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Join narrator J Onwuka on a trip through the fantastic history of professional wrestling, from its earliest days with barnstormers and Frank Gotch, up past Lou Thesz, and right through Ric Flair and Bruno Sammartino.

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Professional wrestling has had a magnificently wild history. Join narrator J Onwuka on an exploration of how a sport became an artform, how business rose and fell, and how legendary wrestlers came to dominate this distinctly modern genre.
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#15 Red Letters

Check out the latest World Champions Podcast and hear about the nitty-gritty backroom fracas that wracked the National Wrestling Alliance throughout the 50s. Even though they had a very successful run in the ring with Lou Thesz as their champion, behin...

#14 Two Panthers

On this episode of the World Champions Podcast hear about the other side of the social divide and explore professional wrestling's history with racism. Europeans and their descendants almost exclusively made the early history of wrestling but, to a lar...

#13 Fair Play

On this episode of World Champions Podcast I'll take a look into the life of the one and only Mildred 'Cyclone' Burke, a woman who not only defined what a woman wrestling champion should be but upped the ante for every male champion out there. She wasn...

#12 Mundo del Deporte

On this week's World Champions Podcast head around the world and see how this amazing art had developed into the 1950s. As has been brought out in earlier episodes, the primary development of professional wrestling has occurred in the United States. Th...

#11 The Mat Game

A golden age of wrestling on TV is the subject of this week's World Champions Podcast: when a coast-to-coast program made new stars and local stations made promoters a small mint. Not everyone was on board with the new medium, though, and even those wh...

#10 The Last Gunslinger

On this episode of the World Champions Podcast take a look at the incredible career and achievements of the man who would forever epitomize the role of world heavyweight champion, Lou Thesz. So great that he never needed a tagline, never needed a costu...

#9 Alliance

In this episode, perhaps the most influential organization in pro wrestling history--the National Wrestling Alliance--finally comes together. This doesn't happen in a vacuum. St Louis kingpin Tom Packs and his control of pro wrestling did a lot to spur...

#8 King of St Louis

On this episode of the World Champions Podcast, find out just how deeply affected professional wrestling was by World War II. Not only reeling from the after-effects of Shikat's double-cross and Jack Pfefer's blabbing, wrestling had a much depleted bas...

#7 Riot Squad

On episode #7 of the World Champions Podcast come take a look at the variety of talents that began to emerge in the 1930s. As pro wrestling struggled to find its audience it came up with a lot of outlandish concepts, from brawling all around the ring w...

#6 Golden Years

Join the World Champions Podcast as wrestling starts to kick into a higher gear. New concepts or 'gimmicks' entered the sport: flashy new moves, crazy match situations, outlandish characters. Yet all of this came about because of the sport's promotiona...

#5 Gold Dust

On this episode of the World Champions Podcast, the hidden side of Joe Stecher and Ed "Strangler" Lewis's battles come to the fore. Jack Curley, boxing impresario Tex Rickard, the dastardly Billy Sandow and others battle for control of professional wre...

#4 The Scissors King

In this episode of the World Champions Podcast, journey back to the days after Frank Gotch had left professional wrestling without a shining light. It was up to a totally new star to rise to the fore and keep audiences engaged. Joe Stecher and his amaz...

#3 Gotch& Hackenschmidt

This week on The World Champions, two legends of the pro wrestling ring are set to do battle with the greatest prize of them all on the line: the world heavyweight champions. For the first time in history there will be no credible dispute. But with two...

#2 The Professionals

In the second episode of the World Champions Podcast, join a discussion about the developing world of pro wrestling in the 1880s and 90s, a time when national styles were changing, when wrestlers began to adopt gimmicks, and when "The Solid Man" Willia...

#1 The Way Back

In the first episode of the World Champions Podcast, narrator J Onwuka delves into the early history of wrestling as a sport. Topics include wrestling in myth & archaeology, the ancient Olympic games, medieval sport, and early prizefighting in Brit...