Curious about the cosmos? Intrigued by evolution? Every month two scientists put their heads together to help answer your questions.

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Curious about the cosmos? Intrigued by evolution? Every month two scientists put their heads together to help answer your questions.
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11.04.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

Stem by name stem by nature

She enjoys STEM advocacy, she works on stem cells, she is: Dr. Kristi Stemler. While she works at MD Anderson, she isn’t a cancer researcher. Rather she looks at the role of stem cells and diet in making cancer sufferer’s lives more comfortable. We...
Kristi Stemler author
4.04.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

23 and them

In the immortal words of Jeff Goldblum (well, his character anyway) “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” This feels like a recurring theme in today’s world of technology that...
Katherine Drabiak author
27.03.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

What a scientist looks like

Picture a scientist. Do you see the typical white lab coat, and a researcher trying to cure diseases? Who do you consider to be a scientist? Could it be a teacher? A girl scout leader? A comedienne? Our friend Ana Zambrana, says yes to all of the ab...
Ana Ines Zambrana author
21.03.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

Science out in the open

Anson Mackay studies the effects of climate change on freshwater ecosystems. His work often takes him way out to areas like Lake Baikal in Siberia, but openness in his work is not limited to geography. He understands his privilege as a white male pr...
Anson Mackay author
14.03.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

Statistically Speaking

Ask the average scientist about statistics and watch them squirm. Not Dr. Karen Lamb though, she loves applying her training to real life problems. We met up with her in Melbourne to talk stats, scicomm and Superstars of STEM. You can follow Karen a...
Karen Lamb author
7.03.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

Stars in indigenous eyes

How does seeing monsters in the stars help scientists understand where ancient wildlife could be found? Much in the same way that a cultural man and astrophysicist can become friends. Australian aborigines have been telling stories for tens of thous...
Willy Stevens and Duane Hamacher author
28.02.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

Dr Schaumberg (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the pill)

Mia Schaumberg always loved science, but she also loves exercise, so it would seem natural that she would end up as an exercise physiologist. Having received her doctorate she works as a lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast, whilst resea...
Mia Schaumberg author
23.02.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

Addiction and attachment in monogamous mammals

Part III of our Stanford Special. Dr. Natalie Nevárez is first generation Mexican, the first in her family to go to college, but only the second to receive a scholarship from Pornhub (yes you read that right), and she’s proud of all of these things!...
Natalie Nevárez author
22.02.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

When brain meets machine

Part II of our Stanford Special. No one wants someone poking around in their head and neither does your brain. This is a puzzle for scientists like Dr. Marc Ferro, who are interested in bioelectronics. He’s trying to develop brain implants to help ...
Marc Ferro author
21.02.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

The protein folding biologist: Marie Kondo of the cell

Part I of our Stanford Special. Dr. João Rodrigues decided early on that as much as he loved biology, he didn’t want to get his hands too dirty, so now he studies the shapes that proteins make by using computer models. He works with biologists and ...
João Rodrigues author
14.02.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

The queen of oxytocin

Oxytocin is often touted as the “love hormone”, but it’s also the focus of neuroscientist Dr. Bianca Jones Marlin. Bianca sat down to tell us about her work on how trauma can be inherited, and how oxytocin helps the brain to adapt to caring for a ne...
Bianca Jones Marlin author
6.02.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

The storytelling geneticist

Dr. Kat Arney has studied genetics, written many books, recorded podcasts and now is helping other people to tell their stories through her organization First Create the Media. We chatted to her about epigenetics, our personal genomes and sharing th...
Kat Arney author
30.01.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

Wait wait...Earth isn't doomed!

Howdy friends! We’re back with Season 6 of our podcast, but this episode is a little bit different. taste of science DC partnered with the wonderful Kasha Patel of DC Science Comedy to cover the serious subject of our planetary demise…or not! Join K...
DC Science Comedy author
17.04.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

The archeology of a "good year"

Chris Whelan is the bird man. From a small boy to an experienced scientist his interest hasn’t faltered. What would a world without birds look like? (A clue - think of the vultures.) Is climate change affecting how birds behave? We ask Chris all thi...
Chris Whelan author
10.04.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

The archeology of a "good year"

Dr. Davide Tanasi is a native Sicilian and specialist in specialist in Mediterranean archaeology. He reconstructs ancient villas with drones and the latest in computer imaging, and battles the odds to find that perfect vintage. The older wine is the...
Davide Tanasi author
3.04.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

