Finding Asheville Podcast

An Asheville based podcast featuring interviews with Asheville entrepreneurs, chefs, and artists and what it takes to be successful in Asheville.

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An Asheville based podcast featuring interviews with Asheville entrepreneurs, chefs, and artists and what it takes to be successful in Asheville.
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This Episode Contains Explicit Content Not Suitable For Children   For well over a year now you've listened to Benny and Emily interview lots of different people around Asheville. In this episode you find out why the lovely and talented Emily is taking...

Elixer Of Love

It's been close to a year but finally Finding Asheville has a brand new episode! This week Jon Truitt and Michael Ciavaglia sit down with us to talk about the Asheville Lyric Opera and their upcoming show Elixer of Love. What's a good opera for beginne...

The People's Interactive Network

This week on Finding Asheville, we spend a little time with one of the busiest women in Buncombe County. NuAnna Horn talks to us about the many different hats she wears as she juggles multiple jobs and charities. NuAnna is founder of The People's Inter...

From Asheville to Sweden

We're back! We took a mini summer vacation, but Finding Asheville is back with a fascinating new episode. While Benny plays at the beach, Emily and guest co-host Janet sit down with our guests for the week. Elizabeth McGuire and Lina Eriksson are a cou...

Brian Bullman: Carolina Hemp Company

On the latest episode of Finding Asheville, our hosts sit down with guest Brian Bullman. Brian is co owner of Carolina Hemp Company, a wholesaler of premium hemp goods. The focus of Carolina Hemp Company is on "building a business that helps bring hemp...

Eric Sarafin is Mixerman

This week we spoke to music producer and author Eric "Mixerman" Sarafin. Relocated from California, Eric tells us about the music industry, producing BJ Leiderman's upcoming album, what it was like writing as the mysterious "Mixerman" to satirize life ...

Asheville Mind Reader Michael Spremulli

This week we spoke with Michael "The Asheville Mindreader" Spremulli about his upcoming show at the North Carolina Stage Company, and what it's like being a mindreader. Growing up with severe eyesight problems, Michael's other senses were heightened, i...

Robin Vabolis: Western North Carolina Advocacy League

For over a year, Western North Carolina Advocacy League (WNCAL) has been helping people in need; with anything from repairing a wheelchair ramp to mediating court cases. This week's guest on Finding Asheville is Robin Vabolis, founder of WNCAL. Robin t...

Ashes to Asheville

A divorced artist leaves California and moves to Asheville. Around the same time, an author and his wife leaves California and moves to Asheville. The difference, besides relationship status, is one is a fictional character and one isn't. N. John Shore...

Flying High With Empyrean Arts

Poles aren't just for strippers, hoops are made for more than hulas, and "curtain climbing" can be a beautiful form of dance. This week we spoke to Waverly Jones, owner of the training studio Empyrean Arts. Waverly teaches others about these new forms ...

Appalachian Pi

In our latest local podcast crossover we speak to Blaine Kerr, host of Appalachian Pi. Blaine tells us about how he does things on his show; how it all got started; how it almost ended before it began, and about what the future may hold for all of the ...

Tell Me A Story

When you think of storytelling, you probably picture people sitting around a campfire trading tall tales of action, adventure, horror, or even comedy. That type of entertainment is as old as mankind itself, and continues to this day. This week we spoke...

Things Get Waxy

New in town? From here, but looking for a job or trying to sell something? Or maybe you just want to see over twenty thousand people yell at someone who parks badly. For over two years now West Asheville Exchange, or WAX, has been the Facebook group to...

Asheville Horse and Carriage Tours

Since 2013, Catherine Hunter of Asheville Horse and Carriage Tours has been providing natives and tourists a magical look at Asheville from the seat of a carriage. Using horses that she has rescued and trained, Catherine has been giving rescued horses ...

The ZuZu Welsh Band

Eighteen months ago Zuzu Welsh made a change and started his ownband. He has been on a whirlwind tour of WNC ever since. With twoCD's out and a third almost ready we're grateful he made some timeto talk to us.The Zuzu Welsh Band is comprised of Dana Ko...

Bury Me Naturally

This week we spoke to Carol Motley, the owner of Bury Me Naturally, who told us about the different ways to dispose of our mortal shells once we're gone. We discuss her company, which uses biodegradable coffins, no embalming fluid, and costs much less ...

Human VS Zombie: Bonus Episode

For our "sorry for being silent so long" bonus episode we spoke to Leah Kline. Leah is the organizer for the HVZ (Humans Versus Zombies) game in Waynesville this upcoming Tuesday. We try to stick to Asheville, but come on. What is HvZ? It's shooting re...

