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Ready to double your sales? Join Award Winning Author + Sales Expert Ursula Mentjes and her guests as they share exactly what they did to double, triple and quadruple their sales in a short amount of time—so you can do the same!

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Ready to double your sales? Join Award Winning Author + Sales Expert Ursula Mentjes and her guests as they share exactly what they did to double, triple and quadruple their sales in a short amount of time—so you can do the same!
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99: Confronting Your Subconscious Blocks with Mee Vaj

Whether you know it or not, childhood has a major subconscious influence in your day-to-day life as an adult. Today’s guest, Mee Vaj, shares how her experiences with war and abuse as a child shaped her limiting beliefs, but also inspired her to grow he...

98: Using Speaking to Expand Your Companies' Reach with Ross Bernstein

Establishing a reputable name in speaking takes years of hard work, networking, and perseverance. Ross Bernstein, best-selling author of nearly 50 sports books, hits the ball out of the park when it comes to these things. As an author and business spea...

Creating Services That Deliver Intrinsic Value to Your Customers and Business with Dr. Sara Barber and Dan Bakker

Today’s guests, Dr. Sara Barber, and Dan Bakker, are co-owners of Foundation Livestock Service. They use their collective knowledge from 34 years of veterinary and production experience to assist beef and dairy clients in enhancing their production and...
Ursula Mentjes author

96: Overcome Your Fear of Selling with LaVonne Shields

As an entrepreneur, numbers can often be daunting, but LaVonne Shields is here to help. LaVonne is a business accountability coach and accounting strategist. She also serves as an expert for the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center in San Bernardino, ...

Build an Authentic High Revenue Company with Debbie Allen

Building an authentic, highly grossing company takes hard work, but anyone can do it, and sometimes, more than once! Debbie Allen is a diverse entrepreneur who has sold 6 million-dollar companies, is an internationally recognized business growth strate...
Ursula Mentjes author

94: Using the Power of Podcasting to Reach Your Audience with Ian Levitt

Podcasting has become an intimate and exciting platform for individuals to connect and share an array of expertise. Ian Levitt was in the broadcasting industry for over 20 years and recently left to start his own production company, Studio Americana. S...

Step Out of Fear to Build Your Online Brand with Jenna Redfield

Building an online platform can be daunting, but today’s guest, Jenna Redfield, is here to teach you how to tackle your fear and build your online brand. Jenna is a social media expert, with an emphasis on Instagram. She has turned her expertise into a...
Ursula Mensjes author

Profitable Partnerships for Growth with Juli Lassow

Today’s guest, Juli Lassow, has mastered the art of establishing fundamental and beneficial retail relationships. After her 17 years of retail with Target, Juli took her experience and founded JHL Solutions. JHL Solutions is a management firm with an e...
Ursula Mentjes author

91: 5 Steps to Take a Quantum Leap in Your Business This Year

Do you need to take your business to the next level or make some definite changes to boost your sales in a big way? In today’s solo episode, I’m sharing information that is helpful and powerful, no matter your current situation. We’re discussing 5 Step...

90: Using Speaking Gigs to Build Your Career with Leisa Reid

If you’re passionate about speaking but don’t know where to start, Leisa Reid is the speaking coach you need. Leisa is a powerful speaker who has delivered over 400 speeches over the past 4 years and has decided to share her speaking secrets with you. ...

89: Break Through Your Insecurities with John Golden

Today’s guest, John Golden, is a bestselling author and sales strategist. He is also globally acknowledged as a Sales and Marketing thought leader and speaker. In this episode, John shares his top-selling strategies, how to identify your target audienc...

88: Create, Grow and Sell with Sarah Stokes

Being a parent and working a full-time job can be difficult to balance. It’s common to feel as if you’re missing out on vital parts of your children’s lives. That’s how Sarah Stokes felt, which led her to take matters into her own hands. After taking a...

87: Grow Your Business and Explode Your Cash Flow with Rebekah Hall

Welcome to another episode of Double Your Sales! This week’s episode includes a special guest, Rebekah Hall. Rebekah is an experienced business coach with over 10 years in the industry and has worked with over 2400 companies. Today, Rebekah brings some...

86: Discover What is Holding You Back with Amanda Johnson

Finding what’s holding you back is possibly the single most important thing to discover and overcome. As a Personal Brand Strategist, Amanda Johnson helps individuals who aspire to exceed their goals as speakers, authors, and coaches pinpoint the messa...

85: Turning Your Overflowing Passion Into Your Job with Melissa Huber

As a dancer, choreographer and instructor, Melissa has always immersed herself in creativity.  But when life threw her a curve ball at her, leaving her a single mother with five young children, Melissa had to take her creativity and apply it head-on in...

