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Create If Writing is a weekly podcast for writers and bloggers dealing with authentic platform building online. You will hear from experts on list-building, connecting through Twitter, and how to utilize Facebook. But tools for building an audience would feel empty without a little inspiration, so these training episodes are balanced with inspirational interviews with writers who share their creative process, ups and downs, and how they have dealt with success or failure. Kirsten Oliphant is a self-published author with an MFA in Fiction who has been blogging for 11 years and is in the top 20 of Houston's Social Media Power Influencers. She has spoken at Blog Elevated, Houston Social Media Breakfast, Adventure Con, Houston Business Advancement Conference, and Social Media Day Houston. She created the Free Email Course and loves to get nerdy about all things email list.

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Create If Writing is a weekly podcast for writers and bloggers dealing with authentic platform growth. Kirsten Oliphant interviews experts to find out how they are building email lists, connecting through Twitter, and using Facebook groups. These practical episodes are balanced out with inspirational interviews from successful writers and bloggers who have made it big and want to share the struggles, the creative process, and tips for reaching your goals whether you are an author publishing books or creating an online presence through blogging.
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Writing to Market and Writing to Trend

I hear a lot of confusion about writing to market and writing to trend. In this post, I'm going to explain MY personal view and my experience with both writing to market and writing to trend: how they're different, how they're related, and help you fig...

How to Establish Healthy Relationships with Your Readers

I'm tackling a question that I think more authors (blogger, creatives, and influencers) should ask before they establish their online platform. If they don't ask before, they for SURE should ask soon after. The question is: how close should authors be ...
Kirsten Oliphant author

Marketing for Authors Who Hate Marketing

It's a well-known fact that many authors hate marketing. But more and more, marketing is something authors must understand and take part in, EVEN if you're doing the traditional route. My goal? Is to help teach marketing for authors who hate marketing....
create if writing author

How to Market Your Book While You Write

After sharing how my co-author and I wrote and launched a book in (almost) thirty days, I wanted to have a simpler episode geared toward YOU. Here are some ways to market your book while you write and where to stop wasting your time.  You want to writ...
Kirsten Oliphant author

How I Wrote and Launched a Book in (almost) a Month

When I wrote this post, I got overwhelmed. You might too! Fair warning. But in the moment, this was FUN. Not overwhelming. I'm going to share what I did with my co-author and then will have follow up posts that are more geared toward a practical-for-YO...
Kirsten Oliphant author

Everything Authors Need to Know about Pen Names

Have you ever wondered if should write under a pen name? Or why some authors choose to write using a pseudonym? In this post, you'll learn why you might want to write under a pen name (or not) and how to navigate having multiple pen names. A year ago,...
Kirsten Oliphant author

Why Your Email List Isn't Growing

If you're having trouble growing your list, it's like a matter of eyeballs (traffic) and hooks (creating relevant, attractive content). Learn more in this episode or check out resources at
Create If Writing author

Best Paid Promos for Your First Book

Which paid promos should you use when it comes to your FIRST book? For more links and details on paid promos, check out episode 142 and the show notes:
Create If Writing author

Should You Ditch Mailchimp?

This post comes after the news that Mailchimp is making some big changes in 2019. I'll break down what these changes mean for YOU and whether or not you should switch. Spoiler alert: YES. I'd recommend changing.  When I very first got started with emai...

Should You Promote Your First Nonfiction Book

  SHOULD YOU PROMOTE YOUR FIRST NONFICTION BOOK?  The answer here is a little bit (maybe a LOT) different. I feel like there is a vast difference in how promotion looks for fiction and nonfiction. I've found WAY more free options for promoting nonficti...
Create If Writing author

Should You Promote Your First Book?

For the summer, I'm doing short episode answering community questions! This week's question:  Should you pay to promote your first book?  In short: yes. But also: it depends.  Listen to find out more! This week is fiction. The next episode will be nonf...
Create If Writing author

How to Handle Social Media in 2019

Social media is an ever-changing beast. We are over the hype of social media and maybe a little burned out. But it's still important. So how should you  handle social media in 2019?  I want to put a big caveat into this post. I'm writing it from a plac...
Create If WRiting author

What Do You Do When You Get Bad Reviews?

This is a topic that comes up every week day in Facebook groups: What do you do when you get a one-star review? (Especially on Goodreads...) So, what's the answer? I'm not going to give you ONE, but a few options when you're dealing with low reviews on...
Create If Writing author

Creating Content for Love or Money

When you start creating content, whether that's writing a book, blog, podcast, or something else, you may not think about your reasons beforehand. But you should. Most importantly, you need to think about whether you are creating content for love or fo...

