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Anomalies delves into the darkest area of human fears exploring sites of extreme paranormal activity and investigating reports of terrifying cryptozoologic encounters, ghosts, UFO's among other areas of the paranormal. The show is hosted by various members of the Anomalies' team including Jimmy Silvaroli, Dwayne and Sarah Claud, Jeremy Hawthorne, Tammy Lin Connely and Steve Salatino.
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The Real World of Vampires with Seregon O'Dassey

Vampires have become a popular genre in the media with the Twlight movies, True Blood and the Vampire Diaries. have you ever wondered - are vampires real and are they truly the things of Holleywood. Anomalies welcomes former scream queen and self procl...
Anomalies author

Paranormal State's Father Bob Baily Speaks on Demonology

Paranormal State's Father Bob Baily joins Anomalies to discuss the demonic and cases that he has worked on. He has a very unique perspective from the catholic church. Telephone lines and chat room will be open for all your questions.
Anomalies author

April Slaughter - Replay

Replay of interview with paranormal investigator April Slaughter as she discusses her book Haunted Texas and her experiences with the Frank's Box.
Anomalies author

ZOZO Phenomenon: The Ouija Board Experience

Are they just a game or are they a portal to hell? Join Anomalies hosts Dwayne Claud and Steve Salatino as they speak with paranormal survivor Darren Evans about a phenomenon he calls the ZOZO Phenomenon. ZOZO is a spirit that seems to be making its pr...
Anomalies author

The Sallie House; The Personal Experiences of the Pickman's

Join Anomalies hosts Dwayne Claud and Jeremy Hawthorne as they welcome special guest Debra Pickman to the show. On this show she will share the experiences that her and her husband Tony had while living the short time in the famous Sallie House. Their ...
Anomalies author

Big Foot: A New York history

Join the Anomalies hosts Sarah Claud and Jimmy Silvaroli as they speak with paranormal researcher Bob Canino about Bigfoot sightings in New york State. Bob Canino has been invesitagating paranormal activity for over 20 years. Emphasizing UFOs he has al...
Anomalies author

Bigfoots of New York: Past and Present

Join the Anomalies hosts Sarah Claud and Jimmy Silvaroli as they speak with paranormal researcher Bob Canino about Bigfoot sightings in New york State. Bob Canino has been invesitagating paranormal activity for over 20 years. Emphasizing UFOs he has al...
Anomalies author

Anomalies Explores Everyday Voodoo with Author Beth Dolgner

The hosts of Anomalies delve into the world of religion and faith this evening as they explore the belief systems of Voodoo with author Beth Dolgner. Myths versus facts...tune in!
Anomalies author

Anomalies Welcomes Nathan Schoonover of A&E's Extreme Paranormal

The Anomalies crew welcomes Nathan Schoonover, the co-host of Extreme Paranormal on A&E and The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show Radio Show. Schoonover has over 15 years of experience as a paranormal investigator and have been involved in psychic a...
Anomalies author

UFO's Over New York and California with Preston Dennett on Anomalies

Join the Anomlies hosts as they welcome UFO author and researcher Preston Dennett to the show. He discusses sights of UFO's over New York and California.
Anomalies author

Voices of the Dead with Michael Esposito

Anomalies hosts welcome evp specialist Michael Esposito to the show. Michael has participated in hundreds of paranormal investigations all over the world. He has conducted extensive research at many active locations and has developed a great deal of un...
Anomalies author

The Salle House: A Demonic Experience with Paranormal Investigator Joseph Cetrone

Paranormal Investigator Joseph Cetrone of RIDDA shares the personal experiences that he and his team had at the Salle House in Kansas.An encounter with a demonic force that stayed with them long after leaving the house.
Anomalies author

Hunting the American Werewolf with Linda Godfrey

The Anomalies hosts welcome world renounced cryptid expert Linda Godfrey. Linda Godfrey is one of the most respected authorities on anomalous animals and paranormal phenomenon in Wisconsin. As a journalist, she was the first to break the story of a ter...
Anomalies author

The Bridgewater Triangle with Christopher Balzano

Anomalies hosts welcome Christopher Balzano to the show - New England's leading expert on the infmous Bridgewater Triangle.For the past twenty-five years, the people along the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border have known about the Bridgewater Triangle ...
Anomalies author

April Page Slaughter Discusses Frank's box and Ghosthunting Texas

Anomalies Paranormal welcomes april Page Slaughter to the show to discuss her experiments with the Frank's Box or also known as telephone to the dead. Hear some of her recorders...find out her thoughts and ask her questions. Slaugher will also be shari...
Anomalies author

The Haunting In Hinsdale with Guest Paulie Kenyon

Author and paranormal survivor Paul Kenyon joins the Anomalies radio crew to talk about his experiences at the renouned Hinsdale House. The book, "You Know They're Here" is a true account of the incidents he experienced at the infamous haunted house in...
Anomalies author

Interview with Paranormal Archeologist Richard Kimmel

Join your Anomalies hosts as they explore the world of haunted objects and how they hold energy, entities and sometimes more with Paranormal Archeologist Richard Kimmel.
Anomalies author

Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard to Anomalies radio - meet the cast of characters as they call in - share a bit about themselves and explore some evidence from past investigations and beyond.
Anomalies author