Arthro-Pod is a podcast dedicated to examining insects through both a scientific and cultural lense

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The home for Arthro-Pod,the podcast that teaches you about the weird and wonderful world of insects!
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Arthro-Pod at ESA 2017: Making Friends with Ask an Entomologist

Hey there bug lovers! Our final on the road production features Joe Ballenger and Nancy Miorelli of Ask an Entomologist. Tune in to hear about their amazing work and how it can help folks and also learn that scientists are people too with weird hobbies...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Quickcast 2 from ESA 2017: Sheryl Hosler, The Roving Naturalist!

Hey there bug lovers we're coming at you from EntSoc2017 in Denver with another quick-cast! In this episode we meet up with Sheryl Hosler a.k.a The Roving Naturalist! We talk YouTube, how videos help with science communication, and bison poop! Be sure ...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Quickcast from ESA 2017: Sarah Triplett of Butterfly Pavilion

Hey there bug lovers! We're coming at you from the Entomological Society of America National meeting in Denver, CO! We're trying to put together some "quickcasts" for all of you and our first one features Sarah Triplett of Butterfly Pavilion. Tune in t...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 33: The Horror of Parasitoid Insects!

Hi there bug lovers and welcome to our Halloween special! Today, Jody and Jonathan are featuring parasitoids, one of the most fascinating groups of insects! Their life cycles lend themselves to Halloween discussion as they are often reminiscent of the ...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 32: Are you afraid of insects

Hi there bug lovers! On today's show Jody Green and Michael Skvarla talk about fears surrounding our six-legged friends. For some people insects produce feelings of unease and the heebie jeebies! What is that brought them to this and is there any way t...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 31: Winter is coming for insects

Hi there bug lovers! On today's show Jody and Jonathan discuss how insects survive the falling temperatures of winter. While some may just wait out the cold as an egg, others may stick around as an adult form which can lead to negative interactions ...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 30: Get to Know the Brown Recluse

Hi there bug lovers! On today's show Mike and Jonathan are talking all about the infamous brown recluse! While this eight-legged animal may inspire fear in the heart of many, perhaps it is just misunderstood? Tune in to learn about where the brown recl...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 29: The Migration of Painted Lady Butterflies

Tune in to today's show where Jody and Jonathan chat about painted lady butterflies and the magnificent migration that has been occurring. Painted ladies, aka cosmopolitans, are found on nearly every continent on Earth and are a handsome mixture of ora...
Jonathan Larson author

Welcome to Arthro-Pod 2.0!

Hi there bug lovers! It's been a while since I released an episode and for that I apologize. Arthro-Pod is one of the favorite aspects of my job but it can be tough as a one-man band. That is why I am excited to announce that Arthro-Pod is going throug...
Jonathan Larson author

Episode 28: Entomology and Entrepreneurship with Aaron Dossey

Howdy, howdy bug lovers! Today on Arthro-Pod we meet up with Dr. Aaron Dossey of All Things Bugs. Aaron is ascientist who has followed an interesting career trajectory from postdoc to CEO. He's got a book out (link down below) wrote the resolution to g...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthropods 101: Spiders, mites, and horseshoe crabs, oh my! Get to know Chelicerata!

Greetings arthropod lovers of all stripes!Today Mike Skvarla and I sit downwith Ray Fisher of the University of Arkansas to discuss Chelicerata. Now you may be saying to yourself, "What is a Chelicerata? It sounds like an exotic sports car." and you wo...
Jonathan Larson author

Episode 27 Podcast Pollination with Bugs& Stuff

Howdy bug lovers!Today we meet up with Cari and Caitlin from the awesome podcast Bugs& Stuff! We chat all about science communication, being a grad student, and how entomology and podcasting go together. It is a lot of fun and I promise you will gi...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthropods 101: What makes arthropods special?

Hi there bug lovers and welcome to today's show! We're beginning a new venture here on Arthro-Pod that focuses on our namesake phylum, Arthropoda! If you listen to these episodes you will gain a greater understanding of what makes an arthropod an arthr...
Jonathan Larson author

Episode 26: Dissecting the World of Pest Control with Carl Braun

Hi there bug lovers! On today's episode we are joined by Carl Braun of Quality Pest Control. On Arthro-Pod we talk about a lot of different kinds of pet insects and have heard from a lot of scientists but today's show looks at the world pest control fr...
Jonathan Larson author

Episode 25: Understanding Ekbom's Syndrome with Joe Ballenger

Hi there bug people! On today's show we are joined by Joe Ballenger of Ask an Entomologist! Joe helps us to lean more about Ekbom's Syndrome (also known as delusory parasitosis) including the history of this phenomenon, what sufferers go through, and w...
Jonathan Larson author

Episode 24: Writing for Entomology Today with Richard Levine

That's right bug lovers, it's a double header of entomology podcasts for you! Yesterday we heard from Dr. Marianne Shockley about eating insects and today we get to hear from Richard Levine of the Entomological Society of America! Richard teaches me ab...
Jonathan Larson author

