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Crime School is a talk-show about criminal activity, how it impacts your life, and what you can do about it. Discussions about crime and loss prevention will provide the education and training you need to make better-informed decisions about making places safe and secure for your family whether at home, at your place of business, or when out in public.
Security expert Chris McGoey facilitates discussion about the current body of knowledge across a broad spectrum of crime and loss prevention topics.

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Making Places Safe for People and Property
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Home Burglar Alarm System Options Before Buying

Home burglar alarm decisions are part of your family security plan. What home alarm system feature is important for you to consider? Do I need to pay to have my home burglar alarm system monitored? Interview by Mark Toner writing for Nationw...
Chris E McGoey author

Adult Shoplifters Caught Using Children for Theft at Walmart

Adult Shoplifters are using Kids for theft at a Florida Walmart. Why do adult shoplifters use children to commit theft from retail stores? Arrest reports show that parents teach their children how to be thieves? Interview by Jim Ross with th...
Chris E McGoey author

Juvenile Shoplifting Until Adults Throw Red Bull Cans at Cashier

Juvenile Shoplifting - Petty Theft with Low Risk of Incarceration Juveniles working gangster-style with adults makes crime a felony Adults directing children to steal $350 of Red Bull Energy Drinks Adult parents throw 12oz cans at a clerk escala...
Chris E McGoey author

Robbery Homicide – High Crime Location Mom Pop Convenience Stores

Robbery Homicide of a Tampa Florida Convenience Store Owner How mom and pop stores and small budgets prevent armed robbery? How to reduce the robbery-homicide risk in a high-crime neighborhood? Interview by Tony Marrero with The Tampa Bay Ti...
Chris E McGoey author

Loss Prevention Procedures Prevent Liquor Wine Store Theft

Loss Prevention Procedures are the Glue that Prevents Retail Theft Employee theft is always the most likely suspect in large inventory loss Shoplifting loss is the most controllable expense, but needs a plan Loss prevention procedures reduce emp...
Chris E McGoey author

Restaurant Robbery Prevention Affects Franchise Chains in Houston Texas

Restaurant Robbery Prevention - What are Key Robbery Factors? Fast food, quick service, on major thoroughfares, open late at night Source of cash, easy access, good escape route, cooperative cashiers Interview by Andrew Kragie with the Houst...
Chris E McGoey author

Fast Food Security – Violent Crime at Quick Service Restaurants

Fast Food Security is Necessary at Some Quick Service Restaurants  Crime risk factors: Urban location, quick access, and late night hours Prior crime history and nature of the premises will determine crime risk Interview by Nick Rose with VIC...
Chris E McGoey author

Hotel Room Security – Things Not to Leave Unsecured in Your Room

Hotel Room Security Plan to Protect Valuable Items Assume that in your absence a hotel room is not secure. Leave valuable items at home or have a plan to protect it. Interview by Marissa Laliberte with Reader's Digest. Podcast Time Stamp...
Chris E McGoey author

Safe Living Alone with a Home Security Plan and Intentional Lifestyle

Safe living alone is taking charge of your environment and lifestyle. Millions of people are safe living alone because they plan it that way. Safe living alone requires an intentional security vigilance and mindset. Most people living alone buil...
Chris E McGoey author

ATM Smartphone App – Will Bank ATM App Prevent Armed Robbery?

ATM Smartphone App Promises Convenience not Safety. Major US banks move towards card-free ATM  access. ATM Smartphone App replaces the plastic access card. Will this make ATM use safer for us or just for the bank? Interview by Aaron Smith ...
Chris E McGoey author

Home Security Alarm – Best Practices for Making Places Safe

Home Security Alarm Best Practices Buy only the home security alarm features that you need. Buy the alarm system that you will use every day. Buy a quality home security alarm system and only cry once. Use a local alarm installer for access to...
Chris E McGoey author

Convenience Store Security and Loss Prevention Briefing

Convenience Store Security & Loss Prevention Challenges  Big three: Armed Robbery; Employee Theft; and Shoplifting. Employee theft is greatest profit killer in C-Stores. Shoplifting is the second biggest cause of inventory loss. Conveni...
Chris E McGoey author

Comic Con Security – Super Hero Villain Zombie Special Event Security

Comic Con security plan requires creativity and attitude in  San Diego. Comic book characters, super heroes, villains, and zombies. Downtown San Diego Convention Center location. High foot-traffic tourist area co-mingle cars, trucks, trains. A...
Chris E McGoey author

Nightclub Security Liability Orlando Massacre and Premises Liability

Do nightclubs have premises liability for mass shootings? Nightclub Security Liability Elements: A legal duty to make the nightclub reasonably safe. The knowledge that violent crime was reasonably foreseeable. Security was not reasonable or adeq...
Chris E McGoey author

Nightclub Security Plan San Francisco Gay Pride

Nightclub security plan after Orlando massacre Are nightclub security plan upgrades needed for Gay Pride week? What can San Francisco club owners do to enhance security? Should nightclub owners worry about a copycat incident? Interview with San ...
Chris E McGoey author

Soft Targets – How can they prevent mass shootings?

