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Join Drew Adams, Mike Adams and Ron Wagner has we talk ACC Basketball, ACC Football, Panthers and the NFL, the NBA and the hot sports topics of the day.

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Join Drew Adams, Mike Adams and Ron Wagner has we talk ACC Basketball, ACC Football, Panthers and the NFL, the NBA and the hot sports topics of the day.
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Panthers 2018 preview, NFL story lines we are excited about, Braves are good again, and a fresh round of Buy, Sell or Hold

Panther’s season preview NFL favorite story lines to watch UNC self-reported violations (players sold Air Jordans), and then asked for leniency citing “player safety” Lebron to LA, Kawhi to Toronto - NBA free-agency Atlanta Braves are good again, how ...
American Podcast Company author

Carolian Panthers 2017 season and NCFC's bid for Major League Soccer team

Mike and Drew discuss the firing of David Gettlemen from the Carolina Panther's front office and what the upcoming Panther's season will be like.  We also discuss the prospect of Major League Soccer coming to the Triangle and compare the Carolina Hurri...
American Podcast Company author

Ep. 36 - Top 3 Lesson Learned from 1st Round NBA Playoffs

What are the Top 3 Lessons from Round 1? What did we learn from Cavaliers 4-0 sweep that included a 26 point come from behind victory? Were the Celtics ever really on the ropes? Listen as newcomer Willie Green joins Mike and Drew to talk about playing ...

Ep. 35 - NBA Playoffs - Best First Round Matchups

NBA Playoffs? NBA Playoffs! Can LeBron flip the switch? Early round upset? Could James Harden survive the force of nature that is Westbrook and shoot down the Spurs? The NBA renaissance is fully upon us and Drew and Mike will break down the 2017 match-...

Ep. 34 - Playing JV basketball for the UNC Tarheels

UNC basketball program just won its sixth national championship and its third one under Roy Williams. But before Roy was head coach, for 8 years he was an assistant coach under Dean Smith and during that time he was head coach of the UNC JV Mens basket...

Ep. 33 - UNC beats Gonzaga - Our "real-time" reactions

We recorded our pre-game predictions, mid-game reaction and post-game conclusions and then stitched them together in the podcast SPECIAL EDITION. . Relive the NCAA championship game with Ron, Mike and Drew as it was happening.

Ep. 32 - ACC Bombs, Our Sweet 16 Picks And The NCAA And HB2 Combine To Hose Duke

How come the ACC got smoked during a wild opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament? Why did the NCAA force Duke to play a road game as a second seed? Plus, we discuss our favorite Sweet 16 matchups (Gonzaga-West Virginia/Kentucky-UCLA, anyone?) before a ...

BONUS - ACC Player Predictions: Who's staying and who's going?

Now that the Sweet Sixteen is here and only 1 ACC team has it, this talk is more relevant in ever. Avid listeners of the podcast will recognize this as Part 3 of Episode 30. In it, we take a list of ACC players with professional basketball hopes and Ro...

Ep. 31 - March Madness - Steal These Picks!

It's NCAA Tournament time and if you are looking for a No. 12 (or 13) seed to pick to get an upset or wondering which No. 1 or 2 seed is most likely to lose, listen to this episode! In it Drew mines Mike and Ron for their best pick ideas and then braze...

Ep. 30 - Duke-Carolina, Debating The All-ACC Teams, And Will Brooklyn Steal The ACC Tournament?

The North Carolina Tar Heels ended the ACC basketball season atop the standings, and we take a second to talk about their final two games - the win against the Duke Blue Devils, where they scored 90 points, and the loss against the Virginia Cavaliers, ...

Ep. 29 - ACC Hoops, Mark Gottfried fired at NC State

In Mark Gottfried's 5 1/2 years as the North Carolina State men's basketball coach, he made four NCAA tournament appearances and twice advanced to the Sweet 16. Yet he was fired last week. Mike Adams, State fan and alum, talks about what went wrong and...

Ep. 28 - Super Bowl 51 Recap

The Falcons were ahead 28 - 3 in the third quarter. Brady looked shook. Then a little thing we like to refer to as "the greatest choke in the history of professional sports" happened. We try and break down the crazy awesome comeback that was Super Bowl...

Ep. 27 - Super Bowl 51 - The Prop Bets

It's Super Bowl 51 (LI; does anyone else miss the Roman numerals?) time, and in this episode we take on the Super Bowl prop bets. You know, the stuff only experts would know - like who will score the first touchdown, what Lady Gaga's first song will be...

Ep. 26 - LA ... Chargers? Plus, All-NBA picks, Super Bowl 51, and ACC hoops

The NFL is back in Los Angeles, and with not one team but two. Will it be twice the fun, or do LA fans really hate the Chargers as much as they seem to? Also, we jump right in on the Super Bowl, ponder just how much NBA players embarrassed themselves w...

Ep. 25 - Clemson v Alabama Recap, NFL Playoffs and ACC basketball

We recap Clemson vs Alabama. Was it better than last year's championship? One of the best games ever? We also check-in with ACC Men's basketball and discuss who's the team to beat. Will Florida State fade come tournament time or do they have what it ta...

Ep. 24 - The Top 10 Sports Stories of 2016

After conducting our "official" Blooperman poll, we reveal our top 10 most compelling sports stories of 2016. And lots of amazing things happened this year. We had an Olympics that featured Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps both accomplishing amazing feats...