How to Find Time to Write

The question I get asked most is something along the lines of: How do you write with five kids? Sometimes I ask myself this question too! The specific ways that work for me may not work for you, but I'll share some tips to help you learn how to find ti...
Create If Writing author

Book Launch Disasters

I've shared a lot about my publishing experiences over the last year, and just in case I've made it sound like a walk in the park, today I'm sharing book launch disasters. Though I'm sharing things I've experienced, I think many of these are common, so...
Create If Writing author

How to Get Reviews for Your Book

This post deals with something super important: how to get book reviews for your book. I don't have a magic formula or some ninja trick for this. It's a long game, over time. Are you ready? Let's dive in.   Getting book reviews sometimes seems like a n...
Kirsten Oliphant author

How to Create a Launch Team

In the last post/podcast episode, I talked about beta and ARC readers, but didn't touch on the launch team. There are slight differences in the ARC team and the launch team, so I wanted to fully address what a launch team is and why authors might (or m...
Kirsten Oliphant author

How to Use Beta and ARC Readers for Your Book

I'm continuing on a fluid series on book launching and publishing with this post on how to find bet and ARC readers for your book. To read more of the series, click HERE.  One of the important parts of a book launch is sending out your book to beta and...
Kirsten Oliphant author

How to Deal with Your Doubts

All writers struggle with insecurities. A few this week who are at various stages of their writing and publishing and even blogging careers feeling like a failure or feeling scared or just struggling with doubts.  We have all been there! I hope this po...
Create If Writing author

How to Judge the Success of Your Book Promotions

One big piece of launching that I don't see a lot of people talking about is how to judge the success of your book promotions, specifically your paid promotions. This is part of a series on how I moved from making under $100/month self-publishing on Am...
Kirsten Oliphant author

How to Promote Your Book with Newsletter Swaps

This post follows my post about publishing successfully on Amazon. Newsletter swaps have been hugely important in my success and this post will walk you through how to promote your book with newsletter swaps.  Find the full shownotes: http://createifwr...
Kirsten Oliphant author

152 - Successfully Self Publishing on Amazon

For the official show notes: To sign up for my weekly email:  This post will be a deep dive into the strategies I utilized in 2018 to go from under $100 a month to making solid four fig...

How to Pivot When Your Launch Fails

I've talked before about launch failures, but I have a very real-time example of how you can pivot mid-launch. You'll learn why I changed my book title and cover ten days into my launch and why you need to be willing to let your darlings die.  Here are...
Create If Writing author

Niche It Down a Notch

When you niche down in your writing, you can increase your productivity AND your profits!  For a full slideshow and more on this, check out the full shownotes at
Kirsten Oliphant author

Over-Investing and Under-Investing

In this post and podcast episode, I'm sharing two equal and opposite errors: over-investing (and in the wrong places) AND not investing any money but thinking that you can make money.  *mostly specific to writing and being an indie author, but this wil...
Kirsten Oliphant author

How to Cut Your Wasted Time

Confession: I'm going to talk about how to cut your wasted time in this post. As in, how you can STOP WASTING SO MUCH STINKING TIME. But I'm not great with some parts of this. I'll share exactly which ones, but I hope I'll give you some other perspecti...
create if writing author

How to Cut Down on Your Business Expenses

This post on how to cut down on your business expenses is a great one at the start of the year, but really ANY TIME. We'll walk through how to identify the things you need to stop paying for, pronto! Do you realize how many things you pay for when it c...
Create If Writing author

How to Keep Your Audience Happy

In this post I want to talk about something super fundamental that's sometimes overlooked. And it's simple! Let's dive into how to keep your audience happy. If you want to build an audience of raving fans, it can seem daunting at times. Do this! Do tha...
Create If Writing author

Social Media Updates part 2

I missed out on some big platforms and news in the first in this series, so here are more updates you need to know that happened in 2018 and will impact your 2019! When I started this series, it was meant to be one post. Ha! There have already been upd...
Create if Writing author

Updates from 2018 YOU Need to Know

This post will be part one of a series on social media changes from 2018. This doesn't JUST include social media, but also touches on Amazon and blogging and more.  It can be SO hard to keep up with all of the changes that happen on the internet in a W...
Create If Writing author

143 - How to Build Your Email List

So far in this series, I've shared a simple book launch formula, how to get other people to share your work, how to utilize paid promotions, and in this post, I'm tackling how to grow your email list. This WILL have applications outside of book launchi...

