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<b> Music + Podcasts to make you feel better when life gives you lemons. </b> <p> Learn more at www.youtube.com/amyleo
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The Fine Print of Being Human

Tune into a special birthday episode today!You can also check this out on YouTube!
AMY LEO author

On Overthinking & Taking Things Personally

Inspired by recent conversations with dear friends who understand the intellectual idea of not taking their thoughts so seriously, but are frustrated with "Yeah, but that's all easier said than done. How do I do it?" 
AMY LEO author

Why Can't I Have That? | An exploration of jealousy and comparison with Dr. George Pranksy

In today episode we are speaking with Dr. George Pranksy about all things envy, jealousy, and the compulsion to compare ourselves to others. Definitely, a relevant topic in regards to today's "picture perfect" social media influencer/blogger environmen...
AMY LEO author
3.07.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Wish You Had A Different Beach Body?

--&gt;Watch this episode on YOUTUBE here &lt;--Today we are laying the foundation to explore the possibility of living life without feeling the pain of all that negative self-talk going down about yourself and your body.www.amyleo.comwww.youtube.com/am...
AMY LEO author

Ending the Stress & Burnout Epidemic

Why are we so chronically exhausted and stressed? Today's episode delivers a new perspective on burnout.Cited Research from Today’s ShowThe Research Is Clear: Long Hours Backfire for People and for CompaniesThe Productivity of Work HoursLong working ho...
AMY LEO author

The Bottom of the Emotional Iceberg

CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE LINK --&gt; VISUAL VERSION OF THIS EPISODE In this episode, we explore one common assumption that may be doing us more harm than good.Some of the examples in this episode:-Terry Rubenstein, author of Exquisite Mind (deals with De...
AMY LEO author
23.05.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Can We Learn How To Be Less Depressed?

*Blaze a new trail! Learn a new, more logical framework for mental health and life by subscribing below.Related PodcastsThe Most Direct Route to Wellbeing with Dr. Dicken BettingerBreaking Free: The Principles of Being HumanAudio Learner? Podcasts to S...
AMY LEO author
2.05.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Adaptation is Your Birthright

In today's episode, we continue our conversation about learning and what holds us back from our natural potential for accelerated growth and skill acquisition.We will talk about things like:Perfectionism and expectation Finding the right tool Dealing w...
AMY LEO author
25.04.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Wish You Could Learn Something New?

Feeling frustrated with trying to learn something new? Tune in to today's episode as we speak with Irina Pravet, a coach specializing in helping people learn one of the most difficult languages in the world! Today we speak focus on the crucial misunder...
11.04.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Politics Can't Fix This

The news reports are in. "ISIS has been defeated"...but how do you defeat an ideology?Tune into today's show as we discuss:The cause of terrorismThe role of Islam and how it relates to terrorism Why the good guys vs. bad guys approach tends to only per...
AMY LEO author
22.03.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

The Conversation I Was Physically Afraid To Publish

These people were not monsters! Learn more about the lives that were shattered and the dreams that were destroyed in the recent New Zealand Terrorism AttackMuslim Americans Explain What Jihad Really MeansWhat Jihad Is and What It Is NotMore about Ahmed...
AMY LEO author
8.03.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

What's The Worst That Could Happen? **A MUST LISTEN**

You can watch this instead at: https://youtu.be/brg8R7ANEa0
AMY LEO author
1.03.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Amy Talks About Her Blind Audition! | Voice of Finland

In this episode...-The actual BLIND AUDITION!-Why I Chose the Song "Not Afraid."-What Being "Not Afraid" Really Means To Me. -My biggest "a-ha" moments from my blind audition.Want to watch the audition and this episode instead?Go to: https://youtu.be/T...
AMY LEO author
22.02.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

The Problem with "Diversity"

Bonus 2 Minutes:Watch David explain (much more eloquently than me) about the physiological brain changes that often accompany the "us vs. them mentality":https://www.pbs.org/video/brain-david-eagleman-episode-5-in-group-out-group/
AMY LEO author
14.02.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Valentine's Day Special - Straight from Sri Lanka!

