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Musician and music business guests in a long form one on one conversation format.. Follow along as we meet new, interesting people!!
The show is hosted by Simon Head. A twenty year plus veteran working as a recording engineer, tour manager and sound man for cool Canadian bands like SNFU, Sum 41, Treble Charger and tons more.

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#198 Connor Lovat-Fraser - Apologue Podcast

Connor Lovat-Fraser is the lead singer of Boys Night Out. Connor has a new band named "Pale Drone" and they are in the beginnings of releasing a two song 7" and cassette. Pale Drown is a heavy departure to other projects he's been involved in lately. L...
Apologue Productions author

#197 Greg Bolton - Apologue Podcast

Greg Bolton is a returning guest on the show. Apart from being a project manager with an AV consulting company, he's a top notch dad and person! Greg and I are in a new band together. Watch out for our killer band at a corporate event near you! We just...
Apologue Productions author

#196 Michael Beinhorn | Music Producer - Apologue Podcast

Michael Beinhorn is a music producer that has worked with bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, Hole and tons more. He's the type of producer that is into collaboration over meeting his personal agenda. Michael is offering a service that w...
Apologue Productions author

#195 Simon Clemo - Apologue Podcast

Simon Clemo is a Lighting/Video content designer that has actively worked in the industry for many, many years. Starting off as a sound engineer, Simon has proven that if you want to succeed in the Canadian entertainment industry, you need to diversify...
Apologue Productions author

#194 Justin Small - Apologue Podcast

Justin Small is the cofounder of Toronto's "Do Make Say Think". After years of touring and recording, DMST won two Juno Awards with their latest release "Stubborn Persistent Illusions". Justin is one of my oldest, dearest friends from the 90's. We has ...
Apologue Productions author

#193 Alistair Hepburn - Apologue Podcast

Alistair Hepburn is employed with ACTRA Toronto. ACTRA is a union of film, television and new media workers and advocates fair and equal work for all in the entertainment industry. Alistair has also worked as a production manager in theatre companies a...
Apologue Productions author

#192 Carmelo Lo Porto - Apologue Podcast

Carmelo Lo Porto is a musicians manager and record label owner based out of Saarbrucken Germany. Carmelo was responsible for two Four Square releases in 2010 and 2012. "Dial Nine for a Line" and "A day... a Decade" are available on iTunes. Carmelo has ...
Apologue Productions author

#191 Howard Ungerleider - Apologue Podcast

Howard Ungerleider got his start in the early 70's as a tour manager for Rush. His primary job was to teach the three 20 something year olds the proper way to tour in the USA. Howard actually wasn't much older than Rush when he started with them. After...
Apologue Productions author

#190 John Hiebert - Apologue Podcast

Welcome to episode #190!. John Hiebert is a production manager with the Calgary folk fest. But before that, John was the lead singer and guitar player for Calgary's "Field day" and a staple in the Calgary punk rock scene. John and I first met in the ea...
Apologue Productions author

#189 Sean Kaye Trevor Buckly Josh Buors | Ceilings - Apologue Podcast

Ceilings are a three-piece, Punk Rock band who are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The band has recently come together with Little Rocket Records to release their new E.P. “Wake Up and Start Again”.The band features members from Elder Abuse, Locked In an...
Apologue Productions author

#188 Real Sickies - Apologue Podcast

Real Sickies are a band based out of Edmonton Alberta. The band honours the true sounds of The Ramones, Teenage Head and great bands of the mid to late 70's. Good time rock and roll! I met the band while they were on a tour west to Vancouver opening fo...
Apologue Productions author

#187 “Three Chords…One Capo” 15 years later Part 2 - Apologue Podcast

Welcome to Part 2. Three Chords... One Capo was released under Sweden's Bad Taste Records, Imperial records from Japan and Maple Music in Canada (a subsidiary of Universal Music). This was the first time we as musicians had to deal with the importance ...
Apologue Productions author

#186 “Three Chords… One Capo” 15 years later Part 1 - Apologue Podcast

It was 15 years ago when my band Four Square started recording this album Three Chords... One capo in a rehearsal space in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. My studio was known for recording on location and getting pretty good results. This album was a sca...
Apologue Productions author

#185 Michael Barclay | Author - Apologue Podcast

Michael Barclay is the author of the book "The Never-Ending Present: the Story of Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip". The Book is stories told by friends and peers that encompasses what it means to be Canadian and how different we really are from the ...
Apologue Productions author

#184.5 No Podcast this week - Apologue Podcast

Hey There Thanks for tuning in week after week for this podcast, I get to speak with some super talented, insightful people and I love every minute of it!. This week I am going to be away in California on vacation. I have one episode to put out and I ...
Apologue Productions author

#184 Paul Delong | Drummer, Author, Educator - Apologue Podcast

Paul Delong has been playing drums in bands for over 40 years and has played with some pretty amazing people and bands. Paul played drums on three Kim Mitchell Albums but also has played in many other disciplines like funk, jazz and blues. Not a lot of...
Apologue Productions author

