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This podcast is going to look at the history of the American Revolution from the end of the French and Indian War to the election of George Washington.

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A look at the the history and people of the American Revolution.
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Episode 75: Mohawk Valley Campaign

We are shifting our focus from Burgoyne's Army to the expeditionary force under Colonel Barry St. Ledger.  The plan was for them to move down the valley along the Mohawk River and meet up with Burgoyne at Albany.  First however St. Ledger would have to...

Episode 74: Battle of Bennington

Things are heating up in upstate New York, as Burgoyne moves south he decides to allow a contingent of men go in search of supplies.  Under the command of a German Colonel a mixed force of Germans, British, Tories and Indians run into a force of Vermon...

Episode 73: The Road Less Traveled

Burgoyne is poised to march on Schuyler at Fort Edward but the wily General has a plan that will help change the fortunes of the American army.

Episode 72: Hubbardton and Fort Ann

The American army is about to be trapped inside Fort Ticonderoga, if the Army is lost so are the hopes of American Revolution.  Arthur St. Clair decides that he is going to evacuate the fort as a result two small but important conflicts erupt around Hu...

Episode 71: Burgoyne's Expedition

Burgoyne Has prepared his army for the march south if they move swiftly they can lay siege to Fort Ticonderoga removing a key military force from the field on his march for Albany.

Episode 70: Back to the North

In this episode we are heading back north to the begin the summer campaign season of 1777.  Arnold and Gates had a very eventful fall and kept the British in the north.  As we begin the campaign season of 1777 there is a new commander for the British a...

Episode 69: The Forage War

From January to March of 1777 there was a small war that was unfolding in rural New Jersey, it was known as the Forage War.  The British were in search of supplies for there winter camps in New Brunswick and Amboy but a series of blitz attacks by the A...

Episode 68: Morristown

We are closing up the campaigns of 1776 by talking about the plans of Washington and the Army in winter and early spring of 1777.

Episode 67: Princeton

Washington won a surprise victory over the Hessians at Trenton the day after Christmas.  He wants to follow up that victory by heading north to New Brunswick but Cornwallis is marching against him at the head of 8,000 men.  Washington is once again goi...

Episode 66: Battle of Trenton

Having successfully crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night Washington now leads his army to Trenton.  The Germans having celebrated the previous night were not ready for the early morning wake up call the Americans had planned.

Episode 65: Christmas Crossing

December 1776 Howe sends a communiqué out to the rest of the army that the British Army would be going into winter quarters.  That sentiment however would not be shared by Washington who plans to launch a surprise attack on the German Troops in Trenton...

Episode 64: The Crisis

We are returning to Washington's Army, the British are planning to head into winter quarters.  Washington is preparing for the defense of Philadelphia, but at the same time there is opportunity to take advantage the British under estimation of the Cont...

Episode 63: The Escape

When last we let the American fleet was in the fight of their lives with the British lake fleet.  With evening coming the Americans were in a tough spot when the morning came the fight would resume.  The fearless leader of the Americans Benedict Arnold...

Episode 62: The Battle of Valcour Island

We are finally at the great battle of lake champlain; will Arnold's ragtag army be able to stand up to an experienced British fleet.  Though the battle is one of the more overlooked subjects in studies of the American Revolution it was one of the most ...

Episode 61: The British Fleet Moves South

After spending several episodes talking about the American fleet i wanted to take this episode and talk about what was going on with the British fleet.  As the feet comes together it is becoming more obvious that Carleton's nervousness took the British...

Episode 60: The Fleet Heads North

The American lake navy begins to north for the inevitable showdown with the British; but not before mother nature has something to say.

Episode 59: Admiral Arnold

The fleet building continues in upstate New York and work is beginning to slow down Gates makes a move that will change the dynamic of the Lake Fleet.  Benedict Arnold is made commander in chief of the lake navy, under his leadership the fleet will beg...

Episode 58: Arms Race

On either end of Lake Champlain the British and Americans work to get their fleets together.  Both sides understand it's a numbers game whoever can bring the most ships and cannon to bear has the best possibility to win.  

Episode 57: The Building of Two Navies

The British are now in control of Canada, the Americans have retreated to Fort Ticonderoga between them is Lake Champlain.  Arms race is underway who ever can build a navy the fastest will have the advantage in the inevitable battle on the lake.

Episode 56: Three Rivers

We look at the very last action that takes place in Canada, the Americans would finally be pushed out by the newly arrived British Army.  As they retreat the way the upcoming battles are going to shift from land but to the waterways of upstate New York...

Episode 55: Returning North

In this episode we are reviewing the Canada campaign as a refresher to set the stage for the next major campaign.  

Episode 54: Chaining the Hudson

We are finishing our series on Hudson River fortifications by talking about the chains that crossed the river blocking ships from moving north and their effect.

Episode 53: Fire Ships

Fire is a commanding element, in the case of warfare it is a destructive force.  Washington wanted to use this against the British Navy in hopes of chasing them from the Hudson.