Ep. 23 - Future of the NFL

We use Bill Simmons and Malcolm Gladwell's recent post on the subject of the Future of Football ( as a spring board to talk about football's "second conversations" and ou...

Ep. 22 - Donald Trump is now the president of the United States. Wait, what?

We take a full break from sports to dive into Donald Trump's shocking victory in the presidential election. Some people think it's a great thing. We ponder how that's possible, and try to predict the future.

Ep. 21 - Second Presidential Debate, Panthers, MLB and College Football

We discuss the 2nd presidential debate and Mike predicts something that ended up coming true. We also give our thoughts on the MLB playoffs and do a round of Buy, Sell or Hold.

Ep. 20 - First Presidential debate, Colin Kaepernick and Carolina Panther's rocky start

We talk about our favorite moments from first presidential debate. You will never believe what the pilot said when he sat down next to Mike at a bar in an airport as the debate began. Ron shares his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick's now that the protests ...

Ep. 19 - NCAA moves championships from North Carolina w/ special guest Dave Brown

We discuss the NCAA moving its championship games from North Carolina and athletes protesting during national anthem. We also talk with Dave Brown, reporter for the Concord Monitor, about the questions he asked Bill Belichick that caused an uproar amon...

Ep. 18 - Olympics 2016

The Olympic spirit grabbed us, shook us out of our summer blahs, and inspired us. Too bad that didn't happen in Rio, where there was hardly anyone in the stands. What did you think of the NBC coverage? Also, find out who Ron thinks is the greater Olymp...

Ep. 17 - Warriors v Thunder, Tony Gwynn

We talk about Draymond's kick, OKC's dominance and talk about Tony Gwynn's family's lawsuit.

Ep. 16 - Moogfest Recap

What was it like to attend Moogfest and hear "Explosions in the Sky" at 2am? We will tell you that and more.

Ep. 15 - Jose Bautista and Memphis Grizzlies basketball with special guest Dave Adams

Jose Bautista gets hit by pitch, has a ball thrown at his head and get punched in the face. What was his transgrettion? Flipping a bat after hitting a studly home run in Game 5 of last years ALDS. How is this possibly justified? Is there any place for ...

Ep. 14 - Moogfest

We try and get our arms around Moogfest the huge electronic music that is so much more. With special guest Josh Segal, an organizer at the festival, we get introduced to the concept of transhumanism as well as learn about the plethora of activities at ...

Ep. 13 - Curry, Durant, Westbrook, DWade, Kawhi and Explosions in the Sky

Amazingly, some people (*Cough, Mike Adams, Cough*) aren't convinced Steph Curry is the best player in the NBA, and in this edition of the Blooperman Podcast our resident data analyst and NBA junkie lays out his case against the unanimous league MVP as...

Ep. 12 - Prince

In this episode, we wax poetic about the life and music of Prince and reminisce on our memories of his music in our lives. We also tackle some NBA Playoffs, Major League Baseball and have a round of "Buy Sell and Hold".

Ep. 11 - First round NBA Playoffs, HB2, College Basketball Recruitment Classes

In this episode of the Blooperman Podcast, we try to see the end of the NBA playoffs and can’t. That’s because they go on forever and ever and ever and ever with an endless stream of Game 7 series with foregone conclusions and scheduling that makes no ...

Ep. 10 - Master's Recap, NBA playoff preview and MLB check-in

Justin Spieth totally, completely and utterly collapsed in the final round at The Masters. Dude blew a five-shot lead in nine holes. Check that - three holes. That's a gag, right? Well, not necessarily. In this episode of the Blooperman Podcast, Mike b...

Ep. 9 - NCAA title game reflections, MLB and the Masters

We talk about the NCAA title game, pick a Major League Baseball team to follow and discuss why is it that the Masters is golf's biggest tournament. Plus, a round of "Buy, Sell, or Hold" including a "Buy, Sell or Hold" on "One Shining Moment".

Ep. 7 - March Madness - Men's College Basketball Tournament

We talk about the first two rounds of the NCAA Men's College Basketball tournament and breakdown the action to come.

Ep. 6 - NCAA bracket predictions

We break down the bracket.

Ep. 5 - ACC Men's Basketball, NCAA tournament

The ACC men’s basketball marquee event started yesterday in the traditional way: With four lousy teams playing somewhere far away, we’re not sure where, on a Tuesday in front of nobody. In this edition of the Blooperman Podcast, we discuss the teeterin...

Ep. 4 - Oscars talk with Edwin Arnaudin

We talk with Edwin Arnaudin, movie critic for the Asheville-Citizen Times, about what makes a move Oscar worthy and whether "The Revenant" would have been better off if it had stuck closer to what actually happened Hugh Glass.

Ep. 3 - Super Bowl 50 recap, UNC - Duke Basketball and a round of "Buy, Sell or Hold"

We recap our Super Bowl predictions, share our takes on 1st Duke UNC Men's basketball game and do a round of "Buy, Sell or Hold" on the future of the NFL as America's favorite sport.

Ep. 2 - Blooperman Podcast

In this episode of the Blooperman Podcast we explore the location of the Super Bowl, we do our best to predict the score and then make our Super Bowl prop bets including how many times "dab" or "dabbing" will be said during the broadcast.

Ep. 1 - Blooperman Podcast

What is it about Cam Newton? The NFL’s best player has lived up to every expectation you could possibly have of a quarterback picked No. 1 overall, but with his rise to national sports icon and unquestionably the biggest star in Charlotte sports histor...