#183 Tom Anselmi of “Slow” - Apologue Podcast

Tom Anselmi is the lead singer of the Eighties punk rock band "Slow". The Band released a few albums before their break up. one of those releases is the EP "Against the Glass" for which Chart Magazine credits it to be #17 of beast Canadian Albums of al...
Apologue Productions author

#182 Brad Manners of School Damage - Apologue Podcast

Brad Manners is the lead singer and song writer of Toronto's own "School Damage". School Damage has been a band for a bunch of years now. Brad and I talked mostly about the scene in Toronto and his observations. We also talked about Europe and the best...
Apologue Productions author

#181 Duncan Morgan - Apologue Podcast

Duncan Morgan is the Manager, Technical Production at the Habourfront Centre in Toronto Ontario. Duncan got his start in theatre as an actor and slowly got into the technical aspect of theatre. He's been everything under the sun in theatre from basic c...
Apologue Productions author

#180 Doug Grozelle - Apologue Podcast

Doug Grozelle sang in the band "Trunk". I had the privilege of recording and producing one of their albums back in the day. Doug has always been a stand up guy in the scene as well as in person. We spoke on the podcast for the first time in almost 20 y...
Apologue Productions author

#179 The Alpacas - Apologue Podcast

Nick Harper, Greg and Brent Lee from the Alpacas came on the show to talk about the industry, life as a musician and the joy of song writing. They released the album "the Best is Behind You" in October of 2016 and are presently working on a new album. ...
Apologue Productions author

#178 Dan Nystedt - Apologue Podcast

Dan Nystedt is a film maker and documentation. He's been making movies from his home town of Sault ste Marie, Ontario for over ten years now. Dan has managed to carve out a career from an area in Canada that twenty years ago wouldn't be considered. We ...
Apologue Productions author

#177 Dr Oren Amitay - Apologue Podcast

Returning to the show is Dr Oren Amity. Oren is a registered psychologist and a parenting expert. Oren was just released from the hospital after going through open heart surgery. On the podcast we spoke about life in general. It was nice to talk and Or...
Apologue Productions author

#176 Brian Wahlstrom of God Of Mount Olympus - Apologue Podcast

Brain Wahlstrom started Gods Of Mount Olympus with an aggressive piano and catchy melodies. A punked out Billy Joel if you will. Brian is an accomplished opera singer as well. He has a broad concept of music and brings all of it to GOMO. The band featu...
Apologue Productions author

#175 Seth Richard of Layden and the Lion - Apologue Podcast

Seth Richard is a singer/ song writer and founding member of Layden and the Lion. The band is named after his two kids and is his main form of income. This means that he has to be on tour for over 200 days of the year to support his family. It's a hard...
Apologue Productions author

#174 Rod Slaughter of Duotang - Apologue Podcast

Rod Slaughter is the member of Winnipeg's Duotang. a two piece rock outfit that's been around for several years. I am proud to say that Rod's first solo show was in my basement when I lived in Winnipeg in the early nineties. Duotang play occasionally a...
Apologue Productions author

#173 podcast in a bath tub with Andreas Tompros - Apologue Podcast

Andreas Tompros moved down south many years ago from Canada to LA. While he was down there, he started a company and called it "Casting Frontier". This company was an online casting solution to solve a problem that all agencies have. How to speed up ca...
Apologue Productions author

#172 JP Wasson of The Discarded - Apologue Podcast

JP Wasson is the founding member of Toronto's own "Snowdogs" and has been playing music in Canada's punk scene for a very long time. JP has put a band together with his two sons and has released two albums in as many years. When the band first started,...
Apologue Productions author

#171 Tony Gonzalez of Barren Womb - Apologue Podcast

Tony Gonzalez is the other half of Barren Womb, a duo based out of Norway. Barren Wombs sound has a sound akin to Big Black, Shellac and other Steve Albini recordings. As a two piece, there's lots of room for sound to find its way to the top of the mix...
Apologue Productions author

#170 Kami Van Halst of “VAN HALST” - Apologue Podcast

Welcome to episode #170. Kami Van Halst is the lead singer and founding member of the band aptly named VAN HALST. The band started as a solo project with Kami exploring socially expressive lyrics packed in a metal wrapper. The first album "World of Mak...
Apologue Productions author

#169 Chad Price - Apologue Podcast

Chad Price is the lead singer of his new band "A Vulture Wake". they have a new album coming out January 31 on Bird Attack Records titled "The Appropriate level of Outrage". The band also features Joe Raposo (RKL/Lagwagon), Sean Sellers (Good Riddance/...
Apologue Productions author

#168 Marc Bourgon of Greber - Apologue Podcast

Marc Bourgon is one of two members of the band Greber. As a duo, Greber has managed to fill the void sonically where there is normally a guitar. The new album "Cemetery Preston" is being released on February 2nd and pre-orders are available now on all ...
Apologue Productions author

#167 Kurtis Clifford of Vantablack Warship - Apologue Podcast

Kurtis Clifford plays bass in Montreal's own Vantablack Warship. The band is comprised of several key players in the Montreal Metal Scene. Their new album, Abrasive Pulmoic Speak will be released on January 26th and will most likely be playing shows ar...
Apologue Productions author

