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A basketball podcast that examines the NBA from the starting point of the ATL. Hosted by Kevin Chouinard
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(Ep. 121/ATL and 29) Trae Young is a mirage

Hear Trae Young talk about his response to a fan who said inappropriate things and fired Trae up to a 42-point, 11-assist virtuoso performance. Also: In spite of the other four players on the court with Trae, Kevin chooses to ignore them while spendin...
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(Ep. 120/ATL and 29) Damian Jones is a starter, health updates, and other topics of intrigue

Kevin and Zach talk about Damian Jones' entrance into the starting lineup, what happens to the rotation if Allen Crabbe and Evan Turner are both healthy at the same time, and other topics or recent note. Then Kevin brings some audio of De'Andre Hunter ...
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(Ep. 119/ATL and 29) Recapping the Kings game with Tyler Jones

Tyler and Kevin recap the Hawks' 121-109 loss to the Sacramento Kings and tackle topics like what the Hawks lacked in the loss, the resurgence of Kevin Huerter, the overall superstar play of Trae Young, 12-man rotations, and whether or not the Hawks ha...
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(Ep. 118/ATL and 29) Trae Young and Hawks survive, thrive in Game 1 without John Collins

Kevin recaps the Hawks' 108-100 win over the San Antonio Spurs on the night following the morning in which John Collins' 25-game suspension was announced. Audio clips include Lloyd Pierce talking about his rotation of bigs and Vince Carter weighing in ...
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(Ep. 117/ATL and 29) John Collins has been suspended for 25 games

John Collins was suspended for 25 games for violating the NBA's anti-drug policy for testing positive for growth hormone. Kevin and Zach Hood of Peachtree Hoops discuss the implications for the Hawks going forward. Learn more about your ad choices. Vis...
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(Ep. 116/ATL and 29) Trae Young has Wolverine Blood

Trae Young practiced today, and Kevin brings audio of him talking to the media after practice about his health as well as what he thinks of trainer Chelsea Lane (her official title is much better than that, but she is also tasked with the hands-on task...
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(Ep. 115/ATL and 29) The Hawks are still the 3-seed, plus a lot of Trae Young content

Kevin recaps the Hawks' first loss of the season from a strange evening against the 76ers. Plus, Kevin talks to Lloyd Pierce and Trae Young about various topics: What do the Hawks need to do when teams blitz Trae's pick-and-rolls? What does he get from...
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(Ep. 114/ATL and 29) Trae Young is the NBA's leading scorer

And all I want to talk about is his defense. (OK, maybe a bit more than that.) Kevin recaps the Hawks' 103-99 win over the Orlando Magic that saw Trae Young drop 39 points a game after he set a non-overtime career-high in the season opener with 38 poin...
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(Ep. 113/ATL and 29) The Hawks sit atop the Eastern Conference standings

Kevin and Tyler recap the Hawks' 117-100 win in Detroit with thoughts on the Trae Young, the defense, the rookies, the rotations and many other topics. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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(Ep, 112/ATL and 29) 80 percent of a starting lineup, Kevin Huerter's status, and Trae Young's defense

Lloyd Pierce announced four starters, or essentially as much as he could have announced without knowing Kevin Huerter's status. Hear Pierce talk about his starters and how much Huerter was able to accomplish over the weekend. Plus, is the boost in Trae...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 111/ATL and 29) The Hawks win a preseason game

The Hawks beat the Knicks. Let do player letter grades! Plus, an update on Kevin Huerter and some audio from Lloyd Pierce on on-ball, off-hand contact that seems relevant to some of the things that Trae Young does. Learn more about your ad choices. Vi...
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(Ep. 110/ATL and 29) Trying to figure out the bench, plus other takeaways from two preseason games

With Kevin Huerter and Evan Turner out to this point in the preseason, it's a tricky issue to figure out what the bench – and consequently, the rotation – might look like at the start of the regular season. Kevin prods Tyler to help him predict some an...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 109/ATL and 29) Preseason Game 2: Recap of Hawks' loss to Magic

