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First Breath Speech is a podcast for anyone looking to improve the way they speak, or minimize a natural accent. Host Lauren Lovett speaks with a wide range of experts from casting directors, to yoga practitioners about how to harness the power of clear speech.

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First Breath Speech is a podcast for anyone looking to improve the way they speak and feel more comfortable in their own skin. Host Lauren Lovett speaks with a wide range of experts from casting directors, to yoga practitioners about how to harness the power of clear speech.
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Nourishment Exercises for Everyday

We’re wrapping up our 6 month season and taking a little break to circle the wagons and cook up an even better show for you!   Jenny Walters is back and we’re talking about walking through your daily life and finding what is nourishing to you and what ...

EP 24 - Tools to GROW on from me to YOU

Books: Actor-y An Actor Prepares (Stanislavski) - tried and true about how NOT to act in novel form The Second Circle (Rodenburg) - prior recommend - about acting, being present and harnessing your life-force for good! Acting In Film (Caine) - it’s a q...

EP 23 - A Story About Embracing Your Own Diverse Diversity

How a delightful dancer from Columbia and a cunning production guy from Quebec created a successful multi-media entertainment company in LA. This is the story of Rene and Donald. Rene Veilleux and Donald Lopez are partners in business and in life. I we...

EP 22 - How Important Is My Voice?

This week it’s me talking to you about your voice. I’ve been noticing people are paying more attention to the way people sound -- especially with the growing popularity of podcasts -- and there have been many studies done of late about how your voice a...

EP 21 - Dazed and Confused is Ok

This week Jenny Walters is back to help us break up the hard stones of self-criticism and just curious about our confusion.       From the Wiki for Sankhara: The Buddha taught that all such things are impermanent (arising and passing away, subject to ...

EP 20 - Web Series Chat with Best Supporting Actress Winner Darcie Siciliano

This week it’s all about web series and all about winner for best supporting actress,Darcie Siciliano! We chat about her popular web series, He’s With Me (, and about how she learned to accept herself as one who does not fit i...

Ep 19 - Voice Over World, Part Two - Audiobooks with Nancy Linari

In today’s episode, I have the pleasure of chatting with my pal Nancy Linari about voice-over and particularly the world of Audiobooks! Nancy began her career in Chicago with the famed improv comedy group, The Second City. She appeared in David Fincher...

EP 18 - Good Friday

Hey Easy Speakers, Some recommendations from today’s Good Friday hodge-podge-cast! Podcasts I like:   Book oriented podcasts I like: http://bookriot.c...

EP 17 - Voice Over World, Part One with Joe Mortimer

This week we talk to actor Joe Mortimer about how a jock from Philly ended up at grad school to study theater, and then on to LA where he launched a very successful career in voice-over (much to the surprise of his voice and speech teachers)! Joe Morti...

EP 16 - Talking About Being Human

In this episode my good friend Jenny Walters and I talk about being human. When I teach a class or workshop or coach a client, I am helping not only to open up the vocal instrument, but often times we get into opening up the psyche in regards to self-...

EP 15 - Change Your Voice Change Your Life

Following your fear vs following your bliss is what this episode is about. An email I got from Marie Forleo got me to thinking about fear related to our voices and how we speak, and how working on freeing our voices might well we worth the risks.

EP 14 - Pitch Perfect with Deb Setele

This week we connect with screenwriter, Deb Setele to hear about her PitchFest experience. We get some great tips and take-aways about how to handle the stress when you’re pitching -- which goes for auditions too! Deborah Setele Screenwriter/Story Anal...

EP 13 - America Young

This week I’m talking to producer, director, actor, stunt-person, America Young. We talk about how she broke into the business from Nebraska of all places, and how she went from being accepted into med school to having 32 stunt credits on IMDB, and the...

EP 12 - Your Voice and Your Vibrator

This week I Skype with Elissa Weinzimmer, a vocal health specialist. She’s got a new program explaining in detail How Your Voice Works launching later this month. She’s also the co-creator of the Vibrant Voice Technique with David Ley where vibrators a...

EP 11 - Words from a Veteran Dialect Coach About Working on Big Sets

This week I’m letting you in on a conversation I had with veteran dialect coach, Andrew Jack about being on big sets like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Check out his website here. I also tell you about how they found the sound for BB8 for the lates...

EP 10 - Cold Season

Oh great, I’m sick!   Hello Easy Speakers, So this week I’ve been overcome by the dreaded seasonal cold. Those of you out in snowy places are permitted to snicker at our LA “seasons” but it the temps out here do shift and that shifting has an effect on...

EP 09 - Get Clear

This week I wanted to broach the topic of Clarity. Most of us interested in vocal production and accent management are interested in being clear when we speak, right? Well I believe clarity begins inside us with our intention -- before we can communica...

EP 08 - Interview with Teen Wolf actress, Maya Eshet

This week we are visited my actor, Maya Eshet who plays Meredith on the series Teen Wolf (MTV). We talk (and laugh) about her first auditions in LA and her continuous and very specific work on her accent. She offers some great observations about getti...

EP 07 - Your Own Uniqueness is Important

In this Episode, Phillip Charles MacKenzie talks about the camera and how…”it really looks into your soul, and your soul better be available...” We talk about starting out with co-star roles and why owning your uniqueness, even when the role is small, ...

EP 05 - Accent Management & Vocal Production 101 - You Gotta Listen to This

In this episode Lauren talks directly to you -- a bit about breathing, vocal placement and the first steps toward accent management. Please email us with questions after you listen and don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list on www.firstbreathspee...

EP 04 - 3 Essentials an Actor Must Have

In this week’s ep, a great conversation with actor, teacher, Artistic Director, Rob Nagle about how a shy kid got bitten by the bohemian actor lifestyle and what 3 essentials actors must master in order to be successful artists. Bitterness “takes a pow...

EP03 - Casting Directors WANT you to do WELL!

In this episode, I’m chatting with casting director, Dan Shaner about what he looks for in auditions and a bit about how the network TV system works. He’s got some great advice about how make acting your daily job - whether you’ve got a gig or not. Dan...

EP02 - What Makes a Good Actor?

Here in episode two, I talk with Don Williams, the Managing Artistic Director of the Art of Acting Studio in LA. We talk what he looks for in a potential student or actor for the shows he directs, as well as theater vs. film and TV. Since 2002 Don has ...

EP: 01 Yoga for Your Voice

When I thought about creating First Breath Speech - the website, blogs, videos and podcasts -- I knew I wanted to explore the voice and how we speak, and also how that integrates into other aspects of our lives. I’m interested in how our voices are aff...

EP 06 - Russia and Fitzmaurice

In this episode Laura and I talk about the voice and how UNrelaxing acting is, as well as her time in Moscow in the 1990’s and how things have changed.