Episode 23: Chowing down on insects with Dr. Marianne Shockley

Howdy, howdy bug lovers! On today's Halloween spectacular we meet up with Dr. Marianne Shockley of the University of Georgia! This episode is also a road-trip episode as Dr. Shockley and I crossed paths while we were both on campus at the University of...
Jonathan Larson author

Episode 22: A Journey into Forest Entomology with Dr. David Coyle

Howdy, howdy bug lovers! Welcome to our latest episode where we will focus in on forest entomology with Dr. David Coyle! Dr. Coyle covers topics such as invasive species biology, what are some of the worst forest invasive insects around, and native bar...
Jonathan Larson author

Episode 21: Biocontrol Basics with Dr. Lauren Diepenbrock

Hey there bug lovers! Today we are covering biological control, a dynamic and interesting topic if there ever was one! Our guest is Dr. Lauren Diepenbrock of North Carolina State University and she helps to lay out the different kinds of biological con...
Jonathan Larson author

Episode 20: Getting to Know Mosquitoes with Dr. Cameron Webb

Hey there bug lovers! We're back (finally) with a new episode! Tune in as I am joined by Dr. Cameron Webb of the University of Sydney and we chat about mosquitoes. Learn about the natural history of these tiny blood suckers as well as a variety of tips...
Jonathan Larson author

Episode 19: Selenium vs Ants with Deborah De La Riva

Greetings bug lovers and welcome to episode 19 of Arthro-Pod!Today we meet up with Deborah De La Riva of the University of California Riverside to learn all about ants, pollutants, and entomology outreach in California!Plus: What the heck is a lilac-as...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 18: A Dance with Dragonflies; Featuring Dr. Jessica Ware

Greetings bug lovers and welcome to episode 18 of Arthro-Pod!Today we meet up with Dr. Jessica Ware of Rutgers Universityto learn all about dragonflies and where they come from in evolutionary history!Plus: Learn how to deal with fleas!Is there a bette...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 17: The Entomology Society Awakens!

Greetings listeners! Today we will be featuring some awesome and quick interviews that occurred at the 2015 national Entomological Society of America meeting in Minneapolis, MN! I was lucky enough to meet up with 24 different scientists who all had a g...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 16: Arctic Arachnology with Dr. Chris Buddle

Greetings bug lovers! Today we are diving into arachnology with special guest Dr. Chris Buddle of McGill University.Tune in to learnabout the spiders that live in the arctic and also a bit about finding happiness in academia!You should definitely check...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 15: Save the Bees and be a Citizen Scientist with Louise Lynch and Natalia Bjorklund

Greetings bug lovers! Today we are going to learn all about bees, how to help them, and citizen science projects! Anyone can be a scientist and help to unlock the mysteries of the insect world, so join up! In addition we use the Kermes scale for our Pe...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 14: Aquatic Insects and Invasive Species with Dr. Josh Adkins

Hey there bug people and welcome to today's show! Today's feature interview is with aquatic entomologist and all around cool guy Josh Adkins of Transylvania University! Tune in to learn more about invasive species and their far reaching effects, what k...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 13: Bat-Insect Interactions with Dr. Luke Dodd

On today's show we will be slightly stepping outside of our normal arthropod parameters! Join us as we visit with bat expert Dr. Luke Dodd of Eastern Kentucky University to learn about these interesting insect predators! We also dig into bat conservati...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 12: Native Pollinator Buzz with Dr. Amber Vinchesi

Hey there bug people and welcome to today's show! Join us as we visit with Dr. Amber Vinchesi to learn about native pollinators and how to conserve them! Plus we have our pest profile starring odorous house ants and we learn about two new resources in ...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 11:Get Rid of Chicken Pests with Amy Murillo

Hey there bug people and welcome to today's show! Our first few minutes are focused on two Entomology Today news pieces, so check those out. But then, we move into our pest profile/feature interview with chicken entomologist Amy Murillo! She regales us...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 10: Find your inner bug dork with The Bug Chicks

Hey there bug people and welcome to today's show! We open with a look at that pesky indoor invader, the Indian meal moth. Then we cover some exciting Entomology Today news. Following that we are joined by Jessica Honaker and Kristie Reddick, collective...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 9: Urban Heat Islands, Scale Insects, and their Sugar Candy Poop with Emily Meineke

Hey there entomophiles and welcome to today's show! Today's episode is chock-full of great stuff for you! In the introduction we have a pest profile featuring silverfish and firebrats as well as our Entomology Today news segment. Then we are joined by ...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 8: Art, Beetles, and Curation with Dr. Ainsley Seago

 Hello everyone and welcome to our 8th episode! Today we are going to be talking all beetles all the time! We start with our pest profile covering dermestid beetles and introduce our new section, Entomology News! Then we have a great interview with tax...
Jonathan Larson author

Arthro-Pod Episode 7: Bed Bugs 101 with Jennifer Gordon

Hello everyone and welcome to our 7th episode! Today we focus all our attention on one pest, the vampiric bed bug. In order to understand this pest better, we meet up with bed bug expert Jennifer Gordon of the University of Kentucky. So, tune in and le...
Jonathan Larson author