The running scientist

John Brewer is a runner who works in science, and a scientist who studies running. We hear stories about the right kind of shoes, diet, hydration and technology but what's the evidence underlying the hype? John talks about how our bodies respond to ...
John Brewer author
27.03.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

The nanochemist

Nanotubes...nanobots...nanonachos?! Terms you may have heard but what do they mean and what do they do? We asked Maia Mombrú a graduate student in chemistry at Universidad de la República de Uruguay in Montevideo. She tells us about nanotubes in nat...
Maia Mombrú author
20.03.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

Engineering the human machine

What do you get if you cross an engineer with a love for tiny blood vessels? Shayn Peirce-Cottler: a professor at the University of Virginia studying the role of microvasculature in disease. She's looking at how we can engineer treatments from raw m...
Shayn Peirce-Cottler author
13.03.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

Of microbes and men

Tara Bracken has specialized in Infectious disease and Global Health. From researching malaria and blogging to communicating vaccine safety and writing for the National Science Foundation, she's has worn many scientific hats. We talk to her about pr...
Tara Bracken author
6.03.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

It's the end of the world as we know it...

...and we're feeling kind of queasy if we're honest. Les Shaw is a researcher at the University of South Florida and he studies the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics. Most of us have only known a world where many infections can easily be treated...
Lindsey "Les" Shaw author
27.02.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

The original paleo diet

We've all heard of "The Paleo Diet", but what did our paleolithic ancestors actually eat? Well we found exactly the scientist to ask. Briana Pobiner is a paleoanthropologist whose research centers on the evolution of human diet. We discuss when and ...
Briana Pobiner author
20.02.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

Bright lights and sleeping tight

Sunlight, blue light, red light, sleep tight! Virginie Gabel is a neuroscientist and a specialist in light and sleep cycles. Why do we sleep less when we're older and why do screens ruin our sleep? Why is our circadian rhythm important to our health...
Virginie Gabel author
12.02.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e97fa9d482e910864b1741/t/582119cbe6f2e1550f3ebf12/1478564300075/1500w/2Scis.jpg

Get by with a little help from our friends

In preparation for our 5th season we're offering you a little taste of what's to come and giving some thanks to our supporters.
2Scientists author

March for Science special: The Advocate

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is a marine biologist, policy advisor and defender of science. After hearing about the march she knew she had to get involved. Tune in to hear more about the overwhelming support science has received from the public and how s...
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson author

March for Science special: The Scientist

Andrew Steele is an astrobiologist who is most at home hiding in his lab analyzing his data. Given that he is looking for life on other planets - so would we be! But Andrew is one of many scientists who realizes that hiding away is no longer an opti...
Andrew Steele author

March for Science special: The Artist

The March for Science was a global celebration of science. Attended across the world by scientists and non-scientists from every background. It was a demonstration of support for a field of work that affects our health, our economies and our planet....
Paul Miller author

People power

Andrea Wiggins rather confusingly is a scientist that studies other people doing science. The technologies they use, how they work together and how they share information. Did you think research was just for scientists? Well Andrea looks at how citi...
Andrea Wiggins author

For the love of frogs

Taegan McMahon, of the University of Tampa, has pretty much grown up in the wild. Destined to become an ecologist, she studies fungal infections that are killing off entire frog populations. And she's run into jungles, crossed rapidly flowing rivers...
Taegan McMahon author

The natural world through computer eyes

Peter Bentley is a scientist's scientist. A man who thinks you should only be doing science as long as you love it (as he does). His subjects of study range from brain networks to hunter-gatherers to autopilots on planes. He looks at how the natural...
Peter Bentley author

The anatom-artist

A chicken, an alligator and a turtle walk into a lab... Just a few of the weird and wonderful species that Richard Wingate uses to study the cerebellum or the "little brain". When not wearing his anatomist's hat, he explores the fine line between sc...
Richard Wingate author

The volcano seismologist (a re-release)

Tis the season to be thankful, and we are, for our friend Mel and her return to Tampa. So to celebrate we wanted to re-release her podcast. The volcanologist who studies the earthquakes generated by volcanoes, in order to predict potential eruptions...
Mel Rodgers author

Our little black box

Our brains are our little black boxes, making us who we are. But how does a brain store memories and where? Why do we lose them as we get ill or old? This was the subject for our guest, neurologist and neuroscientist Emrah Düzel. His group in Magdeb...
Emrah Düzel author

A numbers game

She's a lady of many accolades: professor of Computer Science at Oxford, the first female professor at the University of St. Andrews and a CBE – Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for her services to computer science. She i...
Ursula Martin author

Do computers dream of electric scientists?