Why does love have to be so hard? Join Amy and her husband Eemeli for a Valentine's Day special that will get you thinking about the important questions related to love and relationships.Happy Valentine's Day!www.amyleo.com
AMY LEO author
7.02.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

But He Can Change, Can't He? (Part 3)

What is the secret to change...Is it moving in together? Getting married? Having a child?Or is the secret to change going to therapy or a strong desire to change?Let's explore change in today's episode!Want to watch these on YouTube, now you can...go t...
AMY LEO author
31.01.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

But He Makes Me So Happy! (Part 2)

In the last episode, we examined the sincerity in your relationship vs. the intensity.Today, we are going to explore where our feelings come from in order for us all to make clearer, wiser relationship decisions. Only you know what is best for you.Toda...
AMY LEO author
24.01.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

But I Love Him...(Part 1)

Even if you have the healthiest, happiest relationship in the world, it never hurts to get informed. It could help a loved one, someday.Over one-third of U.S. women (43.5 million) have experienced psychological aggression at the hands of an intimate pa...
AMY LEO author
17.01.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

On Goals & Success

I would have saved a ridiculous amount of time spent stressing out, worrying, and overworking myself if I would have stopped to question these two things about goals and success.You can also watch this episode on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/yDcmJNK5...
AMY LEO author
8.01.2019 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

**New Episodes Starting Thursday January 17th**

Tune in for a whole new season of What We Should Have Learned in School! 
AMY LEO author
4.11.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Is It Worth It?

In today's episode, we reflect on the overwhelm, stress, and pressure associated with goals and daily tasks.For more info. go to www.amyleo.com
AMY LEO author
11.10.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Mindful Minutes w/ Kelly Monsrud

In today's episode, we encourage you to self-inquire alongside these statements designed to generate wiser decision making.Thank you Kelly for co-creating this beautiful piece with me. (Kelly created all the music and brainstormed with me the topics of...
4.10.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

On Being Genuinely Happy

Entrepreneur and musical talent Kelly Monsrud once described himself as "living life dead." Discover how he was living for the 15 months before his sudden passing. Take in the depth and richness of Kelly's understanding of the human condition and exper...
AMY LEO author
27.09.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Other People's Judgment

Don't miss our other episodes with Ryan: Part 1. The Boogeyman of Failure, https://www.buzzsprout.com/141432/795386-the-boogeyman-of-failure Part 2.Isn't It Good to Feel Guilty Sometimes?, https://www.buzzsprout.com/141432/797297-isn-t-it-good-to-fee...
AMY LEO author
20.09.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

The Most Important Job in the World

Real courage is not "How many people can I beat?" It is how open can I keep my heart as I move through life -- as I face things that are difficult and painful -- and not shut down? Straight from the mouth of today's guest Ryan Weisgerber. Did you kn...
AMY LEO author
13.09.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Isn't It Good to Feel Guilty Sometimes?

How many things are not working in the way most people would want them too? Press play for a new conversation on the importance of fear, guilt, and human choice. ---- Not doing want you really want to because you are afraid to fail? Check out par...
AMY LEO author
6.09.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

The Boogeyman of Failure

Sick of stressing about failure? Sick of trying to overcome failure? There is one big problem with our failure obsession....Life is actually not a test. Life is not a test. We act as if it is, but it isn't. In today's episode, we take a deep dive in...
AMY LEO author
30.08.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

I Wasn't Expecting That

Life is unexpected. We can trick ourselves into believing we are in full control, but the older we get, the more we see we aren't. Yet, life can delight and surprise us too. It can deliver things we couldn't even imagine before. You can watch Amy's We...
AMY LEO author
23.08.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

What Aretha Franklin Taught Me

What does beauty and life or death decisions have to do with each other? Find out in today's episode. Learn more about the host, Amy Leo, at www.amyleo.com Many beliefs are actually not often freely chosen. Much of them fly under our radar. They feel...
AMY LEO author
16.08.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

If you got this, how would it change your life?

Ever wonder if you would get any benefits from going on a silent retreat? Does the idea fascinate you, but you feel a little nervous if you could really stay quiet for days? Amy has just returned from a 5 Day Silent Retreat. Tune in to discover wha...
AMY LEO author
9.08.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Preventing Worry & Panic Attacks

Inspired by an “a-ha”moment during some honeymoon snorkeling in the Maldives, today’s episode features a practical way of navigating daily life: imagination vs. what is actually happening.
AMY LEO author
2.08.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

The Maldives is BORING!

Newly married and back from her honeymoon, Amy Leo shares the recipe for unhappiness. For more, go to www.amyleo.com
AMY LEO author
5.07.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

New Episodes in August*

Stay tuned for new content after Amy gets back from her wedding cruise and honeymoon.
AMY LEO author
14.06.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

So, what is the point of this podcast?!

In today's episode, Amy takes on one of the most common criticisms about the content of this podcast series. Check out Terry's book, Exquisite Mind here: https://www.amazon.com/Exquisite-Mind-Principles-Transformed-Transform/dp/1780929544/ref=sr_1_1?s...
AMY LEO author
7.06.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

I can't believe how much I am actually paying for THIS! How much is THIS costing you?

