin on earth?

Is our galaxy moving around? How did life begin? Why do my feet only sometimes sweat? How do you explain the big bang? Why do people think the moon landing was faked? Where does foam on the sea come from? Plus, the Nobel prizes!

Do paternity tests work on identical twin fathers?

Do serious hurricanes only occur in the Northern hemisphere? Is the Y chromosome a mutated X chromosome? Does a blood transfusion change your DNA? Plus, the gene drive on the most dangerous animal in the world; the mosquito.

How can smoking marijuana affect your health?

How do we know the earth is round? Why do some people make noises during sex? Why do crabs move sideways? Why are some parts of the sea violent with lots of waves, whereas others aren't? How can smoking marijuana affect your health? How can some female...

How dangerous are shisha pipes?

Does Mars have layers like Earth? Is shisha dangerous? Why does cold water make my toothache worse, but cold beer doesn't? Does cleaning vegetables with baking powder work? Do any two humans have the same fingerprint? Why do I sleep talk?

What makes strange quarks strange?

What is so strange about a strange quark? Why do I sweat when I'm eating food? Why don't things weigh more on Everest? Why does my speedometer in my car and app show different things? How does a heat shield work? How does alcohol affect people of diffe...

Can atoms die?

Can atoms die? How does fasting influence diabetics? If you burn polystyrene is it dangerous? Is it possible to grow trees on Mars? How important is fat for baby brains? How long before the planet is overpopulated? Do butterflies taste with their feet?

Why do galaxies spin?

Do galaxies turn clockwise or anticlockwise? What's the difference between dark matter and dark energy? Why do older people have quivering voices? Why is our planet called Earth? How do bionic eyes work?

Why do women live longer than men?

Why do women live longer than men? How do birds fly in a group? Why do loose stones hit my windshield? Why are some cremated ashes white and others grey? What's the point of a sneeze? Plus, engineering better batteries.

Are Phobias Hereditary?

Are phobias hereditary? Does hair grow after death? Do we really share 5% of DNA with Neanderthals? Why do some people have such good memories? Why is the sea salty? Could we lock away all the carbon dioxide?

How are stars born?

Why are some stars second generation? Why is yawning contagious? Why is the moon moving away from us? What causes lag on live broadcasts? Why can't you put metal in a microwave? How do stars form? Plus, organ transplants.

Why does cannabis cause the munchies?

Can we harness the power of the ocean for electricity? Why are some people lucky? Can I stop my plant from fruiting? Why do my eyes go red when I smoke a joint? Are cigarettes or joints worse for you? Plus, water on Mars.

Can we harness the power of lightning?

How much water do we lose in a day? What's the best way to drink a scotch? Can we harness the power of lightning? Can things move faster than the speed of light? Are things that burn totally destroyed? Could a cable run from earth to space to generate ...

Why Isn't Everyone Ambidextrous?

What is a near-death experience? How do you stop mosquitoes getting into water tanks? Why isn't everyone ambidextrous? What is Schrodinger's Cat? Why does elephant urine take so long to dry out on roads? How do we measure the distance to far away stars...

Are GMOs harming my health?

How do seedless grapes reproduce? What causes serial womanisers? What's the fastest way to cool down a fire? Why does brewing tea for longer taste better? Why do gazelles all look the same? Can GMOs be harming my health? Plus, saving the Northern White...

Why do we have body odour?

Why do we have body odour? Can weeds be useful? Could marine animals learn not to eat plastic in the ocean? How does your body warm up when you're swimming in cold water? Why does my dog twitch to a particular sound? If an aeroplane followed the path o...

Why doesn't my snoring wake me up?

Why is there always room for dessert? Why doesn't my own snoring wake me up? What actually happens when we die? Why does my helium balloon get more squishy? Can humans really live for 200 years? What is vascular dementia?

How does my brain store information?

Why can I hold off a bathroom stop when I'm driving? How does my brain store information? Why don't birds sitting on power lines get electrocuted? Why do bubbles in a bath disappear when the water gets cold? Why are rainbows such perfect arches? What c...

Why is phosphorus important for life?

Do white rainbows exist? Why does putting cold hands in hot water itch so much? Do food additives cause cancer? How can you safely store breastmilk? How does race affect eye and hair colours? Plus, fighting off dementia by seeing your friends. Chris Sm...

Is Jurassic Park possible?

Could Jurassic Park be a reality? How did dinosaur blood survive for 65 million years? Why is volcanic gas poisonous? Is astrology scientific? What is the Universe expanding into?

How does shark repellent work?

Why don't I sneeze during the night? Why do flammable liquids feel cold? Can you speed up meteors to help destroy them? What causes me to cry all the time? How do shark repellents work? Plus, a cure for the common cold!

Does The Earth Have A Birthday?

How can you reduce pain after surgery? Why do thick fluids wobble when poured? Why is the Earth's core molten? Plus, celebrating the 65th anniversary of discovering DNA.