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Vet and daughter podcasting team. Weekly episodes on all things weird and wonderful in the animal world, with a focus on Australian animals and marine creatures. Suitable for all ages.

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Veterinary family wildlife podcasting team.
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Podcast Animal Geeks – 40th Episode Celebration

Our 40th episode,  we have a look back at the last 15 months and 40 episodes of Animal Geeks. We have a talk about our favourite episodes and animal sightings.  Our favourite episodes by downloads tend to feature discussion about Jeremy Wade’s River Mo...
Dr Duncan Smith author

Podcast Episode 39 Animal Geeks – Apex Predators

This week we discuss ecological niches.  We check out which animal fulfils the role of apex predator, grassland herbivore and squirrel in various ecosystems; and which bird is New Zealand’s pig.  Monty has been away in Cairns Hospital with a tropical n...
Dr Duncan Smith author

Podcast Episode 38 Animal Geeks – Marsupials

After two years in our new home, Australia we thought it was about time we got around to discussing marsupials.  Kangaroos, wallabies, numbats, quolls, thylacines… name it we cover it.  Xanthe and Harri have had ten days camping at Cape Bathurst a...
Dr Duncan Smith author

Podcast Episode 37 Animal Geeks – King of All Serpents

In a new format this week we have a look at a veterinary case of the week, Jet the American Bulldog who took on a Taipan.  We head back 60 million years in the Land Rover Time Machine to have a look at the largest snake ever to have lived, Titanoboa.  ...
Dr Duncan Smith author

Podcast Episode 36 Animal Geeks – Tarantulas

This week we set about dissecting a Mouse Spider.  We have a general look at Tarantulas aka Mygalomorph spiders.  We fire up the time machine for a quick look at spider evolution in the Triassic. Harri enjoys the extra oxygen available but decides that...
Dr Duncan Smith author

Podcast Episode 35 Animal Geeks – Pakicetus

We are back to the old school team of Duncan and Harri this week. We look at Whale evolution, heading back in the time machine to have a look at Pakicetus, Ambulocetus and Remingtonocetus.  Harri also hatches a plan to corner the whale milk market, but...
Dr Duncan Smith author

Podcast Episode 34 Animal Geeks – Neanderthal Man

We have a Mystery guest in the house and we head back 50000 years to what is now modern Europe to have a look at Neanderthal Man.  Twit the owl is going well at SeaDog Vets and we have been treating a Northern Blue-tongued Skink
Dr Duncan Smith author

Podcast Episode 33 Animal Geeks – Spinosaurus and Sauropods

This week we are firing up the time machine and heading back 150 million years to what is now North Africa. Harri has her heart set on riding a Spinosaurus.  It has been busy week at  SeaDog Vet Services dealing with a crocodile attack and Twit the bar...
Dr Duncan Smith author

Podcast Episode 32 Animal Geeks – Tyrannosaurus and Laramedia

This week we head back 100 million years to Laramedia and post-mortem a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Harri gets worried about getting home in time for dinner and before 75% of the extant life forms disappeared at the K-T extinction event.
Dr Duncan Smith author