84: Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs About Selling with Megan Adams

Success doesn’t have set qualifications. Most individuals have beliefs about selling that limit them from ever taking a leap of faith and creating the business they’ve always dreamed of. Today, 23 year-old Megan Adams talks about how she overcame those...

83: Achieving Harmony As You Turn Your Passion Into a Full Time Job with Rebekah Scott

Turning your passion into a full-time job can be a difficult transition, but a fulfilling accomplishment when systematically executed. As most things in business, this is much easier said than done, but Rebekah Scott, designer, business coach, author, ...

82: Learning to Cater to Your Customer's Needs with Laine Torres

No matter what your business is, learning to cater to your audiences’ needs is the most important task. In todays’ episode, Laine Torres, a photographer for personal branding, talks how to become a good listener, how to sell and market yourself, and ho...

81: Identify Your Value and Activate Your True Power with Connie Pheiff

Self-doubt is something many of us struggle with, which is why it’s important to have motivational and encouraging individuals in our lives. Often times, it can be difficult to embrace the truth about our own potential.    Connie Pheiff is an award-win...

80: Embody Your Best Self to Live Fearlessly

Pushing yourself to reach your full potential can be a difficult task but one that’s well worthwhile. It is easy to get in our own heads and talk ourselves down but Lisa McDonald has defied that normalcy. Despite the obstacles, Lisa has had to endure. ...

79: Stepping Out on Your Own to Start Your Next Big Thing with Sally Doyle

Stepping out of your comfort zone and starting your own company can be an intimidating pursuit. Yet, despite the risks and self-doubt that is exactly what Sally Doyle did. Sally is the owner of Absolute Business Solutions, a bookkeeping firm in Minneap...

78: Find Your Purpose and Boost Productivity with Michelle French

Our purpose often comes unexpectedly but we have to be ready to grasp onto those opportunities. Michelle French was climbing the corporate ladder on the American Airlines sales team until a drastic turn of events led her to start her own nonprofit even...

77: Embrace Your Passion to Grow Your Business

Pamela Egan is an artist with a passion for floral design. Pamela has been successful in cultivating her passions and talent in order to create a successful and growing business. Not only does her background and instinctual creative abilities shine thr...

76: Lessons from a Sales Rep Who Loves Cold Calling with Kristin Ford Hindrichs

Kristin Ford Hinrichs is the Owner and Chief Effectiveness Officer of Best in Learning, an independent consulting firm that works with organizations who are committed, engaged and ready to roll up their sleeves to find the very best learning solutions ...

75: Freelance Secrets to Take Your Business to the Next Level with Connor Gillivan

Starting up a business can be a daunting task but also a very fulfilling one. Many entrepreneurs have limiting beliefs that hold them back in the startup process - hearing their stories could help you avoid those setbacks. In this interview, Connor Gil...

74: Connecting Businesses to Communities of Their Ideal Customers with Kateri Ruiz

I am thrilled beyond words to have today’s guest, Kateri Ruiz, on today’s show. Kateri is Founder and CEO of MAIA, a community having an online directory that connects consumers with women-owned businesses. On today’s episode, Kateri shares a fascinati...

73: Transforming Your Beliefs About Field and Outside Sales with Steve Benson

You are in for a real treat on today’s show, and I am so excited to have Steve Benson joining me to have a candid conversation about field sales and outside sales. No matter what you think about field and outside sales, Steve is going to transform your...

72: Build a Business You Can Never Outgrow with Nancy Meyer

Today, we have the incredible, amazing Nancy Meyer, owner of WeMentor, Inc. WeMentor is now a sponsor of the show which is exciting for everything Nancy and her WeMentor community brings to Double your Sales. Do you need new skills and strategies to gr...

71: Less Can Be More: Niching Down to Support Your Ideal Client with Darren Dobier

Entrepreneur Darren Dobier is today’s guest. He’s the owner of Diro Outdoors which specializes in taking individuals and groups on fun outdoor adventures. kayaking, paddle boarding, big tire biking and snowshoeing. With their mission to inspire and out...

70: Using Collective Brain Power to Increase Your Sales with Torey Ivanic

Being an entrepreneur is a tangible goal for anyone but often requires a major mindset shift and dedication. Making intentional choices and surrounding yourself with people who bring you joy is a solid first step to accomplishing your business and life...

69: Speak and Market Like a Pro with Sheryl Roush

There’s no set equation set in stone for the right way to start a business, but people often overlook the importance of having fun with what you do. Many of us have limiting beliefs that hold us back from experiencing all of the opportunities in store ...

68: Unique Ways to Double Your Sales with Carl Allen

I am so excited to have the very amazing Carl Allen with us today! I'm sure you're really going to love him and today we're going to be talking about a different way of doubling your sales! You will want to take some notes because Carl is going to shar...