Debauchery Abounds: 2-4-8 Podcast

A while back we told you we were going to try to do some "crossover" episodes with other local podcasts. the guys from 2-4-8 Podcast were nice enough to extend an olive branch and have us on their show. After weeks of scheduling issues, we finally got ...

Derby Time With The Blue Ridge Rollergirls

On this episode of Finding Asheville, hosts Benny and Emily sit down with Pushy and Sailor of the Blue Ridge Rollergirls. The Blue Ridge Rollergirls are an all female, flat track roller derby league in Asheville. Don't know a lot about roller derby? Ne...

Episode 101: Body Modification

For the 101th episode we take a completely different direction, veering sharply from the episode with the Imam of the Islamic Center of Asheville, and discuss body modification. Our guests for this episode are Chris Winslow and Amber Meredith who work ...

100th Episode Celebration, and an Islamic Education

Over two years ago Nathan Miller started the Finding Asheville podcast. Unfortunately Nathan had to move away, but Benny and Emily have tried to keep this wonderful program alive. Today is Finding Asheville's landmark one hundredth episode. We got a bi...

You're a Wizard Harry! Interview with the Asheville Harry Potter Alliance

Hold on to your broomsticks! This week we spoke with Katie L, the founder of Asheville's chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance. The Harry Potter Alliance is: "changing the world by making activism accessible through the power of story. Since 2005, [the ...

Replace Smoking With Healthier Habits: The Vape Episode

On this belated episode of Finding Asheville, hosts Benny Whitaker and Emily Trimnal sit down with Curtis Sluder. Curtis, a longtime smoker, had to suddenly give up his habit for health reasons a few years ago. Quitting smoking is hard, and replacing o...

Asheville Beer Club, Brewpon, and More: Insight Into Asheville's Growing Beer Scene

This episode of Finding Asheville got a little crowded. We spoke to Tommy Green and Chris Power, two Asheville locals who are heavily involved everything beer. Tommy started the app "Brewpon" and both Tommy and Chris were both very early members of the...

Laura LaVoie: Life in 120 Square Feet

This week we spoke with Laura LaVoie about the tiny house movement. Owning one herself, she was able to give us a rundown on exactly what a tiny house is; the many of the advantages and disadvantages of owning one, and the unique struggle it is to down...

Alia Todd of the Asheville Sustainable Restaurant Workforce

This week we talk to Alia Todd. Alia played a big part in Tupalo Honey's decision to bring back up the wages of Tupelo Honey's back staff after decreasing them. A veteran of the service industry, Alia was a founder of the Asheville Sustainable Restaura...

Episode 94: Get Geeky with Hero Hunter Comics

This week we talked to Will Hessling, the owner of Hero Hunter Comics. Will tells us a little about running a business in Candler, possible plans for relocating, and gives his thoughts on the sustainability of comic book movies. Benny gets to flex his ...

The First of Its Kind: Pour Taproom

This week we talk to Nate Tomforde the owner of Pour Taproom. Nate started Pour in 2014 and his entreprenial spirit made Pour the first of its kind in the country. Using a mix of familiar taproom style atmosphere and new technology, Pour Taproom offers...

New Year's Day 2016: Episode 92 with Rich Lee

For this New Year's edition of Finding Asheville, we sit down with prominent local figure Rich Lee. Rich is an active figure in Asheville, having moved to Western North Carolina in 1997. Rich is a member of the City of Asheville Greenway Committee; the...

Get To Know Your Hosts Benny Whitaker and Emily Trimnal

Finding Asheville was originally created and curated by Nathan Miller. Over a course of two years Nathan interviewed, cataloged, and took painstaking efforts to create a high quality podcast that spoke to the hearts of Asheville, and Western North Caro...

Frostbite Ice Cream: Get Bit

Long time friends Jason Istvan and Caleb Autrey have one goal in mind with their new local business: to make people happy. Although their new ice cream shop has only been open three weeks, their dreams have come true while serving delicious, freshly ma...

Jenna Yarosh and Sheryl Mann of Asheville Animal Rescue Foundation

Jenna Yarosh of Patton Avenue Pet Company and Sheryl Mann of Flying Dogs Photography have come together to create a new local nonprofit organization, the Asheville Animal Rescue Foundation. We sat down with both small business owners to talk about thei...

Chris Neumann on Geocaching, Asheville Hiking, and Filmmaking

Chris Neumann is a local filmmaker who displays a variety of popular and quirky interests. From hosting the Asheville Hiking Group, to producing television show Stashers and Cachers, Chris is a busy and interesting local flavor. Stashers and Cashers is...

