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ConMan Talk offers practical, irreverent and occasionally entertaining Conflict Management and negotiation advice for everyday life. You don't want to miss this.

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ConMan Talk offers practical, irreverent and occasionally entertaining Conflict Management and negotiation advice for everyday life. You don't want to miss this.
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ConMan Talk Salary Negotiation (Part 3/3)


How to Negotiate Your Salary (part 2/3)

Episode 2 of this 3 part series on negotiating your salary takes a look at the things you need to be doing before showing up to ask for a raise.  Taking these steps will not only greatly increase your changes of getting paid what you are worth, they wi...

How to Negotiate Your Salary (part 1/3)

Most people hate negotiating their salary.  It bothers people that they are underpaid, yet they don't bring up the issue many times until it's too late and their company is facing "budget constraints".  Whether you are a freelancer negotiating your fee...

How to increase your self-control

Things tend to go off the rails when we lose our cool.  In this episode Dan talks about the science behind will power and how you can leverage it to increase your self-control in negotiations, conflicts and everyday life.

Don't Take "Yes" For An Answer

Practically all advice on negotiation focuses on getting people to say yes.  However there are many times when simply receiving an "yes" can prove detrimental to following through with agreements and can even put your job at risk.  Check out this episo...

Career Killing Words

There are certain words that the highest performers in every industry NEVER use.  Do you?  This episode lays out an array of career killing words that people use everyday and explains how to get around falling into the trap of using them at work.

Ho Ho Holy passive aggressive

It's the holidays.  Here's a podcast to help you manage the inevitable conflict that will occur around the festivus fable. Specifically, I'll walk you through a few ways to deal with a passive aggressive relative who tries to undermine you in front of ...

How to avoid people

While I spend 99.9% of these podcasts talking about how to have better conversations with people, in this episode I buck that trend and introduce a way to avoid having conversations all together.  You'll see how I usually use this to avoid people I'm t...

The 4 Laws of Failure

Failing sucks.  I was reminded of that this past weekend when I had a MAJOR fail speaking in public.  Check out this episode to hear about it and the 4 laws of failure that will help you deal with set backs and reframe them in a more productive light. ...

ConMan Talk - How to get someone to stop talking

In this episode I talk about how to deal with someone who talks too much.  Plus, I introduce a japanese invention called the "shut-up gun" that will rock your world.

ConMan Talk - How to tell someone you are unhappy with their work

We all have to tell people that their work is extremely disappointing, from time to time. This can be awkward, at best, and strain relationship at worst.  Check out this episode to figure out why this is so hard and a better approach to dealing with it...

ConMan Talk - How to talk to important people

In this short episode I share a story where I learned how to talk to important people from a 9 times reincarnated Tibetan Monk.  

How to Get a Deadbeat to Pay You Back

Chances are that right now someone, somewhere, owes you something.  We've all got people we love, whether friends, family members or clients who, despite their positive traits, are total deadbeats when it comes to paying back their debts.  In this epis...

ConMan Talk - Bossy Pants

Ever have someone try to boss you around who has absolutely no authority to tell you what to do?  In this episode I explain why your difficulty dealing with these people has little to do with their obnoxious behavior and everything to do with what's go...

ConMan Talk - Stubborn People

People are stubborn.  That includes you (and me too).  In this episode of ConMan Talk you'll see how being more persuasive is usually the WRONG approach to convincing someone who doesn't want to change their mind.  I'll let you in on an extremely simpl...

How to Tell Someone They Suck

People suck (sometimes) at what they do.  Letting them in on that can be tricky, right?  No matter how "nice" you are sometimes we've got the tough job of dropping a bomb on someone.  Check out this episode to find out how to do this without beating ar...

ConMan Talk - Dr No

In this week's episode I talk about dealing with "Dr. No," or someone who seems to disagree with everything you say.  We've all got a few people who fit this bill in our lives (sad but true, I know) so I lay down some simple advice for how to talk to d...

ConMan Talk - Avoiding apology

Have you ever been in a situation in which you have to apologize for something when you didn’t do anything wrong? Well, today we will tell you what to do in those circumstances. If you want to learn more useful tips you can apply to your daily life the...

ConMan Talk - BS Advice in Salary Negotiations: Never make the first offer

Today we will talk about all the BS advice that's out there regarding salary negotiations. We often hear that we must never, under any circumstance, make the first offer at a job interview. That is a lame tactic that will only make you seem like a tota...