How to Use Paid Promotions to Launch Your Book

It's a scary thing to consider spending money when you are just starting out. Or even sometimes in the middle. When you aren't yet making money, it can seem crazy to SPEND money. But investing wisely can lead to greater results. I'm going to share the ...
Create If Writing author

How to Get People to Share Your Books and Products

In the last post I shared a simple book launch framework. Now I want to break down some of the specifics related to promotion, because this is where people really struggle. Because this is a huge topic, this post focuses on getting other people to shar...
Kirsten Oliphant author

A Simple Book Launch Framework

Writers all struggle with different parts of the craft. Some struggle with the start, while others get stuck in the middle, and many find editing to be a challenge. But one shared struggle for most writers I talk with is the actual book launch. Book la...
Create if Writing author

Three Reasons You Should Write a Book

If you haven't written a book, I want to convince you. And if you have written a book, I want to help you focus your efforts toward getting the most out of it! This post will share three big reasons you should write a book. I'm not trying to take over ...
Create If Writing author

Popular Advice You Should IGNORE

The beauty of the internet is all the knowledge you can find at the touch a button. My husband replaced the starter in our minivan last week after watching a video on YouTube. EPIC! But the downside of the internet is the same--all the "knowledge" you ...
Create If Writing author

Six Questions to Ask Before You Spend Money

Advice is rampant all over the interweb about where you should invest. Rather than giving you specific advice that may not work, I'm going to give you six questions to ask before you spend any money! I've wasted a lot of money. I've bootstrapped. I've ...
Create If Writing author

How to Make Money with Your Creative Work

I'm going to gloss over the conversation about whether or not you should make money with your creative endeavors. I firmly believe that there is a happy place where you can get paid to do what you love. Yes, you can also sell out. I can't tell you wher...
Create If Writing author

Pick One Thing - Why You Need a Singular Focus

In this blog post and podcast episode, I'm sharing about the power of having a single focus. I don't do well with one thing at a time, but I'm telling you to pick one thing and sharing what happened when *I* did! I am a serial starter. I am reading pro...
Create If Writing author

Writing Rules and When to Break Them

In this post and podcast episode, we'll be diving into the idea of writing rules and when you can break them. I was honestly surprised with where I landed on this. Keep reading and see if you agree! We've all heard that phrase: "Learn the rules; then y...
Create If Writing author

Why Writers Need Writing Groups

Writers don't write in a vacuum. Or...they SHOULDN'T. Writers need writing groups and communities of other writers to help support, teach, encourage, and promote. We need each other! Keep reading to find the why and the how. Successful writers don't wr...
Create If Writing author

Tips for GDPR Compliance

If you haven't heard of GDPR, get ready. Like the term "data," you're going to be hearing this buzzword a LOT. I've got several posts on it already and will likely have more to say. In this post and podcast episode I'll share why all this data talk is ...
Kirsten Oliphant author

How to Plan a Writer's Retreat on a Budget

It's no secret that I go on a lot of writer's retreats. Well. For a mom of five pretty young kids I go on a lot of writing retreats. This post will explain why, how, and how you can DIY a writer's retreat on a budget! You may be familiar with the idea ...
Create If Writing author

Why You Need to Just START

It's time to START. Why you need to stop listening to fear and join the conversation. Evergreen Platform School  $49 through the end of April 2! AFTER April 2, use code podcast to get 30% off.

BONUS: A Modern-Day Easter Parable

In a departure from the norm, I'm sharing a modern-day Easter parable with you!  music by

Update: Where's the Show?

Hey, guys! I wanted to share why I've missed a few episodes lately. First: my computer crashed in a most epic way. But it's okay! It's back now...but then I got sick. You can hear it on this episode, but it hurts to talk and I have asthma, so I can't e...
Kirsten Oliphant author

How to Create Viral Content

I've written about how to create binge-worthy content, but today it's all about how to create viral content. You know: the kind that everyone keeps sharing like hotcakes until your blog catches fire? That kind. Let's dive in! Going viral. I'd really lo...
Kirsten Oliphant author

The State Of Create If

This is a new (hopefully) annual feature at Create If Writing. Consider this my State of the Union Address, where I share my goals for the Create If Writing community.  THE STATE OF CREATE IF This episode and post will share with you my heart for Creat...
Kirsten Oliphant author

How to Create Binge-Worthy Content

Learn how to create binge-worthy content that keeps people coming back for more! To connect with the community, head to the Create If Writing Facebook group!
Kirsten Oliphant author