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Welcome to AdventureFit Radio! Your weekly podcast hosted By Bill Kerr and Tommy Ahern. AdventureFit Radio focuses on bringing you interesting interviews from all realms of fitness, adventure, and life in general.

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Bill Kerr and Tommy Ahern. AdventureFit Radio focuses on bringing you interesting interviews from all realms of fitness, adventure, and life in general.
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Welcome to AdventureFit Radio! Your weekly podcast hosted By Bill Kerr and Tommy Ahern. AdventureFit Radio focuses on bringing you interesting interviews from all realms of fitness, adventure, and life in general. author ( managing editor  
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Craig Harper On The Fitness Industry, Bodybuilding & Motivational Speaking

Craig Harper is a motivational speaker and a prolific leader, presenter and educator in the areas of health, high-performance, self-management and personal transformation. He wrote his first book 20 Questions for Humans, and has his own podcast The You...

Adam Isaac Miller On Medical Cannabis, Business, Weed, & Wellness

Adam Isaac Miller is the founder of BuddingTech and The Medical Cannabis Council of Australia. Adam joins Doc to talk about medical cannabis and how weed is changing everything all over the world. What are the properties of cannabis, how can it help an...

Ash Williams On Comedy, Stand Up, Podcasting & America

Ash Williams is, amongst other things, an actor, podcaster, comedian, host and writer. Born in Australia, he left for Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue a career as an actor and stand up comic. Ash joins Doc to talk about comedy all around the world, how to...

Man-Therapy | 23/10/19

Doc explains the state of his own rate of perceived wellness: how he’s been going since the first Man-Therapy episode. He’s feeling great right now, after a great work meeting with Drew and Mads, which turned into an awesome conversation about mental h...

Benny Angliss On Fitness, The Air Force, PTSD And Online Training

Benny Angliss is an online health and fitness coach, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset coach and motivator. He’s also Doc’s former coach and employer. Benny and Doc talk about his time in the air force and moving to the fitness industry. Benny also expl...

Man-Therapy | 03/09/19

Doc takes some time to talk about his own mental health situation, some anxiety he’s been feeling, his psychology sessions, and high school stories. Enjoy the show!   - YETI | Premium Coolers, Drinkware, Gear, and Apparel. The best premium coolers and ...

Nick Skarajew On Cycling, Endurance Racing And How To Stay Positive

Nick Skarajew is of Australia's most experienced Ultra Endurance Cyclists and the first-ever Single Speed rider to complete the grueling Race To The Rock and Hunt1000.   Nick and Doc talk about endurance racing, cycling across the world and how to stay...

Doc On Johann Hari's Lost Connections, And How To Find Hope

Doc’s flying solo and he continues his analysis on Lost Connections by Johann Hari. This time he focuses on the positive side of each problem and how to fix every connection. He explains why this is one of the most important books ever written, and how...

[REPLAY] Doc On Disconnections, Universal Basic Income & The 3rd Place

NOTE: This episode went to air late last year and will act as a companion episode to our new show that drops tomorrow. Doc updates us on the latest happenings in his life, then moves on to talk about former Brolosophy guest Johann Hari’s book, Lost Co...

Lilian Dikmans On Modeling, Food, Fitness And Muay Thai Fighting

Lilian Dikmans is an Australian Model and Muay Thai fighter from Melbourne. She has become the first Australian model simultaneously partaking in Muay Thai bouts. Lilian and Doc talk about her website, Real Food Healthy Body, Muay Thai fighting while m...

Zoe Nicholson On Dietetics, Food Awareness And Mental Health

Zoe Nicholson is one of Australia’s leading dietitians; she is the founder and senior dietitian at figureate, a full-time dietetics practice specialising in the non-diet approach and food intolerance. Zoe and Doc talk about dietetics and redefining die...

Steve Sammartino On Futurisms, Technologies and Social Media

Steve Sammartino is an Entrepreneur, author, economic futurist who have studied closely the growth and impact of technology in our current world. He gets deep into the obstacles we are facing with the emerging technologies and the top companies behind ...

Tom Ahern On The Importance of Self-Discovery and Self-Awareness

Tommy Ahern is back on the podcast! A CrossFit athlete legend who is now exploring the world of writing. He made this change into his life after realizing writing as a true passion of his. He also talks about his new book, which consists of analyzing h...

Merv Neal On The Science Of Laughter, The Importance Of Hope & Comedy

Merv Neal is an authority on speaking, training, and facilitating workshops about laughter and in particular Laughter Yoga. He explains how he became “The Laughter Guy” after dealing with a terminal illness and having to plan his own funeral. Doc and M...

Prof. Alan Duffy On Astronomy, The Possibility Of Alien Life & Asking Big Questions

Alan Duffy is a professional astronomer and science communicator. He was born in England, raised in Ireland, and currently lives in Australia.   We start with getting to know Alan’s background, why he became an astronomer and his research on dark matte...