Soft targets are open to the public and unprotected Soft targets are public and private venues with easy access. Soft targets have few restrictions and relaxed rule enforcement. They lack active supervision and immediate forceful response. Sof...
Chris E McGoey author

Nightclub Security – Are Mass Shootings Unstoppable?

Nightclub security prevents reasonably foreseeable crime Nightclub security is not currently designed to: Foresee and prevent terrorist attacks; Foresee and prevent planned mass murder; Defend against assault rifles and handguns; Stop mentally...
Chris E McGoey author

Auto Theft Prevention with a Security Plan to Reduce Risk of Loss

Vehicle Theft is Rising after Years of Decline Auto theft prevention requires a comprehensive security plan. Motor vehicles were stolen every 46 seconds in the US in 2014. 700,000 cars, trucks, and motorcycles were stolen. Vehicle theft loss est...
Chris E McGoey author

Women Prevent Crime and be Reasonably Safe with a Security Plan

How can Women Prevent Crime and be Reasonably Safe? Women prevent crime by assessing their daily lifestyle. Security plan creates awareness to reduce risky behavior. Women prevent crime by adopting safe routines. Interview with Women's Worl...
Chris E McGoey author

Shopping Center Security – How to Control Teen Crowds and Fights?

Shopping Center Security Plan to Prevent Teen Crowds and Fights How to anticipate when large crowds might descend on a mall? How to develop a security plan for teen crowd control? How to plan for an emergency response to social disorder? In...
Chris E McGoey author

Mass Shootings – Deadly American Trend

Mass shootings in America escalated between 2000-2013 FBI study reports 160 incidents, 486 killed, 557 wounded. Has our changing culture created these mass shootings? What can be done to restore our values and attitudes? Our guest is violen...
Chris E McGoey author

Active Shooter Survival Advice Will Save Your Life

Active shooter survival favors those prepared to react.  Early awareness of an active shooter increases the margin of safety. Quick threat assessment increases your reaction time to escape. Moving away from the threat reduces your risk of harm. ...
Chris E McGoey author

Gas Station Security – Watch out for Car Burglary Sliders

Gas station security risk from car burglars called sliders. Sliders prey on women and unlocked vehicles at gas stations. Sliders want to snatch purses, wallets, cell phones, laptops. Gas station security flaw creates this opportunity for thieves...
Chris E McGoey author

Nightclub Security Bouncer Job Description and Training Requirements

Nightclub security bouncer job description and security duties. What are the duties of nightclub security and bouncers? Are nightclub security personnel adequately trained? How are club policies and procedures set and enforced? Who determines ...
Chris E McGoey author

Parking Lot Security – Use your Car as your Personal Safe Room

Parking lot security decisions about being safe are initially our responsibility. Where, when, and how we choose to park our vehicle determines what our parking lot security crime risk will be. Parking lot security is using your vehicle as a perso...
Chris E McGoey author

Travel Security Plan – Safe While Abroad

Travel security plan will make you safer while abroad. Travel security plan anticipates and reduces the risk of loss or harm. Travel security plan is an emergency document retrieval system. Travel security plan is home and vehicle protection whi...
Chris E McGoey author

Carjacking Robbery – Most dangerous Point is Entry and Exit

Carjacking robbery often occurs at the point where you enter or exit your parked vehicle. The carjacker is a young male 90% of the time. The carjacker is often under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The carjacker is usually armed with a gun or...
Chris E McGoey author

Crime Risk Factor – Nature of the Premises

Crime risk has a direct correlation to the nature of the premises. Property open to the public operates at greater crime risk. Cash-based late-night businesses have greater crime risk. Nature of the premises may foresee the level of crime risk. ...
Chris E McGoey author

Loss Prevention Agents Want Shoplifters to Know 10 Things

Loss Prevention Agents are a surprise to shoplifters when caught. Shoplifters feel that their theft was undetected. Shoplifters thought they were careful not to be spotted. Shoplifters saw no one following before exiting a store. Shoplifters a...
Chris E McGoey author