Episode 52: Chevaux de Frise

As we continue looking at Hudson River defenses we examine a dutch creation chevaux de frise.  Originally used as a calvary defense the Continentals would reengineer them to defend against the British Navy.

Episode 51: The Turtle

Underwater warfare was something that was dreamed about, but thanks to Robert Bushnell those dreams could be realized.  Thanks to him the Continental Army would have the first ever combat submersible.

Episode 50: Romans Fort

The Hudson River is vital to the survival of the revolution, the Continental Congress and the New York Commission of Safety look for ways to protect the river from the British Navy.  The first attempt was put in the hands of Bernard Romans.

Episode 49: Washington Leaves New York

After White Plains Washington moves his army into New Jersey to Fort Lee.  After the fort is abandoned Washington is chased all the way to the Pennsylvania boarder by Cornwallis.

Episode 48: Fort Washington

Fort Washington is the last major conflict in the New York campaign, Washington has to make a choice to keep Fort Washington garrisoned or not.  Though many think that the fort should be abandoned, including Washington, but he is convinced to leave the...

Bonus Episode 2: Nathan Hale

As promised in this episode we are talking about the life and death of Nathan Hale.  Hale is thought of as one of the great heroes of the revolution, but is this a fact or has his legend been built up over time?

Episode 47: The Battle of White Plains

Howe's delaying has given Washington much needed time to pull back to the town of White Plains.  When Howe finally does arrive his men grapple with the Americans and again the Americans are more then up for the task.

Episode 46: Battle of Pell's Point

Howe once again has delayed and the Continentals will use this time to better their position.  When the British tried to flank the Americans they run into a small force of Continentals at Pell's Point. 

Episode 45: The Great New York Fire

In the early morning hours of September 21st a fire breaks out in a New York City tavern before the day is done one quarter of the city is in ashes.  The political, social and economical fall out will be far reaching for New York City and the British A...

Episode 44: Battle of Harlem Heights

Washington has retreated to the north end of Manhattan, from Harlem Heights a small skirmish turns into a major conflict.

Episode 43: Kips Bay

The Continental Army is at a breaking point the retreat from Long Island has caused panic in the ranks.  The men begin to desert i large numbers, when will the British attack and from where?

Episode 42: Battle of Brooklyn part 2

We are concluding the battle for Brooklyn Heights, the British are poised to trap the main body of the Continental Army on Long Island.

Episode 42: Battle of Brooklyn part 1

We begin the largest battle of the American Revolution in a watermelon patch.  The Americans will have to react as best they can to the situation at hand due to the effectiveness of British counter intelligence.

Episode 41: The Invasion Begins

Howe is preparing his army for the invasion of New York arriving on one of the largest fleets seen in the colonies.  He consolidates his force on Staten Island until all pieces are in place.  The Continental Army in the mean time is preparing their def...

Episode 40: The War Shifts to New York

We are heading back to the north as we prepare for the first major campaign for Washington and the main continental army.  Washington's men will frantically work to ready the defenses of the city expecting Howe and his army any day.

Episode 39: Declaration of Independence

June 1776 the congress calls for a vote on the issue of independence. This is one of the most pivotal votes and if they don't have a unanimous decision this could take all the wind out of the movement. Thomas Jefferson will be given the responsibility ...

Episode 38: The Battle of Sullivan's Island

We continue to follow Clinton's Campaign in the south.  They will attempt to capture the city of Charleston but first they have to silence the fort on Sullivan's Island.

Episode 37: The Early War in the South

We are moving from the North and begin talking about Henry Clinton moving south to open up another front.

Bonus Episode: All Things Artillery

Since talking about Henry Knox and the "Noble Artillery Train," I thought I would take this episode to talk about all the different types of artillery that we would run into on the 18th century battlefield.

Episode 36: Boston is Free

Henry Knox does the impossible as he carts cannons from Fort Ticonderoga to Cambridge.

Episode 35: Paine and Common Sense

Thomas Paine penned one of the definitive works of the revolution and though Common Sense is remembered little is known about the author.

Episode 34: Au Revoir Canada

In this year end episode we end our Canada story by discussing the Canada committee, the British relief army arrival and the Continental retreat.

Episode 33: Aftermath of Quebec

We continue to follow the Continental Army in the North and discuss what changes are being made in the new year of 1776.

Episode 32: The Attack on Quebec

The battle lines are drawn and the first major conflict of the American revolution is taking place in Quebec Canada.  If the Patriots win they could expel a serious threat from the north.

Episode 31: Free Canada

Montgomery has taken all the outposts all that is left before him is Montreal.  How to take the city with minimal effort cause after he has to meet up with Arnold and take Quebec City.

Episode 30: Continental Hannibal

Colonel Arnold will execute one of the most daring missions in the Revolution by march through the Maine woods.

Episode 29: The siege of St. Jean

We continue talking about Montgomery and the Northern Army as they lay siege to the important Fort St. Jean