Porter Hughes of Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy

Chung Do Kwan, created by Won Kuk Lee in 1944, is the first of nine schools or kwan teaching what came to be known as taekwondo. Porter Hughes is the co-founder of Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy in West Asheville and a third degree black belt. His pass...

Marc McCloud of Orbit DVD

For over a decade, Orbit DVD has steadily grown from a small movie rental store to one that boasts retro video games, comics, books, t-shirts, pop culture items, and more. Marc McCloud sits down with Emily Trimnal and Benny Whitaker to discuss what it ...

Mikki Fox and Misti McCloud on Waking Life Espresso

On September 19th, the Asheville community was set aback when misogynistic blogs, podcasts, and a tweets were discovered to belong to the owners of Waking Life Espresso. Waking Life has been a staple in the West Asheville community since the doors to t...

Katie Button of Curate and Nightbell

Know limitations, ask questions, trust with Chef Katie Button Nathan sits down with chef Katie Button of Curate and Nightbell for the 84th episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about growing up in South Carolina and New Jersey, how one ca...

John Fleer of Rhubarb

Respect Culture, Craft, Product  Nathan sits down with chef John Fleer of Rhubarb for the 83rd episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about growing up in Winston Salem, how a graduate school discussion about craft lead to a transition from...

Joe Scully of The Corner Kitchen, Chestnut, and Corner Kitchen Catering

Nathan sits down with chef Joe Scully and co-owner of The Corner Kitchen and Chestnut and Corner Kitchen Catering for the 82nd episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about growing up in Demarest, New Jersey, why show business was his first...

Celeste Adams of The Burger Bar & Sadie Mae's Mobile Boutique

Why rush in figuring it out? Nathan sits down with Celeste Adams of The Burger Bar and Sadie Mae's Mobile Boutique for the 81st episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. We chat about growing up in Asheville, N.C., why the service industry is a haven f...

Catherine Campbell of Bright Planning

Pick your focus... Nathan sits down with Catherine Campbell of Bright Planning for the 80th episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about growing up in Hayesville, NC, why marketing entrepreneurs need to pick a focus in a world full of free...

Christine Garvin, choreographer and dancer

Embracing self empowerment... Nathan sits down with local choreographer and dancer Christine Garvin for the 79th episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about growing up in Rocky Mount, N.C., where do you find a balance between loving one’s...

Jeri Bartley owner of Jeribella & co-owner of Copper Fish Metal Arts

Failure + sacrifice + hard work = results Nathan sits down with local artist Jeri Bartley owner of Jeribella and co-owner of Copper Fish Metal Arts for the 78th episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about how the death of her stepfather l...

Stu Helm of Cheesy Graphics, Asheville Flyers for Kids, and local food critic

Success = F@#$king hard work? Nathan sits down with local artist, graphic designer, food critic, and publisher of Asheville Flyer for Kids, Stu Helm for the 77th episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about growing up in the Northeast, how...

Andy Herod, local artist and owner of

Creating affordable art... Nathan sits down with local artist Andy Herod for the 76th episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about growing up in Oklahoma, how his initial passion of being an artist took a back seat to a pretty prolific roc...

Jessica Tomasin of Echo Mountain Recording Studio and Jet Up Productions

Detroit work ethic in an artists' town... Nathan sits down with Jessica Tomasin of Echo Mountain Recording Studio and Jet Up Productions for the 75th episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, why wr...

Steve Goff of King James Public House

Waiting for offal things to happen... Nathan sits down with chef Steve Goff of King James Public House for the 74th episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about growing up in a blue-collar family, why the birth of his daughter turned aroun...

Brian Boggs & Melanie Moeller Boggs of Brian Boggs Chairmakers

Embracing purpose to change business culture... Nathan sits down with Brian Boggs and Melanie Moeller Boggs, co-owners of Brian Boggs Chairmakers for the 73rd episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about growing up in Kentucky and the Domi...

Mark E. Flowers & Kristy Higby of Mountain Tea Studios

Nathan sits down with artists Mark E. Flowers and Kristy Higby of Mountain Tea Studios for the 72nd episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about why the places you go in life are determined where you get A’s, why now is the best time to ge...

Michelle Baker of The Canoe

Learning to Speak... Nathan sits down with Michelle Baker author, artist, photographer, and creativity consultant for the 71st episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about her new book The Canoe, growing up in a funeral director family, ho...