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The Outsiders Podcast Ep 14: Endgame

We have been away for a while but now we are back to settle the score. Includes thoughts on the new Grizzlies front office regime as well as information and insight on the coaching search
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 13 - Views - 2-8-19

The Grizzlies pulled off 3 trades yesterday and we are here to share our views.
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 10 - Dreams and Nightmares - 1-22-19

Martin Luther King Jr. is outraged by the Grizzlies performance on MLK Day and we decided to talk about that and more in this edition.
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 9 - Voodoo Spaghetti - 1-15-19

We are back today to discuss the current state of the Grizz. Is it time to tank? Can you trade Marc Gasol, Conley over everything and is Robert Pera being hands on a good thing?
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 7 - Outsiders Toot As They Please - 12-10-18

It's a toot our own horn episode as we celebrate Jaren becoming the GOATICORN in spite of Chris Herrington and Peter Edmiston's wishes and Joakim Noah actually being good. (duh) Anthony is the new Grizz writer for the Memphis Flyer and is Memphis real...
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 6 - Goaticorn - w/ Peter Edmiston and Chris Herrington - 11-30-18

Peter Edmiston of the Athletic and Chris Herrington of the Daily Memphian jumped on with us today to discuss the Grizzlies surprising start and the role that Jaren Jackson Jr. has played in it. Are the Grizz maximizing his potential? Are they unnecess...
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 5 - Grit & Gray - 11-20-18

Post Timberwolves discussion. Jamychal is back and how it will affect Jaren's minutes. The Grizz #BounceBack is here and ahead of schedule. Marc is feasting on the league's best bigs.
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 4 - Rasslin' Rasslin' Rasslin' Rasslin'...Nothing But Rasslin' - 11-8-2018

The Grizzlies win on the court but can't get out of their own way off of the court with their new #MainEvent wrestling themed City Edition uniforms. Tiger Basketball early impression, Freddie Mercury and can you avoid movie trailers?
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 3 - 81-1 Aint So Bad - 10/24/18

First show since the season started and it's obvious that we are going 81 - 1. Jaren Jackson is ahead of schedule and is now in the starting lineup, JB bounced back after some head scratching decisions in his first game, Mike and Marc are still good a...
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 2 - It’s Just Preseason? - 10/11/2018

The Grizzlies have a few preseason games under their belt and we decided to share our thoughts on what we've seen and haven't seen. The Grizz signed DJ Stephens and why we are not pleased with how Jaren Jackson Jr has been used
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 1 - Media Day - 9/25/2018

We are back from our break and back on the Grind. The Grizzlies had media day today and we shared our thoughts on all of the sights and sounds.
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 28: Worst Behavior - Outsiders vs Grizz PR - 8/6/18

We were on our worst behavior last week and course the Grizzlies wanted to put us in time out. Yeah good luck with that. Thoughts on the uniforms. Grizz roster nuggets to end the show
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 27: Pera-Normal Activity - 7/25/18

The Grizzlies made more moves since we last recorded and we will share our thoughts on those. And speaking of moves, they have all had a common theme and we will explain exactly whose hand has been controlling the joysticks and whose hand has been mo...
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 26: 7/18/18

The Grizzlies wrapped up the Summer League and we gave our final takes, oh yeah and Wade Baldwin is still trash. We miraculously traded Ben McLemore and Deyonta Davis for Garrett Temple so we shared our thoughts on that as well.
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 25: 7/9/18

Grizz Summer League is in full swing and Jaren Jackson Jr is making us all believers. We discuss this as well as the other players on the roster and their play including Selden, Simmons, Stephens, Davis, and Rabb. Kyle Anderson is a Grizzly now and ...
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 24: Quick Draft Reaction - 6/22/18

The Grizz came out of the draft with Jaren Jackson Jr and Jevon Carter. We gave our immediate response to what points to the #NewGNG era
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 23: Part Two - The Porter Love Below

We came back to back with this double cd edition of the podcast. We spoke on the recent Michael Porter situation and asked did the Grizz make him a promise and is he really hurt? Also dropped highly likely Grizz draft night trade and reminded everyon...
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 23: Part One - PreacherBoxxx - with Gary Parrish

Gary Parrish took us to church as he joined us to talk Penny Hardaway, Michael Porter Jr., Marvin Bagley, not "just sticking to sports" and Media Beef
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Podcast Ep 22: Monday 5/21/18 - Outsiders vs Peter Edmiston