#166 Eben Upton Founder of the Raspberry Pi - Apologue Podcast

Eben Upton is the creator and founder of the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that was created for the sole purpose of bringing young people into the world of computers on a basic level. Similar to the older computers of t...
Apologue Productions author

#165 Best of 2017 with Lee McCormack - Apologue Podcast

Another year over, and a new one just begun! Welcome to the third annual best of episode with my guest co host Lee McCormack. Lee is the host of the Tramps Like us Podcast and a very old and dear friend of mine from another lifetime. This year we liste...
Apologue Productions author

#164 Dr Oren Amitay - Apologue Podcast

Back on the show, Dr Oren Amity, the smartest man I know! (Rhyme unintended). Oren is a psychotherapist and court appointed family expert. His knowledge of the human mind is unbelievably in tune. Unfortunately speaking professionally on trans issues in...
Apologue Productions author

#163 Dajaun Martineau - Apologue Podcast

Dajaun Martineau is a Canadian producer/ engineer. Dajaun has worked for several bands and artists over the past 15 years. Starting off as a freelance engineer and found himself working at Phase One Studios which was a world-renowned recording studio t...
Apologue Productions author

#162 Brandon Kellum of American Standards - Apologue Podcast

Brandon Kellum is the vocalist for Phoenix Arizona's "American Standards". The band has been around since 2011 and have released some albums through Victory Records. Their new album titled Anti-Melody is self released and available now on limited press...
Apologue Productions author

#161 Lisa McEwen singer, song writer - Apologue Podcast

Lisa McEwen is a Canadian singer/ songwriter that has been performing most of her life. Lisa moved to Nashville and lived her dream writing and living the songwriters life. When she moved back to Canada, she still kept on writing. After she found out s...
Apologue Productions author

#160 Marc Belke - Apologue Podcast

Welcome to episode 160! Marc Belke is a musician, and father that lives in Victoria BC. Marc is the original member and founder of Canada's own SNFU. Marc also fronted "the Wheat Chiefs" in the early nineties when SNFU was broken up. SNFU got back toge...
Apologue Productions author

#159 Zach Gehring of “Demons” & “Mae” - Apologue Podcast

Zach Gehring is the founder of Demons, a band he started with some friends in his local area of Virginia. Zach is the guitar player in the a band called "Mae". Demons has a sound that is completely different to the Mae's. Zach uses Demons to express hi...
Apologue Productions author

#158 Natalie Frijia - Apologue Podcast

Natalie Firijia is a story-teller and a professional stage manager based in the Toronto Area. Natalie has done some pretty amazing thing and lives life like it should. She rode a bicycle across Canada, she's travelled all over the world to explore life...
Apologue Productions author

#157 Jonathan Ronson Armstrong - Apologue Podcast

Jonathan Ronson Armstrong's first solid touring band was Sewing With Nancy, a late nineties skate punk band. After that band broke up, "the Reason" was born. The Reason was more of an emo band in the vain of Grade, Boys Night Out and other bands from t...
Apologue Productions author

#156 Ford Pier - Apologue Podcast

Ford Pier has played in too many bands to mention. He's a song writer, solo artist as well. Ford is from Edmonton and moved to Vancouver in the early 90's to pursue a career in music and better weather. Ford has an amazing outlook on the art of music a...
Apologue Productions author

#155 Tim Whalen - Apologue Podcast

Tim Whalen moved to the Toronto area in the mid-80's when metal ruled the earth. Punk was pretty much dead and was crossing over into heavy metal. Tim was always musical and had an urge to leave his small town in New Brunswick and when the opportunity ...
Apologue Productions author

#154 Jamie M. Dagg - Apologue Podcast

Jamie Dagg is a film director based in Toronto, Ontario. Jamie and I met in 1991 when a promoter friend of his booked a band I worked for into a hall in Timmins, Ontario. Jamie also booked my first band in on our second tour of Canada into a basement i...
Apologue Productions author

#153 Chris Ashworth Creator of QLab - Apologue Podcast

Chris Ashworth is a trained actor and a computer wizard which are two integral parts to being the creator of QLab. Chris founded Figure 53 to develop and sell his program and almost every theatre in the world has used it or come in contact with it. Ql...
Apologue Productions author

#152 Joyce Kettering - Apologue Podcast

Joyce Kettering is a composer based in Paris, France. Joyce hosts a YouTube channel and gave herself the challenge to compose a song a day. She's presently on episode #135. Joyce is the type of person that goes "all in" to achieve a goal. Whether it be...
Apologue Productions author

#151 Brent Belke - Apologue Podcast

Returning to the show is Brent Belke. Apart from being the founding member of Canada's SNFU, Brent has been a composer for film and television for almost 20 years. Originally from Edmonton, Brent and his brother Marc moved to Vancouver to reform SNFU. ...
Apologue Productions author

#150 Steve Stumble & Eric Hutt of “The Lucky Ones” - Apologue Podcast

Steve Stumble and Eric Hunt of the Lucky Ones hail from St Catharines Ontario. They've been playing as musicians for their whole life but have been together as a band since 2010. Steve runs Stumble Records a label that's put out over 50 albums to date....
Apologue Productions author