Meet Randy: scientist of data, teacher of machines, master of visualizations. Like a lion tamer, he uses his computer to whip that data into shape; whether you want to plan your ideal road trip or just learn the perfect way to create a pie chart. A ...
Randy Olson author

Seas of change

Man-made climate change is a thing. Decades of work and the scientific community are agreed on that. How then to convince the final doubters? David Hastings, a marine scientist at Eckerd College, has a view on that. On any given day he might be comm...
David Hastings author

The nuclear option

Think of nuclear power stations and you might think meltdowns with Homer Simpson at the reins. The truth is that nuclear power is a clean and efficient source of energy and far safer than we give it credit for. Just ask Claire Blackett Taylor, a hum...
Claire Blackett Taylor author

Don't judge a book...

You're not prejudiced are you? No, neither are we. Yet we all unintentionally make snap judgements about people every day. This "implicit bias" is the bread and butter of criminologist Lorie Fridell. Her work with the police highlights the dangers o...
Lorie Fridell author

Sharks: teeth, tales and streamlined scales

Dan Huber has been into sharks since the age of 8. He's studied them, lived with them and almost lost his head because of them! We talk biomechanics, the dangers of captivity and megalodon. So many questions... so little time. We appreciate you humo...
Dan Huber author

The brew doctor

Jennifer Sedillo is a microbiologist by training and beer scientist for love. So this Valentine's day we talked to her over a pint, about our pints. We heard how brewing is not just for the bearded sex. And we finally have a reason for why that beer...
Jennifer Sedillo author

Making it hard to resist

Resistance is futile! Or not, if you're a disease causing parasite or mosquito. This is where evolutionary biologist Silvie Hujiben comes in. She is looking for new ways to prevent and maybe even eradicate diseases like malaria but without just thro...
Silvie Huijben author

The immunotherapist

Kim Luddy went from aspiring marine biologist to actual cancer researcher. Now she's working on therapies to train our immune systems to attack cancer cells. Will they be a magic bullet? Probably not. Tune in to hear how immunotherapies could help, ...
Kim Luddy author

Running from the pain

Starting out as a chemical engineer Megan Detloff decided that wasn't enough pain for her so she switched to neuroscience. Now as a researcher at Drexel University in Philadelphia, she looks at what she describes as the "pain of everyday living" or ...
Megan Detloff author

The spaceman

He's a researcher, teacher, astronaut candidate, director of outreach programs and UFO investigator. Antonio Paris loves and lives Space! He talks to us about his favorite planet – Mars – and whether E.T. is likely to call any time soon.
Antonio Paris author

The bio-hacktivist

From inflammation to intellectual property, Ruan Cox details his scientific career to date. Why not all scientists stay in science and why that's a good thing. This scientist talks about his favorite tech and how we should be using it to learn more ...
Ruan Cox author

Mind over matter

Sit back...take a deep breath... and relax. Feeling better? Well maybe you shouldn't be. Catherine Wikholm is a psychologist studying how meditation might not be all peace and happiness. As with any treatment, mindfulness might actually be damaging...
Catherine Wikholm author

Getting our sh!t together (or: saving the planet with poop power)

Daniel Yeh is an engineer and associate professor at the University of South Florida and his passion is... waste water? He believes that one man's waste is another man's treasure. Listen in as he tells us more about smarter ways to purify our water ...
Daniel Yeh author

When a cure is not enough

What if we had a cure for 1 in 20 cancer patients? Even better, what if we could cure cancer before it even occurred? Meet Anna Giuliano, an epidemiologist at the Moffitt Cancer Center and the director of the Center for Infection Research in Cancer....
Anna Giuliano author

The Dark Knight of science

Physicist by day, journalist and musician by night – Dr David Robert Grimes just may be the Dark Knight of Science, advocating for higher standards in media coverage and working out the physics behind your favorite guitar riffs.
David Robert Grimes author

The squirrel whisperer

Evolutionary biologist Joel Brown knows why the squirrels that frequent our yards here in Florida are tiny compared to their heavyweight cousins in Chicago – and now you can too! Listen in as Dr. Brown explains how American squirrels are settling an...
Joel Brown author

Breaking the habit

Bad habits, compulsive thoughts, irrational decisions – we're all plagued by them to varying degrees. But where do they come from? And what can we do to break the habit? Or, can people with issues like obsessive-compulsive disorder find successful t...
Claire Gillan author