Doc On AdventureFit, The Launch Of Brolosophy & What’s Coming Next

Doc welcomes us to Brolosophy, formerly known as AdventureFit Radio. He explains how we got here, what happened with AdventureFit Radio and what Brolosophy is all about. We get updates on what has changed during these last couple of months, the rise an...

Intro to Brolosophy

A short intro into what will be now known as Brolosophy - taking on philosophy through the eyes of an idiot! In the next few weeks, we will be relaunching this podcast which was formerly known as AdventureFit Radio. Lots of cool guests lined up to disc...

Dr. Agustin Chevez On Workplace Architecture, Isolation & Basic Needs

Dr. Agustin Chavez is a specialist in Workplace Architecture and TEDx speaker. He possesses a passion to understand the new relationships between people, space, and technology and how it comes together in our present time. Agustin starts with giving us...

Javier Markham On Male Strippers, Modern Civilization & Genuine People

Javier Markham is an online fitness coach and a male stripper. He believes that giving back is what matters and seeks to do that through his online coaching programs. Javier starts by giving us his background, then Doc comes in with a story about going...

Claire Ashman On Life In A Cult, Facing Reality & Breaking Through

Claire Ashman is a 4-time TEDx speaker. She spent the first 36 years of her life in two different strict religious movements. After challenging the leaders’ authority through a series of letters, Claire and her family were evicted from the latter group...

Doc On Disconnections, Universal Basic Income & The 3rd Place

Doc updates us on the latest happenings in his life, then moves on to talk about former ADVF Radio guest Johann Hari’s book, Lost Connections. He also talks about finding your 3rd place, and how it sucks that we don’t have people to rely on in this day...

Gordon Young On Applied Ethics, The Automation Crisis & Us VS Rising Tech

Gordon Young is the principal of Ethilogical Consulting. He offers extensive understanding of decision-making methodologies, value articulation, challenge management and strategic planning necessary for success in today’s hyper-connected world. A littl...

Fleassy Malay On Spoken Poetry, People’s Stories & Fears Of Public Speaking

Fleassy Malay is a Two time TEDx speaker and viral poet. An internationally renowned, evocative and powerful spoken word artist, speaker and coach. A global advocate for Women’s rights and a fierce voice for the power of authenticity and connection as ...

James Harding On A Criminal Mind, Getting Out & Hard Cuddles

James Harding is a recovering drug addict. He has been sober for over 10 years ever since turning over a new leaf from his life in the underworld. Through his Hard Cuddles program, he helps men on an emotional level to help them understand and develop ...

Doc & Dan On Competitive Sports, Collective Human Intelligence & What It Feels Like At The End

Doc sits down with Dan and they start with a bit of catch up. They move to talk about footie, then about competitive weightlifting. They also talk about drug usage in sports. Next they tackle Elon Musk’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, then onto col...

Steve Sammartino On Futurism, The Mobility Age & The World In 300 Years

Steve Sammartino is an Australian Futurist, Author, Technologist and Speaker. We start with having Steve tell us about how he taught his daughter about the world and economics by growing pizza, followed by his background. Next we take a deep dive into ...

Nathalie & Allanah On Julia, Theater Performance & Building A Comedy

Nathalie Kozak and Allanah-Alexandra Avalon are the creators of the show “Julia, A Lesbian.” They are currently performing at the Melbourne Fringe. Allanah is the director, while Nathalie plays the titular character of Julia. We open with why the lovel...

Doc On AdventureFit, Bestest Mates & Valuable Life Lessons

Oz is an executive coaching specialist. His goal is to help take people to the next level of where they want to be in life. He also hosts the Words With Oz podcast. Doc and Oz start with sharing their love for dogs. They continue onto Doc’s recent trav...

Alex Deken On Public Speaking, The Vertical Diet & The Fear Of Expression

Alex Deken is a powerlifter and personal trainer. He has a great interest in and passion for exercise and weightlifting and for many years has immersed himself in these areas. We first catch up with Alex, but he has a panic attack and the boys decide t...

Khan Porter's Throwback

Khan Porter is a professional CrossFit athlete and player on the DC Brawlers GRID team. He is a 3 x CrossFit Games qualifier and owner of CrossFit Play in NSW, Australia. In this podcast, we talk a little more about how Khan’s educational background, h...

Jo Guy's Throwback

Jo Guy is a holistic dietitian and certified health coach from Melbourne. Jo starts with telling us a little about herself, then proceeds to tell us the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist. She then talks about which nutrients will make a...

Dianne McGrath's Throwback

Dianne McGrath is currently among the choice 100 in the world who will potentially be selected into a team of 4 people for the first one-way trip to Mars in 2026. In this episode, we discuss firstly Diane's role models, what kicked off her signup for t...

Siobhan & Tommy On Positive Energy & The Importance Of Letting Go

Siobhan Macleod is none other than Tommy’s partner! A very little, very vibrant Scottish lass that enjoys writing about all things fitness, meditation, yoga, wine, coffee, adventures and partying! Siobhan starts with telling us about a sound healing ex...