Convenience Store Robbery Cash Handling for Employee Safety & Theft

Convenience store robbery worries late-night retail store operators. Will bad cash handling attract robbers to your store? Does poor cash handling contribute to employee theft? What cash handling best practices will prevent robbery? What tools...
Chris E McGoey author

Armed Security Guards Need Background Check

Do armed security guards require more regulation? Should there be a national standard for background checks? Is there a national clearinghouse for armed security guards? Is mental health screening necessary for armed security guards? Do armed ...
Chris E McGoey author

ATM Security – 10 Things ATM Robbers Don’t Want Victims to Know

ATM robbers may be waiting at your Automated Teller Machine. ATM cash withdrawal after-hours is high-risk if alone and female. Learn how ATM robbers think and view you as a potential victim. Think about times and locations where your ATM use was...
Chris E McGoey author

Los Angeles Violent Crime Surge

Los Angeles violent crime surged by 67% downtown for the first six months of 2015 according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. Is the increase in violent crime caused by gang activity? Was it caused by the jail inmate early-release program? Is it...
Chris E McGoey author

Home Invasion Robbery Scotty McCreery American Idol

Home Invasion robbery can strike anyone including American Idol star Scotty McCreery. There was a knock on the apartment door at 2:00 am. The door was opened and three heavily-armed robbers barged in. Robbers took wallets, phones, and electronic...
Chris E McGoey author

Employee Theft Prevention in Restaurants, Hotels, and Bars

Employee theft is the silent profit killer that plays a major role in the financial life or death of your restaurant, cafe, hotel, or bar. How can I learn the causes and cures of employee theft and prevent loss in my business? How do I prevent emp...
Chris E McGoey author

Bar Bouncers Use Excessive Force in Florida

Bar bouncers are caught on video acting like thugs and brawlers intentionally punching, kicking, using knee strikes, and stomping on patrons just like in the movie Road House. A reporter from the St. Augustine Record newspaper in Florida asked me...
Chris E McGoey author

Apartment Security – How to Respond to a Gang Takeover?

Questions about apartment security and a gang takeover of my building? My rental property was taken over by Los Angeles gang members. How can I get them out and make my building safe? I called the police and was told they can't remove them, is t...
Chris E McGoey author

Liquor License Disorderly House Accusation in California

A disorderly house in California is a liquor licensed premises that disturbs the neighborhood or is maintained for purposes which are injurious to the public morals, health, convenience or safety. A liquor license outlet that: (a) disturbs the nei...
Chris E McGoey author

10 Things Shoplifters Don’t Want You to Know

Shoplifters, like all thieves, don't want to get caught. Shoplifters don't want you to know why your store is desirable. Shoplifters perception influences how often they visit your store. Learn how to make your store appear less inviting to shop...
Chris E McGoey author

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program – Part Two

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, part-two. In this episode, we continue the discussion about apartment security and this highly-effective crime prevention partnership. The goal of the Crime Free Multi-housing Program is to keep illegal activity o...
Chris E McGoey author

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program – Part One

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program goal is to keep illegal activity off rental apartment property. We discuss the core components of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program in part-one of this episode, and how it developed into the dynamic law enforcement...
Chris E McGoey author

Home Security – Burglary Robbery Safe Room

Home Security - Family Plan to be Safe In this episode, learn about home security and how to make any home, condo, or apartment your castle and protect all those who live in it. Interview with Dunagun Kaiser about Home Security and Safety "Re...
Chris E McGoey author

Making Places Safe for People and Property – Crime School Podcast

Making Places Safe Crime needs a place to happen. Making Places Safe from crime puts focus on the where question. It is far easier to develop a security plan for a single place than to figure out answers to innumerable questions about who, wh...
Chris E McGoey author

Crime Prevention Works Best with a Security Plan

Crime Prevention Works. "If we can get people to make that commitment, to prevent crime, we can give them the tools they need to do it. Ideally, we should all be working together in partnership toward that same goal." Our guest, internationally k...
Chris E McGoey author

10 Reasons Why Burglars Choose Your Home

Why might burglars choose your home before others? Look at your home and habits from the perspective of burglars. Discover what you should do before burglars come calling. Evaluate your own home like a burglar and take action. Involve the fami...
Chris E McGoey author

About Crime School

About Crime School My idea for a Crime School came in response to several decades of speaking to business owners, and crime victims about how to reduce their risk of physical harm and/or property loss caused by criminal activity. Security expert Chr...
Chris E McGoey author