Are We There Yet?

When it comes to human space exploration, we’re on the brink of something big.

Join host Brendan Byrne, space reporter at 90.7 WMFE in Orlando, Fla., as he explores the advances in human space exploration. From conversations with the engineers and scientists building the technology one day heading to Mars, to talks with visionaries and leaders who want to take humankind to deep space, the Are We There Yet? podcast reveals the next chapters in human space exploration.

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The Moon, Mars & Cowboy Hats: A Conversation With ULA’s Tory Bruno

Tory Bruno is CEO of United Launch Alliance, the rocket giant responsible for more than a dozen missions to Mars.
90.7 WMFE author

Astronaut Chris Ferguson Ready To Return To Space

Chris Ferguson is a Boeing astronaut and soon he’ll command the first crewed mission of Boeing's Starliner on a trip to the International Space Station.
90.7 WMFE author

The Great Pluto Debate

The debate over Pluto’s planethood has been reinvigorated once again, thanks to a new paper co-authored by a University of Central Florida planetary scientist.
90.7 WMFE author

NASA’s Next Generation Of Astronauts

Last week, NASA announced Commercial Crew mission assignments. The Commercial Crew program will launch astronauts to the International Space Station from U.S. soil for the first time since 2011. NASA is doing it with private companies SpaceX and Boeing...
90.7 WMFE author

A Mission To Touch The Sun

A spacecraft is about to launch on a mission to the sun, coming closer than any other spacecraft has ever come before and zooming through the solar system with mind-boggling speed.
90.7 WMFE author

Water On Mars

The discovery of water evidence is a huge discovery on the red planet but what does it mean for our future exploration on Mars?
90.7 WMFE author

Now Is A Great Time To Check Out Mars

The Mars Opposition is happening at the end of this month. That means Mars and the sun are on opposite sides of the Earth, giving an up-close view of the red planet - the closest it has been in 15 years.
90.7 WMFE author

Trouble On The HI-SEAS

A simulated Mars mission was cut short earlier this year after a crew member was injured. Just what happened in the fake Mars habitat in Hawaii and what does that mean for future experiments?
90.7 WMFE author

Bringing Gemini Home: Programming Re-entry

In the 1960s, it was up to programmers like Alice Schmidt to help bring Gemini capsules safely home.
90.7 WMFE author

Humans To Mars Summit

The Humans to Mars Summit wrapped up this week in Washington, D.C. It’s a yearly meeting of the minds to chat all things Mars and what it’s going to take to get people there.
90.7 WMFE author

Planning A Trip To Mars

NASA is poised to launch a robotic geologist to Mars. Before it blasts off, what goes into planning that trip?
90.7 WMFE author

To Pluto And Beyond!

Where were you when you first saw Pluto? The New Horizons flyby back in the summer of 2015 had all eyes on the deep spacecraft exploring the outermost parts of our solar system.
90.7 WMFE author

Searching For Alien Worlds

A new space telescope will help scientists identify alien worlds.
90.7 WMFE author

The Space Barons

Washington Post space reporter Christian Davenport spent years interviewing the space barons: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Paul Allen. What is it about space that makes them chase nearly impossible dreams?
90.7 WMFE author

Designing A Mission Patch

To celebrate the second year of the podcast "Are We There Yet?" we commissioned designer Tim Gagnon to create a mission patch. What's the big deal with these things anyways?
90.7 WMFE author

What’s Ahead For Space Exploration In Florida?

Florida’s Space Coast is roaring back to life. Nearly a decade after the shuttle was retired, we’re on the brink of a new age of space exploration that leverages commercial and academic partnerships to send humans farther into the solar system than eve...
90.7 WMFE author

Astronaut Story Musgrave Talks Imagination And Ingenuity

There has only been one person who has flown on all five space shuttles. His name is Story Musgrave.
90.7 WMFE author

Hunting For Expoplanets

You’ve probably heard about exoplanets, right? They're planets that live outside of our solar system. Scientists say they're about to discover tens of thousands of new exoplanets.
90.7 WMFE author

Tracking Rockets

How do camera operators get such tight shots of rockets as they travel to space? By getting real close with a massive camera rig.
90.7 WMFE author

Exciting Year Ahead For Space Exploration

There's a bunch of exciting space exploration mission slated for 2018. From SpaceX's Falcon Heavy to NASA's next Mars lander, space enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in the new year.
90.7 WMFE author

Life On The HI-SEAS

Before we send humans to Mars, it’s probably a smart idea to do a few test runs first, right? That’s what analogs are for. They’re a great way to test the human aspect of space exploration
90.7 WMFE author

Curiosity’s Drill Broke. Now what?

Last year, Curiosity's drill broke. The Mars rover had used the drill to acquire sample material from Martian rocks 15 times so far. But a sensor that monitors the amount of force used on the arm that hold the drill failed. That means Curiousity can’t ...
90.7 WMFE author

After Scott Kelly’s Year In Space, What’s Next?