Johnny Ahern On Describing God, Tests Of Faith & Bible History

Johnny Ahern is our very own Tommy’s uncle. His experiences and perception of reality have led him to pursue a spiritual lifestyle. Johnny starts with giving us his background and Tommy asks him about how he found his faith. Later on they talk about de...

Michael Wood Jr. On Going Beyond, Policing Problems & Present America

Michael Wood Jr. is a former US Marine and retired police officer. He is a published police management author, literally writing the book on modern police excellence and more. Michael tells us about his background before moving to talk about military t...

Nick & Ky On Beyond Rest, Spiritual Energy & Understanding Brain Waves

Today on the show we have Nick and Ky from Beyond Rest! They talk to us about their background and how they got started, float tank experiences, psychedelics and positive energy, then later on about how brain waves influence us. Another episode with ma...

Barry McDonagh On Challenging Anxiety, Psychedelic As Cures & Understanding Passion

Barry talks to us about the power of connections and how the modern world has changed us. He moves the topic onto passion then psychedelics. Finally, he touches on anxiety, how to challenge and understand it. Lots of insightful points. Enjoy! True is a...

Doc & Tommy On The Entrepreneurial Journey

A different kind of shoot the shit today with the boys as Tommy decides to interview Doc. Doc talks about AdventureFit, different levels of marketing and about the valuable lessons he’s learned throughout his entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy the episode!...

Ky Furneaux On A Nature Lifestyle, Positivity Power & Impacting The World

Ky starts with a story about crafting her own knife and getting back to nature. Later on she talks about positivity, then brings the topic to positive lifestyle changes that can impact the world. We finish with talking about her book and plans for a ne...

Johann Hari On Lost Connections, Fighting Depression & Psychedelic Power

Johann Eduard Hari is a Swiss-British writer and journalist. He has written for a number of publications including The Independent (London) and The Huffington Post and has written books on the topic of the war on drugs, the monarchy, and depression. Jo...

Doc & Tommy On The Comedy Festival, Getting Inked & Life After Death

The boys talk about the podcast to start, then about Doc’s beard. Tommy asks about the Comedy Festival, catch up on other topics. Later on they talk about tattoos and a little about life after death. Enjoy! True is an Australian-based company that spec...

Tommy & Mac On The Power Of Meditation, Unrivalled & Looking Back On Life

Tommy asks Mac about his Unrivaled business, followed by the topic of meditation. Mac shares his experience during his Vipassana retreat, followed by Tommy recounting a massive chapter in his life. Great episode with some very deep topics. Enjoy the sh...

Jason Khalipa On AMRAP Mentality, The Power Of Community & Growing Your Gym Brand

Jason Khalipa is a former CrossFit Games athlete and founder of NCFIT. He has established widespread corporate wellness programs, modernized fitness in the hospitality sector, and revolutionized the way people think of fitness. Jason starts with giving...

Karl Kruszelnicki On Human Origin, An AI-Powered Future & Preventing Doomsday

Karl Kruszelnicki , often referred to as "Dr Karl", is a well-known Australian science communicator and populariser. Karl gives us his background, then they talk about a genuine interest in learning. The next topic is humanity’s evolutionary origins, t...

Dave Driskell On Wanderlust, Finding Home In Bali & Adding Value To Life

Dave Driskell is the owner of CrossFit Wanderlust. Opened in 2016, it is the largest and most equipped CrossFit Affiliate in Bali. Dave tells us why he's in Melbourne and gives his background. The boys discuss start-ups and branding and the significanc...

Doc & Tommy On Social Drinking, UFC News & Tommy The Cookie Monster

Playful banter and catch-up with Doc and Tommy. Doc talks about social drinking then later on gut health. We learn about Tommy's cookie craze, news about the UFC and Conor McGregor, and Tommy's book. Super fun episode for you all to listen to. Enjoy! T...

Adam Rozenbachs On The High’s & Low’s Of Comedy, Navigating The News & Pachinko

Adam Rozenbachs is an Australian stand up comedian and comedy writer based in Melbourne, Australia. In this show the guys discuss Doc’s recent house robbery, all things comedy, news, travel and Japan. This is a great one guys and loads of fun. Enjoy gu...

Thomas King On Clean Meats, A Healthier World & The Future Of Food

Thomas King is the CEO of Food Frontier. For 8 years he has led environmental, animal welfare, health and global development projects across 5 continents. Thomas gives us his background and talks about his field of expertise. Doc and Tommy ask him ques...

Aziz Al-Doory On The Winds Of Winter, Tyrion The Targaryen & Who Will Sit The Iron Throne

Today the guys are joined by Aziz Al-Doory from the History Of Westeros Podcast and website by the same name. Aziz is a Game Of Thrones / A Song Of Ice & Fire historian for all intents and purposes. The crew discuss the real life history behind som...

Kevin Briggs On Suicide Prevention, Handling Depression & How To Be Happier

Kevin Briggs is a retired Sergeant with the California Highway Patrol. He is a trained and experienced speaker with the goal of raising awareness about mental health and wellness, crisis management, and suicide prevention. Kevin gives his background be...