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Interviews with biologists about being biologists. Hosted by Adrian Smith. Visit the podcast website at

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Interviews with biologists about being biologists
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11 Ecopoetry with Eric Pianka

Visit to view the video version of this episode.

10 Ted Schultz

Ted Schultz is a research entomologist and curator in the Department of Entomology at the Smithsonian National museum of Natural History.

9 Steven Vogel

Dr. Steven Vogel of Duke University is a founding father of the field of biomechanics. During his career he’s studied the physical properties and functional ecology or everything from plants to prairie dogs.

8 Marlene Zuk

Interview with Prof. Marlene Zuk of the Universtiy of Minnesota, an exceptionally talented and influential biologist studying behavioral ecology and sexual selection. She has authored 4 popular books, including her latest from last year, Paleofantasy.

7 Jerry Coyne

Prof. Jerry Coyne is an evolutionary geneticist and author of the book Why Evolution is True. He talks with me about religion and science and shares stories from his days as a student.

6 Bert Hölldobler

Prof. Bert Hölldobler is the premier ant behavioral ecologist. He is perhaps best known for his research collaborations with E. O. Wilson at Harvard, which culminated in winning a Pulitzer Prize. We talk about his career path and his mentors.

5 Eric Pianka

Prof. Eric Pianka, aka "The Lizard Man", is an ecologist known for his research on the community ecology of desert lizards and his influential textbook Evolutionary Ecology. We talk about his career, his mentors, and his approach to biological research...

4 Walter Tschinkel

Prof. Walter Tschinkel is a world-renowned ant researcher and fire ant expert. He was also my undergraduate advisor. We talk about his path in academia and his scientific research philosophy.

3 Joan Strassmann

Prof. Joan Strassmann is a leading expert in the field of sociobiology and social evolution. I visited her office at Washington University in St. Louis for a chat about how and why she does science.

2 May Berenbaum

Prof. May Berenbaum is a world famous entomologist and a great person. She talks to me about the mentors and collaborators she had througout her illustrious career.

1 Alex Wild

Alex Wild is a PhD ant scientist turned professional insect photographer. I talk to Alex about his path into and beyond academic science.