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Anecdotal Evidence is a live storytelling series in Vancouver, BC where people share true stories of how they experience science in their lives. They are human stories around the very broad theme of science. Stories of failure, fieldwork, love, death, cosmic loneliness and more. The stories are filled with humour, humanity, and sometimes even science.

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Stories about Science
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Mother of Worms- Coreen Forbes

The Hidden Stories of Science Coreen Forbes is a PhD student at UBC studying how climate change will affect eelgrass ecosystems off the coast of British Columbia. Her story today was recorded in 2015 while she was doing her MSc and, in her words, spend...
Anecdotal Evidence author

You Can’t Do That On An Empty Stomach- Theresa Lao

No Breakfasts = Weak Knees Theresa Lao is currently the Communications Coordinator for the Deparment of Physics and Astronomy at UBC. This means she is usually busy planning conferences, writing or editing stories, or creating activities for physics su...
Anecdotal Evidence author

The Loneliest Comic in the History of Humanity- Taylor Brown-Evans

From the Infinite Cosmos to a Farm in the Fields of France Taylor Brown-Evans is a writer, illustrator, and cartoonist. He teaches courses on creative writing and graphic novels at UBC, and he has a spicy pepper hotness rating on ...
Anecdotal Evidence author

It Tastes Like Jellyfish and Old Cottage Cheese- Julien St. Amand

I’ve Eaten a Lot of Weird Things But… Recent MSc graduate Julien St. Amand was born in southern Quebec. The first time he came to Vancouver was on a bike from the east coast to see how far west he could get. He studied Williamson sapsucker, a type of w...
Anecdotal Evidence author

From Aliens to Office Work- Elizabeth Hand

Staying True to Your Alien Loving Self Elizabeth Hand is the digital engagement specialist at Science World in Vancouver BC. She loves to write so she pursued a MFA in Creative Writing from UBC. She also excels in other forms of writing as well includi...
Anecdotal Evidence author

Science, Search, and Rescue- Madeline Cashion

On Board the Hudson Madeline Cashion is a MSc student at UBC with the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries. There she studies the exploitation of sharks and it’s effect on marine ecosystems. Throughout her career she has worked with plankton in Nova ...
Anecdotal Evidence author

Go On…Do Science at Them!- Mika McKinnon

A Film Set and Grad School Have Nothing in Common Mika McKinnon is a geophysicist and is a bit too giddy about catastrophes. She uses her Masters of Disaster to try to keep our planet from killing us all and doesn’t mind getting muddy to do it. Not onl...
Anecdotal Evidence author

That’s Not an Accurate American Flag- Armin Mortazavi

When Art Meets Science Armin Mortazavi is a science cartoonist with a BSc in Microbiology and a Master in Digital Media. His last project was an interactive comic about mental health and wellness for the new BC curriculum. He currently works at Science...
Anecdotal Evidence author

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost- Natalie Mahara

Zoop Zoop Hooray! Natalie Mahara is a Masters student in biological oceanography at UBC. She loves all things related to the ocean with a particular fondness for charismatic microfauna. Her research focuses on the BC coast from the Strait of Georgia up...
Anecdotal Evidence author

Quokka Quokka Quokka- Amy Coghlan

Amy Coghlan is a marine biologist from Australia, where she started her career studying fish abundance at the University of Western Australia. She moved on to the University of Otago in New Zealand, and then to Vancouver where she now works with the In...
Anecdotal Evidence author

My Dirty Little Secret- Stacey Hrushowy

Stacey Hrushowy is a Masters student in biology at Simon Fraser University. She studies  the role of microparasites like bacteria and viruses in wild populations of salmon and trout, and just completed her third field season on the beautiful Central Co...
Anecdotal Evidence author

Maps, Naps,& Storytelling- Katie Macintosh

Katie Macintosh is the founder of Anecdotal Evidence and studies Geolog… I mean Geography at UBC. In this story she shares with us the psychedelic way she found her way into science. We hope you enjoy our new format with hosts Katie and Aaron! This sto...
Anecdotal Evidence author

Chris Harley

Chris is a marine ecologist at UBC who studies climate change. He was once accidentally injected with sponge urine, so now has all the powers of a sponge! His favourite pie is strawberry rhubarb.The postChris Harley appeared first onAnecdotal Evidence.
Anecdotal Evidence author

Kat Anderson

Kat is an American who was raised in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. She is a PhD student at the University of British Columbia and one of the organizers for Anecdotal Evidence. She loves bourbon, hiking, yoga, and knitting. This is her second ...
Anecdotal Evidence author

Devyani Singh

Devyani arrived from India in 2005 to pursue a career in corporate finance. She holds an MBA (finance) from the University of Iowa, after which she worked as a senior finance officer for various multinational fortune 200 companies in the United States....
Anecdotal Evidence author

Lizzy Swan

Lizzy has a BFA, and now works in IT where she solve other people’s software problems all day long. She’s on Vancouver’s queer women’s dragonboat team. She was once defriended by 8 pro-deathers/anti-vaccers with a single Facebook comment.The postLizzy ...
Anecdotal Evidence author

Karen Rickards

Karen is a biology lab instructor at Douglas College; she loves being outside enjoying everything that BC has to offer. She has a Bachelor’s degree from SFU and Master’s degree from University of Guelph.The postKaren Rickards appeared first onAnecdotal...
Anecdotal Evidence author

Michael Unger

Michael is the Program Coordinator at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre.  He’s also one of the co-founders of Nerd Nite Vancouver, a bar lecture series.The postMichael Unger appeared first onAnecdotal Evidence.
Anecdotal Evidence author

Amy Coghlan

Amy is a marine biologist from Australia, she works at the Institute for Oceans and Fisheries at the university of British Columbia.The postAmy Coghlan appeared first onAnecdotal Evidence.
Anecdotal Evidence author