67: Straight Talk for Smart Business Women with Cheryl Leitshuh

Like any entrepreneur, it’s likely you’re searching for the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways to grow your business. In order to create a successful enterprise, you should look at the people who have done just that. Cheryl Leitshuh, also known...

66: Proven Hacks to Kick-Start Your Sales with Brian Hughes

Business is the backbone of our society. It is a vital part of what makes our society function, and the entrepreneurs who have mastered the art of business are very successful. Brian Hughes is a prime example of a successful entrepreneur and business c...

65: Logical Steps to Get the Results You Desire with Bob Burg

You are really in for a treat today! I have the very amazing Bob Burg here with me and I know that many of you have heard of him and will be eager to hear our conversation! In their best-selling business parable The Go-giver, and then in their follow-u...

64: Create An Environment to Attract Success with Dr. Janet Woods

Do you like where you are currently? Did you know that you are not really stuck there and you can actually change who you are and where you are at any time? Today, I have the very amazing and really incredible Dr. Janet Woods with me! I'm really excite...

63: Holistic Problem Solving with Sarah Becker

I am very excited to have Sarah Becker with me today! Sarah is a holistic problem solver and she is super smart- in fact, she's a real genius! She has some really great stories to tell you today and I'm sure you're going to want to take some notes, so ...

62: Small Shifts Are Game Changing with Linda Rasch

Are you joyously following your heart and doing what you are really meant to be doing on the planet? Or would you really love to make a difference, but it just keeps feeling like something is missing? Well, the truth is that a very small shift can actu...

61: Taking Your Message to the Masses Through Publishing with Justin Sachs

The world of publishing has opened the door for passionate business leaders to build their brand, business, and credibility by sharing what they’ve learned with the masses. As the CEO and founder of Motivational Press, Justin started opening that door ...

60: How to Get Referrals Without Being Pushy with David Schwandt

A strong referral is one of the most valuable ways to grow your business, but oftentimes we can feel pushy or like we are imposing when we ask for them. How can we bring a level of authenticity to our sales and referral process without relying on “the ...

59: Shifting Your Tone to Supercharge Your Sales with Kirsty Spraggon

When we talk about selling strategies, we rarely turn the conversation back to ourselves. It is easy to be in the mindset of serving the customer or client, but today I wanted to show you how telling your own story with vulnerability and honesty can be...

58: Leaving Your Business Whether You Intend to or Not with Janise Graham

When it comes to business, you always want to be prepared. We all have a plan for starting a business, but what about leaving one? Do we have a plan in place in the event of your death? These thoughts can trend towards the morbid, and we often avoid ta...

Sales Skills are Especially Critical for Non-Profits with Shonna Jordan

As always, I'm super excited to introduce you our guest for today, the incredible Shonna Jordan! Shonna is the first non-profit of 2018 and the second non-profit of all time on this podcast. This is great because there are so many non-profits that we r...
Ursula Mentjes author

56: Developing Your Network for the No Collar Transformation with Ray Anderson

With all the focus on social media currently, creating a referral network has almost become a lost art. So today I am super excited to introduce you to Ray Anderson, an expert in organizational development who I met years ago, through networking with s...

55: Represent Your Business with Confidence with Kim Somers-Egelsee

Do you have the confidence to go out and represent your business in the very best way possible? The truth is that most people could really use some help with that, so today I'm excited to introduce you to Kim Somers-Egelsee, a soul sister and a  very d...

54: Learn the Mindset to Get High Profile and High End Jobs with Howard Lim

No one will believe in your business like you do. No one has the vision like you do. That means no one can grow your business like you can! If your limiting belief is that your innovative ideas can never make it, then you definitely need to hear what m...

53: Manifest Intentions, Change Your Energy and Heal Your Heart with Nancy Clairmont Carr

Are you feeling balanced, on purpose, and full of joy? Even the most joyful among us would probably admit that we can stand a little help in this area. You are going to enjoy my conversation today with an amazing transformational healer with whom I sha...

52: Strategies for Doubling Your Sales with Kyle Payne

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Kyle Payne, who has been part of the Sales Coach Now community and whose success we’ve has been watching over the past year. Kyle was recently on a panel at the Quantum Sales Summit, where he shared a number of rea...

51: Business Systems and Support Systems That Lead to Sales Success

In order to be successful in business, it is important to take cues from successful business owners. Whether you are just starting your first business, or about to double your sales yet again, having a mentor or a coach can make all the difference. Tod...

Ursula Mentjes: Overcoming the Fear of Selling and Other Limiting Beliefs

To celebrate Double Your Sales’ 50th episode, I am turning the mic on myself and answering all the questions I usually get to ask my guests. Some of you might already know my story, but I think it is always a good practice to remind ourselves of our pa...
Ursula Mentjes author