Kevin recaps the Hawks' loss to Orlando. Trae was hard on himself for his turnovers. John Collins was hard on himself for everything after one of his toughest outings. The rookies are out there trying to do things and defenses are jamming the paint. Pl...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 108/ATL and 29) Preseason Game 1: A Recap

De'Andre and Cam look good! Kevin tries to fish for the highlights amidst 29 turnovers in a 24-point loss – and has no trouble whatsoever doing it. The Hawks rookies are going to be alright. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
SB Nation author

(Ep. 107/ATL and 29) The Best and Most Interesting of the Preseason Quotes from the Atlanta Hawks

Kevin talks to Lloyd Pierce, DeAndre' Bembry, Cam Reddish, Bruno Fernando and Trae Young about various topics headed to the first preseason game. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
SB Nation author

(Ep. 106/ATL and 29) Lukewarm Hawks Takes with Brad Rowland

I mean, the title kind of says everything that needs to be said. Warmer than cold, colder than hot -- these are the middling mild surprise takes that you've come to expect from Brad and me. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
SB Nation author

(Ep. 105/ATL and 29) I spy the 2019-20 NBA season.

On the eve of Media Day, Kevin and Tyler take a look at the upcoming Hawks season. We missed you. Welcome back. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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(Ep. 104/ATL and 29) Omari is a Warrior and Jabari is a Hawk (reportedly)

Kevin is joined by Glen Willis of Peachtree Hoops and the Full Court Press Podcast to discuss the Omari trade, the Jabari signing, Damian Jones' fit in Atlanta and the notable members of Summer Hawks. (Taj Mahjere Hive?)Learn more about your ad choices...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 103/ATL and 29) Summer League and other Hawks happenings

Kevin and Tyler join up to talk about the summer league play of De'Andre Hunter, Bruno Fernando, Omari Spellman and others, and they also discuss the Evan Turner and Chandler Parsons trades. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
SB Nation author

(Ep. 102/ATL and 29) The Kent Bazemore trade

Kevin talks to Glen Willis of Peachtree Hoops about the Kent Bazemore trade, the end of the 60-win Hawks, the Rookie of the Year vote, and the Cam Reddish introductory press conference. Then Kevin talks to Hawks head coach Lloyd Pierce for a few minute...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 101/ATL and 29) Draft night recap with Jeff Siegel

Kevin talks to Jeff Siegel of Early Bird Rights and Peachtree Hoops about the price paid to move up to the #4 pick, what to expect out of De'Andre Hunter, Cam Reddish and Bruno Fernando, and what the Hawks might do in terms of free agents and buyouts i...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 100/ATL and 29) Trading 2nd-round picks plus some pre-draft interviews

Reaction to the Hawks shipping out picks #41 and #44 for assembled assets, plus pre-draft interview audio with Brandon Clarke, Eric Paschall and Bruno Fernando.
SB Nation author

NBA Bloggers’ Mock Draft Recap

Mike Prada, Ben Epstein and Ricky O’Donnell host a recap of this year’s SB Nation NBA Bloggers’ Mock Draft. In addition to going through the picks that were made and discussing fits of certain prospects on certain teams, the guys also talked with Sabre...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 99/ATL and 29) The NBA Draft and the Hawks and one dramatic week in the NBA

Kevin and Tyler discuss the Anthony Davis trade, the future of the Lakers and Pelicans and the various scenarios facing the Hawks with three days left until the NBA Draft. What will Travis Schlenk do with six picks? Who is going to be available at #8? ...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 98/ATL and 29) Travis Schlenk meets with the media

Podcast includes the raw audio from when Travis Schlenk fielded questions from the local media Friday and when Georgian NBA Draft prospect Goga Bitadze met with the media Thursday.
SB Nation author

