ARCA's director Noah Charney and other academics retell some of the most riveting art thefts throughout history.ARCA (Association for Research into Crimes against Art) is an interdisciplinary think tank/research group on contemporary issues in art crime. This international non-profit organization studies issues in art crime and cultural property protection, runs educational programs, and consults on art protection and recovery issues brought to them by police, governments, museums, places of worship, and other public institutions.

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An index of the ARCA podcasts on art theft, looting, forgery, and cultural property protection.
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Venice in Peril Fakes and Forgeries Lecture (Part II)

This podcast features Part II of Noah Charney's "The World Wishes To Be Deceived: A Brief History of Art Forgery" delivered as a part of Venice in Peril's 2nd Exclusive Art Crime Lecture held on April 5, 2011 at the Royal Geographical Society in Londo... (Mark) author

ARCAblog Podcast: The 1961 Goya Art Theft

In July 2008, ARCA director, Noah Charney delivered a lecture at Cambridge University which discussed the 1961 art theft of Goya's "Portrait of the Duke of Wellington," 1812-14. The theft grabbed headlines for the unusual ransom demands made for the re... (Mark) author

ARCAblog Podcast: The 1876 Gainsborough Art Theft

InARCA's first podcast, director Noah Charney, takes us on a journey through the criminal underworld of the 19th century and beyond. Beginning with the sale of the portrait of Georgiana Spencer, the Duchess of Devonshire (portrayed by Keira Knightley i... (Mark) author