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The podcast for building personal and business success through cultural awareness

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Building personal and business success through cultural awareness
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014 – Farzana Nayani talks about her new book “Being All Of Me”

Farzana Nayani joins me on the podcast to discuss the release of her book, Being All Of Me. We talk about the structure of the book, that being part storytelling, part instructional resource for parents and teachers to actively engage the thoughts and ...
Podcast – Cultural author

012 – Amanda Workman the “Cultural Concierge”

Amanda Workman blogs as the Cultural Concierge, sharing her experiences in travel, her own cultural journey and building her business around her nomadic lifestyle.  Also of course, a New Year sees a new direction for the podcast. Cultural exp...
Podcast – Cultural author

011 – Sietar USA’s Mentoring Program Overview with Karen Haggerty Tremel and Kirsten Rosa

                I have shared with listeners before about how important I have found the connections you can make at Sietar USA can be for your learning and development. In this episode I chat with Karen Haggerty Tremel and Kirsten Rosa. Karen has been...
Podcast – Cultural author

010 – Tayo Rockson on Using Your Difference to Make a Difference

For this epsidoe we welcome Tayo Rockson He is the CEO and President of UYD Media, a media company that encourages people all over the world to use their difference to make a difference while celebrating diversity and educating others. He is an avid wr...
Podcast – Cultural author

009 – Karen Jacobsen “The GPS Girl” Recalculating to find your purpose and direction when you find yourself off track

  I am joined for this episode by someone whose message has resonated with me, and I have a feeling will for you as well. For those of us that have had our own experience in crossing cultures, there are times when we might need to take stock and listen...
Podcast – Cultural author

008 – Linda Vignac & Patricia Coleman – How our core values balance with our adopted ones when presiding in an organization as a bi-cultural leader

Bringing two wonderful leaders in the Sietar family together for a chat about their respective backgrounds and experiences in their roles within the organisation. Linda Vignac is President of Sietar France, and discusses her time living and working in ...
Podcast – Cultural author

007 – Christian Höferle “The Culture Guy”. Discovering personal development, building awareness for your business, viewing the Holocaust as a gift for German culture

This episode features an interview with Cross-Cultural Coach and Trainer Christian Höferle who shares his experience growing up in Germany, along with what brought him to the intercultural field. Christian is a an active user of social media and web co...
Podcast – Cultural author

006 – Reading Hong Kong Reading Ourselves – Discussion with Contributors Dr. Janel Curry, Dr. Hedley Freake and Cross Cultural Consultant Sue Shinomiya led by Naomi Ludeman Smith

This episode continues our celebrations of Sietar USA’s 15th anniversary by featuring insights into the many aspects of the intercultural field. Here we host a wonderful discussion on with contributors and commentators on the book, Reading Hong Kong, R...
Podcast – Cultural author

005 – Susan Salzbrenner shares the findings of the new Report on the Intercultural Profession

In this episode we welcome Susan Salzbrenner from Fit Across Cultures, who along with her collaborators Tanja Schulze and Anja Franz have just put the finishing touches on their Report on the Intercultural Profession. The report has just recently been ...
Podcast – Cultural author

004 – Overview of the Intercultural Communication Institute and the Winter and Summer Institutes

This episode features the return of Janet Bennett as a guest on the podcast, where she is joined by Tatyana Fertelmeyster to review the history of the Intercultural Communication Institute and it’s foundation in providing learning opportunities for Int...
Podcast – Cultural author

003 – Interview with Janet Bennett Ph.D. Horizons in Cultural Competency and Diversity

This episode launches Sietar USA’s 15th anniversary celebrations by featuring one of the most highly respected and regarded people in the Intercultural field. Janet Bennett joins the podcast for a chat with Naomi Ludeman-Smith to review the take aways ...
Podcast – Cultural author

002 – 10 Reasons why you should start your own Intercultural podcast

Episode two brings a follow up on my presentation at the 2014 Sietar conference in Portland, OR. There was such huge interest in the information that I offered that I thought it might help to offer it in a podcast episode. Here are the ten tips below, ...
Podcast – Cultural author

001 – Sietar USA Conference review. Cate Brubaker and Naomi Ludeman Smith

Welcome to the very first full episode of Cross-Cultural Pro’s. In this episode, we chat with Cate Brubaker and Naomi Ludeman Smith for a review of the 2014 annual Sietar conference for Interculturalists, held during October in Portland, OR. Find out a...
Podcast – Cultural author

000 – Cross-Cultural Pro’s Launch Episode

Welcome to the launch of the Cross-Cultural Pro’s Podcast. This episode announces the goal of building a global community of Intercultural Professionals that can network together to share resources for developing a successful Cross-Cultural Coaching bu...
Podcast – Cultural author