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Career Codex provides unique and innovative advice on how to navigate the job market. Learn the secrets of standing out from the competition to find and secure the career opportunity you want, whatever your level or industry sector. Finding success in the job market starts with doing things differently - it starts with Career Codex.
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The foundations of successful executive job search!

Successful executive job search has very little to do with your CV / resume, instead it comes down to the strong foundations of environment and psychology. Understanding the environment reveals the 'hidden market' for executive jobs and the right psyc...
Simon Gray author

Three important lessons from LinkedIn's Executive Playbook...

Three key takeaways from LinkedIn's Executive Playbook on how to stand out in business and in the executive job market. To read the blog post that accompanies this episode and to access the free LinkedIn resources, please visit:
Simon Gray author

Shopping for a new executive position?

There are important lessons in everyday life, which directly relate to the executive job market. In this episode of the Career Codex podcast I take shopping and share observations, which will help you stand out in the executive job market to get hired...
Simon Gray author

'Crowd mentality' and executive job search.

As human beings the temptation is to follow the crowd, but when it comes to executive job search this is a low-probability strategy for success. Taking a contrarian approach is much more important when standing out is what really counts. For more inf...
Simon Gray author

Can you really change career?

Career change can be difficult, but it's absolutely possible. To change career or transition to something new you have to believe it's possible and then take a very different approach to the majority to stand out and get hired. For more information o...
Simon Gray author

In the Executive Job Market does your experience really count?

When attention turns to the executive job market, and what it takes to stand out and get hired, thoughts often turn to skills and experience. What's much more important though is your approach and ability to access the 'hidden market'. For more infor...
Simon Gray author

The Yin and Yang of Executive Job Search.

Chinese philosophy highlights Yin and Yang as essentially two sides of the same coin in perfect balance or equilibrium. We see many examples of its importance in everyday life and most definitely when it comes to the executive job market. While the ma...
Simon Gray author

Why confirmation could hurt your executive job search!

In life we all have a tendency to seek confirmation for our actions. If this is positive we're encouraged to keep going, but when it's absent or even negative procrastination and inaction have a tendency to creep in. In the executive job market confir...
Simon Gray author

Are you really the pilot of your executive job search?

When it comes to your executive job search are you really the pilot of your career? To find success in the executive job market you need to decide on your destination and then proactively pursue the executive position you really want, not just the on...
Simon Gray author

My guest appearance on BBC Radio Nottingham.

My guest appearance on BBC Radio Nottingham discussing local news and views, which included business, Brexit and the secret to a happy marriage. A big thank you to BBC Radio Nottingam for having me.
Simon Gray author

How to write a LinkedIn professional headline that gets you noticed!

Standing out in the executive job market can be difficult. Having an impactful LinkedIn professional headline can help. In this podcast episode I share advice on how to write a LinkedIn professional headline that will get you noticed. For more inform...
Simon Gray author

Executive job search strategy – create, uncover or wait for another?

When the majority of executive jobseekers enter the executive job market they see what everyone else sees – opportunities advertised on executive job boards or positioned by executive search firms. There’s usually then a rush to produce a CV / resume a...
Simon Gray author

What executive search firms really want!

Getting the attention of executive search firms can be difficult, but is an important part of any successful executive job search strategy. In this podcast I share information 'straight from the horse's mouth' on how to stand out and be found; essenti...
Simon Gray author

Why a BAD attitude pays in the executive job market!

Important lessons from the Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko fight on why having a BAD attitude pays in the executive job market! If you want to survive and thrive and advance your career, Belief, Application and Discipline form a powerful cocktai...
Simon Gray author

Possibly the best job title In the world?

How 'disruptive' is your approach to your career and life? While this word at first glance may have negative connotations, a disruptive mindset is the oil that has and will lubricate the machine of progress, past present and future. For more informa...
Simon Gray author

The magical power of making mistakes!

Although we do our best to avoid making mistakes, when we inevitably do they can serve to generate substantial goodwill. In this podcast I tell a story from a weekend away and share advice for handling executive job interviews. For more information o...
Simon Gray author

Job hunting using LinkedIn, but don't want your current employer to find out?