As scientist continue to sift through all that data from Scott Kelly's year in space, the next generation of astronauts are beginning to look to longer missions in deep space and more extreme environments like the surface of Mars.
90.7 WMFE author

Scott Kelly’s Year In Space

NASA ran an experiment on astronauts and twins Scott and Mark Kelly. They sent Scott up in space for nearly a year, and kept Mark on earth to see how bodies change in microgravity.
90.7 WMFE author

Chasing Triton: A Night On NASA’s SOFIA Aerial Observatory

"Are We There Yet?" host Brendan Byrne takes a trip on SOFIA into the stratosphere as the aerial observatory chases the moon of Neptune over the Atlantic.
90.7 WMFE author

Musk Updates Mars Plans, Pence Sends US To The Moon

Elon Musk has a new plan for Mars and Vice President Mike Pence formalized a goal of going back to the moon. So what does this all mean for space exploration? Mashable's Deputy Science Editor Miriam Kramer joins the podcast to break it down.
90.7 WMFE author

Web Series Explores What It Takes To Become An Astronaut

What does it take to become an astronaut? That’s the question Loren Grush asked ahead of the production of the new web series “Space Craft.”
90.7 WMFE author

Building A Mobile Launch Pad

How do you build a mobile launch pad that will handle missions to deep space?
90.7 WMFE author

Piecing Together A Rocket Inside The Vehicle Assembly Building

Before NASA can launch its next big rocket, the Space Launch System, it has to put it together.
90.7 WMFE author

Launching NASA’s Next Big Rocket

NASA is in the process of developing a rocket system that will take humans past low-earth orbit and into deep space. That huge rocket will launch an uncrewed capsule on a trip around the moon sometime in 2019. And that mission starts from the Kennedy S...
90.7 WMFE author

Buzz Aldrin Is Obsessed With Mars. His Son Is Helping Get Humans There.

The Apollo 11 astronaut and second person to walk on the moon is now developing a plan to send humans to live permanently on the red planet.
90.7 WMFE author

On The Way To An Asteroid

OSIRIS-REx is zooming towards the asteroid Bennu. It's on a mission to collect a sample of asteroid "dirt" and send it back to Earth. Scientists hope to uncover the building blocks of life in the solar system. The spacecraft launched last summer, so wh...
90.7 WMFE author

First“Space Painter” Inspires With Art

Nicole Stott calls herself the Artistic Astronaut -- and for good reason. She’s the first person to paint in space.
90.7 WMFE author

How To Survive On Mars

When the first Martians arrive on the red planet, not much awaits them. There’s no food, no breathable air, no fuel. All they’ll have is what they brought with them -- not much. So how are they going to survive?
90.7 WMFE author

How To Land A Rocket Booster

SpaceX successful launched and landed a"flight proven" rocket booster, the second time this particular booster has seen action and making space flight history. But just what goes into the engineering feat of landing a 180 foot tall booster that's rocke...
90.7 WMFE author

What To Do With Space Waste?

A few months ago, NASA asked the internet for ideas on how to deal with urine and feces inside a flight suit. Flight Surgeon Thatcher Cardon explains how his idea safely removes waste and why NASA thought it was the winning idea.
90.7 WMFE author

How A Recycled Rocket Will Take Us To Mars

SpaceX's ability to launch, land and recycle a rocket could lower the cost of access to space, and pave the way for founder Elon Musk's to reach his ambitious goal of colonizing the red planet.
90.7 WMFE author

Mars Landing Sites& CubeSat Planetary Exploration

Where's the next Mars rover heading? Scientists at the 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference weigh in on three potential landing sites.
90.7 WMFE author

The Sights And Smells Of Space Travel

Bruce Melnick has been to space twice. Once on Space Shuttle Discovery and again on Endeavor's’ first flight. He joins'Are We There Yet?' to tell listeners about the sights and smells of space travel.
90.7 WMFE author

Explosions& Parachutes: Slowing Down Orion

How do you stop a 20,000 pound spacecraft traveling 300 miles per hour? Explosions and parachutes, that's how.
90.7 WMFE author

The Next Space Race?

Elon Musk wants to go to the moon. Well, two private customers want Elon to send them to the moon. The founder of SpaceX says he can do it by the end of 2018. But the mission is similar to one NASA is working on. Is there a new space race on the horizo...
90.7 WMFE author

To Crew, Or Not To Crew, That Is The Question

Could humans be on NASA's next deep-space mission, as early as 2019? NASA’s acting director Robert Lightfoot wants to find out.
90.7 WMFE author

Martian Farmers

Ralph Fritsche is a lot like Mark Watney. He’s growing potatoes in Martian regolith. And as we’ll find out, it’s harder than it looks.
90.7 WMFE author

Farming In Space

Astronauts on the International Space Station are growing their own food. So how do you grow plants in space?
90.7 WMFE author

President Trump’s Space Policy

As President Trump begins his term, he'll appoint a new NASA Administrator. That new head of the public space program will steer NASA's vision for space exploration. So where is it heading?
90.7 WMFE author

Put A Ring On It

The Cassini spacecraft has been exploring Saturn since launching in 1997. Cassini gave planetary scientists incredible insight into the planet’s rings, it’s surface, and moons. As it enters it's final year, UCF Professor and Planetary Scientist Josh Co...
90.7 WMFE author

Oh My: George Takei Talks Science Fiction, Technology, And Interplanetary Equality

George Takei is best known for his role as Sulu, helmsmen on the USS Enterprise during the show Star Trek. George took some time to chat with"Are We There Yet?" about Star Trek, science fiction, and equality in the 23rd century.
90.7 WMFE author

The Glass Universe: How Harvard Women Measured The Stars

'The Glass Universe' explores how the women of Harvard Observatory in 1890 broke through the gender barrier and revolutionized the way astronomers observe the night sky.
90.7 WMFE author

The Everyday Astronaut

It started with a space suit, a bit of imagination and a near-death experience.
90.7 WMFE author

Have You Ever Seen (Through) The Rain?

A fleet of 8 toaster-oven sized satellites are heading to orbit with the task of seeing through rain. NASA’s Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System will measure wind speeds in the tropics to better understand cyclones and hurricanes. And it does th...
90.7 WMFE author