(Ep. 97) Evaluation of the Brooklyn trade

Kevin talks to Glen Willis of Peachtree Hoops about the trade of Taurean Prince to the Nets, including the Hawks' revamped draft situation, the Hawks' wing rotation for 2019-20 and the prospects for Taurean in Brooklyn.
SB Nation author

(Ep. 96) Gogamania

Kevin talks with Graham Chapple of Peachtree Hoops to discuss Goga Bitadze, Sekou Dembouya, and the future of Dewayne Dedmon in Atlanta. 
SB Nation author

(Ep. 95) A summary of the pre-combine, pre-draft workouts

Kevin talks to some of the college players who worked out in Atlanta prior to the NBA and G-League combines, including Terence Davis, Mamadi, Diakite, Jordan Caroline, Ky Bowman, Zach Norvell, Killian Tillie and Donta Hall.
SB Nation author

(Ep. 94/ATL and 29) Lottery, odds and ends, playoff post-mortems and previews

Tyler and Kevin want to know who to blame for the lack of lottery luck before moving onto draft workouts and the Conference Finals. Also included: some talk on Lloyd Pierce as assistant coach of Team USA and post-mortems for some of the most recently d...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 93/ATL and 29) Hawks news and Eastern Conference Playoff Preview (feat. Tyler Jones)

Kevin and Tyler discuss the news of the week for the Hawks, including Kent Bazemore's contract option and the players who will go/play in Vegas Summer League. Then they discuss, in order, Bucks/Pistons, Raptors/Magic, Sixers/Nets and Celtics/Pacers. Bo...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 92/ATL and 29) All-Rookie Teams, plus Summer League Strategies and Objectives

Tyler and Kevin try to figure out if Kevin Huerter has a reasonable shot of making an All-Rookie Team. Plus, we also try to strategize who should be playing in Summer League, how much they should be playing, and .what the  player development objectives...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 91/ATL and 29) The Hawks' most likely lottery slot is #7

Kevin takes a look at the Hawks' lottery odds on the night when they "clinched" the NBA's fifth-worst record of the 2018-19 season. For more math, he also looks at the current situation surround the Mavericks and their lottery odds in light of the top-...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 89/ATL and 29) The Hawks' favorite number is 76

Kevin recaps the Hawks' 130-122 win over the Philadelphia 76ers. Topics include the three stars of the game, John Collins' recent spate of shotblocking, and playing with minimal turnovers. Also included: Lloyd Pierce talking about what Kevin Huerter wi...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 89/ATL and 29) Varieties of weirdness: lineup weirdness, three-star weirdness, roster weirdness,

Kevin recaps the Hawks' 117-111 loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Topics include the game's three stars, piecing together a rotation with 10 bodies (including one brand-new face) and some interesting choices of players down the stretch. Also included: Wha...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 88/ATL and 29) Mike Budenholzer put the Hawks in the zone and other weirdness ... OH MY GOSH, TRAE YOUNG

Kevin recaps the Hawks' 136-135 overtime win on a Trae Young buzzer-beater over Mike Budenholzer and the Giannis-less Milwaukee Bucks. GAME-WINNERS. Trae Young talked about what it was like to play against a defense that primarily featured zone. Vince ...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 87/ATL and 29) Pick-and-roll coverages, short-staffed lineups, and Trae Young milestones

Kevin recaps the Hawks' 118-98 loss to Portland with a look at the pick-and-roll coverages both teams used, a couple of absences and how they impacted the game, and some milestone thresholds that Trae Young crossed over the course of the evening. Plus,...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 86/ATL and 29) The Very Best Odds and Ends from the Week

Kevin brings an update from the week including the lottery standings and odds, what Trae has dealt with physically to play in all 75 games, and a couple of veteran Hawks talking about Lloyd Pierce in comparison to their previous head coaches. Also incl...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 85/ATL and 29) It's Tyler Time; On the state of the Hawks

Tyler joins Kevin to talk about Trae Young's Player of the Week award, the Hawks' transactions and non-transactions of the past couple of weeks, and the team's ideal objectives for the last 8 games. We also digress into a discussion of the short list o...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 84/ATL and 29) The Rookie of the Year