One of the questions I get asked a lot is: 'How do I balance using LinkedIn proactively to find a new executive position without alerting my current employer?' In this podcast I share four tips to achieve this using the new LinkedIn desktop interface...
Simon Gray author

The big choice executive jobseekers need to make!

Follow the lead of good recruiters and treat your executive job search like a business to stand out from the crowd. Whether your executive job search is proactive or reactive directly determines results and is entirely up to you! For more information...
Simon Gray author

Executive job search and 'The Company Men'!

Lessons from the movie 'The Company Men' on how to find success in the executive job market. In this podcast, drawing on excerpts from the film I highlight five tips to stand out from the crowd to be the one who gets hired. For more information on Ca...
Simon Gray author

Do you really need an executive search firm?

As a C-Suite / C-level executive do you really need an executive search firm to find your next position? What else could and should you be doing to take proactive control of your career? For more information on Career Codex, please visit – http://car...
Simon Gray author

In the executive job market it's your approach (not your CV / resume) that counts!

You can’t simply rely on your CV / resume (no matter how good you think it is) to open doors to the executive position you really want. Finding success requires a different approach, which starts with just that – your approach! For more information, ...
Simon Gray author

In the executive job market, discipline sets you free.

Why discipline is essential to finding success in the executive job market. Discipline involves moving from reactive chaos to proactive control, which means doing different things to the majority. For more information on Career Codex, please visit – ...
Simon Gray author

Are you really the architect of your career?

You have the power to choose the future you want, but how much of your current direction and activity is shaped by external influences, to the detriment of your own internal ambition? In this podcast I take inspiration from a LinkedIn message I receiv...
Simon Gray author

For this is now and that was then!

As a new year dawns I look to the future and my focus for 2017, and even get creative with a little bit of poetry! Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2017! For more information on Career Codex, please visit –
Simon Gray author

Why observation can be a catalyst for business success.

If you're considering starting your own business observation could be the catalyst to get going. What are you observing, who is your target customer and what are their unmet needs? For more information on Career Codex, please visit – http://careercod...
Simon Gray author

When is the right time to start your business?

Many people have an aspiration to start their own business, but when is the right time to get started? In this podcast I share my view on the right time and some important things to consider to increase the probability of finding success. For more in...
Simon Gray author

An Oasis in the desert?

Oasis, one of the UK's most successful rock and roll bands had an incredible journey during the early nineties and rose from obscurity to be the voice of a generation. In this podcast five lessons from the Oasis story about passion, determination and ...
Simon Gray author

Why focus always trumps flexibility!

When it comes to finding success in the job market and in business, getting really focused is key to your success. While being flexible might appear to be the better option, it's focus that really counts! For more information on Career Codex, please ...
Simon Gray author

Why building a personal brand is essential for YOUR career success!

Having a personal brand is no longer an option, it's absolutely essential for career success. This starts with identifying your target audience and then communicating your unique message, clearly and consistently over time. For more information on Ca...
Simon Gray author

Transatlantic secrets of successful executive networking.

Networking is something many people fear, but is essential for business and career success. In this podcast I'm joined by Judy Hoberman from Dallas to discuss how to network effectively offline and online, then how to keep the conversation going. For...
Simon Gray author

How would you handle a pre-offer salary negotiation?

Sometimes an employer will undertake a feeling-out exercise to gauge where they should pitch any formal offer. How you handle this pre-offer salary negotiation has a direct impact on the formal offer you're likely to receive and your ability to negot...
Simon Gray author

Three top tips for successful executive networking.

Networking events are something many people dread or even avoid. In this podcast I share three top tips to get the most out of networking opportunities for business, or as part of a successful job search strategy. For more information on Career Codex...
Simon Gray author

Managing your career and maintaining marketability in senior roles.