In today's episode, we explore the obvious and hidden costs of taking insecure thinking seriously. What is the cost to health from cosmetic procedures, crash diets, or binge drinking? What is the cost to your bank account, your creativity, your relat...
AMY LEO author
31.05.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Broken Open: Life After Loss & Divorce

When your world is really falling apart around you...I mean when real problems crop up like the loss of a child...what can you do? On today's show, we sit down with Denise Marie Gaber. Denise knows first hand about the real problems. From the loss o...
AMY LEO author
24.05.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

I Wish I Said This To Avicii

This month we have been focusing on sensations that typically accompany depression, particularly suicidal thoughts. In this candid episode, Amy invites listeners to explore a broader perspective on this issue: one that affects everyone's life , wheth...
AMY LEO author
17.05.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

The Easiest Way to Save A Life

Today's episode was inspired by the life and legacy of Tim Bergling aka Avicii. Join our community by going to: www.amyleo.com Subscribe to this series by clicking here: http://www.buzzsprout.com/141432 Broken Open by Denise Marie Gaber https://ww...
AMY LEO author
10.05.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Can Emotional Triggers Be A Good Thing?

The conversation around triggers and developing coping skills is sometimes helpful, but it does not provide a complete description of what is going on. In today's episode we will explore: -what is a trigger? -the pitfalls of focusing only on trigg...
AMY LEO author
3.05.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Freedom from 23 Years of Eating Disorders & Depression

In today's episode we are speaking with Amanda Jones. Amanda experienced eating disorders for 23 years. After trying every psychotherapy imaginable, discover what actually made the difference for her and how this discovery could jumpstart genuine relie...
AMY LEO author
27.04.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Beyond The Limits of Ego

If you intellectually understand what I've been talking about, but feel like your thoughts and mind is out of control, today's episode is for you. In today's episode we talk about: -The 1 Common Thread of the past two month's episodes -What is the Eg...
AMY LEO author
19.04.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Apparently, the Earth is Flat?!

If your beliefs are not the result of years of rational analysis, what are they the result? Understanding the human being with greater clarity like this can prevent a whole host of unnecessary dramas such as: stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, rel...
AMY LEO author
5.04.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Introspection is NOT As Important As You Think (In fact, it can be harmful) (Part 2)

Today we explore just one of many studies conducted by people like Anthony M. Grant, Tasha Eurich, Tim Wilson, and Emily Pronin, which points to the fact that introspection is not the act of tapping into our deepest selves, rather it is a fabrication, ...
AMY LEO author
30.03.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Introspection is NOT As Important As You Think (In fact, it can be harmful)

If you are like me, you have been exposed to the idea that self-reflection (ie. introspection) allows us to better understand ourselves and therefore, better control our emotions and manage our behaviors. (And when you are feeling down for days, this...
AMY LEO author
22.03.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

1 Simple Emotional Mistake We All Make (And What To Do About It)

Ever been told you need to "vent" your feelings? That it is unhealthy to bottle up your emotions? Tune into today's episode for another segment of what we should have learned in school: -venting emotions doesn't release angry feelings -the idea of b...
AMY LEO author
8.03.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Is Caring What People Think Holding You Back?

Has the fear of failure, embarrassment, or social disapproval kept you from doing something? Is it still keeping you from doing something? Perhaps you haven't asked that cute person out from work our of fear of rejection or you haven't danced when yo...
AMY LEO author
22.02.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Dealing with Difficult Feelings

Today we explore a more logical approach to dealing with conflict and uncomfortable emotions in relationships. Well actually, in relating to uncomfortable emotions in general. Join the 30 Days of Love Series here: www.intentioninspired.com/join-lo...
AMY LEO author
15.02.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

The Life-Changing Question You Must Ask Yourself

In today's episode we highlight what is at the heart of Subtractive Psychology. You don't want to miss this one. Learn more at the 30 Days of Love Challenge: www.intentioninspired.com/join-love Contact: www.amyleo.com amy@amyleo.com Thank you...
AMY LEO author
8.02.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Not Positive Psychology or The Law of Attraction

Tune into today's show as we highlight the difference between what the 30 Days of Love Challenge is offering and how it differs from popular personal development methodologies. Go to www.intentioninspired.com/join-love for more information. Contact ...
AMY LEO author
1.02.2018 https://storage.buzzsprout.com/variants/rS3vtUUjRGi9eT891o7RqsF1/8d66eb17bb7d02ca4856ab443a78f2148cafbb129f58a3c81282007c6fe24ff2?.jpg

Will you regret that relationship decision...or not?

For 20 cents a day, join me this month for the mental adventure of a lifetime when it comes to the realm of love: self-love, romantic love, love of family, and love of humanity as a whole. Join the 30 Days of Love Challenge! https://www.intentioninsp...
AMY LEO author