Kevin recaps the Hawks' 117-114 win over the Philadelphia 76ers. Topics include: the three starts, John Collins amping up his defense, picking a Rookie of the Year, Trae Young hitting (and timing) his game-winner, Trae's floater game and more. Did we m...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 83/ATL and 29) Notable trends from the Hawks' win over the Jazz

Kevin recaps the Hawks' 117-114 win over the Utah Jazz. Includes the three stars, Trae Young talking about when he uses misdirection plays, the play of the game that didn't get talked about enough and Quin Snyder discussing the rookie season of Trae Yo...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 82/ATL and 29) Update from practice and Kent Bazemore's reaction to a crazy week with guest Jameelah J.

Kevin talks with Jameelah J. (@JameelahJNBA) of with a look at Kent Bazemore's shifting role in Atlanta over the years, including the viral moments of the past week. Also included: an update from practice and a few stats and facts, inc...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 81/ATL and 29) The Rockets are better than the Hawks for now

Kevin recaps the Hawks' 121-105 loss to the Rockets. Topics include the three stars from the game, Trae Young talking about Chris Paul and James Harden, the Hawks trying to stop an offense that has both pick-and-roll weapons *and* outside shooting and ...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 80/ATL and 29) Recap from Boston; Kyrie on Trae and more

Kevin recaps the Hawks' 129-120 loss the the Celtics. Afterward, Kevin asked Kyrie Irving for his thoughts on Trae Young at the end of the season. Also: Lloyd Pierce professes his love for Marcus Smart and Kent Bazemore breaks down the Eastern Conferen...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 79/ATL and 29) Practice update: Trae dunks, some stats, stuff on the bench lineups, and a few minutes with Alex Len

Will Trae break out a dunk in the game? We asked him. Kevin breaks down some season-long and post-All-Star break stats for the Hawks. How is the bench lineup doing and how is it functioning with the ball in a lot of different hands?Plus, Alex Len is av...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 78/ATL and 29) The Hawks passed the Grizzlies

Kevin recaps the Hawks' 132-111 win over the Grizzlies. Topics include: The three stars, Trae Young's obscenely ridiculous passing performance, John Collins finishing around the rim and weighing in on whether or not he should be in the Most Improved Pl...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 77/ATL and 29) Pod update from Tuesday's practice: Endgame situations and defense

Kevin talked to Lloyd Pierce about a number of topics. Find out about Coach Pierce's philosophy on fouling up 3 at the end of games, foul trouble, and the mentality that he wants to instill in his players on the defensive side of the ball. Plus, there'...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 76/ATL and 29) K-Von's Breakout Game (feat. David Park)

Kevin (that's Kevin Chouinard, not K-Von Huerter) and guest David Park break down the Hawks' 128-116 win over the New Orleans Pelicans. Topics include the Kevin Huerter's breakout game, the three stars, giving Kevin a nickname, the weirdness surroundin...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 75/ATL and 29) Thirty-Twenties and Triple Doubles

Kevin recaps the Hawks' 114-112 loss to the Brooklyn Nets. Recap includes three stars, the night's incredible milestone achievements, Lloyd Pierce's reaction to the final play, why the bench's offense is in a downward spiral, and a countdown of the Haw...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 74/ATL and 29) Who needs Tony Parker and Tim Duncan?

Kevin recaps the Hawks' loss to the Spurs, including the three stars from the game. Other topics include: Stopping a great pick-and-roll/pop combo, which rookies will go to Summer League, Gregg Popovich on Trae Young, and the defensive rebounding that ...
SB Nation author

(Ep. 73/ATL and 29) Tyler is back!

Tyler joins Kevin to talk about what the Hawks should be doing this summer in terms of free agency. Also included: Trae Young's Player of the Week disappointment, Trae Young's defense, and some deeper dives on players near the end of the rotation. 
SB Nation author