As a senior C-level / C-suite executive competition to find your next executive position can be fierce and intense. Accessing the 'hidden market' and building a personal brand via LinkedIn are two important strategies to consider. For more informatio...
Simon Gray author

Take your passion and make it happen!

Why successful job search is about passion, focus and turning knowledge into action over an extended period of time. Passion keeps you in the game for longer and ultimately leads to finding and securing the success you deserve. For more information o...
Simon Gray author

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Successful job search is a profession in itself and finding your next opportunity takes time. It requires energy, effort and determination to keep going even when things get tough.
Simon Gray author

How to rank with executive recruiters!

How to get the attention of an executive recruiter to ensure you make their shortlist. Understanding their motivation(s) then combining online and offline strategies is the recipe for success.
Simon Gray author

Executive job search – the secret is in the system.

In the executive job market there are a multitude of moving parts, many of which fall out of your control. However, you can always control what you do and how you choose to do it – this starts with systemisation. For more information on Career Codex...
Simon Gray author

The big mistake executive jobseekers make in social!

Nowadays as a C-level / C-suite executive a strong social media presence is an absolute must. Where and how to position yourself online is critical to your success, in addition to avoiding the big mistake the majority make.
Simon Gray author

Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

We all face obstacles, challenges and difficulties in life – how we choose to respond is entirely up to us! When it comes to our personal or professional lives, psychology plays a hugely important role in the results we ultimately get. To read the bl...
Simon Gray author

Executive job search and the power of productivity!

We all have a limited amount of time when we're really productive. In this podcast I discuss one of the most effective productivity tools I've discovered and apply the principles to successful executive job search. For the Matrix referred to in the p...
Simon Gray author

Six letters to change your life!

Can six letters really change your life? They absolutely can when they're ACTION! Procrastination is the enemy of progress. Success is about taking that first step followed by committed and consistent action. For more information on the Career Codex ...
Simon Gray author

Why emotional intelligence is essential for successful job search.

In this podcast I interview leading emotional intelligence expert Lisa Spencer-Arnell about the importance of developing emotional intelligence for successful job search. We discuss all aspects of this fascinating topic and lessons that can be applie...
Simon Gray author

Marketing for successful job search!

How to leverage the power of marketing to advance your career and find job search success. Marketing boils down to communicating your personal brand to a clearly defined target audience and doing things differently. For more information on Career Cod...
Simon Gray author

How to make decisions and resign in style!

Once you've received a job offer how do you make the decision to accept it or not? In this episode, I discuss why people struggle to make decisions, how to ask the right questions, and once a decision has been made, how to resign in style! For more ...
Simon Gray author

Lessons from sport for job search success.

What can the UFC or the UEFA Euro 2016 Final teach us about successful job search? Just as with sport, success in the job market really comes down to psychology and playing full out from the very start. For more information on Career Codex, please vi...
Simon Gray author

What executive jobseekers need to know about how employers recruit.

How do employers really make recruitment decisions and what can the three conversations teach you about how to stand out in the job market? In this podcast, I discuss this and why the 'hidden market' is a high probability place to find your next posit...
Simon Gray author

Our most valuable asset and 5 lessons for life!

What's the greatest asset we have in life and do we use it wisely? A recent school reunion led to some important lessons on how to live a fulfilled life and to be happy. For more information, please visit –
Simon Gray author

Why 'seeking new opportunities' should never be your LinkedIn professional headline!

One of the big mistakes on LinkedIn is not making the most of the professional headline. Using 'seeking new opportunities' or similar does nothing to help you stand out in the job market and is a wasted opportunity. In this podcast I explain why your ...
Simon Gray author

Is getting 'personal' good for your CV / resume and LinkedIn profile?

When it comes to your CV / resume should it be written in the first or third person? Also, what about personal statements - should they be included and do they hold value? Then of course there's LinkedIn, which further adds to the complexity. I discu...
Simon Gray author

Why failure is your friend.

Failure and fear are closely linked and rather than being avoided, should actually be welcomed with open arms. They are the catalyst to personal and professional growth and for a happy and successful life. For more information on Career Codex, please ...
Simon Gray author