Ohhhh it's about to go DOWN! Special 2 Hour Edition of the podcast as Peter Edmiston ( @PeterEdmiston ) from Sports 56 and Locked On Grizz sits in with us to chop it up with us about Luka Doncic, the draft, Chris Wallace, Fizzdale, Bickerstaff and lite...
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep 21: 5/17/18 Post Draft Lottery

The Grizzlies ended up with the 4th pick after the lottery so we decided to chop it up about the guys that might be there.
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep 20: 5/7/18

Today we talked about the Luka Doncic Media Machine and how its ok to pull for him because he's well..white. JB Bickerstaff hiring, Fizdale to New York, Grizzlies draft, Becky Hammon, Beer and Black Panter
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep 19: 4/16/18

On todays episode we talked about the Grizzlies exit interviews last week, Cam continues his defense of Chris Wallace, will the Grizz replace Bickerstaff, draft talk and typical offensive nonsense.
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep: 18 4/9/18

On today's episode we celebrate the Grizz basically successfully completing #TankEmDown901 and what's next. Where is Tyreke Evans? Has Wallace been as bad as we say he has? Marshon Brooks, the draft and where will the Grizz be in the standings next se...
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep 17: Monday 4/2/18

Today Anthony is back after Cam talked him off of the ledge when it looked like the #TankEmDown901 campaign was over. Recap of linking up with Chris Vernon. Draft talk, Tigers vs Grizz, and mindless rants
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep 16: Monday 3/12/18

We Are Back With A Lot Of Catching Up To Do! The Tubby Smith Era is looking to come to an end and Penny Hardaway is on the way in. MAJOR Grizz ownership news. Is Wallace really that bad? Tyreke Evans and Grizz draft talk. #TankEmDown901
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep 15: Tuesday 11/28/17

The Grizz shockingly fired Coach Dave Fizdale and we discussed the fallout
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep: 14 Tuesday 11/14/17

Grizz take another loss with Mike and Marc coming up short. What's STILL wrong with Mike? All Hail Lord Tyreke!
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep 13: Friday 11-3-2017

In this episode we talked about the Grizz two game losing streak and how whether or not its time to sound the alarm. We also broke down the #CrackHeadHairTheory and possibly BURY IT?! Also we end the show with a hilarious Grizz Conspiracy that tops a...
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep: 12 - Tuesday 10/17/17

The Grizz trimmed their roster to 15 today and we shared our reaction to it. We also touched on the Tony Allen jersey retirement.
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep: 11 Sunday 10-15-17 (Subscribers Only)

On today's episode we talked about Coach Fizdale's decision to bring Chandler Parsons off of the bench at power forward. We also took a look at how Monday's deadline to trim the roster might play out
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep: 10 w/ Chris Herrington - Wednesday 10-11-17

Chris Herrington of the Commercial Appeal joined us today to do our official Grizzlies Preseason Edition of the show as well as raise his stock in the Racial Draft
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep: 9 Wednesday 10/4/17

On today's show we talked the preseason play of Chandler Parsons and Mario Chalmers as well as the dilemma that Jarell Martin's recent play has caused.
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep: 8 Thursday 9/28/17

In today's episode I'm not sure what we really talked about but it's been a long time and we had fun so tune in!
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep: 6 Wednesday 7/12/17

Today we discussed the loss of Zbo and how it effects things going forward. Grizz add Tyreke Evans. Is the team better now? Summer League
The Outsiders Podcast author

Outsiders Ep. 5 Monday July 3, 2017

The Grizzlies inked Ben McLemore so of course we had to chop it up about that as well as thoughts on Wayne Selden, Kobi Simmons, plus the fate of Brandon Wright, ZBO and Tony Allen. Also talked about the teams general direction going forward.
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep 4: Thursday 6/28/17

In today's episode we discussed the CP3 to Houston deal as well as it's effect on the Grizzlies as well as the NBA. We also took a look at the Grizzlies introductory press conference for Ivan Rabb & Dillan Brooks, as well as free agency. Includes...
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep. 3 Friday 6/23/17

Today we shared our thoughts on the Grizzlies draft as well as why we have so many issues with #GrindCityMedia
The Outsiders Podcast author

The Outsiders Ep 2 Thursday June 22nd, 2017

Today we took a deeper look into the Grizzlies pending free agents. We also took a look at how draft night might pan out as well as the direction of the team going forward
The Outsiders Podcast author

Outsiders Ep 1 Tuesday 6/20/17

WE BACK!! Grizz Free Agency and Draft Talk
The Outsiders Podcast author